Season 3, Episode 4 - Recap

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It's the morning, and Gigi has a fake nose on for her school play, and wants to know if she can use some steak for warts. Ally, who is in bed with Joe, eventually says it's okay, from behind the closed door.

Ally gets ready for the day; she has a number of job interviews. Joe says he thinks they should tell the kids about their relationship, but Ally likes the secretiveness of it.

Gigi and Romeo walk to school. There, Romeo talks to Charlotte, who says that it wasn't Luke Wintle who got her pregnant. Romeo says that Gigi told him that it was Luke.

At home, Max and Christine have their photo taken, before a journalist asks them a number of questions. When the interview is over, Christine asks Max if he wants to have dinner with her sometime this week, and he says okay, before he heads off to school.

Ally sits in a room, while a man goes over her resume. When asked about what assets she thinks she would bring to the company, Ally goes to reply but spills a glass of water that was sitting on the table. When she gets home, she talks to Nat in the kitchen. Nat tells Ally that Joe is in love with her, but Ally doesn't think so.

Gigi watches rehearsal for the play. Charlotte comes up to her and wants to know why she told Romeo about Luke. Charlotte tells her that she's a nosey bitch. A bit later, Gigi walks home, watching a number of teenage students kissing.

Max and Romeo walk home. Max doesn't want Romeo to get bashed. Romeo says that Ally is picking him up so he can have a driving lesson.

Gabriel is at Tanya's house with a bottle of wine. They talk while she hangs out the washing. Max and Ophelia arrive, and think it's a bit weird that Gabriel and Tanya are talking. Gabriel then takes Max home.

Billy watches Christine talk to a member of the public, while she is out campaigning in a park. When they talk, Billy says that he's arranged for her to have a chat with the Premier.

While driving, Romeo tells Ally that she's going to be amazing in her next job interview and that they'd be lucky to have her. They then talk briefly about Vince, and what he would have done in situations similar to their current ones. Instead of waiting while Ally has her interview, Romeo drives off, and parks the car outside a sporting ground. He gets out the car and grabs a crow bar. Luke watches helplessly through the locked gate, as Romeo smashes his car window. Romeo goes back to pick Ally up and they decide to go have some cake from a cafe.

Gigi walks through a lane way in the city. At a shop, she asks for a pair of scissors, and when asked what they are for, she puts on the voice of the old hag. She then says it's for a play, and the scissors need to look old and heavy.

Back at home, Gigi proceeds to cut grapes in half with her new pair of scissors. Ally talks to Joe about the job interviews she had that day. In Romeo's room meanwhile, Max gets annoyed when Romeo tells he and Harvey about Luke Wintle's car. Max says that they'll kill him now. Nat arrives with Chub, she wants him to meet everyone (again). When Nat wants Ally to help her pick out a jacket, Romeo asks Chub if he's the old boyfriend who fucked Nat up. Chub, however, thinks they should wrestle.

On his way out, Harvey bumps into Gigi, who has her old hag nose on. Harvey asks her why she has pieces of meat on her nose, and she says that she's a crow. "You look pretty for a crow," Harvey replies.

In Nat's room, she tells Ally to give Chub a chance.

Chub meanwhile, has Romeo in a hold he calls the 'Chub lock'. Max and Joe watch on. When Nat comes back down the stairs, she, Chub and Max leave. Later on, Ally goes upstairs and sees Gigi lying on her bed. Gigi says that she's feeling a bit weird, and Ally lies down next to her.

Early the next morning, Max and Harvey are out rowing. Harvey tells him that what happened between them is no big deal.

Chub drives Max to school. They talk about Romeo, and the amount of fights he has been getting into. Chub says that Max can't act scared, and Max says he's not acting, to which Chub laughs.

Romeo is out in the shed, looking through a tool box. He grabs a screwdriver and puts it in his school bag. Joe asks him what's going on, and Romeo says nothing. When Joe asks if it's about the fight, Romeo says that sleeping with Ally doesn't make him his dad.

Inside the house, Ally leaves another message on Gabriel's phone. Joe walks in and overhears what she is saying, but pretends that he walked in after she gets off the phone.

At parliament house, Christine walks with the Premier, and they talk about her campaign. Christine says she is looking for a faction she is sync with, and the Premier thinks that Billy is going to bring her into parliament, and she's going to cut his balls off.

Ally attends yet another job interview. She realises that it's not the job for her however, and decides to leave, which surprises the man who was prepared to give her the job.

Joe starts to put up a photo of the kids, but stops and goes over to Gabriel's house. He tells him to leave Ally alone, and Gabriel shoves him to the ground and says he's a disgusting parasite. Joe gets up and punches Gabriel.

When he goes back home, Gigi says she's worried if she doesn't say something, Ally is going to get hurt, but if she does say something, Ally might get hurt anyway. Joe says he can help her decide. Gigi then says that Gabriel has been at Tanya's a lot, to which Joe says they shouldn't mention it.

At the beach, Max and Nat are sitting on a bench. Max says that he likes Chub, and Nat tells him that the three of them were once happy, but she fucked it up. Max then tells her about what happened between he and Harvey, and Nat thinks it's great if he's gay. But Max says he's not gay.

Gigi and Harvey watch TV. They talk about the play, Gigi thinks that some people aren't taking it seriously. Harvey says that he hates that. When Gigi asks him if he wants to finger her, he says he should leave.

Romeo and Charlotte walk home. Romeo asks her a question, but Charlotte doesn't answer. Instead, she wants Romeo to chase her, and they run, before falling down on the ground.

At work, Gabriel and Sean talk during their tea break. Gabriel tells Sean he's thinking about travelling, maybe moving to Sydney.

Later on, Joe and Ally are in bed. Joe says that he thinks they should get married, Ally thinks he's joking, but he's serious. Ally tells him that it's not because of Gabriel, it's because he is Vince's brother. And that she can't ever be anything serious with him. Joe gets up, and says that he's glad it's not because of Gabriel, because he's been busy with Tanya.

Chub and Nat are out, and Chub wants to drive to his place.

In the morning, Christine has arrived at Ally's house with a package for Max. Nat arrives home in a taxi. Christine asks Max if Nat has been out all night, but before Max can reply, Nat walks in. Christine then leaves, and Max watches.

At another interview, a woman tells Ally that she didn't think they did Newton's law in science degrees 17 years ago. Ally fakes a laugh, and says she has kept up by reading journals. The woman doesn't believe her, and Ally tells her that she's rude, and goes to leave. But before she does, she tells the woman about her idea of school children talking to cosmonauts via ham radio, and the woman tells her to sit down again.