Season 3, Episode 2 - Recap

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Gigi is at school, lying on the grass of the oval. Two girls approach her, wanting to know what she is doing but Gigi doesn't reply. She then goes to the corridor, where, in front of her locker, all of her things have been thrown onto the floor. Ophelia helps her pick it up.

Ally is in a cafe, trying to sell her muffins, while Joe is sitting outside in the car waiting. Ally goes back to the car, and she shows Joe the money she was given - the cafe owner said he'd take 20 a day. Ally then decides she has to make a phone call, and gets out again. She rings Gabriel, who is at work.

Christine walks half way up the steps of parliament house, and stops to stare at the old building.

Max arrives on the banks of the Yarra and greets his rowing partner, Harvey. They watch some of the other guys they'll be competing against.

Tanya comes home, and sees Ophelia and Gigi eating marshmallows and toast with hot chocolate. She asks what is going on, and Ophelia tells her that some girls at school are giving Gigi a hard time. When Tanya asks what they are doing to do about it, Gigi says she'll just suffer.

Nat walks into the house, and sees some flowers on the table. Ally watches, asking her who they are from. Nat has no idea, but she rings the number that was left on a piece of paper and when it goes to the answering service, she quickly hangs up when she realises who it was. Romeo then arrives home from school. Nat then talks to Ally about how much sexual tension there is between her and Joe. Ally doesn't agree.

Joe takes Romeo out for a driving lesson.

Gabriel and another doctor, Sean, are at work. Sean gets a phone call from his son but it is a short conversation. Sean tells Gabriel that his son is driving him crazy.

Back at the Kovac house, Max tells everyone that he made the rowing team. Ally thinks that he should tell his mum. Nat goes through her script for the safe sex ad, which leads to a conversation about whether Max and Ophelia are having safe sex. Max clearly doesn't want to talk about it.

Christine sits at her table, eating dinner, whilst listening to a radio quiz show. After she's finished, she turns the radio off and washes up. Her mobile phone rings and when she sees it's from Tim, she doesn't answer.

At the hospital canteen, Gabriel calls Ally. He tells her what he's about to eat, and she says he can come over and eat instead. But he has to fill in for someone, and doesn't finish work until 4am.

Romeo and Max are playing a video game, while Gigi watches. Gigi says that Tanya is nice, but Romeo tells her to leave it because it's doing their mum's head in. Gigi doesn't care, and goes on to ask Romeo if he thinks their dad loved Tanya. Romeo looks at her and his bike on the video game crashes, Max laughs.

Ally is restless in bed, and decides to go see Gabriel, who is just finishing work. When she kisses him, Gabriel tells her that he's exhausted and he needs to crash. Ally goes home and wakes up Nat, wondering why she and Gabriel aren't like it's supposed to be. In the morning, Joe makes every one bacon and egg rolls using the barbecue outside. Gigi tells Ally and Nat that she thinks she got the part she wanted in the school play.

Christine talks to Agatha, telling her that she's thinking about running for the political job she was offered by Billy. When Agatha asks her why, Christine says it's a number of reasons, like sorting out the mental health act. Agatha is surprised however, when Christine says that maybe she can hurt Billy in the process.

At school, Romeo has a go at Max for asking Ally if Ophelia can come over to their house. When the bell goes, he then tells Max that he's going to skip art because he has to do other stuff.

In the school chapel, the girls go to confession. Charlotte walks in, but soon runs back out again. She goes outside and throw up. When it's Gigi's turn, she asks the priest where he thinks her dad is.

Nat and Gabriel talk in the hospital eating area. Nat tells him about her new job, the safe sex campaign, and Gabriel tells her about the job he got offered.

Christine is on the phone at home when Ally arrives. They talk about Ally's job prospects, and the idea of selling muffins to cafes.

At work, Nat is getting her hair done. Her phone rings but she doesn't answer it. When she checks her messages, she realises that it was from the same man who left the flowers - Michael Chubievsky.

Gigi is once again auditioning for the school play. Miss Papas tells her that she'd like her to try out for the role of Mardie. Gigi looks surprised, Mardie is the old hag. Miss Papas tells Gigi that Ophelia got the role of Julie, the one that Gigi wanted.

Nat begins work on her ad campaign in front of the camera. She wants to ad lib rather than say everything that was on the script.

Romeo waits for Charlotte at the women's wellbeing centre. Charlotte doesn't want to go home because she thinks her mother will be able to guess that she's pregnant. Romeo says that they'll go to his house instead.

Gigi is sitting on the couch at home, next to Max and Ophelia who are kissing. Gigi watches them. When they stop, Ophelia says that it's great she and Gigi are both in the play. Gigi says her role is technically difficult.

Ally walks into a lecture room at Melbourne University. She sees Alan there, who she used to work for but he doesn't remember her. Alan asks her what's happened to her since, and she tells him that she got married and had kids. He leaves a little while later, seemingly not interested.

Charlotte is lying in Romeo's bed, she asks him if he thinks she's a bad person. Romeo shakes his head and tells her to sleep.

Ally arrives home, and Romeo comes into the lounge and says that Charlotte had some bad prawns. Ally hands some groceries to Joe, says hello to Ophelia and goes off to find Nat, who is in her room and getting ready to go out.

Christine arrives at a cafe, where Billy is waiting. She tells him that if she agrees to take the job, he can't interfere with the campaign.

Later at night, Nat leaves for the night. Joe asks Ophelia if she's going to stay for dinner. She looks at Ally and says she's starving and asks if it's okay. Ally says that it is. When everyone is eating, Tanya sits outside in her car. She eventually knocks on the door. Tanya and Ally go outside to talk. Tanya wants to clear the air about Gigi coming over to her house, she says she doesn't encourage it but Gigi is welcome there. When Tanya walks back inside, Joe confronts her and says that she should have kept her dirty little secret to herself. Ally then goes for a walk outside.

Max calls Christine and tells her that he made the rowing team. Christine thinks that the news is fantastic, and that his dad will be excited. She asks if they can get together and talk, he says okay. Christine then says she misses him a lot.

Gigi and Romeo talk in her room.

Ally sits on a chair at the beach. Joe arrives and sits next to her. Ally asks him if he wants to kiss her, he says yeah, all the time. Ally tells him that she wants to kiss him, and they start to kiss.

Christine is sitting up in her bed, with her laptop near her. It makes a noise, and she stares at the screen. Eventually she clicks a button and Tim appears on Skype. She tells him about the job Billy offered her. He isn't impressed when she says that she is going to do it, and turns off the video call.

Ally and Joe have sex. Gigi practises her lines for the school play.