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Season 1

Swiss Family Robinson

A Swiss pastor and his family get stranded on a remote deserted island and must learn to survive in this hostile environs. "The Swiss Family Robinson". Here's an adaptation of a classic for the kiddies by Irwin Allen, the special effects wizard. "Adam 12's Martin Milner plays the resourceful, dull, stolid Karl Robinson, and Cameron Mitchell attempts to inject color into the shipwrecked sailor, Jeremiah Worth, as they outwit pirates on the track of a golden idol. This TV movie made by Irwin Allen (the master of disaster films like "The Towering Inferno")is a pilot, with Martin Milner and Pat Delany as the shipwrecked parents of Michael-James Wixted and Eric Olson. The other survivor is a young girl (Cindy Fisher). They set up treehouse-keeping on a lush island, also inhabited by Cameron Mitchell, shipwrecked there for seven years. Pirates, headed by John Vernon, land on the island and cause all the adventures, except for those caused by tropical storms, volcanic eruptions and fire.
Guest Stars: John Vernon as Charles Forsythe | George DiCenzo as Suramin | Cindy Fisher as Helga Wagner | John Crawford as Nate Bidwell | Michael-James Wixted as Fred Robinson
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: Ken Trevey

1 :01x01 - The Typhoon

The Robinson family, shipwrecked on an unchartered tropical island, faces the dangerous ravages of a typhoon. Martin Milner, Cameron Mitchell and Pat Delaney star in this exciting and adventure-filled series about the Robinson family and how they survive the perils of being marooned on an unchartered tropical island. Everybody is concerned about Fred when he develops a phobia of seawater. One day Fred finds himself confronting his fears when his brother, Ernie, gets dragged by the ropes of a raft moving adrift.

2 :01x02 - The Hawk

After Helga kills his hawk, Jeremiah angrily leaves but returns to rescue the family. The Robinsons' friendship with Jeremiah is threatened when his pet hawk returns after a long absence. Jeremiah is delighted by the return of his pet. Karl and Lotte Robinson, however, are upset by the threat the fierce hunting bird poses for their livestock. And Helga is afraid it will hurt her pet rabbit, "Little Devil."

3 :01x03 - The Mountain

Karl and Jeremiah set out to explore the other side of the island. When they don't return at the agreed time, the remaining family members fret about their luck. Finally Lotte goes on a search and rescue operation. Karl battles to bring an ailing Jeremiah Worth to safety while Lotte and the children worry about their unexplained absence.
Director: Georg Fenady

4 :01x04 - Man O' War

A British warship anchors at the island to kidnap men to fight against Napoleon. Lotte and Helga are taken hostage in their treehouse by two desperate British sailors who have escaped from a warship.
Guest Stars: Don Knight as Harper | Dennis Kort as Clark | John Alderson as Fogerty | Richard Carlson as crewman
Director: Don McDougall

5 :01x05 - The Slave Ship

The Robinsons happily prepare to leave the island when a vessel puts in for repairs, then discover it is a slave ship. The Robinsons must turn in a fugitive slave they have helped in order to save Fred from slave traders.
In "The Slave Ship." the captain demands that the family help him capture a runaway slave, Jama, or he will not take them aboard. The family votes to stay on the island, but Jeremiah, unwilling to lose the chance to return to civilization, agrees to help the captain, causing a rift between him and the family.
Guest Stars: Alfred Ryder as Captain Mantle | Leonard Stone as Hawkins | Dorian Harewood as Jama | Seamon Glass as Second Seaman | Robert Sorrells as First seaman | Steven Marlo as third seaman | Leslie Nielsen as Johnson
Director: Harry Harris
Writer: Dale Eunson

6 :01x06 - The Pit

Ernie feels useless in providing things for the household. He runs away after a heated discussion. A frantic search goes afoot when his disappearance lasts longer than usual. Lotte's life is endangered when she is trapped in a tunnel cave-in while searching for Ernie.
Director: Robert Douglas

7 :01x07 - The Tiki

Helga and Ernie are rummaging in a ceremonial hut when the island's native chief , Tavana, arrives. Helga and Ernie are captured by natives who suspect them of deliberately desecrating a ceremonial hut.
Guest Stars: Michael Ansara as Chief Tavana | Claudio Martinez as Theo | Jose DeVega as Native
Director: John Peyser

8 :01x08 - Neptune's Nephew

The Robinsons are terrorized by a huge, unseen
beast stalking the jungles just beyond their tree house. Karl sets a trap for what the children believe is a sea monster, then discovers it may be a tiger.

9 :01x09 - The Chimp

Karl fears he may have contracted rabies from a chimpanzee's bite. The Robinsons fear for Karl's life after he is bitten by a female chimpanzee which is acting erratically and may have a deadly communicable disease .
In "The Chimp," the family is peacefully gardening when they discover a cute baby chimp. Later the mother chimp appears and suddenly attacks, biting Karl. Because of the animal's strange actions, Karl suspects it may have a terminal disease—which could bear fatal consequences for him.
Director: Harry Harris

10 :01x10 - The Castaway

A mutineer posing as a castaway floats ashore and steals the raft to escape the island.
Guest Stars: Leslie Nielsen as Johnson | Ted Gehring as Dooley

11 :01x11 - The Treasure

During a picnic at the foot of a volcano, Jeremiah finds a map leading to pirate gold. Jeremiah's refusal to relinquish a king's ransom
in gold endangers his life and the lives of the Robinsons tonight. The group finds bags of gold buried on the island. A volcano erupts en route home and Jeremiah refuses to let go of his treasure and gets trapped on a ledge. The family frantically plans to save him as the lava comes
pouring down.
Director: Don McDougall

12 :01x12 - The Captain

Karl and Jeremiah investigate when Helga claims that her supposedly drowned father is on the island. The Robinson family is endangered by a sea captain whose remorse over losing his ship and crew has deranged his mind.
Guest Stars: Andrew Duggan as Captain Arnheim
Director: Don McDougall

13 :01x13 - The Bell

While exploring their island, the Robinsons discover an ancient bell which rings mysteriously. Too late they discover the ringing is warning of tremendous earth tremors. The ringing of a bell leads the Robinsons and Jeremiah to a pyramid with inscriptions on its walls.
Director: Marc Daniels
Writer: Sidney Ellis

14 :01x14 - Ernie's Christmas

The Robinsons try to have a traditional Christmas despite various hazards. The family celebrates Christmas in their own "tropical" way until their happy plans are interrupted by an emergency when Helga is stung by a poisonous sea creature.
Director: Marc Daniels

15 :01x15 - The Operation

Karl tries to learn how to perform an appendectomy when Fred is stricken with stomach pains.

17 :01x17 - The Renegades

Fred and Karl find a native village burned by sailors when they visit a neighboring island. y Robinson Using their outrigger, Karl and Fred go to explore another island and become embroiled in a dispute between treasure-seeking sailors and the island's natives.
Guest Stars: John Crawford as Jared Oakes | Gene Tyburn as Mr. Jacopo | Chuck Hicks as Native

18 :01x18 - Jean Lafitte - Part 1

Jean Lafitte, a pirate, arrives on the island to reclaim buried treasure.
Guest Stars: Frank Langella as Jean Lafitte | Neville Brand as Gambi | John Crawford as Dominique | Maria Grimm as Marie Carre | Edwin Villa as pirate | Whit Bissell as Governor Clairborne
Director: Harry Harris

19 :01x19 - Jean Lafitte - Part 2

Gambi, one of Laffite's most trustworthy friends, stands now on the Englishmen's side. He has managed to learn from Jeremiah where Laffite's rifles are hidden.

As the Robinsons prepare to leave the island with Jean Lafitte, the privateer's traitorous aide takes Jeremiah captive, planning to board an enemy ship with the stolen treasure. Conclusion of a two-part episode.
Guest Stars: Frank Langella as Jean Lafitte | Neville Brand as Gambi
Director: Harry Harris

20 :01x20 - The Devils

Jeremiah suspects satanic involvement after disaster strikes the garden, livestock, and storehouse. The Robinsons and Jeremiah are subjected to terrifying magic phenomena by a native shaman - attempting to drive them off the island.
Guest Stars: Frank DeKova as Shaman | Charles Ynfante as Native
Director: Don McDougall

21 :01x21 - Wild Dog

Wild dogs attack the livestock, and the Robinsons discover one is a dog from their ship. The Robinson family is terrorized by a pack of wild dogs which they believe is led by a once-lame dog which survived their shipwreck.
Director: Don McDougall
Writer: Pat Fielder
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 07:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1975
Ended: April 04, 1976
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