Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

a 14 year-old boy named Chiro stumbles across a Robot in the woods on the outskirts of his home, Shugazoom City. He goes in and accidently triggers the Power Primate, along with waking up five super powered robot monkeys, and setting him on a course of adventures no 14-year-old ever experienced. Now he is the Chosen One, defender of the universe against the evil Skeleton King, who is bent on destroying Shugazoom and taking over the universe.

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Chiro Narrates:
While exploring the outskirts of the city, I discovered an abandoned Super Robot. It was then my life was transformed by the mysterious Power Primate. The Robot Monkeys were awakened and I, Chiro, became their leader. Our quest: Save Shuggazoom City from the evils of the Skeleton King.
End Narration

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
Fighting any evil, they are Shuggazoom's hope!
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
Defeating any foe!
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
If you need a hero, that's the name you should know!
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
Come on with us - let's go!

Episode Info

Final: 4x13 -- Soul of Evil (Dec/16/2006)

The Hyperforce are in a race against Mandarin, Valeena, and the evil Sprx to find the Soul of Evil, which will help revive the Skeleton King. Will they succeed or is Shugazoom and the universe doomed?
Clancy BrownClancy Brown
voiced Otto/Additional Voices
Corey FeldmanCorey Feldman
voiced Sprx-77
Greg CipesGreg Cipes
voiced Chiro
Kari WahlgrenKari Wahlgren
voiced Nova
Kevin Michael RichardsonKevin Michael Richardson
voiced Antauri
Mark HamillMark Hamill
voiced Skeleton King
Tom KennyTom Kenny
voiced Gibson/Additional Voices


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3x6: Girl Trouble recap: The episode starts with Chiro out flying in a mini space car. He stumbles into an old space station after being told by the monkies to report back to the Super Robot for more training. In the space station, he finds two girls who say they are being held hostage by an evil space monster. He rescues the two girls and they take off, after Chiro manages to ditch the monkey team.
Back with the monkies, they are out looking for Chiro, when they stumble into the station themselves. They take a look around, and find the two girl's father, who ask the monkey team to help him find his daughters. They agree, and go aboard the Super Robot. Once there, they activate a tracking device in the space car Chiro took, and find his location. The girl's father goes into another room, and we see his shadow changing into a monster blob sort of shape. When Sprx comes in though, he's just a regular person.
All the while, Chiro and the girls are out having fun, and they stop at a town for something to eat. There they are attacked by monsters, and with a little help from the girls, he escapes. He's caught again though, right as the girls are about to kiss him. Not by the monsters though.
"And where do you think you're going young man?" Gibson's famous line. Chiro discovers the girls father had filled the monkeys in on everything, but the girls are insisting that it isn't their father. And sure enough, the thing turns into a monster. A big fight goes down, and in the end, the girls reveal that the monster really is there father, and that they are actually monsters themselves. Chiro gets his kiss form the girls in their monster form, and they take off, both crying about being punished.
Chiro turns to find five very angry sort of monkies staring back at him, and he apologizes. They except his apology, and the episode ends on a weird note... read more.

3x1: Savage Lands (1) recap: The episode starts with a recap of everything that happened in I Chiro, with Gibson narrating. After it shows the scene with Monkey Chiro running out of Shugazoom, it switches to Chiro stumbling upon hidden lands outside of Shugazoom.
Back at the Robot, Jinmay has returned, and the monkies are trying to track Chiro down. They find a weak signal indicating his location, but are cut off. Before they get cut off though, they hear Chiro chattering in some monkey language, and discover he is looking for someone. Antauri. The monkies travel to the location where the signal is coming from, in hopes of finding Chiro.
Chiro, meanwhile, is wandering around these strange new lands. He stops at a watering hole to get a drink, and sees his reflection in the water. He is temporarily horrified by this, but then the image changes to another one, Antauri's face. Chiro remembers the day he was in the maze in the episode Planetoid Q, and then hears Antauri saying, "Stay on the path and you will find me Chiro".
Back in the robot, the monkies are landing in the Savage Lands, as Gibson refers to them. Jinmay elects to stay behind, in case Chiro shows up. The monkies take off, with Gibson in the lead, and Gibson and Sprx fighting.
Chiro, meanwhile, stumbles upon an old temple, where, after nearly being eaten and being reduced to more of a caveman person than a monkey, he discovers the place where the monkies are made. He finds a video diary of the Alchemist, who describes his reasons for making the monkies, and his wish to be remembered as he was, and not what he would become. Chiro also stumbles upon something else of the Alchemist-The design for the seventh monkey.
The monkies, meanwhile, are walking along, listening to Gibson and Sprx fight, when they are attacked. Some quick thinking from Otto saves them, and they find the temple, after Sprx accidentally destroys Gibson's tracking device.
Meanwhile, in the temple, Chiro is trying to reconstruct the silver monkey, in hopes of bringing Antauri back. The monkies find him, and attempt to bring him home, but he won't leave without Antauri. Before they can say anything though, they are attacked by some sorts of formless who are "adapted to the environment", as Gibson put it. A fight goes down, and through all of it, Chiro is trying to bring Antauri back. After he is done, is heart broken to see it doesn't work. The formless try to take him with the other monkies, but he doesn't want to leave Antauri. Suddenly, something comes flying out of him into the silver monkey. Once it is done, Chiro returns to his normal self, and faints. When the formless take the monkies and Chiro away, we see something blinking in the silver monkey’s eye...
Chiro comes to while the formless are carrying them to some sort of temple, and he describes what he remembered to the monkies. As they are being brought up the stairs to the temple, though, something attacks the formless, and saves them. Chiro and the monkies are shocked to see that it's Antauri as the silver monkey. He releases the monkies, and they have quite an emotional reunion. Until they hear a scream from inside the temple. Jinmay. They go in after her.
Once inside, they booby their way into a room with an evil queen, who once a citizen of Shugazoom, until Skeleton King chose her for bigger and better things. She reveals that she has Jinmay as her hostage, and is going to use her as a sacrifice for the Skeleton King Worm, who has been wandering through cosmos, destroying everything in its path. She leaves a monster with the Hyper Force, and bids them a farewell, leaving them to their deaths to greet her master.
Gibson, Nova, Sprx, and Otto are hurt, leaving only Antauri and Chiro left to fight. They defeat the monster with a little help from the Power Primate, reboot the others, and go off to help Jinmay.
They find her at the top of the temple, with the Skeleton King Worm coming out to eat her. A fight goes down, and in the end, The Hyper Force defeats the queen, and send her packing with the Skeleton King Worm.
Back in Shugazoom, Chiro watches Jinmay's new display of power, and in the end, the Hyper Force decides they need to go out after the Skeleton King Worm. They leave Shugazoom behind, leaving Jinmay as the protector, and moving towards a new adventure... read more.

2x11: I, Chiro recap: This episode starts out with Super Robot gang heading back to Shugazoom, and Antauri is telling them about the Dark Ones, and how his masters sealed him away, many years ago. Meanwhile, in Shugazoom, Skeleton King is heading for the Pit of Doom (from the epsiode, Pit of Doom) and right beneath it lies the Dark Ones. As Skeleton King prepares to arouse them though, the Hyper Force comes along to put an end to his plan. He sends formless after the monkies and Chiro, and right when everything looks hopeless, Chiro leads the formless to the Neutron Generator core, and blows them away. Right afterwards, we see Chiro putting the monkies in there seperate tubes, you know, the ones that lead them to their parts on the Super Robot, and says four final words to them, "Good bye, monkey team". But as Chiro leaves to put an end to Skeleton Kings plan, we see something flashing in Antauris' eye... Back at the Pit of Doom, we see Skeleton King, once again preparing to bring the Dark Ones up... but Chiro comes in an stops the party. He fights Skeleton King, but can't hold is own, and right when everything seems lost for him...Antauri comes in and saves him. Chiro is happy for the save, but can't help but wonder how Antauri survived. As he begins to explain though, Skelton King comes back and grabs Antauri. Antauri, with one last burst of real strength, uses his claws to cut through the Skelton King and grab him...well, use your imagination. Skeleton King is knocked backwards, right down into the Pit of Doom... As Antauri begins to answer Chiros' quesion of, "How did you do that? The Power Primate is gone" Antauri is attacked from behind by Mandrin 2, who forces his sword glove right into Antauris head. Chiro, outraged, attacks Mandarin, knocking him into the Pit of Doom as well. Skeleton King comes back (can't keep a good bad guy down i guess), and Chiro tries to fight him, but fails. Then the rest of the Monkey Team shows up, along with the Super Robot, and try their best to save him. Unfortunately, it was too late to save anyone. The egg that housed thae Dark Ones had hatched, and the Dark One itself begins to emerge. Then Antauri makes a choice that will change them all. He uses the Power Primate, and throw himself right into the egg, the heart of the Dark One, and releases the Power Primate from himself. It flies, first through Chiro, and into the Super Robot, which comes to life on its' own. The Super Robot grabs the part of the Dark One that has come out (its top half) and pulls out, egg and all. Chrio, meanwhile, si now trying to fighe Skeleton King, who is under complete control of the Dark Ones. As the egg is pulled away though, so is Skeleton King. The Super Robot closes the egg, and splits the Dark One in half. And for minute everything seems okay. Until one fact hits the four remaining monkies: Antauri was gone. When the Super Robot closed the egg, it colsed Antauri in to. Sprx and Nova catch sight of Chiro over in a corner somewhere, fumbling something. When they walk over to him though, and he turns wround to face them, they discover a startling fact: he's been turned into a monkey. He runs away after seeing them, and leaves behind the thing he was fumbling with: Antauris' helmet. The episode ends with the Super Robot in shambles, the city basically destroyed, Antauri dead, and Chiro a run away after his monkeyfication. Sprx, Nova, Gibson, and Otto have built a momument for Antauri in the now destroyed Robot, and the very last thing we see before the episode closes, is Chiro, running out of Shugazooom, and the image of four colorful monkys shining in the setting sun... read more.

2x8: Snowbound recap: It was a normal day in Shuggazoom City - if you ignored the snow. While having a snowball fight outside, Sprx throws a snowball at Otto, misses, and hits Nova instead! The poor little monkey had been standing at the door of the Super Robot freezing, but now she came out, a little more then flustered. Antauri makes her remember what happened last time she got angry, and that just made her feel bad. The wind started to pick up, so everyone wnet inside. Right before Nova shut the door to the Super Robot, she saw a strange shadow running outside. Then the Super Robot door shut in her face... read more.

2x3: In the Grip of Evil recap: The episode starts with Chiro wandering through a cave. He stumbles upon five statues standing in front of a door, and realizes they are stone versions of the monkies. Suddenly, tentacle like things burst out and grab him. They squeeze him tighter and tighter and...
He wakes up. It was alll a draem. A nightmare. He goes to Antauri for help. Antauri says dreams are a reflection of our hopes and dreams, but before he can go any further, the alarm goes off. The Hyper Force meet in the main control room, and are attacked by some strange, ghostlike things. Some things in teh room are destroyed, but remake themselves. Chiro figures out that it is just a dream, then Skeleton King appears. The monkies are sucked into some weird world, where they are seperated. Chiro, Nova, and Antauri on one side of this strnage new world, Gibson, Otto, and Sprx on the other.
Chiro and friends meet up with a strange man called the Alchemist, who tells them of a door that will lead them home. Nova ask if the door is close. The Alchemist says, "As close as today, and yet as far as tommorow". Antauri translates this into normal Enlgish, saying that the door is just another figment of their imaginations.
Meanwhile, Gibson, Otto, and Sprx have met many enemies from their past, and one who just wants them for a snack. A talking cheetah in a robe. They decide to split, and try and find their friends along the way.
The Alchemist is leading the others to tht door that would lead them home, when they run into a not so friendly face. Skeleton King. Nova and Antauri are hurt, and Chiro is left to fight Skeleton King alone. Luckily, Gibson, Otto, and Sprx trip over them just as Chiro temporarily defeats Skeleton King, and help to fix Nova and Antauri. Skeleton King comes back again, but this time the Alchemist comes to there aid, and leads them to the door that will bring them home. There's just one problem. Chiro can't open the door. The monkies have to. And they don't want to.
Finally, they do, though, and stumble into a new place. The place where tehy were created. They watch their creator, The Alchemist, wipe the memories of his newly created monkies clean, and when he is questioned by the current Hyper Force, he explains he created them to fight against a greater evil. Himself. Somehow, he was overcome by evil. He was Skeleton King. A fight goes down, but Chiro figures out that now that they have opened the door, they can wake up. The monkies manage to escape, but Chiro caan't wake up. Right as Skeleton King is about to destroy him, Antauri wakes him up. The nightmare is over.
On top of the Robot, the Hyper Force goes over what they saw in their dreams, and are all left with the same question: how did such a good man become overcome by darkness?
As Antauri said, life has many questions, and some questions have no answers... read more.
Recurring Guests

Tom Kenny as Sakko (7 eps)
Ashley Johnson as Jinmay (3 eps)
Hynden Walch as Velina (3 eps)
Keone Young as Super Quasier (2 eps)
James Hong as Mandarin (2 eps)
Kari Wahlgren as Princess Swoggle (2 eps)

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