High Tide - Recap

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A woman walks into the SurfSide 6 office. She and Sandy strike up a brief conversation. A knock at the door interrupts them. A man at the door wants to know where "the girl" is. After Sandy walks out, the man and two friends begin to beat Sandy up. Ken, who had been asleep on the upper deck of the houseboat, jumps down and engages in the fight as well. Dave returns to the office and sees the fight, but remains an amused bystander.

After the three men run off, defeated by Ken and Sandy, the three detectives return to the houseboat to interrogate the woman, but they get little information from her. She denies any knowledge of the men, claiming she had never seen them before. She is "just a dull little stenographer on vacation" by the name of Jill Murray. Sandy escorts her to the Fontainebleau and tries to get more information out of her over drinks in the Boom Boom Room. While Sandy is engrossed in watching Cha-Cha rehearse, Jill slips out of the bar.

Sandy returns to the SurfSide office and tells Dave that Jill is not registered at the hotel after all. Dave, meanwhile, says he is going to go to the police department and look through some mug shots to see if he recognizes any of the men who engaged in the brawl with Ken and Sandy earlier.

Sandy returns to his home at the Racquet Club, where he finds Jill emerging from the shower. When he confronts her about not being registered at the Fontainebleau, she tells him that she was once the girlfriend of mobster Lou Montell and is hiding, as Lou is (in Cuba), from a federal investigating committee. When Sandy expresses disbelief in her story, she storms out on him.

Meanwhile, Daphne has found a man with an interest in her. After a game of tennis he takes her home, and she invites him to the party on the houseboat that evening. At the party, however, Dave recognizes the man as Don Whitman and asks him to leave. He then takes Sandy aside and tells him that a police mug shot identified one of the people in the altercation earlier in the day as Ed Denver, who works for Lou Montell. He also tells Sandy that Jill's last name is not Murray but McCrea, and she is known to have been in the company of Montell.

Jill eventually does show up at the party, but when she discovers that Ken and Dave are private detectives, she runs, afraid that Montell may have hired them to track her down. She hails a taxi and gets in, only to discover that two of Montell's henchmen are posing as driver and passenger. They whisk her away. Sandy gets the license plate of the cab, which was stolen when the cab driver went into the houseboat to find his passenger, and goes after it. Sandy sees the trio transfer to another car and drive away. Before he goes after the car he leaves a message written with Jill's lipstick, dropped in the cab, on the windshield.

Jill is taken to an abandoned place called the Hag's Nest. Meanwhile, Sandy drives past the entrance to the Hag's Nest -- and into a creek, where his car stalls out. He is confronted by a rifle-wielding man (one of Montell's gang members). Sandy says he is lost and his car stalled in the water, asks for a match, then knocks the man out and takes his gun. He goes to the Hag's Nest to rescue Jill, but he is knocked out from behind.

Jill discovers that the Hag's Nest is conveniently located on the water, and Lou Montell plans on boating in from his hideout in Cuba to pick her up and take her back so she cannot testify against him. In Miami, Lt. Snedigar informs Dave and Ken of the convenience of the Hag's Nest's locale and that it was popular during Prohibition because of its proximity to open waters outside of the U.S. jurisdiction.

Lou Montell arrives by a small motorized boat, shuttled in from his 28-foot boat, to pick Jill up. He picks Jill up and tells one of his henchmen to kill Sandy. Sandy, however, has worked free of the rope that has kept him tied to the stairwell banister. After a fight he defeats his would-be killer.

Meanwhile, out at the dock, Dave and Ken have sneaked through the woods, overpowered the boat driver, and hid the boat. Montell becomes concerned that two of his henchmen have suddenly disappeared and returns to the Hag's Nest, where he is confronted by Dave and Sandy with guns trained on him. He raises his hands in surrender, realizing he will be turned over to the authorities.