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Season 6

167 :06x01 - Casket 7.3

A group of Confederate soldiers swipe a casket that's laden with money.
Guest Stars: Howard Keel as Justin Brox | Suzanne Lloyd as Christine | Torin Thatcher as Grey Man | Stephen Roberts as Wells Fargo Official | Norman Leavitt as Agent | Eve McVeagh as Woman | Lewis Webb as Man #1 | Charles Horvath as Man #2
Director: Jerry Hopper

168 :06x02 - The Dodger

A man whom Hardie helped send to prison ten years before is out and passing out leaflets offering a big bounty on Hardie's hide.
Guest Stars: Philip Carey as Jay Squire | Claude Akins as Rake | Steve Darrell as Sheriff | Jon Lormer as Clerk | Paul Barselou as Happy | William Hunter as Red Martin | Richard Warren as Smitty | Coleman Francis as 1st Man | Paul McGuire (1) as 2nd Man
Writer: Jack Turley

169 :06x03 - Treasure Coach

A bandit redeems himself when he protects stagecoach passengers from another group of outlaws.
Guest Stars: Robert Vaughn as Billy Brigode | Pat Crowley as Lydia | Jocelyn Brando as Frances Cobb | J. Pat O'Malley as Dr. Cobb | Shari Lee Bernath as Melissa | Tol Avery as Kellems | Boyd Stockman as Driver

170 :06x04 - Death Raffle

A former safecracker gets stranded in town where a large shipment of money is being stored in a bank vault. Will temptation prove too much?
Guest Stars: Gary Clarke (1) as Davey Hewitt | Kelly Thordsen as Ben | Gregg Palmer as Steger | Grant Sullivan (1) as Dutch | Paul Bryar as Sam | David Garcia as Floyd | Skip Torgerson as Brady | Rankin Mansfield as Clerk | Gene Roth as Conductor | Bennye Gatteys as Jessamie | Charles Tannen as Banker

171 :06x05 - Tanoa

Hardie and Beau McCloud meet with Native American chief to negotiate a new stagecoach route through his territory.
Guest Stars: Rodolfo Acosta as Red Knife | Patricia Michon as Tanoa | Richard Hale as Pochalo | Charles Watts as Anderson | Ricky Branson as Wahneehee | Boyd Stockman as Lom | Sara Taft as Mrs. Forbes | Iron Eyes Cody as Medicine Man | Erwin Neal as Drunk | Hal Needham as Brave

172 :06x06 - Mr. Mute

A famous clown is unaware that crooks have hidden stolen money in his trunk.
Guest Stars: Lyle Bettger as LaPorte | Ron Soble as Dorcus | Lane Bradford as Hull | Steve Darrell as Sheriff | Chubby Johnson as Ernie | Jim Goodwin as Henry | Gene Roth as Contractor | Vito Scotti as Mr. Mute

173 :06x07 - Jeremiah

Hardie must track down an old pal who's now wanted by the law.
Guest Stars: Albert Salmi as Jeremiah Logart | Nancy Gates as Amelia Cavendish | Margarita Cordova as Serafina | Joseph Ruskin as Shelby | Bryan Russell as Jody | Jennifer Gillespie as Karen | Joe Brown (3) as Martin | Steve Warren as Donner | X Brands as Brock

174 :06x08 - A Fistful of Pride

A has been boxer agrees to fight the reigning champion for a winner-take-all purse.
Guest Stars: Eddie Albert as Bonzo Croydon | Barbara Stuart as Lucy Croyden | Ed Nelson as Frisco Kid | Gina Gillespie as Cindy Croydon | David White (1) as Dooley | Dennis McCarthy as Willis | Harry Holcombe as Judge | Clegg Hoyt as Crony #2 | H.M. Wynant as Carson | Donald Elson as Crony #1
Writer: Sam Ross

175 :06x09 - Defiant at the Gate

An old outlaw decides to pay a final visit to his family in a town called Rimfire.
Guest Stars: Tom Tully as Matt Blackner | Gloria Talbott as Narcissa | Frank Ferguson as Deacon | L.Q. Jones as Striker | Nesdon Booth as Colonel Biscayne | Joe Forte as Justice of the Peace

176 :06x10 - Man of Another Breed

Hardie and Beau go in pursuit of two robbers who killed an elderly station agent.
Guest Stars: Robert Middleton as Caleb Timmons | Debra Paget as Kate Timmons | Dee Pollock as Arly Timmons | Tom Gilson as Buck Timmons | Ina Victor as Hostess | Willis Bouchey as Frank Dane | John Zaremba as Sheriff | Wright King as Will Norris

177 :06x11 - Kelly's Clover Girls

Three saloon girls are en route to a murder trial where they're due to testify but someone seems determined to make sure they don't make their destination.
Guest Stars: Virginia Field as Kelly Green | Lisa Gaye as Sunset | Michael Pate as Kalo | Dawn Wells as Molly | Steve Darrell as Sheriff | William Mims as Canby | Glenn Strange as Craiger | Earl Hansen as Benson | Paul Wexler as Charlie | Phil Chambers (1) as Agent | Hank Patterson as Coleman Flagg
Writer: Jack Turley

178 :06x12 - A Killing in Calico

A man who once sold out his old gang is marked for death.
Guest Stars: Dean Jones as Jamie Coburn | John Larch as Beaker | Patricia Breslin as Theresa Coburn | George Brenlin as Wolf | Byron Foulger as Telegraph Clerk | Herb Vigran as Shopkeeper
Writer: Jack Turley

179 :06x13 - New Orleans Trackdown

Leaving New Orleans, Beau McCloud is on board a stage that's robbed of a small package. With the aid of a fellow passenger, Beau sets out after the thieves.
Guest Stars: Tina Louise as Helene Montclair | Hank Brandt as Roger Montclair | Isobel Elsom as Madeleine Montclair | Wilton Graff as Manfred Montclair | Robert Bailey as Gilbert Asher | Mauritz Hugo as Dallas Stone | Carmen Phillips as Gigi | Valentin de Vargas as Carlos Estabanio | Jess Kirkpatrick as Gus | Don C. Harvey as Joe | John Damler as Coley | Kit Carson as Charlie | Marjorie Bennett as Landlady | Craig Duncan as Bartender | Chester Jones as Thomas Butler | Ronnie Rondell, Jr. as 1st Man | Dean Smith (1) as 2nd Man

180 :06x14 - Trackback

Hardie tracks a young outlaw to the hideout of his gang.
Guest Stars: Richard Rust as Wally Lambert | Leo Gordon as Frank Lambert | Morgan Woodward as Steve Taggart | Steve Darrell as Sheriff | John Cliff as Chuck Devers | Edward Mallory as Ron
Writer: Ed Adamson

181 :06x15 - Moneyrun

A former Mexican provincial governor, on the run from the forces of Emperor Maximilian, seeks refuge in the United State with a fortune in gold.
Guest Stars: Michael Ansara as Colonel Peralta | Anna Navarro as Carla Remosa | Baynes Barron as Scorpio | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Colonel Navarro | Vinton Hayworth as Travers | Frank Gerstle as Tim | Phil Chambers (1) as Clerk | Larry Chance as Lucera | George Dolenz as Rafael de Lopa
Director: Francis D. Lyon
Writer: Sam Ross

182 :06x16 - Return to Yesterday

Hardie falls for an opera singer but she might be more interested in her career than in settling down with him.
Guest Stars: Dianne Foster as Ella Congreve | Yvette Vickers as Agnes Jenkins | Addison Richards as Simon Congreve | Lew Gallo as Harry Bowen | Steve Darrell as Sheriff | Phil Chambers (1) as Clerk | Phil Tully as McGuire | William Challee as Jim Suggett | Jason Robards, Sr. as Ira P. Strickland | Mack Williams (1) as Colonel Hampden | Adam Stewart as Atherton
Writer: Ken Trevey

183 :06x17 - Reward for Gaine

Three soldiers are held for murder when their commanding officer orders an unprovoked attack on Native Americans.
Guest Stars: John Doucette as Sgt. Gaine | John Anderson as Colonel Bledsoe | Robert Osterloh as Corporal Simon | Brad Weston as Prentiss | John War Eagle as Kill Eagle | Steven Terrell as Tribly | Robert Karnes as Corporal Lark | Loyal T. Lucas as Boulanger | Allen Pinson as Moore | Kit Carson as 1st Guard | Dean Smith (1) as 2nd Guard | Linda Dangcil as Feather

184 :06x18 - Assignment in Gloribee

A female writer falls for an outlaw.
Guest Stars: Rod Cameron as Nathan Chance | Patricia Owens as Katherine Anne Murdock | Steve Darrell as Sheriff | Stafford Repp as Major Shankford | Gene Roth as Conductor | Leonard P. Geer as Jeelo Curran | George Kennedy as Hawk

185 :06x19 - Incident at Crossbow

Passengers of a stagecoach find themselves being held hostage by outlaws at a Wells Fargo station.
Guest Stars: Michael Forest as Duke Tolliver | Robert Sampson (1) as Arthur King | Russell Thorson as Jug Perry | Hal Baylor as Hondo | Dan Sheridan as Sam Storey | Allen Jaffe as Case | Robert Williams (1) as Charlie Dodge | Dara Howard as Flo Healey

186 :06x20 - Portrait of Teresa

An American and his Mexican galpal are terrorized by the senorita's jilted fiancee.
Guest Stars: Arthur Franz as Mel Akins | George Keymas as Miguel | Rico Alaniz as Lopez | Roberto Contreras as Antonia | Don Kennedy as Deputy | Rankin Mansfield as Storekeeper | Marya Stevens as Rosita | William Fawcett as Stage Driver | Richard Warren as Blacksmith | Georgette Duval as Teresa | Bill Catching as Cowhand | Boyd Stockman as Cowhand | Hal Needham as Cowhand | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Cowhand
Writer: Al C. Ward

187 :06x21 - Hometown Doctor

Hardie has to hunt down a veterinarian when Wells Fargo refuses to deliver a herd of cattle unless they're certified free of disease.
Guest Stars: Richard Long as Dr. Jeremy Wilson | Ken Scott as Stringer | George D. Wallace as Cross | Lillian Bronson as Missie Blake | Steve Darrell as Sheriff | Paul Sorenson as 1st Drover | Francis McDonald as Jethro | Hank Patterson as Driver | Emerson Treacy as Doc Quinney | Roy Barcroft as Sam Rogers | Boyd "Red" Morgan as 2nd Drover | Leonard P. Geer as 3rd Drover | Nina Shipman as Gloria Wilson
Director: Sidney Lanfield

188 :06x22 - The Traveler

The town of Gloribee has a new schoolteacher who impresses the townsfolk. The some secrets from his past get out.
Guest Stars: Jack Warden as Brad Axton | Phil Chambers (1) as Clerk | Ken Mayer as Sunderman | Warren J. Kemmerling as Morgan | Tyler McVey as Max Andrews | Hank Patterson as Driver | Dorothy Lovett as Mrs. Reeves | John Craven (1) as Simmons | Leon Tyler as Roberts | Dan White (1) as Bartender | Celia Kaye as Julie | Chuck Roberson as Lee | Debbie McGowan as Cindy | Paul Baxley as Olins
Writer: Al C. Ward

189 :06x23 - Winter Storm

A blizzard forces Hardie, Jeb, and Tina to stay in a purported ghost town.
Guest Stars: Dan Duryea as Marshal Blake | R.G. Armstrong as Hanson | Eddie Firestone as Kelly | James Beck (2) as Eddie Pierce | Gale Garnett as Ruth | Boyd Stockman as Tom
Director: William Witney
Writer: Dick Nelson

190 :06x24 - Chauncey

Tina is bored with her life and thinks that a handsome newcomer can help her escape the doldrums.
Guest Stars: Burt Brinckerhoff as Chuck Evans | Phil Chambers (1) as Ben Whipple | Donald Elson as J. C. Clegg | Lewis Martin as Colonel Reese | Andy Albin as Uncle Joe | Mabel Forrest as Mrs. Reese | Jennie Lynn (1) as Child | Franklin Carson as Urchin | Tom Downing as 1st Posse Man | Kit Carson as 2nd Posse Man | Jack Carry as Farmer
Writer: Ellis Marcus

191 :06x25 - Who Lives by the Gun

Hardie tries to steer a youth onto the straight and narrow and prevent him from becoming an outlaw.
Guest Stars: Judith Evelyn as Emily Callan | Bart Patton as Jeff Callon | John Archer (1) as Grant Reynolds | John Alderson as Gage | Paul Birch as Sheriff Maxon | Rex Holman as Tolly Sherman | John Mitchum as Bartender | Kit Carson as Man | Kathie Browne as Peggy | Howard Wright as Doc Finley
Director: William Witney
Writer: Albert Aley

192 :06x26 - To Kill a Town

Escorting a prisoner, Hardie finds himself under attack by gunmen who want them both dead.
Guest Stars: Buddy Ebsen as Lou Reese | Russell Johnson as Norman Hall | Peter Helm as Jason Moore | Harry Lauter as Pete | Roy Wright as Blacksmith | Dan Riss as Barkeep | Olan Soule as Storekeeper | Joan Staley as Clarissa

193 :06x27 - End of a Minor God

Hardie and a notorious gunfighter are among stagecoach passengers menaced by bandits.
Guest Stars: Lin McCarthy as Billy Trent | Jan Merlin as Johnny Fullen | William Schallert as Paul Grieg | Steve Darrell as Sheriff | Phil Chambers (1) as Clerk | Walter Coy as Sheriff Vinocur | Robert J. Stevenson as Art Riddle | Hank Patterson as Benson | Jon Lormer as Bert Henshey | Kit Carson as Horace | Eileen Ryan as Lorry
Director: Christian Nyby

194 :06x28 - Remember the Yazoo

An outlaw is bailed out of jail--by a robber who needs a partner for his next job.
Guest Stars: James Westerfield as Sam Heffridge | Jason Evers as Tom Kelly | Richard Devon as Pierre Carondelet | Alan Napier as Colonel Decatur | Robert Cornthwaite as Anthony Boaz | Jonathan Kidd as Dunbar Burnett | Gil Perkins as Winstead | Boyd Stockman as Man | Jeanne Bal as Annette Decatur | Bobby Johnson as Messenger
Writer: Ellis Marcus

195 :06x29 - The Angry Sky

Hardie comes to the aid of a muledriver whose wife and child have been abducted by outlaws.
Guest Stars: Fay Spain as Marie Jarnier | Arch Johnson as Swede Lowell | Robert Colbert as Rossi | James Griffith (1) as Roland Jensen | Anne Barton as Helen Lowell | Gabrielle des Enfants as Kathy | Bill Catching as Cowhand | George Sawaya as First Drunk | Paul Baxley as Second Drunk | Roy N. Sickner as Henchman

196 :06x30 - Royal Maroon

A would be actress gets duped by bandits into aiding them.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Crowley as Royal Maroon | Harold Stone as Brian | Frank Ferguson as Sedge | Ron Foster as Ken Logan | Rush Williams as Shotgun | Charles Seel as Dr. Fergus

197 :06x31 - The Gold Witch

Two carnival hypnotists try to fleece a gold mine owner out of his claim.
Guest Stars: Ron Randell as Arthur Reardon | Alan Hale, Jr. as Denning | Diana Millay as Ruth Reardon | Whit Bissell as Charlie | Steve Darrell as Sheriff | Claire Carleton as Mary Sue | Jeff Morris as Ed | Gail Bonney as Elizabeth | Laya Raki as Gypsy Girl

198 :06x32 - Don't Wake a Tiger

Two brothers hold their former jailer hostage in a barbed-wire enclosure. It's up to Hardie to get inside and save the day.
Guest Stars: Jim Davis (1) as Jonas Sawyer | Royal Dano as Robert Mapes | Marjorie Reynolds as Helen Mapes | Harp McGuire as Sam Harris | Charlie Briggs as Andy Stone | William Tannen as Ollie Cooper | Mark Allen (1) as Bill | Tom Greenway as Henry Sharp | Hank Patterson as Stage Driver | Kit Carson as Danny | Mauritz Hugo as Agent | Allen Pinson as Shotgun | Gary Clarke (1) as Davie Sawyer

199 :06x33 - The Wayfarers

Hardie trails a pair of bandits--one male, one femal--across the border into Mexico.
Guest Stars: James Coburn as Ben Crider | Hugh Marlowe as George Adams | Roxane Berard as Ada Parker | Robert Bray as Henry Maxon | Robert Ellenstein as Augustus Parmalee | June Vincent as Grace Adams | Paul Fierro as Bandit | Alex Montoya as Juan
Director: William Witney
Writer: Frank Price

200 :06x34 - Vignette of a Sinner

A banker thinks he can commit the perfect crime--stealing $100,000 from his own bank.
Guest Stars: Jeff Morrow as Les Caldwell | Joyce Taylor as Rachel Whitman | James Craig (1) as Sheriff | Edward Platt as Doc Bell | Sam Gilman as Rockway | Dean Smith (1) as McLeod | William Mims as Lucius Kramm
Director: William Witney
Writer: Al C. Ward
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 18, 1957
Ended: September 08, 1962
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