Season 3, Episode 5 - Recap

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Romeo lies in bed as Ally tells him to wake up because he's late. He waits until she leaves before getting up and grabbing a cricket bat. Romeo gets back into bed and hides the bat under his blanket. When Gigi comes in and asks what he's doing, he says that he is sick. She doesn't believe him. Joe walks down the stairs with his bag, and tells Gigi that it's time for him to hit the road. When he walks out the door, Gigi calls out to Ally, who isn't there. She then calls out to Romeo instead. Outside, a taxi is waiting and both Romeo and Gigi say goodbye to Joe.

Sean and Gabriel are out running when they run past Christine, and Gabriel calls out to her. He introduces Sean to her, before she says she better go because she's got a huge day.

Ally is in her car, waiting for Gabriel. She gets a text message from Romeo saying Joe has gone. When Gabriel arrives, Ally has a go at him because she thinks he slept with Tanya. He says he didn't sleep with her, and that he only went to her house because he wanted to talk about Vince. Ally gets back into her car, and drives off angrily, running over a witches hat along the way.

Joe is at the cemetary, urinating on Vince's grave.

Max walks into Chub and Nat's room, and is trying to wake Nat up. He's just got up and late for school, so Chub says he'll take him. On the way to school, Max and Chub talk about stories of when Max was younger.

Ally arrives at work on her first day, and is a little flustered following her argument with Gabriel. She thinks she is late, but the manager tells her that she was due to start work at 10am, so she's not late.

Christine is going door to door to advertise her political campaign.

At home, Romeo checks around the house with the cricket bat in his hand. Later, there is a knock on the door and he answers it with the bat in his hand, though it is Charlotte at the door. She's on a lunch break from school.

Nat is at work getting her hair done, when she gets a phone call. Melanie comes in and says that they need her, and Nat says she has just been offered a job on the breakfast show Sun Up and that she's thinking of taking Melanie with her.

The school kids are in rehearsal for the play. The Church boys, including Luke Wintle, start to hassle Gigi, so Charlotte tells Miss Papas.

Christine continues to door knock around the local area, and hands out her flyer to one man at his house.

Outside school, Charlotte asks Max if she can talk to him. She's worried about Romeo, and wants Max to do something. Max says he'll call Joe, who may not what do to. He and Ophelia start to walk home, and have a bit of an argument about Charlotte.

Ally arrives home where Nat and Chub are already waiting. Nat tells Ally the offer to work on Sun Up, and they want her to come out and celebrate. Ally however, wants to stay home with her kids.

Gigi notices that Ally is in a good mood, and she says she had a great day at work. Gigi then says that Romeo is cooking. Ally gets a phone call from Gabriel but ignores it.

At Chub's place, Nat wants to go out and celebrate but Chub wants to stay in and order some food. Nat wonders what they're going to do for an hour, and thinks maybe she'll play with her phone.

Tanya, Ophelia and Max are having dinner. Tanya asks Max a number of questions but Ophelia says that she's embarrassing Max, and that they're going to go to her room. Ophelia says she wants to have sex with him and they start to kiss. While they're in bed, Max says he can't do this and they just lie there instead.

Gabriel is at work and he rings Ally, who once again ignores his phone call. Romeo walks into her room and asks if she's upset about Joe leaving. They lie on her bed and talk for a while. They hear the door open, and Romeo thinks it might be Joe, but Ally says that it's not.

Max gets into the bunk bed, and asks about Joe, who Romeo says is not coming back. Max then asks him what he's going to do about Wintle. He says Wintle is going to kill Romeo, but Romeo says he's not.

Christine is lying in her bed reading a book.

Nat lies awake and looks at the time, it's 2.30am. She gets up and looks at her phone, before looking over at Chub who is sleeping.

In the morning, Max asks Ally if it's okay for him to have some juice. Ally tells him he has to stop asking, and then wants to know if he wants her to make him something to eat. Ally apologises for Nat not being there lately, and then says he has to tell Christine about Chub.

Chub brings Nat some breakfast in bed, but Nat wants to sleep a bit longer. Chub says he thought they were going to watch Max race.

Max and Harvey walk back to the boathouse, with Luke and two other boys following. Luke stirs Max up, and they start to fight. Chub and Nat arrive, and Chub pulls the boys apart. When Nat asks Max if he's okay, Max tells her to keep it cool and walks away.

Gigi and Charlotte rehearse for the play at home. Romeo walks into the room and starts to watch. Gigi talks to him using her character's voice.

Christine and Max are handing out flyers for the by-election. Max says he's copped a lot of shit because an article in a magazine which featured he and Christine. Max then quietly tells her that Nat is seeing Chub again, and walks off. Christine follows him, and Max says that Chub is a really nice guy, before leaving.

Inside the hall, where people are casting their votes, Christine is interviewed on camera for the tv.

Gabriel waits for Ally outside her work, and they argue again. Gabriel says that he'll lose everything, she's all he's got and he doesn't want her to shut him out.

Christine goes into the bathroom and calls Ally. She's upset from hearing the news about Chub's return.

At a restaurant, Nat signs an autograph for a fan. Chub tells her that he wants to make plans with her. He gets a phone call, and takes it near the bar. Nat watches, and when he gets back to the table, she asks him if he's still dealing. Chub says he stopped it years ago.

Christine is in front of her laptop, talking to Tim on Skype but the connection isn't very good. When she says that she won the by-election, he tells her to not expect him to be happy for her. Christine however, wants him to come home, and then tells him about Chub's return.

Gabriel arrives at Ally's house, and she tells him she didn't mean what she said to me. They kiss.

Gigi lies in her bed, and looks at her sheets. She gets up and walks into Ally's room, walking in on Ally and Gabriel having sex. Gigi apologises and then says that she just got her period.