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Season 3, Episode 1 - Recap

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Romeo walks down the street he used to live on before his father Vince died. He stops outside their old house, and watches a father and his two sons playing in the front yard.

Christine gets up and walks downstairs, asking Max if he wants to go out and get a coffee. He says he can't, and when Christine says she can drop him off at the tram stop, Max tells her he needs the exercise. Christine tells him that he can't keep avoiding her, and he says he's not. Max then tells her that Nat has arranged bunk beds at Romeo's so he's going to be staying there. Christine then watches Max leave, before going back to her bed and listening to a voice message from Spiros.

Romeo runs back home. Gigi is already dressed for school and Ally gives her some toast. Gigi is practising an audition for a school play. Romeo is ready for school and he says he's going. Gigi goes with him. On their way to school, Gigi asks Romeo if he wants to go to Vince's grave after school but he doesn't want to.

Gabriel confronts Tanya at her house, he knows Gigi has been going over there. Tanya says that Gigi misses Vince and that is why she comes to their house. Gabriel thinks that Tanya wants to 'steal' Gigi but she says that she has no intention of doing that.

Close to the school, Max is listening to music when he sees Ophelia. They say hello and then kiss. They see Romeo but then walk off.

Christine is sitting on bed before she gets up and leaves. Ally is sitting at an empty dining table when Joe wonders what is wrong. Nat comes in and says that she has some great news - she is the new face for a safe sex campaign, which is worth a lot of money. Ally congratulates her.

At school, Gigi is still practising her lines for a play. She watches other girls do the same. Miss Pappas comes out and wants those girls who are auditioning for the role of the hag to come inside. Gigi stays seated.

Christine sits in her car outside parliament house, holding a card in her hand. She then walks to the back of the building and tries the card several times but it doesn't open the door. Paddy sees her on the surveillance cameras and soon lets her in.

Ally sits at her computer and types in 'I want a job' into the search engine.

At parliament house, Christine walks into an office and asks the receptionist if Spiros is there. She says he is interstate for the day, and asks if she has an appointment. Christine says no, and then leaves. On her way out, she sees Billy and quickly goes to the elevator so that he doesn't see her.

Nat sniffs some cocaine and when Ally comes in, she says she didn't get much sleep. "Go to bed!" Ally exclaims but Nat says she has to be at work in half an hour.

Max and Romeo talk outside their lockers at school. Max notes that Romeo is like the angry man these days. Romeo says that there is nothing to be happy about. They soon get into a conversation about Max and Ophelia's relationship, and the fact that Romeo thinks they are cousins.

Gabriel arrives at the hospital, and gets in the elevator. A nurse asks him what he is doing there and he says that Taylor wants to see him. "Kiss of death" the nurse replies.

Ally walks around the University of Melbourne campus. She sees someone she thinks she knows, but when they don't respond to her calling out, she leaves.

In Doctor Taylor's office, she talks to Gabriel about his position at the hospital. She offers him a place in ICU, though he says he is happy in Emergency. Taylor tells Gabriel that the head of ICU is leaving and they want to offer him the position.

At Nat's work, a woman is dancing to music. Nat comes onstage as the presenter and when the show is finished, Melanie and Nat talk. Nat tells Melanie about the safe sex campaign, and Melanie thinks that Nat is too old to have sex.

Outside school, Charlotte is arguing with some girls before she runs off. Romeo follows her, but Charlotte doesn't want to talk at first. They eventually stop walking and Charlotte tells Romeo her secret - she's pregnant. Ophelia and Gigi, meanwhile, decide to go to the cemetery.

Christine is in Agatha's office. She tells her about Max moving out. They talk about what happened, and Christine reveals that when Max was four, he swallowed an ecstasy tablet while he was living with Nat. She then says she can't trust Max when he's with Nat. Agatha tells Christine that she should see how Max living with Nat plays out.

Nat and Max arrive at Christine's house to get Max's things. Max tells Nat to wait with the taxi in case Christine arrives home early. Christine meanwhile, gets into her car and eats a chocolate bar.

Ally arrives home and Joe puts some money down on the counter. He says it's for Gigi's school fees, but Ally doesn't want his money. Joe thinks it's because she wants help from Gabriel rather than him, but Ally tells him that's not the case. When Joe leaves, Ally rings Gabriel and invites him to dinner. Ally then rings Romeo to find out where he is, and then asks if he knows where Gigi is. Romeo says that he'll find her. Ally gets changed into a dress, and Nat and Max arrive home with Max's things. Nat shows Max the room he is going to be sharing with Romeo - Joe built them a bunk bed.

Christine arrives home with a small cake. She calls out to Max, but soon sees a note that he has left for her.

At Ally's house, there is a knock at the door. Ally runs down the stairs to answer and Joe is there as well. At the door is Gabriel, and Joe decides he is going to get some wine to have at dinner.

Gigi and Ophelia are at Vince's grave with some flowers. Romeo arrives and starts having a go at Ophelia, telling her that she's a freak.

Ally and Gabriel talk in the kitchen. Before Gabriel can say anything, Nat and Max walk in. Ally gets a phone call, it's one of her children and she tells them that she wants them home. Nat suggests that they can order pizza for dinner, and then offers Max a glass of wine, to which Ally says no. Max then excuses himself as he has to study.

A little later that night, Romeo, Gigi and Ophelia realise that they are locked in the cemetery and call Joe, who is sitting at the beach. Joe calls the caretaker who comes to the cemetery with a key to unlock the gate.

Billy arrives at Christine's house, much to her surprise. He thinks that she should run for Tim's seat in parliament, as Spiros told him about her intelligence. Christine thinks it's a ridiculous idea.

Max is sitting with his laptop and gets a message from Tim, who is on Skype. He wants to know if he can get hold of Christine because he hasn't been able to. Max says that he has no idea where Christine is and has to go because he's trying to help Romeo study.

Joe arrives home with Romeo and Gigi. Romeo says sorry to Ally, but she wants to talk to Gigi. She asks her why her phone is always switched off and Gigi says it's because her battery is flat. Gigi soon confesses that she's been talking to Ophelia and also Tanya, which Gabriel knew about. Ally gets a bit upset and goes outside, and Gabriel follows her. They argue for a bit, before Ally asks him what is stopping them from being something. But before Gabriel answers, the pizza arrives.

Christine sits on her bed with her laptop and talks to Tim on Skype.

Max is asleep when he hears Romeo get up and wonders where he is going. Romeo tells him to go back to sleep. Standing outside their old house, Romeo then watches a fire burn in the bushes out the front.