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Season 3

49 :03x01 - Net Loss

Ryan and Mac (Robert Wagner, Eddie Albert) investigate the murder of a tennis pro. A tennis team's coach asks his old friend Pete to find the killer and the motive after his star player is shot on the court. While Mac follows up leads with the team's attractive owner, Pete joins the team and finds two other lovely suspects.
Special Guest Stars: Marisa Pavan as Sally Blair |
Guest Stars: Barbara Anderson as Dana Wallace | Eric Braeden as Mike Jenkins |
Co-Guest Stars: Anne Randall as Lena Ionescu (co-starring (opening credits)) | Roberta Leighton as Candy Lewis (co-starring (opening credits)) | Daniel Pilon as Jack Dawson | Mindi Miller as Revel | Thomas Babson as Larry Thorpe (as Thomas W. Babson) | Ross Borden as Attendant | George Reynolds as Benson | Brian Baker as Tibbs | James Hong as Wang ("and")
Director: Reza Badiyi

50 :03x02 - Downshift

Pete and Mac (Robert Wagner, Eddie Albert) investigate the murder of a ruthless auto racer.
Guest Stars: Michael V. Gazzo as Tony Alibrandi | Morgan Fairchild as Shelley Bloom |
Co-Guest Stars: Janice Heiden as Gloria Mason | Ben Wright as Eric Von Strauss | William Bogert as Arnold Winton | Morgan Jones (1) as Gary Long | Bobbie Mitchell as Susan Voight | Frank M. Benard as Pierre (as Francois-Marie Benard) | Richard Young as Castle | Bert Holland as Carl Gelman | Christa Linder as mademoiselle
Writer: Robert Earll

51 :03x03 - Fade Out

A movie producer hires Pete and Mac to protect his leading lady from attempts on her life. Pete takes on the role of a studio security officer while Mac toils before the camera to find a star's would-be murderer.
Special Guest Stars: Zohra Lampert as Lita Verassiere |
Guest Stars: Andrew Duggan as Truman Berkley | Johnny Seven as Al Crawford |
Co-Guest Stars: Dorrie Thomson as Julie Farmer (co-starring (opening credits)) | Casey Kasem as Tony Brock | Eric Server as Harmon | Mary Angela Shea as Olivia Kerns (as Mary Angela) | Stephen Burleigh as Mary Tyson | George Sawaya as Deamer | Lester Fletcher as Hotel Clerk
Director: Lawrence Doheny

52 :03x04 - Legend of the Macunas (1)

Pete and Mac head for Las Vegas to find out the cause of a flier's fatal crash. Sandra Summers (Pamela Hensley) asks Pete and Mac to investigate the circumstances surrounding her father's fatal plane crash. First of two parts.
Special Guest Stars: Foster Brooks as Dale Abse | Dionne Warwick as Sherry | Wayne Newton as Himself (("And a special Appearance by)) |
Guest Stars: George Maharis as Clouston | Pamela Hensley as Sandra Summers | Chuck McCann as Pendergast | Jack Colvin as Detective Sgt. Koehler |
Co-Guest Stars: Ronald Feinberg as unknown ((co-starring in the opening credits)) | Robert Q. Lewis as Burney ((co-starring in the opening credits)) | Betty Ann Carr as Topassanah | Mindi Miller as Revel | Dave Barry (1) as Room Clerk | Billy Kay (2) as Mike | Cisse Cameron as Charlotte Braverman | Marc Hannibal as Quirt | James Hong as Wang ("and")
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Leigh Vance

53 :03x05 - Legend of the Macunas (2)

Pete and Mac (Robert Wagner, Eddie Albert) continue probing the fatal desert crash of a plane on a photo mission.
Special Guest Stars: Foster Brooks as Dale Abse | Dionne Warwick as Sherry | Wayne Newton as Himself (("And Special Appearance by)) |
Guest Stars: George Maharis as Clouston | Pamela Hensley as Sandra Summers | Chuck McCann as Pendergast | Jack Colvin as Detective Sgt. Koehler |
Co-Guest Stars: Ronald Feinberg as Unknown ((co-starring in the opening credits)) | Robert Q. Lewis as Burney (co-starring in the opening credits) | Betty Ann Carr as Topassanah | Billy Kay (2) as Mike | Marc Hannibal as Quirt | Suzanne Hunt as Aida | Joseph D'Alessio as Saud | Abe Rudnick as Medical Examiner
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Leigh Vance

54 :03x06 - Dancer

Attempts are made to murder Dancer, a vaudevillian (David Wayne) trying to make a comeback.
Guest Stars: David Wayne as Dancer | Kim Cattrall as Judith Pierce | J. Pat O'Malley as Noah Bentley | John Fiedler as Winkler |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Jackson (2) as TV Interviewer | William Bryant as Lieutenant Shilton | Mindi Miller as Revel | Tara Buckman as Young Nurse | Maggie Malooly as Miss Finch | Louis Quinn as M.C. | Sandie Newton as Girl | James Hong as Wang ("and")
Director: Paul Krasny

55 :03x07 - Go for Broke

A woman is murdered after hiring Mac and Pete (Eddie Albert, Robert Wagner) to find her philandering husband.
Special Guest Stars: Janet Blair as Isabel Harris |
Guest Stars: Lara Parker as Tanya Mason | Charles Robinson as Tom Harris | Susan Anton as Marci Benton | Robert Yuro as "Mark-up" Stein |
Co-Guest Stars: Antony Carbone as Mike Lansky | William Bryant as Lieutenant Shilton ("And") | Allen Joseph as Lou Reardon | Fred Villani as Melvin
Writer: Mel Goldberg

56 :03x08 - Lady of the Deep

A marine biologist disappears off the Mexican coast while on a Government salvaging assignment.
Special Guest Stars: Don Porter as Salvensen |
Guest Stars: Skye Aubrey as Lottie Cranston | René Enríquez as Rafael Garcia | Jorge Cervera, Jr as Hernandez |
Co-Guest Stars: Carmen Zapata as Clarita | Regis Cordic as Dr. Dane Cranston (as Regis J. Cordic) | Clint Ritchie as Stinch | Panchito Gomez as Miguelin | Caesar Cordova as Security Guard | Russ McGinn as O'Duggan

57 :03x09 - Thirty Thousand Witnesses

Pete (Robert Wagner) investigates foul play in a soccer league whose goalies have met with sometimes-fatal accidents.
Guest Stars: Dane Clark as Clay Tranter | Eric Braeden as Franz Hausner | Jack Hogan as Abe Knox | Don Knight as Rob Evans | Frank Aletter as Harry Gilden | Lindsay Bloom as Kate Johnson | Lorenzo Lamas as Sobranski |
Co-Guest Stars: Than Wyenn as Franek Zenski | Lewis Charles as Bennie | William Bryant as Lieutenant Shilton ("and")
Director: Fernando Lamas
Writer: Tom Bagen

58 :03x10 - Dangerous Curves

Pete and Mac (Robert Wagner, Eddie Albert) try to learn who is using criminal tactics to drive an all-woman taxi company out of business. Maggie and Revel help the girls while Pete and Mac try to discover the reason an all-female taxy company is being forced out of business.
Guest Stars: Anne Schedeen as Keelie Blair | Ned Wilson as Howard Madison | Norman Alden as Barney |
Co-Guest Stars: Sally Carter-Ihnat as Adele | Mindi Miller as Revel | Kathleen Bendett as Tabitha | Joseph V. Perry as Cadrow Webb | Jay Varela as Fire Chief (as Jay F. Varela) | William Bryant as Lieutenant Shilton ("and") | Loree Frazier (1) as Gin-Gin | Maile Souza as Annie
Director: Phil Bondelli

59 :03x11 - The Tong

Wang, Malcolm's cook (James Hong) is involved in a murder that may presage war among Chinese clans.
Guest Stars: Evan Kim as Ying | Barbara Luna as Sergeant Lee | John Fujioka as Nin Tung Fat | Philip Ahn as Charlie Kuang |
Co-Guest Stars: James Hong as Wang (co-starring in opening credits) | Carlene Watkins as Shirley | William Bryant as Lieutenant Stafford Shilton ("and") | Mindi Miller as Revel | Chris Wong as Chinese Boy (as Christopher Wong) |
Uncredited: Kim Lee as Yang
Director: Ray Danton

60 :03x12 - Who Killed Lila Craig?

Mac has an interest in the auction of a manuscript said to name the killer of an actress murdered after a lurid life. After claiming that he knows the identity of the man who murdered a famous actress 20 years ago, an eccentric issues invitations to a wide range of suspects, but the answer is not as simple as one might be led to believe.
Special Guest Stars: Lola Albright as Millie Tate |
Guest Stars: Howard Duff as Ira Larkin | Rick Jason as Gene Cole | Randi Oakes as Jill Claredon | Felice Orlandi as Rick Race | Jack Carter as Raymond Brodski ("And") |
Co-Guest Stars: Ray Ballard as Doorman | William Bryant as Lieutenant Stafford Shilton ("and")
Director: Paul Krasny

61 :03x13 - The Cage

Mac and Pete investigate the disappearance of a young sweepstakes winner employed at the San Diego Zoo. A rare white rhinoceros may hold the vital clue in the zoo veterinarian's bizarre disappearance.
Special Guest Stars: Ramon Bieri as Jack Gaynor | Natalie Wood as Herself ("Special Guest Appearance by") |
Guest Stars: JoAnna Cameron (1) as Jenni Brown |
Co-Guest Stars: Jason Kincaid as Paul Brown | Bill Quinn (1) as Lieutenant Caridia | William Mims as Dr. James Lennox | Eddie Firestone as Bartender | John Davis Chandler as Jo Jo Kert (as John Chandler) | Eric Christmas as Shaun Farrell | Stack Pierce as Selso Barnes ("and")
Director: Phil Bondelli

62 :03x14 - Coronado Circle

An elderly captain and his deckhand are missing from a yacht found drifting where several vessels recently disappeared.
Special Guest Stars: John Colicos as Gilchrist |
Guest Stars: Juliet Mills as Alicia Alden | Arch Johnson as Combes (as Archie Johnson) | Frank Maxwell as Captain Marks |
Co-Guest Stars: Ken Sansom as Dr. Helmut Kronberg | George Chandler as Captain Roberts | John de Lancie as Ensign Ray Stevens | Jody Gilbert as Kustrinski | John Furlong as Chief
Director: Michael Caffey

63 :03x15 - Blue Crusaders Reunion

A vengeful killer prowls a reunion of ex-cops. Mac and Pete bargain for the life of a girl held hostage by gunmen at the police officers' reunion.
Special Guest Stars: Mike Kellin as Fred |
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Sam | Kathryn Leigh Scott as Lyndell |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Campanella as Anthony Barducci | Michael Grant Terry as Richard Clement (as J. Michael Terry) | Alan Terry as Alvin Clement | Troas Hayes as Secretary | Dana Baker as Serena
Director: Seymour Robbie

64 :03x16 - Stolen Island (aka Death Island)

Pete and Mac look for a militant ecologist who went into hiding after a chemical-company bombing.
Guest Stars: Maud Adams as Ava | Jacques Aubuchon as Arthur Cummings | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Mark |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert F. Hoy as Benny Vinton (as Robert Hoy) | William Stevens as Sam Brent | John Ventantonio as Luis Tarrvella
Director: Fernando Lamas
Writer: Robert Earll

65 :03x17 - Play-off

A gambling mogul kidnaps Malcolm to ensure that Pete will protect his golfer son.
Guest Stars: Jack Kruschen as Damon Alexander | Howard McGillin as Paul Alexander | Val Avery as Rosie Finniston | Laura Baugh as Kerry Kilgavin |
Co-Guest Stars: Joanna Kerns as Mae Brenner | George Petrie as Col. Dervis MacLennan | Stan Haze as Brett Kirby | William Bryant as Lieutenant Stafford Shilton ("and") | Mindi Miller as Revel | Howard Dayton as Dabber Deans | Jack Garner as Enrico | Michael Rougas as Meekers | Jadie David as Opal Simpson

66 :03x18 - Mexican Standoff

Pete and Mac investigate white slavers who smuggle aliens from Latin America.
Guest Stars: Gloria Manon as Anthea | Richard Angarola as Joaquin Aragon |
Co-Guest Stars: Poindexter Yothers as Mathew Gorvan (as Poindexter) | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Octavio Salinas | Mary Maldonado as Maricelia Marquez | Maria Melendez as Yolanda Perez | William Bryant as Lieutenant Stafford Shilton ("and") | Mindi Miller as Revel | Janet Winter as Nurse | Tina Menard as Acension Salinas | Fernando Escandon as Newscaster
Director: Fernando Lamas

67 :03x19 - Three Blond Mice

A scientific project and a student who was working on it disappear from a school for the gifted.
Special Guest Stars: Nancy Malone as Priscilla |
Guest Stars: James Carroll Jordan as Dr. Tincannon | Bayn Johnson as Marada Siwa | Susan Lanier as Amy | Barbara Sigel as Erica |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Durrell as Fred McGivers | Alice Backes as Librarian | Bill Zuckert as Kosky | Gordon Jump as Theodore Youngman | Mindi Miller as Revel | Brett Williams as Chuck Kosky | Harry Fleer as Night Watchman | Armand Cerami as Security Guard | Colleen Crowell as 1st Student
Director: James Sheldon

68 :03x20 - The Siege at the Bouziki Bar

The Bouziki Bar is besieged by professional killers who are after a murder witness in the last stages of pregnancy.
Guest Stars: Pamela Bellwood as Andrea |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard LePore as 1st Fireman | Lewis Horwitz as 2nd Fireman
Director: Seymour Robbie

69 :03x21 - Formula for Murder

Feuding half-sisters accuse each other of stealing their dead father's skin-care formula.
Special Guest Stars: Macdonald Carey as Ray |
Guest Stars: Claudette Nevins as Genevieve | Adrienne LaRussa as Miki | Dick Sargent as Bill Gambel ("And") |
Co-Guest Stars: William Bryant as Lieutenant Stafford Shilton | Robert Ellenstein as Board Member | Danuta Wesley as Lynette (as Danuta) | Neenah Paige as Elyse

70 :03x22 - Photo Finish

Pete and Mac aid a hotel owner whose remodeling efforts are being sabotaged.
Special Guest Stars: Edward Power as Arthur Gilmore |
Guest Stars: Rudy Solari as Dokovic | Sherry Mathis as Cluny Young |
Co-Guest Stars: Ken Lynch as Krupich | Sid Haig as Farmer | Sheila Wills as Cleo Johnson (as Sheila DeWindt) | Anne-Marie Martin as Jacy Young (as Eddie Benton) | Terrence Laron Burke as Sabato (as Terrence Burke) | Irene Tedrow as Elvira Windsor | Sheila Rogers as Monica | Scott Wells as Scorpion (as Scott B. Wells)
Director: Ray Danton
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 09, 1975
Ended: August 20, 1978
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