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Season 2

44 :02x01 - A Bird in Hand

Two youngsters discover a talking bird in a zoo and come to the realization that the bird is part of a plot by the animal kingdom to reclaim the world from humans.
Guest Stars: Henry Jones (1) as guest star | Aina Niemala as guest star | Peter Munson as guest star | Vera Massey as guest star | Harry Kersey as guest star | Cecile Roy as guest star
Writer: Mann Rubin

45 :02x02 - Thanks

A scientific invention brings glory to a struggling violinist but it also causes him to commit murder.
Guest Stars: Joseph Anthony as guest star | Robert Middleton as guest star | Helen Warnow as guest star | Gregory Morton as guest star | Robert Nelson as guest star
Writer: Mann Rubin

46 :02x03 - The Seeing Eye Surgeon

When a prominent physician dons a pair of eyeglasses he discovers that he can see into the future.
Guest Stars: Bruce Cabot as guest star

47 :02x04 - The Cocoon

A group of scientists are trapped inside a house in a remote jungle by hideous invisible creatures.
Guest Stars: Jackie Cooper as guest star | Edith Fellows as guest star

48 :02x05 - The Chase

A man arrives at a sea lodge and confesses to a murder but it's later revealed that he's from the future.
Guest Stars: Walter Abel as guest star | Louise Buckley as guest star | Ed Peck as guest star | Frank Tweddell as guest star | Thom Carney as guest star
Writer: Mann Rubin

49 :02x06 - Youth on Tap

A 26 year old man gives a doctor a blood transfusion in return for $1,000 but the process causes the young man to age.
Guest Stars: Robert Alda as Jeff | Harry Townes as Dr. Platan | Mary Alice Moore as Kitty | Bernard Burke as Gunman | Ralph Porter as Bartender
Director: Don Medford

50 :02x07 - Substance X

A food company representative discovers that a scientist has created a food subsitute called "Substance X." Anyone who eats "Substance X' is unable to consume normal food from that time on.
Guest Stars: Vicki Cummings as Selena | James Maloney as Carmichael | Will Kuluva as Samuel | Charlotte Knight as Paula

51 :02x08 - The Horn

A scientist invents a machine that has the power to control human emotions.
Guest Stars: Franchot Tone as guest star | Stephen Elliott (1) as guest star | Barbara Joyce as guest star | Joe Latham as guest star
Writer: Alan Nelson

52 :02x09 - Double Trouble

A writer pens a story about a death ray machine only to discover later that the government actually has such a device.
Guest Stars: Ruth Enders as guest star | Paul Tripp as guest star | Ferdi Hoffman as guest star | Raymond Bailey as guest star | Harrison Dowd as guest star | Frank Marth as guest star | Joe Abdullah as guest star
Story: Paul Tripp

53 :02x10 - Many Happy Returns

A father discovers that his son and other neighborhood children are being controlled telepathically by an alien.
Guest Stars: Gene Raymond as Andy | Flora Campbell as Jane | Clifford Sales as Jack | Edwin Cooper as Dr. Barnes | Richard Trask as Peter
Director: Don Medford
Story: Raymond Z. Gallum | Teleplay: David Karp

54 :02x11 - The Tomb of King Tarus

An archeologist discovers that an ancient king has been able to stay alive for centuries in a tomb deep beneath the Egyptian desert.
Guest Stars: Walter Abel as guest star
Writer: Mann Rubin

55 :02x12 - The Window

A live television program is interrupted by a mysterious signal that shows a murder about to take place.
Guest Stars: Rod Steiger as Henry | Frank Maxwell as Al | Virginia Vincent as Jean | William Coburn as Father | Merle Albertson as Daughter | Muffet Peter as Secretary | Jim Walsh as Floor Manager | Robert F. Levine as Agency Executive | Don Medford as Director | Mort Abrahams as Producer | Merle Worster as Chief Engineer | Roger DeKovan as Announcer
Director: Don Medford

56 :02x13 - The Camera

A blackmailer discovers a camera that will take pictures 25 years into the future.
Guest Stars: Donald Buka as guest star | Olive Deering as guest star
Writer: Mann Rubin

57 :02x14 - The Quiet Lady

A deadly disease covers the earth and its only hope is a little girl.
Guest Stars: John Conte as guest star | Gaye Huston as guest star | Glen Walker as guest star | Una O'Connor as guest star | Martin Agronsky as guest star

58 :02x15 - The Invigorating Air

A young scientist produces a new kind of air which proves to be "invigorating."
Guest Stars: Joseph Buloff as guest star | Anne Seymour as guest star

59 :02x16 - The Glacier Giant

A reporter and his damsel sidekick search for a giant reportedly encased in the ice of the Himalayas.
Guest Stars: Edith Fellows as guest star | Chester Morris as guest star

60 :02x17 - The Fatal Flower

Doing research in the Brazilian jungle, two biochemists develop a mysterious plant.
Guest Stars: Victor Jory as guest star | Don Hanmer as guest star | Jose Merced as guest star | Lovey Powell as guest star | Lee Firestone as guest star | May Lee Deering as guest star

61 :02x18 - The Machine

A machine that can foretell the future says that one of a doctor's infant patients will grow up to be a murderer.
Guest Stars: Georgann Johnson as guest star | Gene Lockhart as guest star

62 :02x19 - The Bitter Storm

A man brings back voices and sounds from the Garden of Eden.
Guest Stars: Arnold Moss as guest star | Joanne Woodward as guest star | Phillip Pine as guest star | Ethel Remey as guest star | Warren Parker as guest star

63 :02x20 - The Mask of Medusa

Perry Mason won't be able to help a killer who takes refuge in a museum where the statues come to life.
Guest Stars: Raymond Burr as guest star | Steven Geray as guest star

64 :02x21 - Conqueror's Isle

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Guest Stars: Ray Montgomery as guest star

65 :02x22 - Discovered Heart

An alien who's an advance scout for an invasion force arrives at a lighthouse hoping to use its beacon as a signal.
Guest Stars: William Lee (1) as Captain Hayes | Susan Hallaran as Josie | Jim Boles as Stranger | Alfreda Wallace as Rose | Frank Milan as Frank | Robert Patten as Phil

66 :02x23 - The Picture of Dorian Gray

Handsome Dorian Gray never seems to age but the same cannot be said about his portrait.
Guest Stars: John Newland as Dorian Gray

67 :02x24 - Two Faced

To win the love of a woman, a man arranges to have the head of her former lover transplanted onto his body.
Guest Stars: Richard Kiley as Paul Amanston/Julio Venichio | Rebecca Welles as Lucia | Mario Badolati as Dr. Marciano | Zolya Talma as Mrs. Rossana
Director: Don Medford

68 :02x25 - The Build Box

A little boy is the recipient of a strange box from the owner of a gift shop.
Guest Stars: Glenda Farrell as guest star | Joe Fallon as guest star | Vaughn Taylor as guest star | Jack Davis (1) as guest star | William Lee (1) as guest star

69 :02x26 - Another Chance

A man is given the chance to live the past seven years of his life over but he makes the same mistakes.
Guest Stars: Leslie Nielsen as Harold Mason | Virginia Vincent as Carlotta/Regina | Robert Middleton as Dr. John Borrow
Director: Don Medford

70 :02x27 - The Great Silence

The nation is hit with an epidemic in which vocal chords are paralyzed. However, it's actually an alien plot to conquer the United States.
Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith as Paul | Lilia Skala as Mathilde | Paul Ford as Commissioner | Charles McClellan as Senator Perkins (Howard K. Perkins) | Bill Kemp (1) as Sergeant (as William Kemp) | Glenn Styres as Visitor
Director: Don Medford

71 :02x28 - Lonesome Village

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Guest Stars: Raymond Bailey as guest star | Heywood Hale Broun as guest star | Stephen Elliott (1) as guest star | Buzz Martin as guest star | Natalie Priest as guest star | Connie Clausen as guest star

72 :02x29 - The Fury of the Cocoon

Members of an expedition into the jungle are attacked by invisible blood sucking leaches from outer space.
Guest Stars: Peter Capell as Brenegan | Nancy Coleman as Susan | Cameron Prud'Homme as Borden
Director: Don Medford

73 :02x30 - The Squeeze Play

A magician hates a reporter so he hypnotizes all the people with whom the newsie comes into contact into forgetting him.
Guest Stars: John McQuade as guest star | Joseph Wiseman as guest star | Elizabeth York as guest star | Murvyn Vye as guest star | Robert Patten as guest star | Charlotte Knight as guest star
Writer: Mann Rubin

74 :02x31 - Read to Me Herr Doktor

A professor builds a robot who begins to take on the characteristics of humans including falling in love with the prof's daughter.
Guest Stars: Ernest Graves as The Voice | Mercedes McCambridge as Patricia | Everett Sloane as Professor Kinworth | Bill Kemp (1) as Sidney
Director: Don Medford

75 :02x32 - Ghost Writer

A writer discovers to his horror that the events in his short stories are coming true.
Guest Stars: Leslie Nielsen as Bert | Gaby Rodgers as Joan | Murray Matheson as Lee Morton | Harry Mehaffey as Lou
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Mann Rubin

76 :02x33 - Past Tense

A doctor travels back in time in order to extol the virtues of penicillin and save lives but ends up being committed to an insane asylum where he falls ill and dies from a disease which could have been prevented by penicillin.
Guest Stars: Robert F. Simon as Giles | Boris Karloff as Dr. Henry Marco | Katherine Meskill as Jan | John McGovern (2) as Laskey | Allen Nourse as Bonzy
Director: Don Medford

77 :02x34 - Homecoming

A pilot returns home after being stranded in the Arctic for five years and discovers that he can only live in cold temperatures.
Guest Stars: Edith Fellows as guest star | Brian Keith as guest star | Doro Merande as guest star | Harry Sheppard as guest star | Johnny Olsen as guest star | Al Checco as guest star
Writer: Mann Rubin

78 :02x35 - The Rivals

A new wife finds herself a rival for her husband's affections--his cat.
Guest Stars: Anthony Ross as guest star | Mary Sinclair as guest star
Writer: Peggy Speed

79 :02x36 - Please Omit Flowers

A mortician discovers a serum that induces a death-like sleep.
Guest Stars: Frank Albertson as guest star | Anne Burr as guest star

80 :02x37 - The Evil Within

A scientist creates a formula that unlocks evil. Then his wife unknowingly ingests some of the formula.
Guest Stars: James Dean (1) as Ralph | Peggy Phillips as Anne Crane | Rod Steiger as Peter Crane
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Manya Starr

81 :02x38 - The Vault

While making scientific tests, four people get trapped inside a vault.
Guest Stars: Dorothy Peterson as guest star | Cameron Prud'Homme as guest star | Helen Auerbach as guest star | Liam Sullivan as guest star

82 :02x39 - Ink

A chemist comes into possession of an ink which has the power to hypnotize all who look at anything written with the substance.
Guest Stars: Joseph Anthony as guest star | Mildred Natwick as guest star | Katherine Balfour as guest star

83 :02x40 - The Spider's Web

Inhabitants of an island find themselves affected by atomic radiation.
Guest Stars: Nancy Coleman as Jean Crawford | Henry Jones (1) as Irwin Crawford | Don Hanmer as Matt Radigan
Director: Don Medford

84 :02x41 - Lazarus Walks

A man gets revived after being declared clinically dead for a short period of time. Then he discovers that he has the ability to detect lies.
Guest Stars: Olive Deering as guest star | William Prince as guest star | Joseph Wiseman as guest star

85 :02x42 - What Dreams May Come

A woman receives telepathic waves that she is about to be murdered.
Guest Stars: Arnold Moss as guest star | Sally Gracie as guest star | Ernest Graves as guest star
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 03, 1951
Ended: June 12, 1953
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