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Season 7

81 :07x01 - Fatal Caper

Evelyn and Justin must find their long lost brother, Frank to get an inheritance even though they haven't heard from him in over 15 years.
Guest Stars: James Saxon as Evelyn | Kimberly Cowell as Isabelle | Leslie Phillips as Mycroft Amberson | Natasha Richardson as Fiona Havisham | Bob Hoskins as Lawyer | Greg Wise as Justin
Director: Bob Hoskins

82 :07x02 - Last Respects

Three women who own an antique shop have financial trouble but get some luck from a monkey's paw.
Guest Stars: Emma Samms as Lavon | Peter Waddington as Basil | Sarah London as Mortician | Dulcie Gray as Richard's Wife | Julie Cox as Marlise
Director: Freddie Francis

83 :07x03 - A Slight Case of Murder

After being irritated by her nosy neighbor, a writer finds out she is getting stalked by her jealous ex. He accuses her of cheating on him with the nosy neighbor's son. As her son plans to do away with Sharon's ex, she comes alive and everyone kills each other. Before the writer dies, the nosy neighbor comes in and tells her that it was set up for research on her new book.
Guest Stars: Francesca Annis as Sharon | Christopher Cazenove as Sharon's EX | Elizabeth Spriggs as Mrs. Trask | Patrick Barlow as Mrs. Trask's son
Director: Brian Helgeland

84 :07x04 - Escape

An English WWII traitor finds himself confined to a prison camp. One of the men he betrayed is transported to the camp. Badly scarred, he promises to reveal the traitor's identity. When he recovers, the traitor kills the patient before he can rat him out. Along with another prisoner, the traitor plans to escape by hiding in a coffin and be taken out to the graveyard where they can make their escape. Unfortunately, it was all a set up and he is killed.
Guest Stars: Roy Dotrice as Major Nicholson | Nick Reding as Cote | Martin Kemp as Lieutenant Luger | Murray McArthur as George Heathcote | Nickolas Grace as Albert Fry/Lieutenant Forsyth | Chris Armstrong as English Soldier | Lucy Bayler as Kitty | Al Ashton as Sgt. Cornwall
Director: Peter MacDonald

85 :07x05 - Horror in the Night

Jewel thief Nick double crosses his partner and hides out in a hotel. He starts hallucinating after he meets a mysterious woman. She reveals to him that she's a ghost of a woman he killed years ago. The thief sees the killing reenacted in front of him and is shot by his presumed dead partner.
Guest Stars: James Wilby as Nick Marvin | Edward Tudor-Pole as Lou | Ronan Vibert as T | Elizabeth McGovern as Laura Kendall | Peter Guinness as Mr Starr
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Screenplay: John Harrison (1)

86 :07x06 - Cold War

Cammy is tired of Ford so she decides to leave him after a robbery backfires. Cammy goes to a bar where she meets an attractive black man, Jimmy Pickett. Ford rushes in and attempts to kill the man, but Jimmy has a secret: he's a vampire but Ford and Cammy also have a secret: they're zombies. After a scuffle, all three of them fall out of a window. Ford and Cammy live but they're so mangled they can't be seen in public.
Guest Stars: John Salthouse as Cutter | Jane Horrocks as Cammy | Ewan McGregor as Ford | Willie Ross as Bartender | Colin Salmon as Jimmy Pickett | Nigel Fan as Armed Robber #3 | Peter Lee (1) as Armed Robber #1 | Alan Liu as Armed Robber #2
Director: Andy Morhan

87 :07x07 - Kidnapper

A pawnbroker falls in love with a pregnant girl. But after the child is born, he gets jealous. He gets a sleazy baby broker to kidnap the baby, after this the woman goes insane. He tries to make her feel better by stealing another baby in the park but is beaten to death by an angry mob but he discovers that the baby he tried to steal was really his lady friend's baby all along.
Guest Stars: Gerry Crampton as Snaps | Steve Coogan as Danny Skeggs | Serena Gordon as Mother In Park | Tim Stern as Baby Broker | Matthew Scurfield as Detective | Julia Sawalha as Teresa

88 :07x08 - Report from the Grave

Elliot invents a machine that reads the thoughts of the dead. He tries to read the thought of a murderous serial killer Tymrak. The man's girlfriend is killed during the experiment and she becomes Tymrak's slave. He tries to bring her back with his invention but brings Tymrak back too.
Guest Stars: Julian Kerridge as Policeman | Roger Ashton-Griffiths as Valdemar Tymrak | James Frain as Elliot
Director: William Malone

89 :07x09 - Smoke Wrings

An ad executive hires a man who knows nothing about advertising to work for her firm. The man is actually working for the ad company's founder who was fired years ago. The man is given a device that alters people’s thoughts and makes them buy certain products. Unfortunately, the ex-employee was controlling the man the whole time and was just a lab rat to pitch the machine.
Guest Stars: Denis Lawson as Frank | Julian Kerridge as Policeman | Chris Stanton as Fakir Muto | Gayle Hunnicutt as Ellen | Tres Hanley as Joanna | Daniel Craig as Barry | Ute Lemper as Jacqueline
Director: Mandie Fletcher
Screenplay: Lisa Sandoval

90 :07x10 - About Face

A priest discovers that he has two long lost twin daughters: beautiful Angelica and ugly Leah. The twin sisters kill a woman that their new dad has had an affair with. Jonathan, the priest, thinks it's his wife so he kills her. Leah attacks him with a knife and the priest kills her. But he’s shocked to see that the ugly twin and the pretty twin were Siamese twins.
Guest Stars: Paddy Navin as Bertha | Pip Torrens as Gordon | Lone Vidahl as Miss Prichard | Finty Williams as Lucy | Imelda Staunton as Sarah | Anna Friel as Angelica | Anthony Andrews as Jonathan | Emma Bird as Emma
Director: Tom Sanders

91 :07x11 - Confession

A screenwriter is interrogated by a hard-nosed cop who thinks he's a serial killer who slices the head off women. The man ends up confessing to the crime. When the cop goes home, he opens his refrigerator and there are the heads of the women on the shelves.
Guest Stars: Mark Spalding as Guard | Eddie Izzard as Warhol Evans | Ashley Artus as Scrimp | Ciarán Hinds as Jack Lynch | John Benfield as Inspector Minty | Alun Armstrong as Inspector Herbert
Director: Peter Hewitt

92 :07x12 - Ear Today... Gone Tomorrow

An aging safecracker is wanted dead by the mob, but is given another chance. The mobster's wife gets the safecracker to get ear surgery so he'd have the hearing of an owl and he and the wife can run off with the money. Unfortunately, it was all a setup. The man is killed by the mobster and the surgeon who gave him the hearing.
Guest Stars: Philip Davis (2) as Henry (as Phil Davis) | David Gant as Doctor | Richard Johnson (1) as Malcolm Lawson | Robert Lindsay as Glynn Fennell | Gretchen Palmer as Kate Lawson
Screenplay: Ed Tapia

93 :07x13 - The Third Pig

In this twisted tale of the "Three Little Pigs" and the series' only animated episode. The first and second pigs are killed by the big bad wolf and the third pig, Dudley is accused and sentenced to death. Dudley builds a Franken-Pig to kill the wolf. Franken-Pig eats up the wolf, but the wolf escapes and eats Dudley.
Guest Stars: Cam Clarke as Dudley Pig | Jim Cummings as Judge Wolf | Charlie Adler as Smokey Pig | Brad Garrett as Drinky Pig | John Kassir as Narrator | Bobcat Goldthwait as Wolf | Jasper Cole as Robert
Writer: Bill Kopp
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama | Horror/Supernatural
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: HBO ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: June 10, 1989
Ended: July 19, 1996
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