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Season 10

419 :10x01 - The Night America Trembled

On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater presented a production of H. G. Wells' classic novel War of the Worlds which dealt with an invasion of Earth by Martians. This broadcast was so realistic that it caused widespread panic from people who thought its events were the real thing.
Guest Stars: Alexander Scourby as Phillips | Fred J. Scollay as Harry | Edward Asner as Actor | Edward R Murrow as Narrator | Warren Beatty as Card Player | James Coburn as Sam | Vincent Gardenia as Dick | Priscilla Gillette as Elaine | Susan Hallaran as Millie | Al Markim as Brownie | Freda Holloway as Mary | Clint Kimbrough as Bob | Tom Clancy (2) as Tom | Crahan Denton as Mack | Robert Blackburn as Director | Ray Boyle as Actor | Frank Marth as Actor | Warren Oates as Card Player | Larry Robinson as Card Player | Fritz Weber as Card Player | Frank Daly as Editor | Norman Rose as Announcer | Casey Allen as Announcer | Bob Kilgallen as Student | John Gibson (1) as Father
Director: Tom Donovan
Writer: Nelson Bond

420 :10x02 - First Prize for Murder

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Guest Stars: Darren McGavin as Johnny Quigg | Barbara O'Neill as Mrs. Cory | Jonathan Harris (1) as Master of Ceremonies | Philip Coolidge as Severns
Director: Louis G. Cowan

421 :10x03 - Mutiny on the Shark (Part 1)

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Guest Stars: Richard Basehart as Matt Donovan | Betsy Palmer as Ann Meade | William Smithers as Lt. Bill Meade | Robert Loggia as Lt. Joe Crane | Ann Hillary as Marcia Crane | Larry Gates as Clayman
Director: Tom Donovan
Writer: Max Ehrlich

422 :10x04 - Mutiny on the Shark (Part 2)

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Guest Stars: Richard Basehart as Matt Donovan | Betsy Palmer as Ann Meade | William Smithers as Lt. Bill Meade | Robert Loggia as Lt. Joe Crane | Ann Hillary as Marcia Crane | Larry Gates as Clayman
Director: Tom Donovan
Writer: Max Ehrlich

423 :10x05 - The Morning After

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Guest Stars: Barbara Bel Geddes as Charlotte Lamb | Arthur Hill as Ivory | Rex Thompson as Taggert | Tom Carlin as Graham | Gregory Morton as Lamb | Christopher Snell as Ashley | Meg Mundy as Mrs. Taggert
Writer: Tad Mosel

424 :10x06 - Act of Mercy

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Guest Stars: Richard Kiley as Fred Baxter | Beatrice Straight as Pamela Baxter | Tommy Hall as Tommy Baxter | Frank Overton as Dr. Manning | Maxine Stewart as Mrs. Schwartz | Kathleen Comegys as Mrs. Rainey
Director: Tom Donovan
Writer: Jerome Ross

425 :10x07 - The Deaf Heart

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Guest Stars: William Shatner as Dr. Franck | Piper Laurie as Ruth Cornelius | Vivian Nathan as Mrs. Drescher | Tom Flatley Reynolds as Cornelius | Richard Shepard as Joe | Ruth White (1) as Mrs. Cornelius | Clarice Blackburn as Social Worker | John Connell as Psychologist
Writer: Mayo Simon

426 :10x08 - The Bend in the Road

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Guest Stars: Ernest Graves as Charlie Lockman | Cathleen Nesbitt as Hazel Lockman | Franchot Tone as Reverend Lockman
Writer: John Vlahos

427 :10x09 - Twenty-Four Hours Til Dawn

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Guest Stars: Lorne Greene as Minister of the Interior | Jason Robards as Prisoner | Harry Townes as Outarist | Joseph Anthony as Governor

428 :10x10 - Please Report Any Odd Characters

Lodgers in a rooming house suspect a fellow boarder, an eccentric old man, of being the culprit in a series of killings of young girls.
Guest Stars: John Carradine as Wadleigh | Henry Jones (1) as Simon Hazlett | Phyllis Love as Alice Nichols
Writer: Jerome Ross

429 :10x11 - Escape Route

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Guest Stars: Murray Matheson as Dr. Parant | James Daly as Professor Amos Tucker | Dino di Luca as Professor Vargas | Leueen MacGrath as Lois Tucker | Juano Hernandez as Ricardo Calader
Director: Fielder Cook

430 :10x12 - No Deadly Medicine (Part 1)

A conflict develops between a pathologist and his young assistant who wants to introduce new methods into their lab.
Guest Stars: William Shatner as Dr. David Coleman | William Phipps as Vavick | Gloria Vanderbilt as Elizabeth Alexander | Lee J. Cobb as Dr. Joseph Pearson | James Broderick as John Alexander | Elizabeth Sinclair as Dr. Lucy Grainger | Russell Collins as Carl Bannister | Philip Bourneuf as Dr. Kent O'Donald | Charles Bronson as Cal | Robert Cornthwaite as Fitzgerald | Holly Bane as Andy | Paul Birch as Big George

431 :10x13 - No Deadly Medicine (Part 2)

Two doctors clash over the circumstances of a cancer diagnosis and a premature birth.
Guest Stars: William Shatner as Dr. David Coleman | William Phipps as Vavick | Gloria Vanderbilt as Elizabeth Alexander | Lee J. Cobb as Dr. Joseph Pearson | James Broderick as John Alexander | Elizabeth Sinclair as Dr. Lucy Grainger | Russell Collins as Carl Bannister | Philip Bourneuf as Dr. Kent O'Donald | Charles Bronson as Cal | Robert Cornthwaite as Fitzgerald | Holly Bane as Andy | Paul Birch as Big George

432 :10x14 - The Brotherhood of the Bell

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Guest Stars: Cameron Mitchell (1) as James Waterson | Douglas Kennedy as Mr. Gordon | Dorothy Green as Vivian Waterson | John Baragrey as Chad Hammond | Tom Drake as Clark Sherrill | Joanne Dru as Suzie Sherrill | Sheila Bromley as Marie | Frank Wilcox as Chief Councilor | Pat O'Brien (2) as Mike Waterson
Story: David Karp

433 :10x15 - The Other Place

After saving an elderly man from being hit by a car, an engineer is given an unusual opportunity by the man to step into another world.
Guest Stars: Richard Carlson as Harvey Lindfield | Cedric Hardwicke as Sir Alaric | Phyllis Avery as Paula | Marilyn Erskine as Mavis | Glenda Farrell as Mrs. Endsley

434 :10x16 - Trial by Slander

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Guest Stars: Franchot Tone as Douglas Thornton | Margaret O'Brien as Julie Denton | Jackie Coogan as Jeffers | Rosemary DeCamp as Cora Thompson | Dennis Hopper as David Williams | Whit Bissell as Denton
Writer: Roger Hirson

435 :10x17 - Balance of Terror

A British secret service officer is assigned to pose as a traitor in Berlin.
Guest Stars: Hugh Marlowe as Harry Radcliff | June Lockhart as Anna Fortner | Corinne Calvet as Fraulein Vogel | Louis Hayward as Mike Fenby | Herbert Marshall as Colonel Beaumont | Noel Drayton as Gifford
Writer: Max Ehrlich

436 :10x18 - The Laughing Willow

Washinton D.C. single gal Belinda Cattson falls in love when her friend introduces her to the handsome Jack Marshall.
Guest Stars: Nina Foch as Belinda Cattson | Jane Wyatt as Bunny Gates | Richard Denning as Jack Marshall | Lee Bowman as Alan Moreweather

437 :10x19 - Presence of the Enemy

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Guest Stars: James Gregory as James Metcalf | E.G. Marshall as Everett | Anne Francis as Kristin | Bethel Leslie as Marian Marshall | Tommy Rettig as Boy
Writer: Tad Mosel

438 :10x20 - Tide of Corruption

A racketeer blackmails a Senate investigator over events in the past of the investigator's mother.
Guest Stars: Barry Sullivan as Edward Roberts | Ray Danton as Callaghan | Amanda Blake as Joan Roberts | Patricia Neal as Caroline Mann | Murvyn Vye as Antony
Writer: Marc Brandel

439 :10x21 - The Lonely Stage

An actress disappears from her dressing room on the day a play is scheduled to open in Boston. Right before opening curtain she appears but her mind is not on the performance.
Guest Stars: Darryl Hickman as Matt | Jack Klugman as George Hall | Macdonald Carey as Lenny Byrnes | Mary Astor as Harriet Brand | Irene Hervey as Beth Byrnes
Director: Tom Donovan

440 :10x22 - The Fair-Haired Boy

A murder occurs in the public relations unit of a motion picture studio.
Guest Stars: Ainslie Pryor as Dalsky | Patricia Smith (1) as Clare | Darren McGavin as Tom Kendall | Jackie Cooper as Dave Tuttle | Bonita Granville Wrather as Ann | Robert H. Harris as Pogani | Lyle Talbot as Trent

441 :10x23 - A Dead Ringer

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Guest Stars: Elizabeth Montgomery (1) as Marcia | Gig Young as Philip Adams/Alan Fredericks | Marguerite Chapman as Laura | Jane Darwell as Anna

442 :10x24 - Tongues of Angels

When a farmer hires a young deaf mute as a hand, his daughter comes to suspect that the lad is hiding something.
Guest Stars: Olan Soule as Doctor | James MacArthur as Ben Adams | Frances Farmer as Sarah Walker | Margaret O'Brien as Jenny | Leon Ames as Cyrus Walker
Writer: John Vlahos

443 :10x25 - The Award Winner

A package designer for a toy company receives unexpected fame when his cousin uses his name on a screenplay that becomes a hit movie.
Guest Stars: Eddie Bracken as George Short | Gale Gordon as R. J. Fuller | Jack Oakie as Frank Ray | Joanna Moore as June

444 :10x26 - The Shadow of a Genius

Reporters are baffled by a nuclear scientist's seeming disinterest in his recently awarded Nobel Prize.
Guest Stars: Patricia Barry as Deborah | Boris Karloff as Prof. Theodore Koering | Skip Homeier as Teddy | Eva LeGallienne as Martha Koenig | Vivian Nathan as Mrs. Benning
Director: Ralph Nelson
Writer: Jerome Ross

445 :10x27 - Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris

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Guest Stars: Gracie Fields (1) as Mrs. Harris | Jacques Bergerac as de Fauvel | Patricia Cutts as Penny Penrose | Joanne Linville as Midge Moore | Janet Swanson as Joanie
Writer: Michael Dyne

446 :10x28 - The Desperate Age

A spinster begins an uncertain affair with an unhappily married co-worker.
Guest Stars: Martin Balsam as Ed Coyne | Barbara Bel Geddes as Letty Greene | Wendell Corey as Will Robbins | Aline MacMahon as Mrs. Greene | Addison Richards as guest star | Ross Elliott as guest star | Marge Redmond as guest star | Patricia Huston as guest star | Maggie Magennis as guest star | Mary Carroll as guest star | Hal K. Dawson as guest star | Warren Frost as guest star | John Corey as guest star
Writer: Abby Mann

447 :10x29 - The Edge of Truth

A hot rodder attempts to bribe a policeman when he's stopped for reckless driving.
Guest Stars: Scott Forbes as Ollie Winston | Paul Douglas as Paul Kadsoe | Glenda Farrell as Claire | John Lupton as Robert Bogart | Dolores Sutton as Elaine | Barbara Pepper as Ellie
Writer: Adrian Spies

448 :10x30 - The McTaggert Succession

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Guest Stars: Jim Backus as Tim McTaggart | Dennis Day (1) as Dennis McTaggart | Hope Emerson as Rosie McTaggart | William Gargan as Con McTaggart | Anne Helm as Kathleen Farrell
Director: Ted Post

449 :10x31 - Kurishiki Incident

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Guest Stars: John Cassavetes as Private Greco | Ross Ford as Lt. Winkleman | James Franciscus as guest star | Sessue Hayakawa as Sato | Michi Kobi as Tama | Jack Mullaney as Fuller
Director: Tom Donovan
Writer: Roger Hirson

450 :10x32 - A Funny-Looking Kid

A teen becomes an overnight celebrity when he writes an article about juvenile delinquency.
Guest Stars: Joan Blondell as Ruth Breen | Jack Carson (1) as Harry Breen | Frank McHugh as Barney
Director: Ralph Nelson
Writer: Ben Starr

451 :10x33 - The Enemy Within

An Air Force crew nervously prepares for a two-week survival course.
Guest Stars: George Tobias as Corporal | Dick York as Captain Jay Hellman | Dane Clark as Major Brooks | Don DeFore as Captain Lowry | Noah Beery, Jr. as Master Sgt. Rich

452 :10x34 - Ticket to Tahiti

A widower plans to chuck it all and take a long trip to the South Seas but family problems might prevent him from going.
Guest Stars: Franchot Tone as Bill Gibson | James MacArthur as Jim Gibson | Kim Hunter as Maggie Church | Olive Sturgess as Shirley Gibson

453 :10x35 - The Strong Man

A cattle baron has a falling out with his foreman who then plans to strike out on his own--and take the cattleman's daughter with him.
Guest Stars: Everett Sloane as Ben Royce | Barbara Baxley as Marcy Royce | Eric Fleming as Jace Farrow | James Franciscus as Johnny

454 :10x36 - The Left-Handed Welcome

A reporter accompanies a singing idol on a visit to his hometown and finds out that the crooner is not so popular the town's residents.
Guest Stars: Tommy Sands as Buck Slater | Elaine Stritch as Shirley | Judi Meredith as Anna | Charles Aidman as Lew | John Hoyt as Judge Cass | Jimmy Baird as Lon
Director: Ron Winston
Songs: Tommy Sands -- After the Senior Prom

455 :10x37 - The Man Who Asked for a Funeral

The owner of a wholesale produce company is unaware that his young wife has been having an affair with an employee behind his back---and that the employee plans to murder him.
Guest Stars: Jack Klugman as Leo | Terry Moore as Annabelle | Corey Allen as Frankie | Mary Anderson (1) as Hattie
Director: Tom Donovan
Writer: Jerome Ross

456 :10x38 - The Undiscovered

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Guest Stars: John Lupton as Dr. Paul Thatcher | Marilyn Erskine as Molly Campbell | Philip Abbott as Dr. Neil Campbell | Edward Andrews as guest star | Nancy Hadley as guest star
Director: James B. Clark

457 :10x39 - Man Under Glass

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Guest Stars: Patrick Macnee as Bill Cheever | Albert Salmi as Lenny Shank | Peggy Ann Garner as Katie | Jason Robards as Walter Osgood | Michael Landon as Rafael Martinez
Director: Ronald Winston
Writer: Dick Berg

458 :10x40 - A Delicate Affair

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Guest Stars: Robert Horton as Tad Spencer | Joanne Gilbert as Lydia Custard | Francis Lederer as Rene d'Arcy | Charlie Ruggles as J. D. Spencer | Mavis Neal Palmer as Miss Jessup

459 :10x41 - The Last Summer

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Guest Stars: Claire Griswold as Cathy | Dennis Hopper as Harry Wales | Vivian Nathan as Mrs. Wales | Malcolm Atterbury as Jeweler

460 :10x42 - Tag-Along

A young Mexican boy and two of his friends disappear while visiting a canyon.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as Mr. Bales | Mario Alcalde as Talavera | Miriam Colon as Mrs. Talavera | Clifford Botelho as Juan | Burt Brinckerhoff as Kenny Bales | Joel Crothers as Marvin
Director: James B. Clark
Writer: Ernest Kinoy

461 :10x43 - Birthday Present

A British businessman is arrested as a smuggler when he attempts to sneak a watch he purchased as a gift for his wife past customs officials.
Guest Stars: Cesar Romero as Pat De Carlo | Cecil Kellaway as Mick Rafferty | Mary Beth Hughes as Ginger Ferris | Edgar Buchanan as Dan Ferris | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Kitty O'Donahue | J.M. Kerrigan as Pether Flynn
Director: Don Taylor (1)
Writer: Jack Roche

462 :10x44 - Bellingham

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Guest Stars: Leo G. Carroll as Bellingham | Kenneth Haigh as Devry | John Abbott (1) as Travers | Billy Pottin as Croft | Noel Drayton as Agent

463 :10x45 - The Lady Died at Midnight

A convicted murderer escapes from prison in order to take revenge upon those responsible for his conviction.
Guest Stars: Earl Holliman as Wayne Pilgrim | Paul Douglas as Captain McCaffrey | Gary Merrill as Paul Gorman | Lawrence Dobkin as Porter | Eddie Firestone as Hanson
Director: Paul Nickell

464 :10x46 - No Place to Run

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Guest Stars: Rosemary DeCamp as Laura Weber | Roberta Haynes as Amy Garnet | Tommy Rettig as Johnny Weber | Barry Atwater as Fred Garnet | Harry Townes as Karl Weber | Addison Richards as Arthur
Director: James B. Clark

465 :10x47 - Image of Fear

A royal family living in exile for 20 years in the United States learns that they might be able to return to power in their home nation but then someone makes an attempt on the life of the exiled queen.
Guest Stars: Rod Taylor as Anthony | Lili Darvas as guest star | Nina Foch as guest star | Eugenie Leontovich as Queen Andrea
Director: Buzz Kulik
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: November 07, 1948
Ended: September 29, 1958
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