Season 3

501 :03x01 - Episode 501

Cole tells Caitlin that he would like to have another child. Gregory calls Annie again acting as the blackmailer and demands another million dollars or certain favors. AJ is surprised to learn that Francesca hasn't left town yet. Dr. Estrada informs Meg and Ben that Maria is still alive. Annie gets ready to meet the blackmailer's demands and is surprised when Gregory shows up. Maria remembers Derek trying to attack her with the scissors and Ben tries to comfort her. Maria begs Ben to tell her that he loves her and as he does Meg shows up.
Guest Stars: Ana Auther as Dr. Luisa Estrada

502 :03x02 - Episode 502

Annie tries to cover in front of Gregory. Ben gives in and tells Maria that he loves her. Ben tells Dr. Estrada that Maria seems to have forgotten everything that has happened since the night of the accident. Dr. Estrada tells him that if he tells Maria about his relationship with Meg she could suffer a complete nervous breakdown. Meg feels responsible for Maria's fall and tells Ben that she heard him tell Maria that he loves her. Ben tries to convince her that it's her that he really loves.
Guest Stars: Ana Auther as Dr. Luisa Estrada
Director: Rick Bennewitz

503 :03x03 - Episode 503

As Caitlin is about to confess the truth to Cole he sees Francesca watching them. Caitlin realizes that Cole doesn't know the truth after all and comes up with a different story to tell him when he returns to hear what she has to say. Maria remembers Ben's love for Meg and it turns out it's only the five years since her disappearance and her return to town that she cant remember. Maria enjoys a reunion with her family. When Ben returns home he finds Meg packing.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

504 :03x04 - Episode 504

Francesca is determined to find out what Annie and Caitlin are hiding. Meg tells Ben that she needs time alone to think. An upset Meg is comforted by Casey.

505 :03x05 - Episode 505

Gregory forges Caitlin's handwriting to write a letter to Cole. Gregory makes another call as the blackmailer. Gregory tells Annie that he knows Trey is his son. Meg tells Sara about moving out. Caitlin goes to meet the blackmailer as Cole finds the forged note.
Guest Stars: Ana Auther as Dr. Luisa Estrada
Director: Rick Bennewitz

506 :03x06 - Episode 506

When Cole is told by Rose that Trey is ill he doesn't go to the alley to meet Caitlin. Annie admits the truth to Gregory but says she only did it because Trey is Cole and Olivia's son and not his. Ricardo and Ben agree to put the past behind them. Ben begs Meg to return home and Maria sees them kissing. Virginia tells Vanessa that she knows her secret and that she has to tell Michael the truth.

507 :03x07 - Episode 507

Annie tries to convince Gregory that she is telling him the truth. Gregory realizes that he has to stop Cole from finding out the truth. Cole finally shows up in the alley and asks Caitlin what she is doing there. Maris is upset after seeing Ben and Meg kissing and tells him that she cant go through with the divorce. Meg gives Ben his ring back.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

508 :03x08 - Episode 508

Annie and Gregory arrive in the alley to stop Caitlin form telling Cole the truth. Cole demands to know why Caitlin is there with a briefcase full of money. Michael finds the letter from Dr. Green to Vanessa before she can tell him him about it. Amy stops Sean and Emily from making love by setting off the fire alarm.
Director: Rick Bennewitz

509 :03x09 - Episode 509

Francesca tries to cause problems for Olivia and AJ. Gregory and Annie manage to cover for Caitlin when Gregory tells Cole that he gave Caitlin the money to bribe Francesca to leave town. Gregory tells Caitlin that he knows Annie got Trey for her and promises her that the blackmailer wont bother her again. Vanessa admits the truth to Michael as Tyus shows up.

510 :03x10 - Episode 510

Francesca blackmails Gregory into working with her to split up Cole and Caitlin after telling him that she knows all of his family's secrets. Michael fights with Tyus and Vanessa is forced to pull them apart. Tyus asks Vanessa why he didn't tell her the truth and that he wants to a part of the baby's life.

511 :03x11 - Episode 511

Gabi questions Antonio about his feelings towards her. Meg moves back into Surf Central. Michael refuses to listen to Vanessa.
Guest Stars: Ana Auther as Dr. Luisa Estrada

512 :03x12 - Episode 512

Both Maria and Meg vow to fight for Ben. Sara agrees to help Tim with his quest to win Meg back if it keeps her away from Casey. Ricardo isn't happy when he learns that Gabi has been offered a special assignment. Antonio is determined to leave town.

513 :03x13 - Episode 513

Caitlin tells Olivia that Gregory has found out that Trey isn't her real son. AJ tells Cole his theories about Olivia's baby still being alive and Cole promises to help him find him. Annie arranges for Gregory's paternity test to come back negative.
Guest Stars: Mark Davis (2) as Russell Meek

514 :03x14 - Episode 514

Cole and AJ try to locate Dr. Brock. Bette realizes that Francesca knows about Cole and Olivia's affair. Tyus decides not to leave Sunset Beach and when Vanessa returns home she finds Michael packing up his belongings.
Guest Stars: Mark Davis (2) as Russell Meek | Jean Carol (1) as Florence Kennedy
Director: Phideaux Xavier

515 :03x15 - Episode 515

After Annie tampers with the paternity results, Gregory is told that there is no way that he can be Trey's father. Cole manages to track down Dr. Brock. Michael listens in as Virginia talks to Dr. Green.
Guest Stars: Jean Carol (1) as Florence Kennedy
Director: Phideaux Xavier

516 :03x16 - Episode 516

Cole discovers that Dr. Brock has been murdered. Gregory tells Olivia that he knows Trey isn't Caitlin's son. After Cole rings a number he found at Dr. Brock's apartment he is surprised when Annie answers the phone. Gabi forces Antonio to admit that he cares about her more than just as a friend. Annie finds out that Maria has her memory back.
Guest Stars: Christopher Halsted as Gerald | Victor Webster as Roger | Gerard Christopher as Carl Brock
Director: Phideaux Xavier

517 :03x17 - Episode 517

Gregory wants Francesca to seduce AJ to make Olivia suffer. Olivia wants AJ to stop trying to find out what happened to her baby and admits to him that she is falling in love with him. Gabi admits to Antonio that she will miss him when he leaves town.

518 :03x18 - Episode 518

Annie is shocked when she learns about Dr. Brock's death. Cole isn't happy when his father wants to call off the investigation into what happened to Olivia's baby. Bette tells Olivia that Francesca knows about her affair with Cole. Gabi admits to herself that she sees Antonio as more than just a friend.

519 :03x19 - Episode 519

Francesca threatens Olivia. Francesca agrees to help Gregory with his plan. Gregory pressurizes the doctor into admitting that Trey is his son. Francesca plants cameras so that she film herself seducing AJ.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

520 :03x20 - Episode 520

Francesca is determined to win Cole back at any cost. Antonio admits to Maria that he has feelings towards Gabi and she offers him some advise. The embezzler hears Gabi telling Antonio that she should know who he is by tomorrow. Gerald, the embezzler, decides Gabi must be silenced. Michael tries to find out what Virginia has been up to.

521 :03x21 - Episode 521

Maria wants Ben to go away away with her hoping that he will fall in love with her again. Sara sees Casey comforting Meg. After discovering the truth Michael confronts Virginia. Karen, a friend of Gerald's confesses to Antonio his plan. Antonio rushes off to save Gabi. Gerald taunts Ricardo that Gabi is going to die. Antonio shows up as Gerald's bomb goes off.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Rebecca Brooks as Sister Bertrille | Christopher Halsted as Gerald

522 :03x22 - Episode 522

Michael tells Virginia that he never wants to see her again. Meg tells Sara and Casey that she believes she has pushed Ben into Maria's arms. Sara convinces Meg to come away with her and Casey unaware that Sara plans on going to the same hotel as Ben. Antonio and Gabi are trapped together by the falling debris the bomb has caused. Ricardo realizes that Antonio is trapped with Gabi.

523 :03x23 - Episode 523

Sarah convinces Meg to go on ahead in her own car to the hotel so that she can have sometime alone with Casey on the way and then disables Casey's car so that it wont be going anywhere. Dr. Green tells Vanessa about Virginia blackmailing him into saying that she was four months pregnant. Virginia tells Vanessa how she artificially inseminated her with Tyus' sperm and they end up fighting. When Michael shows up and pulls Virginia off of her, Vanessa has passed out. Meg's car swerves off the road on the way to the hotel. Both Antonio and Gabi admit to each other that they love one another.
Director: Rick Bennewitz

524 :03x24 - Episode 524

Ben finds Meg and her car when he leaves the hotel to get some wine. Vanessa goes onto early labor and is rushed to the hospital. Michael tells her that he knows the child she is carrying is his and Vanessa tells him what Virginia did to her. When Antonio and Gabi realize that they might die they share a kiss.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

525 :03x25 - Episode 525

Bette offers Annie some advise. Annie tells Cole that unless he stops looking into her involvement with Dr. Brock she will tell Caitlin about his affair with Olivia. After it starts raining Ben and Meg have to take shelter in an abandoned house. Gabi and Antonio make love and as Antonio promises to love her forever they hear Ricardo calling out to them.

526 :03x26 - Episode 526

Ben and Meg make love and Ben pledges that his future is with her. Amy overhears Olivia threatening to kill Francesca. Ricardo manages to get through and pull Gabi to safety.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

527 :03x27 - Episode 527

Olivia issues a warning to Amy. Antonio is trapped under more falling debris but Ricardo manages to free him. After getting the upper hand on Annie, Cole learns from her that Olivia already knows the truth about what happened to her baby.

528 :03x28 - Episode 528

Vanessa learns that she has lost the baby. Michael takes Virginia to the hospital to face both Vanessa and Tyus. Meg tells Sara and Casey that she is back together with Ben and Sara is worried that Tim will spill the beans that she has been working with him. Ben tells Maria that his future is with Meg. Gabi stops Antonio from telling Ricardo what happened between them.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

529 :03x29 - Episode 529

Virginia is forced to admit all the horrible things she has done. Virginia tells Michael that everything she has done is because she loves him. Tim isn't happy when he learns from Meg that she is back together with Ben. Maria goes to see Meg. Antonio prays for guidance.
Director: Gary Tomlin

530 :03x30 - Episode 530

Olivia tries to convince Cole to stop trying to find out what happened to her baby. AJ catches Francesca in his room and ends up kissing her as Olivia walks in. Maria feels as if Meg has stolen Ben from her. Antonio asks God for guidance.

531 :03x31 - Episode 531

Antonio witnesses Ricardo asking Gabi to marry him and he accepts. Olivia leaves before AJ can see her. Whilst looking for the tape of her and AJ kissing, Francesca finds a surveillance tape which has Antonio and Gabi making love on it. Gregory stops Annie from admitting the truth to Cole.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

532 :03x32 - Episode 532

Antonio tells Gabi that he will never tell Ricardo the truth about what happened and he makes plans to leave town. Olivia tells AJ that she saw him kissing Francesca and that things are over between them. Francesca decides to blackmail Gabi with the videotape.

533 :03x33 - Episode 533

As Annie looks through Francesca's room to find out what she and Gregory are up to a gloved hand from behind covers her mouth. When Cole and Caitlin learn that Trey needs a blood transfusion Caitlin is worried that the truth will come out. Francesca tell Gabi what she wants in return for the videotape.
Guest Stars: Mel Johnson, Jr. as Dr. Manning

534 :03x34 - Episode 534

Vanessa tells Michael and Tyus that she doesn't want to press charges against Virginia as Jimmy will lose his mother. Virginia is sent to Cedar Oaks for an EEG test but escapes after Dr. Estrada leaves the room. Caitlin is forced to admit that she isn't Trey's mother. Gabi tells Antonio about Francesca's threats. Annie discovers that it is Olivia who startled her. Annie wants Olivia to work with her to destroy Francesca. Olivia refuses to listen to AJ.
Guest Stars: Mel Johnson, Jr. as Dr. Manning | Ana Auther as Dr. Luisa Estrada
Director: Phideaux Xavier

535 :03x35 - Episode 535

Maria decides to give Ben the divorce he wants. A mysterious woman and child head to Sunset Beach. Caitlin explains to Cole how their baby died and how she couldn't tell him. Antonio tries unsuccessfully to get the tape from Francesca. Somebody shows up at Francesca's door with a gun.
Guest Stars: Mel Johnson, Jr. as Dr. Manning | Mark Davis (2) as Russell Meek | Bonnie Hellman as Nurse Stacy Jane Krakowski
Director: Phideaux Xavier

536 :03x36 - Episode 536

Tim blackmails Sara into talking to her parents about giving him a job. Casey arranges a romantic surprise for Sara. Gregory stops Annie from interrupting Caitlin as she tells Cole how Annie got Trey for her. Cole refuses to forgive Caitlin. Annie tells Cole how Olivia has known for some time that Trey is her son. Olivia ends up being the person at Francesca's door but she manages to turn the tables on her.
Guest Stars: Mel Johnson, Jr. as Dr. Manning
Director: Phideaux Xavier

537 :03x37 - Episode 537

As Gabi is trying to steal the money she needs to give to Francesca, Ricardo walks in. Sean blames Gregory for everything that has happened. Casey and Sara make love.

538 :03x38 - Episode 538

Gregory listens in as Cole confronts Olivia with the truth. Gabi manages to cover as to why she is in the evidence room in front of Ricardo. AJ is determined to make things right with Olivia.

539 :03x39 - Episode 539

Gregory demands to know from Olivia whether he or Cole is Trey's father. Caitlin returns home to hear Olivia taunting Annie and learns the fact that Olivia is Trey's real mother. Bette discovers AJ trying to strangle Francesca.

540 :03x40 - Episode 540

Gabi tells Francesca that she has been unable to get her hands on the money. Tyus tells Gregory that the files show that he is Trey's true father and a distraught Cole takes off with Trey. Caitlin is furious with Annie for giving her Olivia's baby. When Gregory catches up with him Cole is forced to hand Trey over. Meg learns that her father has decided to give Tim a job. Maria shows up with the divorce papers unsigned.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

541 :03x41 - Episode 541

Maria tells Meg and Ben that she wants to go to the Dominican Republic for a quick divorce with Ben. When Maria tells her mother what she plans to do, Carmen insists that her marriage to Ben isn't over. Cole, Olivia and Gregory stop Caitlin from attacking Annie and Cole reassures her that he still loves her. Catlin doesn't want to lose Trey. Francesca refuses to give Gabi more time to come up with the money. Gabi and Antonio are worried that the truth is going to come out.

542 :03x42 - Episode 542

Francesca finds out that Cole knows the truth about Trey and that he intends to stay with Caitlin. She realizes now that her only hope of getting Cole is to turn Caitlin against him. Annie tells Gregory that she knows that he had the paternity results changed and if he sends her to jail she will tell everybody. Sean tells Emily the part he played in helping Caitlin get a baby.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

543 :03x43 - Episode 543

Gabi tells Antonio that the only way to stop Francesca telling Ricardo the truth is to kill her. Francesca tells Caitlin about Cole's affair with Olivia. AJ is arrested for trying to strange Francesca. Vanessa begs Michael to let her prove her love for him. Caitlin asks Cole if he slept with her mother.

544 :03x44 - Episode 544

Annie is offered a deal by the DA. When Gregory again refuses to pay her, Francesca makes plans to kidnap Trey. Caitlin finds it difficult accepting the fact that Cole slept with her mother even though they didn't know who each other was. Olivia wishes that she had killed Francesca whilst she had the chance.
Guest Stars: Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele

545 :03x45 - Episode 545

Bette bails AJ out at the police station. Annie tells Francesca that she knows what she is up to. Cole finds Olivia's gun whilst looking around Francesca's hotel room. Francesca manages to get hold of Trey and then calls Cole to let him know that she has him. Francesca is confronted by an unseen person that she obviously recognizes and is shot. The woman who was on the plane shows up at Ben's door with a child called Benjy who asks her if this is where his daddy lives.
Director: Andrew Lee

546 :03x46 - Episode 546

Ben is shocked when the woman introduces herself as Tess and declares that Benjy is his and Maria's son. Amy and Brad find Trey in a car alone. Francesca falls out of a giant birthday cake in front of all the potential people who could of shot her and shouts out the word 'you'.

547 :03x47 - Episode 547

Meg accuses Tess of lying. Tess tells Maria, Ben and Meg that she lived with Maria and Benjy in Seattle and that she is Benjy's nanny. Ricardo tries to save Francesca's life and she is taken to the hospital. Ricardo tries to find out from her who shot her and she says one word 'Antonio'.

548 :03x48 - Episode 548

Before Ricardo can ask Francesca more questions she has a heart attack. Amy tells Sean about rescuing Trey and he he is shocked when she tells him that he is Olivia's son. Gabi tells Ricardo that perhaps Francesca said Antonio's name because she was requesting her last rites. AJ is shocked after Annie tells him about Olivia and Cole's affair. Even though Maria cant remember Benjy she admits that there is a chance that he could be her son.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

549 :03x49 - Episode 549

Meg shares her concerns with Ben that Tess could be lying. Bette is shocked that even Annie could sink that low as to give Olivia's baby to Caitlin. When Francesca recovers she begs Antonio to forgive her for trying to blackmail him. When he doesn't answer she accuses Gabi of shooting her.

550 :03x50 - Episode 550

Tess tries to convince Maria that Benjy really is her son. Francesca slips into a coma before she can tell Ricardo what she told Antonio. Annie tells Sean about his mother's affair with Cole and Emily offers him some advise. Annie decides that she has to make sure that Francesca never recovers.

551 :03x51 - Episode 551

Ben tries to reassure Meg that his future is still with her. Annie is caught before she can finish Francesca off. Everybody blames everybody else for Francesca's shooting.
Guest Stars: Andre Khabbazi as Officer Oscar Ruiz
Director: Gary Tomlin

552 :03x52 - Episode 552

Cole begs Caitlin to give him another chance. Ricardo believes that he is close to discovering who shot Francesca. Emily tries to convince Sean to forgive Olivia for sleeping with Cole. Cole sneaks into Francesca's hospital room.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

553 :03x53 - Episode 553

Ricardo walks into Francesca's room as she suffers a fatal heart attack. Everybody claims that they didn't shoot Francesca. Francesca is greeted in hell by Del and Eddie.
Guest Stars: John Reilly as Del Douglas | Peter Barton as Eddie Connors

554 :03x54 - Episode 554

Gabi tries to retrieve the tape from Francesca's room but is caught by Ricardo. Tess tries to prove to Ben that Benjy is really his and Maria's son. Tim sees what is happening as a chance to try and win back Meg and he tries to blackmail Sara into helping him. Maria asks her mother to read the cards for her.
Guest Stars: Andre Khabbazi as Officer Oscar Ruiz

555 :03x55 - Episode 555

Ben agrees to allow a paternity test to be performed on Benjy. Gabi lies to Ricardo as to why she is in Francesca's room. Gabi admits to Antonio that she had been in Francesca's room on the night that she was shot but insists that she didn't shoot her. Michael and Vanessa say goodbye to Jimmy as he leaves to leave with his aunt.
Guest Stars: Andre Khabbazi as Officer Oscar Ruiz
Director: Phideaux Xavier

556 :03x56 - Episode 556

Gregory allows the police to search the house to try and finds clues hat could link Cole to Francesca's murder. AJ tells Leo that it would be safer for him if he returned to Switzerland. Olivia agrees to move back into the Richards' house to represent a united front. Gregory reveals his true reasons why he asked Olivia to move back in to Caitlin. Ricardo questions Cole. Gabi and Antonio are worried that the video tape will be discovered. Benjy has the paternity test performed on him.
Guest Stars: Andre Khabbazi as Officer Oscar Ruiz
Director: Andrew Lee

557 :03x57 - Episode 557

Antonio manages to stop Officer Spencer from watching the tape. Cole threatens Annie. Gregory fills Caitlin in on his plan to keep Trey away from Olivia.
Guest Stars: Andre Khabbazi as Officer Oscar Ruiz | David Andriole as Officer Spencer
Director: Gary Tomlin

558 :03x58 - Episode 558

Antonio and Gabi desperately try and stop Ricardo from watching the tape. Ben tries to reassure Meg that he is her that hr wants to be with even if Benjy ends up being his son. Gregory tells Caitlin that she must chose between Cole and Trey.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

559 :03x59 - Episode 559

Gabi and Antonio are relieved when the tape that Ricardo has been watching doesn't have them making love on it. Olivia guesses what Gregory is up to. Olivia clashes with Caitlin. Olivia prepares to fight Gregory at his own game.
Guest Stars: Marla Maples as Barbara Birch

560 :03x60 - Episode 560

Tim threatens Sarah which Casey witnesses. Ben, Maria and Meg wait for the results of Benjy's paternity test. Olivia is determined to win custody of Trey. Antonio and Gabi try to put what happened between them in the past. Cole asks Olivia not to keep Trey away from Caitlin.
Guest Stars: Christopher Darden as Les Gordon | Bonnie Hellman as Nurse Stacy Jane Krakowski
Director: Phideaux Xavier

561 :03x61 - Episode 561

Cole tells Olivia that he will not let her hurt Caitlin. Amy blackmails Olivia when she tries to kick her out. The paternity results prove that Ben is Benjy's father. Tim decides not to tell Casey that Sara has been helping him to try and win Meg back. When Cole sees Caitlin with Trey he vows to make sure that he is isn't taken away from her.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

562 :03x62 - Episode 562

Antonio lies to Ricardo to cover for Gabi. Caitlin tells Sean about Olivia's plan to keep Trey away from her. Maria asks Tess to help her fill in the missing years.
Guest Stars: Jerry Springer as Jerry Feller

563 :03x63 - Episode 563

Caitlin explains to Cole why she has to work with her father to keep Trey. Amy gives Olivia an alibi for the time Francesca was shot. Caitlin decides tot try and make her mother look like the only suspect in Francesca's shooting. Casey warns Sara not to interfere in what is going on between Meg, Ben and Maria. Meg agrees to let Tess and Benjy move in with her and Ben. Maria also agrees to the idea as long as she can move back in to.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

564 :03x64 - Episode 564

Ben reluctantly agrees to let Maria move back in. Caitlin is upset when Sean takes Olivia's side. Michael agrees to try and start over with Vanessa. An unseen person hides a gun at Bette's place.
Guest Stars: Christopher Darden as Les Gordon

565 :03x65 - Episode 565

Sean agrees to have dinner with Emily. AJ saves Caitlin from some reporters who are are asking her questions about Francesca's murder. Ricardo asks Antonio to perform his and Gabi's marriage ceremony.
Guest Stars: Ann Gillespie as Attorney

566 :03x66 - Episode 566

Amy is forced to admit to Ricardo that she lied about seeing Olivia on the night Francesca was shot. Bette finds the gun that was hidden in her house and admits to Olivia that she thinks that she could of shot Francesca. Gabi clashes with Carmen. Annie is determined to stop Cole from having another paternity test performed on Trey.
Guest Stars: Ann Gillespie as Attorney
Director: Phideaux Xavier

567 :03x67 - Episode 567

Tess catches Sara looking through her belongings. Olivia admits to Bette that she was at the hotel the night Francesca was shot but insists that she is innocent. Before they can dispose of the gun Ricardo shows up. After listening to a phone call that Francesca left on the answer machine Gabi realizes that the call was made from out of town in the mountains and wonders if Francesca hid the tape there.
Director: Andrew Lee

568 :03x68 - Episode 568

Tess becomes defensive when questioned by Sara. After talking to Tess, Maria decides to find out why Sara is so interested in what is going on. Gregory tries to make Cole leave town. Tyus refuses to run another paternity test on Trey. Annie has a fantasy where she is on the Wheel Of Fortune. Ricardo's search of Bette's place comes up with nothing. Gabi tells Antonio that she has managed to get a copy of Francesca's credit card statements. Carmen reads the cards for Annie.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

569 :03x69 - Episode 569

Maria and Meg resolve to do what is best for Benjy. When Maria sees Ben and Meg kissing she realizes that she loves him more than ever. Annie finds Olivia's gun hidden in the turkey at Bette's house.
Guest Stars: Christopher Darden as Les Gordon

570 :03x70 - Episode 570

From Francesca's credit card statements Gabi and Antonio try to find out where she was staying in the mountains. Gregory tells Caitlin that is she wants custody of Trey she will have to divorce Cole. Annie takes the gun out of the turkey and leaves with it before Ricardo shows up.

571 :03x71 - Episode 571

Bette and Olivia are shocked to learn that the gun has disappeared from the turkey. Annie hides the gun in a pocket of one of Cole's coats. Gabi and Antonio search the cabin that Francesca rented for the tape but don't find it there. When they go to leave the car wont start. Gregory tries to convince Caitlin that divorcing Cole is the best thing to do.

572 :03x72 - Episode 572

Casey informs Meg that he has found out that the Liberty Coperation has been dumping more waste into the baby than the allowable limit. Tim meets Tess. Caitlin has doubts about divorcing Cole. Whilst waiting for Cole, Caitlin finds the gun Annie planted in his coat pocket. Antonio tells Gabi that they will be forced to spend the night in the cabin. An attempted robbery end up with Ricardo being shot.

573 :03x73 - Episode 573

Gabi wonders how she and Antonio will explain to Ricardo where they have been all night. Maria tries to stop Ricardo's bleeding as they await the arrival of an ambulance. When they get to the hospital Ben comforts an upset Maria which Meg witnesses. Annie tips the police off as to where to find the gun. Ricardo is forced to undergo surgery where he flatlines.
Director: Gary Tomlin

574 :03x74 - Episode 574

Gabi tells Antonio that she cant go ahead and marry Ricardo when she has feelings towards him too. Tyus manages to remove the bullet from Ricardo. Spence and Ruiz show up with a warrant to search Cole's room for the gun.
Guest Stars: Andre Khabbazi as Officer Oscar Ruiz | David Andriole as Officer Spencer
Director: Gary Tomlin

575 :03x75 - Episode 575

Olivia shares her suspicions with Bette that Gregory is trying to frame her for Francesca's murder. Officer Spence finds the gun in Caitlin's possession and she is taken to the police station for questioning. Caitlin claims the gun is after and after ballistic tests are carried out on it Caitlin is read her rights. After Olivia throws Amy out Emily convinces Sean to let her stay at the Richards' house.
Guest Stars: Andre Khabbazi as Officer Oscar Ruiz | David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele

576 :03x76 - Episode 576

Benjy gives Meg a hard time. Caitlin tries to convince the DA that she killed Francesca. Everybody is shocked by Caitlin's confession and Cole begs her to change her mind. Antonio and Gabi are determined to tell Ricardo the truth. When Gabi finally returns home she finds Carmen waiting for her.
Guest Stars: Andre Khabbazi as Officer Oscar Ruiz | David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele

577 :03x77 - Episode 577

Olivia tries to convince the DA that Caitlin is incapable of murder. Carmen tells Gabi about Ricardo being shot. Antonio tells Maria that he and Gabi have decided to tell Ricardo the truth and she tells him he cant as Ricardo has been shot. When Gabi goes to see Ricardo he asks her to promise him that he will never leave him. Antonio shows up and overhears Gabi telling Ricardo that she will always love him.
Guest Stars: Andre Khabbazi as Officer Oscar Ruiz | David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele
Director: Andrew Lee

578 :03x78 - Episode 578

Ben offers to take Benjy to the office with him so that Maria can visit Ricardo. Meg tells Casey that Benjy hates her. Gabi tells Antonio that now isn't the time to tell Ricardo the truth and Antonio tells her he heard what she told Ricardo. Ricardo tells Gabi that he wants to marry her straight away. Gregory tries to get the truth out of Caitlin.

579 :03x79 - Episode 579

Ben tries to get Benjy to except Meg. Sean blames Gregory for Caitlin's predicament. Antonio tells Ricardo that he cant marry Gabi without a marriage license. Antonio vows to find the tape and destroy it before Ricardo ever finds it.

580 :03x80 - Episode 580

Annie makes a decision about her future. Cole manages to convince Sean into going to see Caitlin to finds out why she confessed to a crime she didn't commit. Caitlin agrees to tell Sean the truth. Annie and Cole both accuse each other of being Francesca's killer.

581 :03x81 - Episode 581

Caitlin tells Sean that she found the gun in Cole's pocket and that she confessed to the crime as she knows Gregory will be able to clear her name. Sean tells Cole that Caitlin found the gun in his pocket. Gabi manages to get her hands on a copy the inventory of Francesca's hotel and goes over it with Antonio. Carmen tries to see things through Gabi's eyes and she sees her with Antonio. Ricardo is certain that Caitlin didn't shoot Francesca.
Guest Stars: Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele

582 :03x82 - Episode 582

Bette is able to help Antonio and Gabi in their quest to find the tape. Cole realizes that Annie planted the gun in his coat pocket. Gabi and Antonio head to the library to try and find the tape. Meg looks through Tess' room. Dr. Estrada is unable to help Maria remember the missing five years from her memory.
Guest Stars: Ana Auther as Dr. Luisa Estrada
Director: Andrew Lee

583 :03x83 - Episode 583

Tess catches Meg in her room. Ben asks Tess to move out. Maria goes to see Mrs. Moreau to see if she can help her regain memories of the five missing years. Michael and Vanessa share a kiss. Gabi and Antonio are forced to cover when Ricardo shows up at the library also looking for the tape.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele

584 :03x84 - Episode 584

Mrs. Moreau tells Maria that she might remember things that she would rather she didn't and Maria leaves. When Benjy becomes upset at the idea of Tess leaving Ben changes his mind. Tess tells Tim about catching Meg snooping through her things. When Ricardo has a relapse Gabi manges to get the tape but later Carmen sees it in her purse.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau

585 :03x85 - Episode 585

Cole goes over all the motives that the other suspects in Francesca's murder case have. AJ is furious when he learns from Gregory that h paid Francesca to try and seduce him and ruin his relationship with Olivia. Gregory catches Annie reading a file on Francesca that he had hidden in his desk. Cole tells Sean that he is sure that Annie killed Francesca. Ricardo wonders why Gabi had a tape in her purse after his mother gave it to him but once again Gabi manages to cover. Gabi decides to watch the tape to make sure it's the correct one as Carmen shows up at the door.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele

586 :03x86 - Episode 586

Sean listens in as Annie fantasizes as to whether Gregory killed Francesca. Olivia tells AJ that even though Gregory paid Francesca to seduce him he could of resisted and she can now no longer trust him. Gabi manages to avoid Carmen from seeing the tape but Carmen overhears her saying that Ricardo must be stopped from seeing the tape at all costs whilst she is talking to Antonio.

587 :03x87 - Episode 587

Meg offers to look after Benjy when both Maria and Ben have to go out. Annie asks Cole to help her prove that Gregory killed Francesca. Annie and Cole manage to avoid Ben catching them looking through Gregory's safe. Benjy is upset when Meg makes him give back a kitten he found to it's owner. Ben discovers that Maria has gone to see Mrs. Moreau and Vanessa warns him that she is dangerous. Carmen pretends to befriend Gabi so that she can switch the tape in her purse. Antonio and Gabi burn the tape unaware that Carmen has switched it with another.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau
Director: Phideaux Xavier

588 :03x88 - Episode 588

Ben takes Maria away from Mrs. Moreau's place after breaking the door down. Gabi insists to Antonio what happened between them is in the past. Carmen insists to Ricardo that Gabi has been unfaithful to him but he refuses to believe her. Carmen puts the tape in the VCR to watch.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau
Director: Andrew Lee

589 :03x89 - Episode 589

Ben tries to reassure Meg that things will work out with Benjy and that they will be a family. Maria tells Gabi that she knows that she slept with Antonio and Gabi tries to convince her that it's Ricardo that her future is with. Carmen tells Antonio that she will stop at nothing to make sure that Gabi and Ricardo are never married. When Carmen tries to watch the tape she finds that her VCR isn't working.

590 :03x90 - Episode 590

Carmen asks Maria if she can borrow her VCR. Ben and Meg take Benjy to the animal shelter to choose a new kitten. Antonio sees Gabi in her wedding dress.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau

591 :03x91 - Episode 591

Maria asks her mother to leave when she refuses to stop trying to stop the wedding. Michael and Vanessa decide to start a fresh in their relationship. Ben explains to Benjy that he intends to spend the rest of his life with Meg.

592 :03x92 - Episode 592

Brad wants Sean to be his partner in an extreme sports competition. When Amy finds out she urges Brad to ask Emily to be his partner instead so that she can team up with Sean. Bette argues with Annie and throws her out. Carmen plots to make sure that Ricardo sees the videotape before the wedding.

593 :03x93 - Episode 593

Cole tells Caitlin that he is close to clearing her name. Olivia is freaked out by a call with Francesca's voice on the other end. Meg is furious when she learns that Sara has been interfering in her life once again.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

594 :03x94 - Episode 594

A minor earth tremor stops the tape from being shown at the pre wedding party. Carmen isn't happy when she learns that the tape wasn't played. Olivia receives more calls hearing Francesca's voice on the other end. Later it is revealed that Gregory is responsible for the calls. Gabi and Ricardo have their respective hen and bachelor parties.

595 :03x95 - Episode 595

Carmen manages to retrieve the tape. Carmen is shocked when she watches the tape and finds out that Antonio is the secret other man in Gabi's life. Sara asks Casey if his feelings towards her sister run deeper than just friendship.
Director: Ian Toporoff

596 :03x96 - Episode 596

Meg tells Ben that she needs some time alone to sort out her emotions. Maria shares her concerns about Tess with Annie. Carmen vows to stop Ricardo from marrying Gabi whatever the cost.

597 :03x97 - Episode 597

Olivia continues to be haunted by Francesca. Casey accuses Sara of being behind Meg and Ben's problems and Sara accuses him of being in love with Meg. Amy gets her wish when Sean asks her to partner him in the extreme sports competition. Gregory tells Caitlin that he is getting her released from jail.

598 :03x98 - Episode 598

Gregory brings Caitlin home and assures her that she wont be going back to prison. AJ tries to prove to Olivia that Francesca is really dead but Tyus refuses to show them her autopsy report. Casey doesn't deny that he loves Meg when Sara challenges him to. Gabi is surprised when Carmen gives her a picture of her and Antonio.
Director: Andrew Lee

599 :03x99 - Episode 599

A mysterious woman dressed in black breaks into Olivia's house and leaves a note saying that she is back. Meg tells Maria that she is going away for a few days. Carmen tells Gabi that she destroyed the wrong tape and that she has it. Carmen tells Gabi that she has to leave town immediately if she doesn't want her secret being exposed.

600 :03x100 - Episode 600

Caitlin refuses to take back her confession. Olivia continues to insist that Francesca isn't dead. Gabi decides to go ahead with the wedding. Tim tries to reassure Tess that not everyone hates her and they share another kiss.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

601 :03x101 - Episode 601

Olivia remains convinced that Francesca is still alive and AJ challenges Gregory get a copy of her autopsy report to prove that she is dead. Cole goes to see Caitlin. Gregory forces Tyus to show his the report and he notices a discrepancy. Gabi faints as she is about to say her vows and as she recovers Carmen tries to force her to stop the wedding once again. Ben tells Meg that he isn't going to give up on her.

602 :03x102 - Episode 602

Gabi realizes that she can't marry Ricardo and leaves to spare him from knowing that she slept with his brother. Carmen is pleased that she has got her way.

603 :03x103 - Episode 603

Tess is concerned when Maria tells her that she is remembering things about her time in Seattle. Casey tries to convince Sara that he loves her and not Meg. Ricardo tries to find out from Gabi why she stopped their wedding. Gregory, AJ and Olivia learn from Tyus that Francesca was still alive after she was declared dead but he is called away before he can tell them more. Olivia receives another call from Francesca and arranges to meet her.
Guest Stars: Ana Auther as Dr. Luisa Estrada

604 :03x104 - Episode 604

Tess makes a mysterious phone call asking for help. Under hypnosis Maria realizes that she can't trust Tess. Meg offers to look after Benjy but he wonders off as she talks to Casey on the beach. Tess ignores a surfer's advise and goes into the sea. Carmen is pleased that her plan to keep Gabi away from Ricardo has worked. Antonio admits to his brother that there is another man in Gabi's life.
Director: Andrew Lee

605 :03x105 - Episode 605

Before Antonio can admit the truth to his bother Ricardo takes off believing the other man he is referring to is Gabi's father. Ricardo and Antonio find a farewell note from Gabi asking them to not come looking for her. Meg is frantic when she cant find Benjy. Ben receives a call from somebody who has taken Benjy. Michael and Vanessa enjoy some time together alone.
Guest Stars: George Palermo as Jake

606 :03x106 - Episode 606

The kidnapper demands money from Ben and afterwards Ben tells everyone not to go to the police. Caitlin admits to Bette that she still loves Cole even though she cant trust him. Olivia tells AJ that she believes Gregory is behind Francesca's calls to try and keep Trey away from her. Michael tells Vanessa that nothing will come between them again.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

607 :03x107 - Episode 607

Annie offers to help Gregory with his plan to destroy Olivia. Ben stops Maria from calling Ricardo. The kidnapper arranges to meet Ben under the pier and Casey decides to follow him to the meeting. When Ben shows up somebody pulls a gun on him.
Guest Stars: George Palermo as Jake

608 :03x108 - Episode 608

Ben manages to disarm the kidnapper. Casey finds a key with an address on it in the kidnapper's pocket and Ben sets off with the key. The kidnapper manages to get away after the others show up and Tess says that she can see somebody moving in the shadows. Benjy accidentally breaks a gas line as he tries to turn on a light and Ben smells the gas as he shows up. As Ben opens the door there is an explosion. Olivia receives another call from Francesca telling her to meet her in one hour at a power plant.

609 :03x109 - Episode 609

After recovering from the explosion, Ben rescues Benjy. Carmen decides to keep the videotape in case Carmen decides to ever return to town. AJ and Gregory both make plans to follow Olivia to her meeting with Francesca.
Guest Stars: George Palermo as Jake | Marla Maples as Barbara Birch

610 :03x110 - Episode 61

Tim suspects that Tess knows more about the kidnapping than she is letting on. Meg decides to leave for good. AJ and Olivia show up for her meeting at the same time and when they find they door locked to the power plant they return home. Gregory ends up confronting Francesca and when he can't shoot her in the back he asks her to turn around telling her she should of died the first time around.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

611 :03x111 - Episode 611

Meg int erupts Sara's attempts to romance Casey. Tess thanks Benjy for going along with her plan to reunite Ben and Maria and also thanks him for not admitting the truth to Ricardo. Gregory is surprised when Francesca turns out to be Annie in a wig and Cole steps out of the shadows. Gregory learns that they tricked him into believing Francesca was still alive so that they could tape his confession. Gregory manages to get the upper hand when he takes Annie hostage.
Guest Stars: George Palermo as Jake
Director: Andrew Lee

612 :03x112 - Episode 612

Tess is furious with the kidnapper called Jake for putting Benjy in real danger. After forcing him to leave town she congratulates herself for destroying Meg and Ben's relationship as Tim shows up. After Cole is forced to drop the gun Annie tries to convince Gregory not to kill them. When Cole and Gregory struggle a shot can be heard and Annie screams out.
Guest Stars: George Palermo as Jake | Brenda James as Kelly

613 :03x113 - Episode 613

Gregory manages to get away when the police show up. As Olivia and Caitlin try to reconnect Gregory shows up at the house. Gregory tries to convince Caitlin to take Trey and flee with him. Meg sees Ben hugging Maria. Tim tells Tess that he has put all the pieces of the jigsaw together concerning Benjy's kidnapping and demands that she tell him the truth otherwise he will go to Meg.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer | George Palermo as Jake

614 :03x114 - Episode 614

Annie and Cole tell Spence their claims that Gregory killed Francesca and manage to get away as Ricardo shows up. Spence tells him their claims. When Olivia tries to stop Gregory from leaving with Trey he attacks her. Tess tells Tim that that she isn't really Benjy's nanny and that Maria had paid her to come to town to split Meg and Ben up. Tess tells Tim that she has fallen in love with him. Cole and Annie find Olivia.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer
Director: Phideaux Xavier

615 :03x115 - Episode 615

Meg insists to Ben that she has to leave. Tess throws herself at Tim to stop him from telling Meg the truth. Caitlin realizes that her father killed Francesca. Cole and Annie manage to revive Olivia as Ricardo shows up. Olivia admits that Gregory attacked her but she cant believe that he could be Francesca's killer. Annie and Cole admit that they have been working together to expose the truth.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer
Director: Andrew Lee

616 :03x116 - Episode 616

Tim suggests to Tess that they should push Meg into the arms of Casey to keep her away from Ben. Cole is determined to find Caitlin and Trey. Gregory agrees to allow Caitlin to call Cole but he takes the phone from her before she can speak.

617 :03x117 - Episode 617

Gregory tells Cole he will never see Caitlin or Trey again. Cole gets a lead on Gregory's whereabouts.
Director: Phideaux Xavier

618 :03x118 - Episode 618

Spence agrees to help Antonio track down Gabi. Cole manages to get Caitlin and Trey away from Gregory and after Gregory gets away he heads off after him. Emily agrees to look after Trey whilst Caitlin and Sean set off after both of them.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer

619 :03x119 - Episode 619

Gabi has a nightmare involving Carmen, Ricardo and Antonio. Spence and Antonio manage to find out where Gabi is. When Bette and Olivia find out that Caitlin and Sean have gone after Gregory they try to stop them. As Gregory and Cole struggle on the pier they tumble off into the ocean. Michael manages to rescue Cole but their is no sign of Gregory.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer

620 :03x120 - Episode 620

Casey gives Sara a key to Surf Central. Tess reminds Benjy that they must work together if his parents are to be reunited. Tess tells Tim that Meg has moved back into Surf Central. Tess is worried when she hears Sara telling her parents that she is also moving into Surf Central. Meg tells Ben that she is resigning. Caitlin is distraught when the search for her father is given up.
Guest Stars: Andre Khabbazi as Officer Oscar Ruiz | George Palermo as Jake

621 :03x121 - Episode 621

Antonio tells Maria that he is determined to bring Gabi back to town. As Gabi makes plans to leave El Paso, Antonio arrives in town. Ben manages to convince Meg not to leave the company. Ricardo finds the videotape whilst visiting his mother. Tess is determined that Casey will be with Meg and not Sara.
Guest Stars: Brenda James as Kelly

622 :03x122 - Episode 622

Emily comforts Sea over the loss of his father which Amy witnesses. Annie realizes that with Gregory gone she is rich. Carmen manages to stop Ricardo from watching the tape. Ricardo learns that Antonio is looking for Gabi. When Antonio shows up at the motel looking for Gabi, her friend covers for her. Antonio returns later though and Gabi bumps straight into him. Amy is determined to get a love potion from Mrs. Moreau to use on Sean.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau | David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Brenda James as Kelly

623 :03x123 - Episode 623

Caitlin tells Cole he is not to blame for her father's death and they make love. Gregory is revealed as still being alive when he drags himself out of the ocean. Gabi tells Antonio that she can never return to Sunset Beach and as she is about to tell him that Carmen knows what happened between them Ricardo shows up. When Amy goes to see Mrs. Moreau she refuses to give her a love a potion.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau | Brenda James as Kelly
Director: Phideaux Xavier

624 :03x124 - Episode 624

Gabi asks Antonio not to tell Ricardo that he has seen her and Antonio goes along with her request. Gabi tells Antonio that his mother has the tape. Gregory vows to get even with Annie and Cole. Mrs. Moreau has a change of heart and decides to help Amy after all. She issues Amy with a warning though before she leaves.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau

625 :03x125 - Episode 625

The charges against Caitlin are dropped. Annie thinks about telling Cole that there is a possibility that he is Trey's real father after all. Amy gives Sean some of the potion she got from Mrs. Moreau. Antonio confronts his mother as Ricardo manages to catch up with Gabi.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele
Director: Andrew Lee

626 :03x126 - Episode 626

As Meg helps Sara move into Surf Central she remembers first moving to Sunset Beach to find Ben. Casey believes that Ben and Meg will get back together. Tess is rattled when Maria wants to go to Seattle to try and remember something about her time there. When Emily shows up she knocks over the drink that Amy had put the potion in to give to Sean. Gabi tries to convince Ricardo that they have no future together. Carmen is shocked when Antonio admits that he loves Gabi. When he demands that she give him the tape and pictures she refuses.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Brenda James as Kelly

627 :03x127 - Episode 627

Vanessa and Bette go back over all the major events that have happened in Sunset Beach recently.

628 :03x128 - Episode 628

Vanessa is promoted at the newspaper and is surprised by Michael. Ricardo persuades Gabi to return to Sunset Beach with him. Antonio takes the photos and videotape from his mother. Maria shares her concerns about Tess with Ben. Tess continues to drive a wedge between Meg and Ben.
Director: Ian Toporoff

629 :03x129 - Episode 629

Ben tries to find out more about Tess as she continues to make Meg doubt Ben. AJ tells Cole about his plans to marry Olivia and adopt Trey but Cole isn't happy about AJ becoming Trey's father. After returning to town Gregory stalks Cole.
Director: Andrew Lee

630 :03x130 - Episode 630

After returning home Ricardo and Gabi make love. Maria tries to make her mother see what she is doing is only hurting the ones she loves. Annie wonders whether she should tell everyone that Gregory tampered with Trey's paternity test.

631 :03x131 - Episode 631

Tess refuses to let Tim back out of the plan to break up Sara and Casey's relationship. Antonio tries to convince Gabi that she has made the right decision about returning to town. Carmen gets her hands on another copy of the tape. When Maria begs her mother not to destroy the family Carmen ends up throwing the tape in the bin. When Ricardo goes to see his mother he finds her not at home but when he sees the tape in the bin he puts it into her VCR.

632 :03x132 - Episode 632

Tess continues to use Benjy in her plan to keep Ben and Meg apart. After Casey over hears Sara and Tim talking, Sara admits to him that she had worked with Tim in the past to keep Meg away from him. Antonio tells Gabi that she is now free to marry Ricardo as he has destroyed the tape. Carmen tells Gabi that she is prepared to make peace with her for the sake of her sons. Ricardo is shocked when he finally gets to view the tape.

633 :03x133 - Episode 633

Casey calls things off with Sara after he is unable to get over the fact that she lied to him. Maria urges Ben to try and sort things out with Meg. Ricardo hears Antonio and Gabi telling each other that they love one another on the tape. Ricardo decides to confront Gabi and Antonio. Amy continues to try and get closer to Sean.

634 :03x134 - Episode 634

An upset Sara tells Ben about her break up with Casey. Ricardo collapses and is rushed to the hospital before he can confront his brother and Gabi. Casey tells Meg about breaking up with Sara and they end up sharing a kiss which Ben witnesses.

635 :03x135 - Episode 635

Gabi and Antonio are told that Ricardo has had a stroke. Ben leaves deciding not to talk to Meg. Tess is glad that her plan is working. Maria tries to reach out to an upset Ben.

636 :03x136 - Episode 636

Sara confronts Casey about his feelings towards her sister. Ben tells Maria about seeing Meg and Casey kissing and tells her that his relationship with Meg is truly over. Ben ends up kissing Maria and things heat up between them. Meg shows up to see Ben and walks in on him and Maria.

637 :03x137 - Episode 637

As Gregory looks around his office Annie walks in. Everytime Ricardo sees Gabi and Antonio his condition worsens. Meg tells Casey about seeing Ben and Maria together.

638 :03x138 - Episode 638

Gabi is desperate for Ricardo to get better. Cole's arrival stops Annie from discovering that Gregory is still alive. Everybody attends Gregory's memorial service.

639 :03x139 - Episode 639

Gregory almost gets caught attending his own memorial service by Cole. Casey admits to Meg that Sara had been right all along and he cares for her more than just a friend. Hank confronts Casey about which of his daughters he really cares for. Amy continues with her quest to make Sean love her.

640 :03x140 - Episode 640

Sara is upset when Casey admits to her that he cares about Meg. Tess celebrates the success of her plan with Tim. Gabi is determined to do what ever it takes to help Ricardo get better.

641 :03x141 - Episode 641

With the potion Amy gave him continuing to take effect Sean finds himself lusting after Annie. Ricardo's condition takes a turn for the worse again.

642 :03x142 - Episode 642

Ricardo's condition improves slightly. Gabi wants to marry him in the hospital. Amy is upset that her plan to make Sean want her isn't working.

643 :03x143 - Episode 643

Sean ends up sleeping with Amy as the potion continues to have a hold over him as Emily shows up see him. Annie wants the reading of Gregory's will delayed until she knows exactly what is in it.
Director: Andrew Lee

644 :03x144 - Episode 644

Brad's arrival stops Emily from finding Sean and Amy in bed together. Sean regrets sleeping with Amy. Ricardo agrees to marry Gabi. Gregory's videotaped will is played to his family and associates.

645 :03x145 - Episode 645

Amy continues to plot to make Sean her own. Gabi and Ricardo are married and Carmen discovers that the videotape is gone from the bin she put it in. Annie is shocked when Gregory's will reveals that he has left everything to Trey in a tryst.

646 :03x146 - Episode 646

Sara nearly discovers the truth about what Tim and Tess have been up to. Annie announces that Trey isn't Gregory's son and that she was there when he had the paternity test results altered. Cole demands that the test be done again.
Director: Andrew Lee

647 :03x147 - Episode 647

Olivia refuses to agree to let another paternity test be performed on Trey. Casey catches Tim listening in on his conversation with Michael. Meg and Sara fail to see eye to eye on anything. Maria decides it would be best if she and Benjy moved out.
Director: Gary Tomlin

648 :03x148 - Episode 648

Benjy isn't happy with the idea of moving out. Meg is conflicted about her feelings for Ben and Casey and decides it would be best to move out. Cole accepts Annie's offer of help so that he can discover if Trey really is his son.

649 :03x149 - Episode 649

Caitlin stops her mother from contacting the police when they realize that Cole has taken Trey. AJ follows his son and informs Olivia where he has taken Trey. Cole gets the paternity test redone and everyone awaits the results. Meg tells Casey that they can't be together. Tyus asks Michael to help with Ricardo's recovery.

650 :03x150 - Episode 650

Olivia is shocked when Tyus announces that Cole is Trey's father. Annie lets Olivia know that she intends to sue her for Gregory's estate now that Trey is no longer his biological son. Meg has a change of heart about moving out of Surf Central.

651 :03x151 - Episode 651

Michael starts his job as Ricardo's physical therapist. Olivia argues with Annie. Amy urges Sean not to Emily about the night they spent together.

652 :03x152 - Episode 652

Antonio and Gabi are convinced that their secret is still safe from Ricardo. Annie offers Olivia a deal but she refuses. Annie is caught trying to steal money from the safe by AJ and Olivia.

653 :03x153 - Episode 653

AJ stops Olivia from having Annie arrested as he wants an end to the war between them. Sean is about to tell Emily about the night he spent with Amy when she steps forward to try and stop him.

654 :03x154 - Episode 654

Cole refuses to lend Annie any money. Annie clashes with Caitlin. Gregory finds somewhere to hideout where he wont be found. Ricardo is determined to get better so that he can even with his brother and Gabi. Amy attempts to seduce Sean again by waiting for him in his family's hot tub.
Director: Andrew Lee

655 :03x155 - Episode 655

Gregory learns that the truth about Trey's parentage has been discovered. Caitlin wants Cole to leave town with her. Maria decides not to move out after all. Emily finds Sean and Amy in the hot tub.
Director: Ian Toporoff

656 :03x156 - Episode 656

Gregory puts his latest plan into action. Olivia is caught by AJ and Cole trying to leave town with Trey. Tess is glad that Maria has changed her mind about moving out and later informs Tim that their plan is working.

657 :03x157 - Episode 657

Olivia tells AJ that she was trying to leave for Caitlin's sake. Caitlin tells Cole that perhaps she should be the person to leave town. Meg and Sara try to get Tim to tell them what he is up to with Tess. Amy attempts to seduce Sean.

658 :03x158 - Episode 658

Cole attempts to convince Caitlin not to leave. Annie orders some takeaway but discovers she has no funds to pay for it. Tim wants Tess to cash in whilst they still can.
Director: Andrew Lee

659 :03x159 - Episode 659

Meg tells Ben that she has decided to stop working for the Liberty Corporation. Caitlin and Cole reconnect in Santa Barbara.

660 :03x160 - Episode 660

Maria is shocked when Ricardo tells her that Gabi loves Antonio. After returning home Caitlin asks her mother what her role is in Trey's life.

661 :03x161 - Episode 661

Ricardo realizes that his sister already knew what happened between Gabi and Antonio. Olivia tells Caitlin that she can have a big role in Trey's life but not as his mother. Brad listens in as Cole tries to convince Sean to be honest with Emily about what happened with Amy.

662 :03x162 - Episode 662

When Tess asks him about his will, Ben becomes suspicious. Sara once again tries to find out from Tim what he and Tess are up to. Ricardo lies to his brother when he questions him. Later Ricardo vows to get even with everyone who has lied to him. Amy gives Sean some more of the potion and they end up making love again.

663 :03x163 - Episode 663

Sara tries to convince Ben that Tess is up to no good. Ben confronts Tess after learning that she has spoke to Maria about his will as well. Sara is upset when she hears Casey and Meg making plans to spend the evening together.

664 :03x164 - Episode 664

Ben tells Maria that he is going to Seattle to look in to Tess's past. Casey is called away from his evening with Meg and she is surprised when Ben comes to see her. Annie clashes with a man at The Deep and later is confronted by him in an alley. Olivia isn't happy when she learns that Bette and AJ are going out with out her.

665 :03x165 - Episode 665

Annie is saved from the man in the alley by Jude Cavanaugh and she then has a drink with him. Annie buys another round of drinks as she tries to find out more about him but he disappears. Jude goes to see AJ who welcomes him to town. Bette enjoys her night out with AJ and when Olivia calls he plays it down. Later he tells Bette that he is playing hard to get with Olivia.

666 :03x166 - Episode 666

Maria loans Annie some money who tells her about the mysterious stranger who saved her. Ben meets with Jude and gives his blessing for him to replace Gregory. Annie and Bette reconnect. Annie comes face to face with Jude again. Amy begs Brad not to tell Sean about the love potion.
Director: Andrew Lee

667 :03x167 - Episode 667

Jude offers Annie a job but refuses to give her the money she wants from the company. A furious Annie tells him that he will be sorry. Amy is upset when she discovers that Sean is planning on taking Emily away on a trip. Meg wants to open her own business but finds out her sister has beat her to the premise she was after.
Director: Gary Tomlin

668 :03x168 - Episode 668

Ricardo tells Gabi that it is time she was completely honest with him. Amy is forced to agree to help Brad get together with Emily. Meg and Sara's parents come up with the idea of Meg and Sara working together in the new shop.
Director: Gary Tomlin

669 :03x169 - Episode 669

After seeing Gabi with Antonio again, Ricardo is convinced that she is trying to dupe him. Annie clashes with Olivia over Gregory's assets. Sara and Meg decide going in to business together is a good idea.
Director: Ian Toporoff

670 :03x170 - Episode 670

Ricardo isn't happy when he learns that Antonio is getting an award from the Archbishop. Ricardo decides to expose Gabi and Antonio as he gets his award. Olivia and Annie discover that Gregory had written another will and that Trey is the benefactor. They also learn that Gregory's uncle Tobias will be over seeing the will. Amy puts the next phase of her plan into action to win Sean.

671 :03x171 - Episode 671

Ricardo goes to see the archbishop and tells he he has confession to make. Cole offers to go to London to look for Tobias.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau | Michael Fairman as Archbishop Damien

672 :03x172 - Episode 672

The archbishop is shocked by what Ricardo tells him about Antonio and Gabi. Annie is determined to find Tobias before anybody else does.
Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Archbishop Damien
Director: Andrew Lee

673 :03x173 - Episode 673

Ricardo lies to Antonio about what he told the archbishop. Antonio learns that he wont be promoted after all. Caitlin decides to get Trey away from her mother. Olivia decides to take Trey to London to look for Tobias. Emily finds out that Amy isn't pregnant but wonders who the boy was who slept with her.
Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Archbishop Damien

674 :03x174 - Episode 674

Ben tells Meg that he found nothing bad about Tess whilst he was in Seattle. Ben tells Meg that he has realized he has to set her free so that he can focus on Maria and his son. Sean tells Emily that he was the person who slept with Amy and she calls things off with him. Sara tends to Casey after he attacked and later they both think about one another.

675 :03x175 - Episode 675

Meg tells Casey that Ben chose to be with Maria and not her. Later Sara urges her to fight for Ben. Ben tells Maria that although he still loves Meg he has decided to be with her. Cole and Annie both try to get to Tobias first.

676 :03x176 - Episode 676

Cole and Annie get stuck in a lift as they try to get to Tobias's flat and when they finally get out they are surprised to see Olivia there. Ben convinces Maria that they can have a future and they make love. Sara realizes that Casey still cares for Meg and her hopes of getting back together with him are dashed. Amy comes face to face with Emily.

677 :03x177 - Episode 677

Olivia manages to get one step ahead of Olivia and Cole in the race to find Tobias first. Emily is furious with Amy as Sean tries to find her.
Director: Andrew Lee

678 :03x178 - Episode 678

Ricardo remembers that the tape with Gabi and Antonio is in his car when Vanessa asks him if she can borrow the car. He gets Michael to get the tape for him before anyone finds it and can watch it. Gabi breaks a heel on her show when she goes to see Antonio and falls into his arms. The archbishop shows up as this happens and wants to talk to Antonio. Annie locates Tobias and attempts to get him to sign over the executor duties of Gregory's will to her. Emily thinks about forgiving Sean until she finds out he slept with Amy more than once.
Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Archbishop Damien

679 :03x179 - Episode 679

When Antonio refuses to confess to the archbishop he tells him he has decided to send him to a monastery. Ricardo is happy when he finds out. Ben finds it much harder than he thought being without Meg. Cole and Olivia show up to stop Tobias from handing over responsibility to Annie. Olivia pleads her case then Tobias tells them all he has made a decision.
Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Archbishop Damien

680 :03x180 - Episode 680

The archbishop refuses to listen to Gabi's pleas not to send Antonio to a monastery. Carmen reads the Tarot cards and sees that something bad is about to happen between her sons and Gabi. As she races to the church her car hits the archbishop. Tobias says that he has decided to come to Sunset Beach.
Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Archbishop Damien

681 :03x181 - Episode 681

Cole and Annie are arrested by immigration officials as they attempt to return to America. Annie is deported and attempts to stop Olivia from sitting next to Tobias on the plane. The archbishop mutters 'your brother' to Antonio. Sean refuses to let Amy be blamed for what has happened and Brad tries to be there for Emily. Caitlin blames her mother when she learns of Cole's arrest.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau | Michael Fairman as Archbishop Damien
Director: Gary Tomlin

682 :03x182 - Episode 682

The archbishop is declared dead on arrival at the hospital. Antonio asks his brother what he was going to talk about before the archbishop's accident. Jude runs in to Sara at the new shop and asks her out on a date as Casey shows up.
Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Archbishop Damien
Director: Andrew Lee

683 :03x183 - Episode 683

The Monsignor tells Antonio that because the archbishop hadn't put in an official request for him to be transferred he can remain in Sunset Beach. Ricardo decides not tell Antonio that he knows what happened with Gabi now. Ben tells Meg that he cant get her out of his mind but she sends him away. Casey asks Sara if she has agreed to go out with Jude and she tells him it is none of business. Later she wonders if he is jealous. Maria goes to the shop to see Meg.
Director: Andrew Lee

684 :03x184 - Episode 684

After Ben catches Tess snooping around his room he lies and tells her that he found out a lot about her in Seattle. Meg isn't happy with what Maria says to her. Brad buys some flowers for Emily. Mrs. Moreau shows up to see Amy.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau

685 :03x185 - Episode 685

Ben tells Tess he caught up with Benjy's kidnapper who then told on her. Tess is then shocked when Ben kisses her. Meg shows up at the house to see Ben. Carmen reads the Tarot cards for Maria after she tells her that she is back with Ben. Carmen tells her daughter that her future doesn't look as rosy as she hopes for. Mrs. Moreau tells Amy that unless she gives her $5000 she will tell Sean about the love potion. Bette tells her daughter that Amy could of manipulated Sean into making love to her.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau

686 :03x186 - Episode 686

Maria refuses to believe what the Tarot cards say. After kissing Ben, Tess realizes that he is really Derek. Derek tells her that he took care of Ben whilst he was in Seattle and has returned in his place. Tess is furious that Derek slept with Maria but he tells her he had too if their plan is to work. Meg and Maria both show up and ask what plan. Olivia is confronted by an angry AJ and Caitlin who blame for for what has happened to Cole. Jude helps Annie when she gets back to America.

687 :03x187 - Episode 687

Tess and Derek are able to cover in front of Meg and Maria. Tobias connects with Caitlin. Casey talks to Sara as she waits for Jude to show up for her date. Casey is jealous when he sees Jude and Sara together.
Director: Gary Tomlin

688 :03x188 - Episode 688

Derek tries to convince Tess their plan will work and that nobody will work out that he isn't really Ben. Ricardo regains some movement in his hips. Casey ends up in the same restaurant as Jude and Sara and she asks him if he is following her.
Director: Ian Toporoff

689 :03x189 - Episode 689

Sara is upset when she finds out that Casey didn't follow her and decides to end her date with Jude. Both Annie and Olivia attempt to spend time alone with Tobias. Ricardo tells Gabi that he is able to make love with her again. Derek tells Tess that Ben is still alive but slips up when Maria comes home over a crayon that Ben promised he would keep for Benjy.
Director: Andrew Lee

690 :03x190 - Episode 690

Antonio and Maria both ignore their mother's warnings that there is danger ahead for both of them. When things heat up between Gabi and Ricardo he pulls back. Derek reveals the blue crayon at the last moment. Derek calls Meg and Tess asks him what he is up to. Derek tells her that both Maria and Meg will get what they deserve soon. Meg tells her mother that Ben has changed and that she is ready to move on. Amy is able to stall Mrs. Moreau. Olivia blames Amy for her son's troubles.

691 :03x191 - Episode 691

Both Olivia and Annie diss one another to Tobias. Tobias decides to talk to more people.

692 :03x192 - Episode 692

Ricardo finally makes love to Gabi and afterwards he shocks her when he asks if it was good as it was with his brother. Annie and Olivia argue. Amy leaves a message on Mrs. Moreau telephone telling her she wont pay up. Annie runs into Mrs. Moreau.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau
Director: Ian Toporoff

693 :03x193 - Episode 693

Gabi is shocked by what Ricardo has said and tells him that she loves him. Gabi is shocked when Ricardo shows her the video tape. Annie is intrigued when Mrs. Moreau confronts Amy.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau

694 :03x194 - Episode 694

Caitlin is relieved when Cole calls and tells her he will be returning home tomorrow. Derek tries to convince Tess that he has to look like he enjoys being with Maria. Gabi insists to Ricardo that she loves him and begs him for another chance. Tess is forced to lie to Tim. Ricardo decides to pretend to forgive Gabi.
Director: Andrew Lee

695 :03x195 - Episode 695

Ricardo tells Gabi that he will forgive her if she promises not to tell Antonio that he knows the truth about what happened. Derek gives Maria a new wedding ring and asks her to go away with him. Casey is offered advise from both Michael and Hank. Sara and Meg officially open the new shop and the first customers are Ben and Maria.
Director: Ian Toporoff

696 :03x196 - Episode 696

Meg is upset when she sees the ring Maria is wearing and slaps Ben / Derek when he follows her into the back room at the shop. Mrs. Moreau gives Amy one last chance to pay up. Tim is shocked when he sees a picture of Tess in Ben / Derek's arms. Ricardo tells Gabi to throw the video tape away but gives her a blank tape instead to get rid of.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau

697 :03x197 - Episode 697

Tim confronts Tess with the picture. Sara and Maria argue in the shop as Ben / Derek tells Meg he loves her. Tess lies to Tim about the picture. Emily gets a new look and flirts with Brad infront of Sean. Annie follows Amy when she goes to see Mrs. Moreau.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau

698 :03x198 - Episode 698

Meg tries to talk to Maria on the beach about the way Ben has been behaving but Derek shows up before she can. Ben / Derek tells Meg that even though he loves her he will be leaving Sunset Beach forever with Maria. Annie gets Amy to open up about what has been going on and tells her that they should work together. Doing Annie's bidding, Amy tells Olivia that she has a proposition for her.
Director: Andrew Lee

699 :03x199 - Episode 699

Amy asks Olivia for $10,000 so that she can leave town for good. AJ works out that Bette is starting to develop feelings towards him. Carmen begs her daughter not to leave town. Caitlin receives a mysterious phone call from Cole. Olivia gives Amy the money and then Annie takes it off her. Derek is furious with Carmen and when she looks into his eyes she realizes that he isn't Ben.
Director: Andrew Lee

700 :03x200 - Episode 700

Annie goes to see Mrs. Moreau and pays off Amy's debt and asks for a potion of her own. Amy tells Olivia that she has changed her mind about leaving town and before Olivia can get angry Sean shows up. Later Olivia tells Amy that she will be sorry. Annie asks Mrs. Moreau for a potion that will discredit Olivia. Carmen faints and is taken to the hospital where she asks to see Maria alone but she brings Derek with her.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau
Director: Ian Toporoff

701 :03x201 - Episode 701

Caitlin is furious with her mother and blames her for Cole not coming home. Derek is desperate for Carmen not to see Maria alone. Casey and Sara talk but Meg shows up interrupting their conversation. Caitlin urges Tobias not to give Olivia any of Trey's inheritance. Annie comes up with the idea of a potion that will make Olivia start drinking again.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau

702 :03x202 - Episode 702

Derek is over the moon when he finds out that Carmen can't remember what happened just before she fainted. Maria tells her mother that she wont go on the trip. Tobias comforts Olivia when both Caitlin and AJ refuse to believe that she is not involved in Cole's sudden disappearance. Annie has to get Mrs. Moreau a lock of Olivia's hair for the potion to be able to work cut with special scissors. Casey admits to Sara that he is jealous that she has been seeing Jude.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau

703 :03x203 - Episode 703

Annie is desperate to get a lock of Olivia's hair. Sean warns Amy that Annie is no good. Gabi tells Ricardo that she will never go near Antonio again and Ricardo admits to her that he told he archbishop everything. Gabi blames herself for everything that has happened.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau
Director: Andrew Lee

704 :03x204 - Episode 704

Ricardo is worried that Gabi might tell his brother everything. Ricardo is determined to be able to walk again and soon. Antonio finds an upset Gabi and convinces her to tell him what is wrong. Emily and Brad share a kiss.

705 :03x205 - Episode 705

A call from Michael interrupts Gabi from telling Antonio that Ricardo knows everything. Antonio goes to see his brother who thinks that Gabi has told him everything and as he bends down holds a paperweight above his head. Tim goes to Tess's room to snoop around. Tobias attempts to offer Sean some advise.
Director: Ian Toporoff

706 :03x206 - Episode 706

Tim hides in the closet as Tess and Derek make out. Maria's sudden arrival back home stops him from being discovered. He later follows Tess when she goes to meet Derek in the grotto. Meg goes to the house determined to talk to Maria about Ben. Ricardo suddenly realizes that his brother knows nothing. Casey tells Sara that he wants to start over. Ricardo walks and decides to keep it a secret.

707 :03x207 - Episode 707

Tim hears Tess and Derek discussing their plans in the grotto but his alarm on his watch goes off and Derek works out that he was there. Maria refuses to listen to Meg's claims. Annie wants Amy to help her get the lock of Olivia's hair.

708 :03x208 - Episode 708

Derek catches up with Tim and tells him that he is going to kill him. Tim offers to work with Tess and Derek. As Derek attempts to strangle Tim, he hits him with a rock and runs off. Meg tells Maria that Ben kissed her. Tobias sees Annie get the lock of Olivia's hair that she needs. Sara and Casey agree to help Michael propose to Vanessa.
Director: Andrew Lee

709 :03x209 - Episode 709

Derek catches up with Tim dressed as a police officer. Caitlin is upset when Jude tells her there is no news on where Cole is. Michael finally asks Vanessa to marry him.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer
Director: Gary Tomlin

710 :03x210 - Episode 710

Tim is taken to an old power plant by Tess and Derek. Derek has to leave and when Tim tries to escape Tess believes he has died after he dives into a vat of water. When Derek returns he sees Tim's body floating in the vat.

711 :03x211 - Episode 711

As Derek prepares to fire a shot in to Tim's body, he pops up and drags Derek in to the vat. Tim manages to escape and Tess is scared he will tell Meg everything. A power cut hits Sunset Beach. Tim manages to get to Surf Central to talk to Meg but Derek shows up ready to get rid of him once and for all.
Director: Ian Toporoff

712 :03x212 - Episode 712

Hank and Joan are worried when Tim doesn't show up for work. Carmen reads the Tarot cards for Maria who is worried about Ben. Derek kills Tim before he can get to Meg.

713 :03x213 - Episode 713

Derek is nearly caught by Meg trying to leave Surf Central with Tim's body. He tries to get her to leave as he believes he saw an intruder in the dark house. Annie gets her potion but is offered some advise from Mrs. Moreau.
Guest Stars: Andre Khabbazi as Officer Oscar Ruiz | Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau
Director: Andrew Lee

714 :03x214 - Episode 714

Maria learns from Hank that Ben did tell Meg that he loved her and wonders why he was at Surf Central. Derek puts Tim's body into some wet cement for a new monument. Maria sees Derek / Ben hugging Tess.
Director: Ian Toporoff

715 :03x215 - Episode 715

Maria doesn't believe Ben / Derek when he tells her he was hugging Tess because she had been attacked on the beach. After she asks him why he was at Surf Central, Derek realizes that he has to get rid of Meg. AJ shares his theory about what has happened to Cole with Caitlin and she agrees to forgive her mother.

716 :03x216 - Episode 716

Tess becomes really unnerved when she thinks she is hearing Tim's voice. Ricardo gets a haircut like his brother and goes out dressed just like him. Maria confronts Derek / Ben with Meg's accusations.
Director: Andrew Lee

717 :03x217 - Episode 717

Derek tries to convince Maria that Meg is just making stuff up because she still loves him and wants them to split up. Tess still thinks that she can hear Tim and Derek tells her to pull herself together. Whilst at the Shockwave Tess believes that she is seeing Tim there. Ricardo is nearly seen by his brother.

718 :03x218 - Episode 718

Tim's vision tells Tess that she needs to confess her crimes. Sean tries to convince Emily that he still loves her and that he always will. Still dressed as his brother, Ricardo hides a videotape in a locker at the airport and makes sure he is seen with a gym bag. When Tess returns to the place where Tim's body was dumped she sees another vision of him.

719 :03x219 - Episode 719

Brad isn't happy when he sees Sean talking to Emily and the two men end up in an argument. Jude isn't happy when Annie fails to show up for her first day of work. Ricardo runs off when Sara and Casey see him dressed as his brother at the airport. Annie spikes Olivia's water with the potion at a board meeting at the Liberty Corporation. Brad tells Amy that Emily and Sean are close to getting back together.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau

720 :03x220 - Episode 720

Olivia drinks the spiked water. Annie goes back to Mrs. Moreau's place when she believes the potion isn't working. Brad and Amy try to come up with a plan to keep Sean and Emily apart. Amy talks to Emily and Sean is later upset when Emily is cold towards him.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau

721 :03x221 - Episode 721

After learning the potion will take an hour to kick in Annie is pleased. Olivia fights the urge to have a drink. Antonio tells Maria that he saw Ben with Meg earlier in the day. Ben goes to see Meg again. Sara hears something from Antonio which surprises her.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau
Director: Andrew Lee

722 :03x222 - Episode 722

Joan shares her concerns about Tim with Casey and Sara. When they go to his place they find out he hasn't been home. Sara believes that Tess is to blame for Tim's sudden disappearance. Maria asks Joan and Hank to keep Meg away from Ben. Casey attempts to offer Maria some advise.

723 :03x223 - Episode 723

Tess tells Derek that she has seen Tim's ghost again. Tess tells Derek that she is looking forward to the day when Maria is dead and that she can tell Benjy that Maria isn't really her mother. Derek promises Tess that neither Maria or Meg will be a problem for long.

724 :03x224 - Episode 724

After a dream with Gregory in, Olivia is determined not drink for Trey's sake. Jude and Annie end up making love in his office but when she refuses to go home with him he accuses her of sleeping with him in the hope that he will forget that she owes the company money.
Guest Stars: Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele

725 :03x225 - Episode 725

Caitlin asks Jude to come to her mother's birthday party and he accepts the offer. Annie clashes with Olivia again about Gregory's estate.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau
Director: Ian Toporoff

726 :03x226 - Episode 726

Determined to make Olivia drink, Annie puts some more of the potion in her morning coffee. Maria wakes up in a strange place and asks Tess where she is. She tells Maria that Ben wont becoming to her rescue and that Benjy is her and Derek's son. She goes on that she had been held captive by her and Derek for five years but luckily had forgotten all of that. Tess tells her that Derek killed Tim when he discovered that Ben was really Derek and she then drugs Maria.

727 :03x227 - Episode 727

Olivia's family and friends are shocked when they see her drinking. The monument where Tim's body was hidden crumbles and a body is exposed which makes Derek take off. Meg recognizes Tim's watch on the exposed arm. Derek searches Tim's room to make sure that Tim left no clues behind as to what he had discovered. Olivia's behavior shocks everyone. Meg wonders if Ben is responsible for Tim's death.

728 :03x228 - Episode 728

Ricardo refuses to give into Gabi's advances. Amy is shocked by just how far Annie is prepared to go. Ben / Derek tells Meg that Maria has left town for a while to think things over.
Director: Ian Toporoff

729 :03x229 - Episode 729

Caitlin refuses to allow a drunken Olivia to see Trey. Ricardo uses Michael in his plan against Gabi and Antonio. Tobias tries to stop Caitlin and Olivia from arguing. Carmen shows up to see Ricardo and is shocked to see him walking. It is revealed that Tobias is really Gregory wearing a disguise.
Director: Andrew Lee

730 :03x230 - Episode 730

As a drunken Olivia sleeps she dreams about Caitlin and Sean being children again. Tobias walks into the room and talks to Olivia as Gregory. Olivia wakes up believing she has heard Gregory's voice.
Director: Andrew Lee

731 :03x231 - Episode 731

Gregory is relieved when Olivia doesn't remember hearing his voice the following morning. Annie starts work as Jude's assistant. Olivia has another drink. Meg and Sara decide to search Ben's house for evidence linking him to Tim's murder. Derek is caught emptying the safe at the The Deep by Meg. Caitlin and AJ show up with a social worker.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer

732 :03x232 - Episode 732

Sean is furious with his mother for drinking again. Caitlin introduces the social worker to her drunken mother as her friend called Cathy. Casey convinces Sara to allow him to go instead of her and snoop around Ben's house but he ends up being overpowered and knocked out by Tess.
Director: Ian Toporoff

733 :03x233 - Episode 733

Annie is worried her plan is going to fail after Olivia decides to never drink again to save her relationship with AJ. Caitlin tells Sean that she wants to flee the country with Trey. AJ is devastated when Olivia drinks again. Derek is forced to amend his plans when he finds out that Tess was forced to take Casey hostage. Sara is worried about what has happened to Casey.

734 :03x234 - Episode 734

Catlin and Sean prepare to leave town with Trey. Caitlin says goodbye to her mother. Sean goes to see Emily and tells her that he is leaving town but doesn't tell her why. Derek and Tess take Casey to an abandoned building and unroll his body from a carpet they had rolled him up in.

735 :03x235 - Episode 735

Tobias tells a surprised Annie that he has decided that he will stay on as the executor of Gregory's will. Olivia continues to drink. Ricardo decides that tonight is the night he will get even with Gabi and Antonio. Emily tries to find out from Amy if she knows why Sean is leaving town.
Director: Andrew Lee

736 :03x236 - Episode 736

Amy tries to force Annie into helping her bring Sean back to Sunset Beach. Michael wants Vanessa to marry him on New Year's Eve. Vanessa is shocked when she finds out her mother has recovered from her illness. Tobias isn't happy when he discovers that Olivia didn't stop Caitlin from leaving with Trey. Ricardo fears his plan isn't going to work when Antonio refuses to spend the evening with Gabi.
Guest Stars: Mariann Aalda as Lena Hart
Director: Ian Toporoff

737 :03x237 - Episode 737

Bette wonders what Annie and Amy have been up to. Tobias is furious that Cole is going to end up with Trey and Caitlin.

738 :03x238 - Episode 738

Olivia tells AJ that even though she loves him she cant put him through anymore pain. It is revealed that Jude has been working with Gregory who demands that he brings Caitlin and Trey back home. Ricardo puts his plan into action when Antonio and Gabi are at the cottage alone.

739 :03x239 - Episode 739

Derek wants Casey to call Sara so that she will stop worrying about what has happened to him. When Casey refuses Derek brings Maria into the room and tells him unless he makes the call Maria will die.

740 :03x240 - Episode 740

Derek tells Tess that all their problems with be over with tonight. Maria tries to escape and comes across a body under a cover and believes it belongs to Ben.
Director: Andrew Lee

741 :03x241 - Episode 741

Ricardo watches outside and loads his gun as Gabi and Antonio talk in the cottage. Carmen goes to see Meg and tries to convince her that she is the only person who can save her daughter. Derek tells Tess they have to get rid of everybody in one go. Casey is forced to call Sara again. As Maria looks at Ben he says that he loves Meg. Tess catches Sara snooping around and points a gun at her. Ricardo calls Michael and tells him he has seen Gabi and Antonio making love. Ricardo makes Michael believe that Antonio has shot him.
Director: Ian Toporoff

742 :03x242 - Episode 742

Meg talks to Benjy hoping to get some clues. Sara tries unsuccessfully to get away from Tess. Maria realizes that Ben has loved Meg all along. Maria urges him to get up but Derek shows up.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele
Director: Ian Toporoff

743 :03x243 - Episode 743

Ben and Maria are tied up together in the basement and she tells him that knows that he has always loved Meg. Meg tells Derek that she knows what is going on and claims to have fallen in love with him. Michael tells Vanessa what has been going on with Gabi and Ricardo. Gabi and Antonio are shocked when they return and find out that Ricardo can walk but has disappeared. Meg gets hold of Derek's gun but is soon overpowered and is taken down into the basement where Ben and Maria are being held.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele

744 :03x244 - Episode 744

Ben is unable to free himself or Maria. Derek and Tess show up with Meg. Jude and Gregory meet up in an abandoned warehouse and Gregory still isn't happy that he allowed Caitlin to leave town. Annie has a weird dream.
Guest Stars: Andre Khabbazi as Officer Oscar Ruiz | Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau | David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele

745 :03x245 - Episode 745

Annie wonders if she has gone too far in her plan to destroy Olivia. D.A. Steele believes that Gabi and Antonio are involved in Ricardo's disappearance. Gregory follows Annie to Mrs. Moreau's place where she asks for a potion to reverse all the damage she has done. Antonio is arrested for his brother's murder whilst holding mass.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele
Director: Andrew Lee

746 :03x246 - Episode 746

Mrs Moreau tells Annie that the potion she gave Olivia will soon wear off. Antonio and Gabi are shocked to be charged with Ricardo's murder. After seeing the videotape Antonio works out that they have been set up by Ricardo. AJ tells Bette that he wants more then friendship from her. Gregory bursts into Mrs. Moreau's apartment demanding some answers from her. After being able to free himself Ben and Derek fight in the basement.
Guest Stars: Joyce Guy as Mrs. Moreau | David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele
Director: Ian Toporoff

747 :03x247 - Episode 747

Gregory prepares for one final performance as uncle Tobias. Everybody is questioned about what has happened in the basement. Ricardo watches on television about his disappearance.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele

748 :03x248 - Episode 748

Benjy is happy to be reunited with Ben and Maria. Ben tells Meg they need to talk. Antonio and Gabi are locked behind bars. Annie meets up with uncle Tobias in the abandonded warehouse and is shocked when he reveals himself as Gregory.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer
Director: Andrew Lee

749 :03x249 - Episode 749

When Jude shows up Annie thinks she has been saved but is shocked she finds out he has been working with Gregory. Antonio and Gabi escape and Michael is believed to have helped them escape.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele

750 :03x250 - Episode 750

Gabi and Antonio are caught at the cabin looking for clues. Emily confronts Amy about everything that has happened with Sean after Brad tells her the truth. Olivia gives Bette her blessings to pursue a relationship with AJ. Gregory wants Annie to die but Jude suddenly reveals he is really a police agent.
Guest Stars: Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele
Director: Ian Toporoff

751 :03x251 - Episode 751

Jude kisses Annie but is suddenly over powered by Gregory. Gregory tells Annie that he is sorry he hasn't got time to kill her and as he goes to flee Olivia shows up. Ricardo is found alive. Casey proposes to Sara and she agrees to marry him.

752 :03x252 - Episode 752

Maria goes to see Tess in prison and tells her that she can still do one thing right which is do the right thing by Benjy and give up her rights to be a mother to him. Olivia convinces Gregory to give himself up. Carmen is relieved when she sees Ricardo. Olivia refuses to let Annie leave the warehouse before they have settled a few old scores.
Guest Stars: David Andriole as Officer Spencer | Susan Seaforth Hayes as Patricia Steele
Director: Andrew Lee

753 :03x253 - Episode 753

Maria and Ben tell Benjy that they are getting divorced and that he will be living with Maria. Meg and Benjy become friends. Gabi and Ricardo have a heart to heart and she tells him that she had decided to leave Sunset Beach for good. Antonio is surprised when his brother enters the confessional.
Director: Ian Toporoff

754 :03x254 - Episode 754

After talking in the confessional Ricardo and Antonio repair their relationship as brothers. Annie and Jude grow closer. Olivia visits Gregory in prison. Annie surprises Olivia by bringing Catlin and Trey back to town. Ben asks Meg to marry him.
Guest Stars: Kevin Otto as English

755 :03x255 - The Final Episode

Caitlin chats with her mother and tells her that she's going to Europe to be with Cole. Annie makes peace with Olivia. Cole returns suddenly to town and tells Caitlin how much he loves her. Maria tells Annie that she is now officially divorced from Ben and that she wants Meg and Ben to have a future together. Gabi gives her wedding ring back to Ricardo and tells him that she's leaving for good. Meg and Ben enjoy a double wedding with Michael and Vanessa. Next Meg is asleep in bed and dreams that she is back in Kansas and that all her Sunset Beach friends are there. When she wakes up she tells Ben about her weird dream and Ben assures her that Sunset Beach is not a dream. He kisses her and the screen goes black.
Guest Stars: Mariann Aalda as Lena Hart | Kevin Otto as English | Jasper Cole as Officer Dante
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Soaps
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 12:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 06, 1997
Ended: December 31, 1999
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