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Season 4

71 :04x01 - Beetles

A thieving archaeologist ignores warnings of a curse after he unearths an Egyptian sarcophagus.
Starring Roles: Rod McCary as Arthur Hartley | Sirri Murad as Hammid Bey |
Co-Guest Stars: Donald MacKechnie (1) as Richards | Colm Meaney as Constable | Angelo Grisanti as Bert | Neil Kinsella as Sid
Director: Frank DePalma
Story: Robert Bloch | Teleplay: Robert Bloch

72 :04x02 - Mary, Mary

A young beautiful woman who has split personalities has a secret which prevents her from meeting men.
Starring Roles: Margaret Whitton as Mary Jones | A.C. Weary as David |
Co-Guest Stars: Fred Burstein as Scott

73 :04x03 - The Spirit Photographer

A believer in spirits invents a camera specifically designed so as to perfectly capture an image of ghosts.
Starring Roles: Frank Hamilton as Algernon Colesbury | Richard Clarke (1) as Harry Bainbridge |
Co-Guest Stars: Terres Unsoeld as Lenore
Director: Bill Travis (1)

74 :04x04 - The Moth

A bewitched girl whose ways have her on death's door has a contingency plan to live on. However, her mother intends to keep her from cheating death.
Starring Roles: Deborah Harry as Sybil | Jane Manning as Mother
Director: Jeffrey Wolf

75 :04x05 - No Strings

A mob boss kidnaps a puppeteer for the purpose of putting on a twisted little show with none other than the corpse of the man he recently murdered.
Starring Roles: T.J. Castronovo as Eddie Minelli | Barry Dennen as Mr. D | Cameron Milzer as Tiffany | Brad Fisher as Nicky |
Co-Guest Stars: Derek Loughran as Paulie | John Marzilli as Motu
Director: David Odell
Writer: David Odell

76 :04x06 - The Grave Robber

A couple of archaeologists awaken an Egyptian mummy who locks them in a tomb. In order to escape, the couple resort to battling the mummy in a game of cards.
Starring Roles: Arnold Stang as Tapok | Polly Draper as Aileen | Daren Kelly as Dr. Harold Gromley |
Co-Guest Stars: Ed Kovens as Ahmed
Director: Jeff Schiro

77 :04x07 - The Yattering and Jack

An optimistic man, Jack, had a mother as a witch so Hell sends a Yattering to collect his soul. The demon must force him to forswear Heaven but can't touch him.
Starring Roles: Phil Fondacaro as The Yattering | Antony Carbone as Jack Polo (as Tony Carbone) | Tom Newman as Beelzebub (as Thomas Newman) | Danielle Brisebois as Amanda (Amanda Polo) |
Co-Guest Stars: Barbara Shapiro as Caroler
Director: David Odell
Story: Clive Barker | Teleplay: Clive Barker

78 :04x08 - Seymourlama

Parents are taken aback when they learn that their nerdy son has been proclaimed the new religious leader of a country. Soon the young man lets his new-found power go to his head.
Starring Roles: Divine (1) as Chia Fung | J.D. Roth as Seymourlama | Kathleen Doyle as Ellen | David Gale as Henry Strand |
Co-Guest Stars: Cathy Lipinski as Madame Wu
Director: Bruce Dolin (1)

79 :04x09 - Sorry, Right Number

The wife of a horror author receives a panicked, yet incomplete phone call from a familiar voice. She tries to track down the caller, but it's only too late does she discover the origin and purpose of the call.
Starring Roles: Deborah Harmon as Katie Weiderman | Arthur Taxier as Bill Weiderman | Rhonda Dotson as Dawn |
Co-Guest Stars: Katherine Britton as Polly | Brandon Stewart as Jeff | Nicole Huntington as Connie | Catherine Battistone as Voice on Phone
Writer: Stephen King

80 :04x10 - Payment Overdue

A cold-hearted debt collector finds herself being hounded by one of her clients, one whose financial troubles led to her end her own life.
Starring Roles: Maura Swanson as Jeanette | Lewis Arlt as Michael |
Co-Guest Stars: Wanda De Jesus as Voice on Telephone
Director: John Drury (1)
Writer: Dick Benner

81 :04x11 - Love Hungry

A self-conscious woman who's tried all sorts of diets is presented with a radical new weight-loss program.
Starring Roles: Sharon Madden as Betsy Cowland | Larry Gelman as Elmo Shroud |
Co-Guest Stars: Diana Hale as Landlady | John Romo as Delivery Man | Catherine Battistone as Voice-Over | Neil Kinsella as Voice-Over
Director: John Strysik
Story: Roberts Gannaway | Teleplay: John Strysik

82 :04x12 - The Deal

A struggling screenwriter is so desperate to sell a script in Hollywood that his friend may set him up with one hell of a deal.
Starring Roles: Allen Garfield as Donald | Bradley Whitford as Tom Dash | Robert Costanzo as Vincent Dessari | Elyssa Paternoster as Cassie |
Co-Guest Stars: Kristine Greco as Secretary | Jon Jacobs (1) as Jerome | Manziana Garfield as Diablo The Dog
Director: T.J. Castronovo

83 :04x13 - The Apprentice

Sarah McBride is hired by a Puritan man for what she thinks is an "Apprentice" job not knowing that her job will have deadly results.
Starring Roles: Wayne Tippet as Magistrate Thomas Branford | Haviland Morris as Sarah McBride |
Co-Guest Stars: Katherine Elizabeth Neuman as Jane | Gary Lahti as Peter |
Uncredited: Martin Marinaro as Tourist #1 | Deirdre Lynn as Tourist #2
Director: Eleanor Gaver

84 :04x14 - The Cutty Black Sow

A young boy heeds his grandmother's deathbed warning on how to protect her soul from a Celtic demon come to reap on All Hallow's Eve.
Starring Roles: Huckleberry Fox as Jamie | Paula Trueman as Great Grandma |
Co-Guest Stars: Mary Alison Griffin as Gloria | Timothy Landfield as Father | Sharon Ullrick as Mother
Director: Richard Glass

85 :04x15 - Do Not Open This Box

Charles and his henpecking wife Ruth are mistakenly given a box with a direct order inscribed on it. The deliveryman emphasizes the importance of getting the box and its content back - and that it must not be opened.
Starring Roles: Eileen Heckart as Rose Pennywell | William Le Massena as Charles Pennywell | Richard B. Shull as Postman |
Co-Guest Stars: Fay Gold as Clarissa
Director: Jodie Foster

86 :04x16 - Family Reunion

A mother is desperate to get her son back from her husband who's kept them on the run. However, the father is desperate to keep his son not just safe from himself but safe for others.
Starring Roles: Stephen McHattie as Robert Perry | Daniel Terrence Kelly as Bobby | Patricia Tallman as Janice Perry | Marilyn Rockafellow as Trudy
Director: Tom Savini

87 :04x17 - Going Native

An alien sent to observe humanity struggles to understand as she stands on the sidelines of a therapy group.
Starring Roles: Kim Greist as Claire | John Aprea as Lee | Cynthia David as Amy |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Kuhlman as Mark | Pamela Kenny as Janine
Director: Ted Gershuny
Story: Andrew Weiner | Teleplay: Ted Gershuny

88 :04x18 - Hush

A young boy shows his babysitter his animated creations, one of which has the ability to eat sound, doing so by draining the life out its targets. The two fight to stay silent when the machine can't be turned off and begins to suck the life out of everything that makes a noise.
Starring Roles: Nile Lanning as Jennifer | Eric Jason as Buddy | Bonnie Gallup as Beth Warren
Director: Allen Coulter

89 :04x19 - Barter

A housewife looking for some quiet gets her pleas answered in the form of a bizarre travelling salesman who has a thirst for ammonia. However, when it goes all awry, the salesman offers to fix it for a price.
Starring Roles: Jack Carter as Klaatzu | Jill Jaress as Ruthie | Michael Santiago as Nicky |
Co-Guest Stars: Miguel Alamo as Little Nicky
Story: Lois McMaster Bujold | Teleplay: Jule Selbo

90 :04x20 - Basher Malone

A fight manager is losing his bad influence, as his villainous wrestlers are all beaten by "good guy" Basher Malone. He launches one last fight to do away with the goody-two-shoes by pitting him against a fighter sent straight from Hell who gains his strength from Basher's weakness.
Starring Roles: Vic Tayback as Tippy Ryan | Marie Denn as Ma Malone | Marlene Casamento as Ursula | Steve Strong as Basher Malone |
Co-Guest Stars: Scott St. James as Announcer | Magic Schwarz as Trog | Jack "Wildman" Armstrong as Lockjaw | Brinke Stevens as Cindy | Gregory Uhland as Hurt Wrestler
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Fantasy | Horror/Supernatural | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 29, 1983
Ended: July 23, 1988
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