Season 7

142 :07x01 - Making the Grade

Karen's headed to college and finally feels like an adult until she meets her fellow classmate, Carol. Only in Carol's "mind" would she think that taking everyone of her daughters classes wouldn't upset Karen, which it does. Setting up a confrontation between mother and daughter.

Meanwhile, Dana and Rich butt heads over his grades, or lack there of, as she pushes him to study harder. Also, JT goes shopping without ever leaving the house (and gets caught).
Guest Stars: James Gleason (1) as Professor Warren |
Co-Guest Stars: Jake Patellis as Brandon | Philip Boyd as Bryan
Director: Patrick Duffy

143 :07x02 - A Star is Born

A Hollywood producer comes to Port Washington (Why? who knows) and holds auditions for the role of a waitress in his upcoming film. Karen, Dana and Al tryout, but its Al who blows everyone out of the water with her subtle performance. So good in fact that they add a second scene re-written especially for her. With all the set side hoopla now going to her head, Al, decides she's found what she wants to do with her life.
Guest Stars: Scott Foley as Jeremy Beck | Ray Abruzzo as Max Thomas |
Co-Guest Stars: Megan Blake as Ellen Spencer | Brittney Lee Harvey as Traci | Matthew Sutherland as Assistant Director |
Uncredited: Jaleel White as Steve Urkel
Director: Patrick Duffy
Songs: Roxette -- She's Got the Look

144 :07x03 - Your Cheatin' Heart

On the eve of a friends wedding, Rich begins to act strange as he and Dana prepare to attend. Rich's behavior has Karen convinced that he's cheating on Dana, an idea that draws her and Al into tailing their sisters boyfriend. But the discovery they make is not at all what they first conclude.

Meanwhile, a horny Frank and Carol desperately try to find a moment alone to do...the "toe to toe tango", but find it nearly impossible.
Co-Guest Stars: Gladys Jiminez as Tatima
Director: Richard Correll

145 :07x04 - Take This Job and ...

JT is desperate for a job and quickly talks his girlfriend into hiring him when he hears the garage needs help. Though she is at first reluctant, Sam agrees. And as can be expected it turns out that JT is not exactly coordinated around the garage and it soon causes tension between the two.

Meanwhile, an outstanding debt lands Frank a boat as payment. One that he soon becomes Carol-esque obsessed with.
Guest Stars: Alexandra Adi as Sam | Ellis E. Williams as Mr. Evans (as Ellis Williams)
Director: Patrick Duffy
Writer: Brian Bird

146 :07x05 - Poetic Justice

Dana is upset when her poem recieves a lesser grade than Karen's in college and suspects the teacher is only giving Karen good grades to butter her up. A fact that she is soon proven right on when the teacher indeed hits on Karen. It is then up to the girls to expose the creep for what he is.

Meanwhile, Marks surprises everyone when he announces he has a new 'sugar mama'. A girl that's bent on trouble and leads Mark into her chosen lifestyle the more time they spend together.
Guest Stars: Andy Hirsch (1) as (Mr.) Jace Thompson | Anna Slotky as Amanda Dank |
Co-Guest Stars: Bari K. Willerford as Officer (Wally) Miller
Director: Patrick Duffy
Writer: Fred Rubin

147 :07x06 - Can't Buy Me Love

An old friend could spell the end of the Lambert-Foster's income problems. The friend in question is Kevin McGowan, an old high school classmate of Carol's, quickly agrees to give Frank a job on his new construction project. McGowan soon turns this to his advantage when he hits on Carol.

Meanwhile, Karen wants to pledge a sorority at EWU but she's not exactly the one that the group wants most. She doesn't find out though till it's too late.
Guest Stars: Shannon Elizabeth as Cindi | Stan Ivar as Kevin McGowan | Mathea Webb as Cindi |
Co-Guest Stars: Adria Tennor as Candi
Director: William Bickley

148 :07x07 - Dream Lover

It's Halloween and the kids host their own party at an old anandoned house that features JT meeting a girl who's already dead. Meanwhile, Lilly gets frightened at her own party.
Director: Joel Zwick

149 :07x08 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Rich's old friend, Cassie, arrives back in town with her family and picks back with Rich where they left off in Jr. high. This doesn't sit well with Dana who becomes increasingly jealous as Rich spends all of his time with Cassie. Forcing Dana to do the unthinkable in her quest to win back Rich's attention.

Meanwhile, Frank's scheming Cousin Bert Lambert arrives back in Port Washington and Frank is convinced that he's back in town to cause some kind of trouble.
Guest Stars: Fred Willard as Bert Lambert | Linda Cardellini as Cassie Evans |
Co-Guest Stars: Danny Arroyo as Student #1 | Reno Rankin as Delivery Man | J.J. Marshall as Student #2
Director: Patrick Duffy
Songs: The Go-Go's -- We Got the Beat

150 :07x09 - Goodbye, Mr. Chip

Rich and JT began to fight like a married couple and forces Frank to intervene and push them to solve their problems. Solution? Getting therapy with Dana. Though it's poor Dana who feels like pulling her hair out by the roots once the first session begins.

Meanwhile, Karen has a new boyfriend who also doubles as her personal gopher. A situation that prompts Carol to once again meddle in her daughters relationship.
Guest Stars: Chris Young (1) as Chip Dahlgren
Director: Richard Correll

151 :07x10 - Too Many Santas

JT plays Santa at the mall and accidently reveals himself to Lilly and causes numerous problems when he has to explain to the youngster what he was doing.
Director: Joel Zwick

152 :07x11 - Phoney Business

JT's NEW career as an agent lands Al a job as a model in a suntan lotion spot. But his not reading of the contract leaves he and Al shocked when it's turned into an ad for a local sex line by the sleazy producer. Leading Frank to play the good Dad and...threaten to throw the producer out of a window.

Meanwhile, Dana and Carol (once again) play Nazi food guards and try forcing the family into eating better. Though this time it comes with a twist ending.
Guest Stars: Paul Kreppel as Stan |
Co-Guest Stars: Dana Dewes as Actress #1 | Katie O'Rourke as Actress #2 | Vene L. Arcoraci as Actress #3 (as Vene Arcoraci) | Robert Markland as Assistant Director
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Brian Bird

153 :07x12 - Goin' to the Chapel

Carol and Dana butt heads over the 'no hanky panky' rule when she catches Dana and Rich in a compromising position several times. Dana soon determines that the only way to get her control freak mother off her back is to get married and that is exactly what she drags a, very reluctant, Rich to do.

Meanwhile, JT's break-up with Sam is forgotten and he's not back to his lying ways by insisting he's now a fitness finatic to get a hot aerobics instructor to go out with him.
Guest Stars: Portia Dawson as Monica | Jim Doughan as Justice Pruett |
Co-Guest Stars: Angela Kinsey as Simone | Taki Silvers as Larry
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Fred Rubin
Songs: Hall & Oates -- She's a Maniac

154 :07x13 - Feet of Clay

Rich and Dana's schedules leave them with very little time to be with each other. So, in a compromise, the two decide to take a pottery class at the Community Center. A class that has one of them far exceeding the others achievements and it's not sitting well with the other.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to spice up their love life's, Carol and Frank dress up as characters and pretend to be strangers. An arrangement that catches the attention of JT and Karen.
Guest Stars: Ian Patrick Williams as Mr. Gabriel |
Co-Guest Stars: Eben Ham as Bartender
Director: Patrick Duffy

155 :07x14 - Pain in the Class

Frank's arch enemy has him reluctant to attend their high school's 25th anniversary reunion. A blow hard named Roy Tucker, who's only joy seems to be in reliving his past wins over Frank. Though once the reunion begins a secret comes to light that may, for the first time, give Frank the advantage.

Meanwhile, JT and Rich throw a pay-per-view watching party to get the money to buy a new TV. Unaware they are also responsible for babysitting Lilly. Lilly later disappears when JT won't pay her attention.
Guest Stars: Edward Edwards as Roy Tucker |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim O'Heir as Tom Garilick | Alecia Guzman as Desiree | Lynn Ann Leveridge as Mary Pat Deley | Rio Dekin as Mike
Director: Patrick Duffy

156 :07x15 - The Half Monty

Frank and Carol's "perfect" marriage is put on display when Frank is forced by Carol to miss his Bucks game and attend a couples meeting with people from the church. The meeting soon dissolves into a bitter dispute about everything that's wrong in the marriage.

Meanwhile, JT and Rich need 400 dollars to take Dana and Sam on a ski trip. So the two resort to trying out as male strippers and get caught.
Guest Stars: Alexandra Adi as Sam | Don Gibb as Moose | Jim Jansen as Reverend Fielder | Ronnie Schell as Manager |
Co-Guest Stars: John C. McDonnell as Assistant Manager | Sebastian Tillinger as Gordon | Kara Holden as Donna | Ashley Edner as Phoebe
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Liz Sage

157 :07x16 - And Justice for Some

Frank has tickets to a Bucks-Bulls game and invites JT along and the two end up having a great time. Until that is, JT, asks Frank to switch seats with him and ends up winning a truck during a half-time contest. Frank sees it as his truck sense he bought the tickets but JT sees it a different way and the two butt heads.

Meanwhile, Dana begins a new woman's safety seminar and invites a handsome police officer to teach them how to defend themselves. A move that has Dana and Karen in a battle for the officers attention.
Guest Stars: Kim Delgado as Emcee | Denise Dowse as Judge Martin | Shawn Christian as Officer Adams |
Co-Guest Stars: Steven Rozic as Delivery Man
Director: Patrick Duffy

158 :07x17 - The Understudy

Al's over confidence of getting the lead role in an upcoming play has her heart broken and angry when she doesn't get the role. Instead she's given the lowly role of a maid and understudy to the star of the play. She refuses to learn the lead role and places the entire play in jeopardy when it comes out that the star of the play can't go on.
Guest Stars: Michele Maika as Valerie Parker | Neal Lerner as Director | Marty Belafsky as Barry |
Co-Guest Stars: Meghan O'Sullivan as Secretary | David Michie as Johnny Diamond | Ryan Bollman as Lieutenant Muldoon | Nathan Effron as Dead Body (Kenny)
Director: William Bickley

159 :07x18 - We're in the Money

After two long years traveling the world the Codeman returns and he's bearing gifts. A 50 thousand dollar check to Frank and Carol being the most prominent of the ones handed out. But the winfall soon sends the two into a bickering free fall that has Cody worried they might break-up.
Director: Richard Correll
Writer: Brian Bird

160 :07x19 - Movin' On Up

In the Series Finale, Carol and Frank and family (no none of them have moved yet) have a major decision to make when an offer on the old homestead is made. Leaving everyone in the family excited to be moving on...except it's youngest member, Lilly.

Meanwhile, Carol battles Lilly when the little stinker begins acting up in school. Throwing paint and balls as she fights to get her own way.
Guest Stars: Dan Gilvezan as Howard Adler | Melanie Wilson as Cathy Adler |
Co-Guest Stars: Judy Kain as Adele
Director: Steve Witting
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 1991
Ended: June 26, 1998
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