Snowbound - Recap

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It was a normal day in Shuggazoom City - if you ignored the snow. While having a snowball fight outside, Sprx throws a snowball at Otto, misses, and hits Nova instead! The poor little monkey had been standing at the door of the Super Robot freezing, but now she came out, a little more then flustered. Antauri makes her remember what happened last time she got angry, and that just made her feel bad. The wind started to pick up, so everyone wnet inside. Right before Nova shut the door to the Super Robot, she saw a strange shadow running outside. Then the Super Robot door shut in her face.

The next day, Chiro awakes to find that the harmless snow from the day before had turned into a full scale blizzard! Nova made some smart remark about it being the next ice age, and Gibson was on top of the world analyzing it. He discovered that the source of the storm was below ground. So the Hyper Force goes to investigate (after Nova threatened to give Sprx a knockout fot telling her to stay in the robot). While in vestigating, the gang is pulled underground, close to the source. They are frozen, and see that the people of Shuggazoom have turned into "Peoplecicles" as Otto put it. Then, these little ice creatures come up and start trying to freeze the monkey team. Nova is the first to break free, and instantly starts attacking. Theo thers break free (Chiro got out with a little help from Otto) and start going after the ice things themselves. Nova, however, managed to scare the ice creatures off, but she wasn't satisfied with that. She tried to go after them, but Antauri stops her, telling her if she had to get angry, there as time and a place to do it, and this wasn't it. Chiro asked Gibson how close they were to the freeze source, and they went off to look for it. While they were walking, Chiro decides to ask Nova what was going on with her. She explains to Chiro what happened the last time she lost her temper. About how she had been training with Mandrid. HOw she had gotten mad. How she had nearly destroyed the Super Robot. Chiro insisted that Mandrid had deserved What he got, but that didn't make Nova feel better. Sprx and Otto did though, make her fell better I mean. A little while later, they find the source, and, after a bit of fighting, destoryed her, or so they thought. After getting back outside, Gibson discovers that the snow was actually the first ^stage^ of the ice creatures they'd been fighting. Then the ice monster thing (the source) appears again. While trying ot get into the robot, Antauri, Sprx, Otto, and Gibson are all frozen solid. It's just Nova and Chiro against one big ice monster. While trying to fight, Chiro is frozen, and Nova is captured. The ice mobster tries to freeze her to, but Nova won't let that happen. She finally lets go odf the temper she had been holding in for so long, destroys the ice monster, melts the snow, and boost the temp about, oh, 100 degrees or so. She would of kept going to, if not for two thing. One she realized she was hurting everyone, including Chiro, and two, she ran out of energy. Our last scene with the Monkey Team shows Nova in a giant test tube thing, and Gibson still analyzing the snow.
Then we see Skeleton King. Earlier in the episode, he made a deal with a snow creature. The snow creature freezes Shuggazoom, and SK (Skeleton King) was to release him. But SK double crosses him. The snow creature was weak, so SK releases him into his own power. Now SK can also control snow.