Tales of Tomorrow

Person:   Characters Episodes
Leslie NielsenplayedFarragut / Robbie / Harold Mason / guest star / Bert9 Episodes
Walter AbelplayedUnknown / guest star8 Episodes
Edith Fellowsplayedguest star8 Episodes
Brian KeithplayedPeters / Jack / guest star7 Episodes
Theo GoetzplayedDr. Kamrass / guest star / Dr. Jarvis7 Episodes
Cameron Prud'HommeplayedJohnson / Borden / guest star / Marty7 Episodes
Olive DeeringplayedGinny Walker / guest star6 Episodes
Nancy ColemanplayedJean Burgess / Susan / Jean Crawford6 Episodes
Thomas Mitchell (1)playedCaptain Nemo / Professor Frederick Vaneck5 Episodes
Raymond BaileyplayedCongressman Burns / guest star5 Episodes
Robert PattenplayedDuncan / guest star / Phil5 Episodes
Don HanmerplayedHenry Judson / guest star / Matt Radigan5 Episodes
Edgar StehliplayedMr. Cave / Burroughs / Peter Talley5 Episodes
Lon McCallisterplayedGordon Kent / guest star5 Episodes
Henry Jones (1)playedguest star / Irwin Crawford4 Episodes
William RedfieldplayedTom Carmichael / Bart4 Episodes
Frank Albertsonplayedguest star4 Episodes
Arnold Mossplayedguest star4 Episodes
John NewlandplayedVictor Frankenstein / Dorian Gray4 Episodes
Ed PeckplayedMichael / guest star4 Episodes
Al Checcoplayedguest star4 Episodes
Virginia VincentplayedJean / Carlotta / Regina4 Episodes
Joseph Wisemanplayedguest star4 Episodes
Stephen Elliott (1)playedguest star4 Episodes
Boris Karloffplayedguest star / Dr. Henry Marco4 Episodes
Charlotte KnightplayedPaula / guest star4 Episodes
Ernest GravesplayedThe Voice / guest star4 Episodes
Franchot Toneplayedguest star4 Episodes
Peggy AllenbyplayedMrs. Massner / guest star4 Episodes
Barbara Joyceplayedguest star / Dr. Marnoff4 Episodes
Una O'ConnorplayedEdythe / guest star4 Episodes
Farrell PellyplayedMcQueen / Butler4 Episodes
Truman SmithplayedCap Zanse / Ed Harris4 Episodes
Vicki CummingsplayedAngie / Selena4 Episodes
Eddie HyansplayedSlay4 Episodes
Vera MasseyvoicedVirginia / guest star4 Episodes
Glenn Styresplayedguest star / Visitor4 Episodes
John Hamilton (1)playedSwede3 Episodes
Phillip Pineplayedguest star3 Episodes
Harry TownesplayedDr. Platan / Wilkins3 Episodes
Rod SteigerplayedPeter Crane / Henry3 Episodes
Bruce Cabotplayedguest star / Sam Thomas3 Episodes
Chester Morrisplayedguest star3 Episodes
Gene Lockhartplayedguest star3 Episodes
Joseph Anthonyplayedguest star / Doctor Fulbright3 Episodes
Vaughn Taylorplayedguest star / Crazy John3 Episodes
William Lee (1)playedCaptain Hayes / guest star3 Episodes
Don Briggsplayedguest star / Will Jethroe3 Episodes
Gene RaymondplayedAndy / Colonel Jeffrey Ward3 Episodes
Martin Brandtplayedguest star / Professor Adrian Sykes3 Episodes
Bill Kemp (1)playedSergeant / Sidney3 Episodes
John BoruffplayedBill / guest star3 Episodes
Skedge MillerplayedCharlie / guest star3 Episodes
John McQuadeplayedguest star3 Episodes
John McGovern (2)playedLaskey / guest star3 Episodes
Liam Sullivanplayedguest star2 Episodes
Mark Allen (1)playedMartian2 Episodes
Ray Montgomeryplayedguest star2 Episodes
Frank Marthplayedguest star2 Episodes
Robert F. SimonplayedGiles2 Episodes
Don MedfordplayedDirector2 Episodes
Darren McGavinplayedBruce2 Episodes
Gage ClarkeplayedWalker2 Episodes
Meg MundyplayedJoanne Hathaway2 Episodes
Robert H. HarrisplayedMr. Tickton2 Episodes
Robert Middletonplayedguest star / Dr. John Borrow2 Episodes
Georgann Johnsonplayedguest star2 Episodes
Edmon RyanplayedMajor Dozier2 Episodes
Rebecca WellesplayedLucia2 Episodes
Ferdi Hoffmanplayedguest star2 Episodes
Murray MathesonplayedLee Morton2 Episodes
Richard KileyplayedPaul Amanston / Julio Venichio2 Episodes
Robert AldaplayedJeff2 Episodes
Everett SloaneplayedProfessor Kinworth2 Episodes
Frank MaxwellplayedAl2 Episodes
Will KuluvaplayedSamuel2 Episodes
Maurice MansonplayedSaucer Man2 Episodes
Bethel LeslieplayedDaughter2 Episodes
Harry Landersplayedguest star2 Episodes
Paul FordplayedCommissioner2 Episodes
Frank MilanplayedFrank2 Episodes
Jack CarterplayedVic Russo2 Episodes
Walter BrookeplayedDon2 Episodes
Salem LudwigplayedChandler2 Episodes
Mercedes McCambridgeplayedPatricia2 Episodes
Burgess MeredithplayedPaul2 Episodes
Joe Fallonplayedguest star2 Episodes
Lewis Charlesplayedguest star2 Episodes
Nelson OlmstedplayedDr. Carl Burgess2 Episodes
Horace McMahonplayedguest star2 Episodes
Jack WardenplayedSteve2 Episodes
James Doohanplayedguest star2 Episodes
Anne Seymourplayedguest star2 Episodes
Glenda Farrellplayedguest star2 Episodes
Lee J. CobbplayedWayne Crowder2 Episodes
Lola AlbrightplayedCarol Williams2 Episodes
Nina Fochplayedguest star2 Episodes
Jim BolesplayedStranger2 Episodes
Logan Fieldplayedguest star2 Episodes
Steven Gerayplayedguest star2 Episodes
Eva GaborplayedLaura2 Episodes
Vinton HayworthplayedDavis2 Episodes
Cloris Leachmanplayedguest star2 Episodes
Florence AnglinplayedMrs. Colucci2 Episodes
Jack Davis (1)playedguest star2 Episodes
Joanne Woodwardplayedguest star2 Episodes
Phyllis Kirkplayedguest star2 Episodes
Thom Carneyplayedguest star2 Episodes
James MaloneyplayedCarmichael2 Episodes
Warren Parkerplayedguest star2 Episodes
Murvyn Vyeplayedguest star2 Episodes
Alexander LockwoodplayedGorham2 Episodes
Mark HendersonplayedSecond Child2 Episodes
Jean AlexanderplayedElena Ortega2 Episodes
Gaye Hustonplayedguest star2 Episodes
Paul NewmanplayedSgt. Wilson2 Episodes
Buzz Martinplayedguest star2 Episodes
Paul TrippplayedSam Whipple / guest star2 Episodes
Lon Chaney, Jr.playedThe Monster2 Episodes
James Dean (1)playedRalph2 Episodes
Allan DrakeplayedChu Ling2 Episodes
Luis Van Rootenplayedguest star2 Episodes
Mary Sinclairplayedguest star2 Episodes
Donald Bukaplayedguest star2 Episodes
Gregory Mortonplayedguest star2 Episodes
Virginia Gilmoreplayedguest star2 Episodes
Mort AbrahamsplayedProducer2 Episodes
Lex BarkerplayedKurt2 Episodes
Sally GracieplayedGeorgette / guest star2 Episodes
Ethel Remeyplayedguest star2 Episodes
Flora CampbellplayedJane2 Episodes
Melville RuickplayedDr. Jack Farleigh2 Episodes
Esther RalstonplayedWoman from Future2 Episodes
Michael KeeneplayedHugh Dunning2 Episodes
Natalie Priestplayedguest star2 Episodes
Clifford SalesplayedJack2 Episodes
Charles Proctorplayedguest star2 Episodes
Anthony Rossplayedguest star2 Episodes
Bert LytellplayedDr. Hardensteen2 Episodes
Calvin ThomasplayedGeneral Gates2 Episodes
Richard TraskplayedPeter2 Episodes
Joe Abdullahplayedguest star2 Episodes
Veronica LakeplayedPaula2 Episodes
Peter CapellplayedBrenegan2 Episodes
Robert Nelsonplayedguest star2 Episodes
Joseph Buloffplayedguest star2 Episodes
Peter Von ZerneckplayedColonel2 Episodes
Parker Fennellyplayedguest star2 Episodes
William Lallyplayedguest star2 Episodes
Fred StewartplayedDr. Davidson2 Episodes
Russell Hardieplayedguest star2 Episodes
Michael GorrinplayedDr. Meshkoff2 Episodes
Heywood Hale Brounplayedguest star2 Episodes
Iris Mannplayedguest star2 Episodes
Harry MehaffeyplayedLou2 Episodes
Howard Wierumplayedguest star2 Episodes
Harrison Dowdplayedguest star2 Episodes
Byron Halsteadplayedguest star2 Episodes
Don McClellandplayedCongressman Folmer2 Episodes
Dorothy Petersonplayedguest star2 Episodes
Arthur Tellplayedguest star2 Episodes
Patricia FerrisplayedFrances2 Episodes
Jeffrey Lynnplayedguest star2 Episodes
Gaby RodgersplayedJoan2 Episodes
Mary Alice MooreplayedKitty / Frankenstein's Wife2 Episodes
Zachary ScottplayedRay Clinton2 Episodes
Louise Buckleyplayedguest star2 Episodes
Katherine Balfourplayedguest star2 Episodes
Helen Auerbachplayedguest star2 Episodes
Raymond BramleyplayedElizabeth's Father / Frankenstein's Teacher2 Episodes
Julius BingplayedJoachim Ortega2 Episodes
Robert Allen (4)playedCarl Everson2 Episodes
Aina Niemalaplayedguest star2 Episodes
Royal BealplayedGeneral2 Episodes
Harry Sheppardplayedguest star2 Episodes
Charles McClellanplayedSenator Perkins2 Episodes
Nina Varelaplayedguest star2 Episodes
Bernard Lenrowplayedguest star2 Episodes
Connie Clausenplayedguest star2 Episodes
Philip FavershamplayedJeffrey Stackpole2 Episodes
Kyle MacDonaldplayedSinger2 Episodes
Ray MorganplayedAnnouncer2 Episodes
Andrew Branhamplayedguest star2 Episodes
Barbara Boultonplayedguest star2 Episodes
Bert Kalmar Jr.playedguest star2 Episodes
Richard W. ShanklandplayedThe President2 Episodes
Lee GrahamplayedSally2 Episodes
Ruth EndersplayedMary Jarvis / guest star2 Episodes
Richard Keith (1)playedguest star2 Episodes
Joe Lathamplayedguest star2 Episodes
Claire LuceplayedRose2 Episodes
Terry GreeneplayedWalt2 Episodes
Lisa AyersplayedMiss Perkins2 Episodes
Charles KenneyplayedMan in Cloakroom2 Episodes
Grant RobertsplayedFirst Child2 Episodes
Nancy Ann KramerplayedThird Child2 Episodes
Leola Harloweplayedguest star2 Episodes
Dario Barrieplayedguest star2 Episodes
Rudolf Justice Watsonplayedguest star2 Episodes
Robert Bernard (2)playedguest star2 Episodes
Harold B. Clemenkoplayedguest star2 Episodes
Alex Alexander (2)playedguest star2 Episodes
Monica Lovettplayedguest star2 Episodes
David McKay (3)playedguest star2 Episodes
Merilee Ruickplayedguest star2 Episodes
Sam Logantiplayedguest star2 Episodes
Peggy AllisonplayedNurse2 Episodes
Joey HathawayplayedSara2 Episodes
Peter Munsonplayedguest star2 Episodes
Harry Kerseyplayedguest star2 Episodes
Cecile Royplayedguest star2 Episodes
Helen Warnowplayedguest star2 Episodes
Bernard BurkeplayedGunman2 Episodes
Merle AlbertsonplayedDaughter2 Episodes
Muffet PeterplayedSecretary2 Episodes
Jim WalshplayedFloor Manager2 Episodes
Robert F. LevineplayedAgency Executive2 Episodes
Merle WorsterplayedChief Engineer2 Episodes
Lovey Powellplayedguest star2 Episodes
May Lee Deeringplayedguest star2 Episodes
Johnny Olsenplayedguest star2 Episodes
Michael Mann (5)playedWilliam2 Episodes
Network: ABC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Anthology, Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Fridays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 03, 1951
Ended: June 12, 1953
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