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Season 1

Tenspeed and Brown Shoe

E.L. "Tenspeed" Turner is a conman who has just gotten out of prison. Hard up, he decides to rip off the Mob for a million dollars, only to discover that the mobsters got the money by fencing Nazi diamonds. Meanwhile, stockbroker Lionel Whitney is reluctantly preparing to marry his fiance Bunny, and E.L. hides the diamonds in Lionel's limo.
Guest Stars: Robert Webber (1) as Herman LaCross | Jayne Meadows as Ruth LaCross | Richard Romanus as Tommy Tedesco | John Harkins as Colonel Kurt Beuler | Simone Griffeth as Bunny LaCross | Larry Manetti as Chip Vincent | A.C. Weary as Fred Platt | Luke Andreas as Little Mo | Robyn Douglass as Martha Gribb | Argentina Brunetti as TBD |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Brocco as TBD | Peter Brocco as Dr. Erhart Brandt | Edwin Owens as TBD | Nicholas Worth as TBD | Nicholas Worth as Dick Hemmet | John A. Zee as TBD (as John Zee) | Peter MacLean as TBD | Frank Farmer as TBD | Argentina Brunetti as Celeste Diagusta | Essex Smith as TBD | Essex Smith as Ted Shakley | Bill Capizzi as TBD | Robert Casper as TBD | Leonard Barr as TBD | Leonard Barr as Comic |
Featuring: Fuddle Bagley as TBD | Catherine Beaton as TBD | Barry Cutler as TBD | Bradford English as TBD | Bob Goldstein as TBD | Tim Haldeman as TBD | Ken Hill as TBD | Steve Itkin as TBD | Renée Jones as TBD (as Rene Jones) | Renée Jones as Marie (as Rene Jones) | James Burr Johnson as TBD | Stu Klitsner as TBD | Joe Medelis as TBD | Tom Pletts as TBD | Henry G. Sanders as Clancy Turner | Donegan Smith as TBD | William Sumper as TBD | William Swan as TBD (as Bill Swan) | Jonathan Terry as TBD (as Jon Terry) | Jonathan Terry as Jason Wheelright (as Jon Terry) | Roz Vallero as TBD | Joey Villa as TBD | Marty Zagon as TBD
Director: E.W. Swackhamer

1 :01x01 - The Robin Tucker's Roseland Roof and Ballroom Murder

Over E.L.'s objections, Lionel takes on the case of an anonymous millionaire who wants to find a missing woman. The trail leads to the Robin Tucker Ballroom, where a man is dead and the missing woman has gone missing yet again.
Guest Stars: Elayne Heilveil as Susan Lardner | John Pleshette as Bill Kingman | Leo Gordon as Joe | Lee Paul as Stubby | Mark Giardino as Split | Bruce M. Fischer as Mickey |
Co-Guest Stars: Shirley Jo Finney as Susan | Mel Allen as Carrots | Eugene Peterson as Chase (Chase Kingman) | David Tress as Korman (Stan Korman) | Pearl Shear as Ticket Girl | Terrence McNally as David | Kathy Shea as Dance Hall Girl
Director: Arnold Laven

2 :01x02 - Savage Says "There's No Free Lunch"

An attractive woman hires Lionel to find out who is trying to kill her. However, their first suspect, the husband she was having an affair with, takes a dive off the roof, putting them on the trail of the person responsible.
Guest Stars: Denny Miller as Tony | Janice Heiden as Avon Madison | Tony Burton as Skeeter McClintock | Edward Bell (1) as David McPherson (as Ed Bell) |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Fairman as Doyle (Marshall Doyle) | Darrell Zwerling as Lovell (Charles Lovel) | Toni Gilman as Woman | Glenn Wilder as Albert | Ernie Orsatti as Mick
Director: John Patterson

3 :01x03 - Savage Says, "What Are Friends For?"

A stockbroker, Marty Huckerman, hires the agency to investigate two investors men who have threatened him after they came up with invalid social security numbers. When Marty turns up dead, the partners suspect he may have been laundering money for a motorcycle gang.
Guest Stars: Deborah Shelton as Sylvia Huckerman | James Murtaugh as Marty Huckerman (as Jim Murtaugh) | Martin Kove as Hell Hound Leader (as Marty Kove) | Sandy Ward as Lt. Blitz | Dave Shelley as Coroner |
Co-Guest Stars: John Petlock as Streeter (Julian Streeter) | John Zenda as Hoskins | Tom Stechschulte as Tully | Nicholas Shields as Tweed Jacket (as Nick Shields) | Matthew Tobin as Vickers (Stanley Vickers, as Matt Tobin) | Paul Micale as Tailor (as Paul J. Micale) | Dean Wein as Waiter | Jim Alquist as Diner | Skip Riley as Officer (as Skip Reilly)
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Shel Willens

4 :01x04 - The Sixteen Byte Data Chip and the Brown-eyed Fox

When a computer programmer goes missing, his attractive sister Lola hires Lionel and E.L. to find him, but it's E.L. that becomes romantically involved with her.
Guest Stars: Lynne Moody as Lola Marshall | Dennis Burkley as Cletus | Laurence Haddon as Walter Burton | Edmund Stoiber as Simon |
Co-Guest Stars: Harry Basch as Molina (Victor Molina) | Richard Dix as Dutton | Stanley Brock as Guard (Chester Higgins) | Michael Ensign as Maitre D' | Tommy Reamon as Jim (Jim Blazedale, as Tom Reamon) | Lewis Arquette as Lieber | Wallace Earl as Robin (Robin Colby, as Amanda Harley) | Casey King as Officer | James O'Connell as Clerk (as Jim O'Connell)
Director: Arnold Laven

5 :01x05 - The Millionaire's Life

E.L. runs a scam on millionaire Chase Davenport to get him to pay $1,000, and then uses the money to have another con artist hire Lionel to investigate Davenport, since Lionel won't take crooked money. However, it turns out Davenport is actually working with the Mob, and wants the partners dead before they turn up his criminal connections.
Guest Stars: James Sloyan as Mike "Scoop" McGill | Floyd Levine as Mark Trousdale |
Co-Guest Stars: Sheldon Feldner as Carlo | Ray Singer as Herman | Meeno Peluce as Joey | Alan Braunstein as Tim (Timothy Fanning) | Kenneth Kimmins as Milt (as Ken Kimmons) | Ben Hammer as Chase (Chase Davenport) | James Beach (1) as Sam Antha | Herb Downer as Bob | Deborah Adair as Sally | Bruce Tuthill as Police Officer (Officer Moorehead) | Larry Margo as Doorman | Frank Avila as Stan

6 :01x06 - Savage Says, "The Most Dangerous Bird is the Jailbird"

An old enemy's girlfriend, a lounge singer, comes to the partners for help. Before they can get any information, she's abducted and they have to rescue her.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Romanus as Tommy Tedesco |
Guest Stars: Shelley Smith as Phyllis Lattiger | Richard Dimitri as Johnny McClain | Woody Eney as Larry Craig | Luke Andreas as Truck | Bill Capizzi as Tommy's Thug | Larry Manetti as Chip Vincent |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Martin as Waiter | John Wyler as Head Waiter | Tad Horino as Attendant | Duane Tucker as Dirk | Tawny Little as Newscaster | Harold Greene (1) as David
Director: Reza Badiyi

7 :01x07 - It's Easier to Pass an Elephant Through the Eye of a Needle Than a Bad Check in Bel Air

E.L.'s nephew B.L. rolls into the town, but neglects to tell his uncle that he stole a numbers runner's receipt book and pinned the theft on his uncle.
Guest Stars: James Bond III as Brendan Leroy "B.L." Turner | Robert Alda as Rogers Dillingham | Dick Anthony Williams as Lester Rollins | Rockne Tarkington as Mucker | Renny Roker as Candy |
Co-Guest Stars: Henry G. Sanders as Clancy (as Henry Gale Sanders) | Alexander Zale as Sheik (Sheik Zabi) | Dominic Barto as Waiter | Scorpio as Arab | Jeff Chayette as Doorman (as Jeff Chayet) | Bob Frank as Tiffin
Director: Ivan Dixon

8 :01x08 - Loose Larry's List of Losers

On Lionel's birthday, his partner buys him a stolen watch as a birthday present. Things get worse when E.L.'s new parole officer prepares to send him back to prison.
Guest Stars: Candice Azzara as Bernice Courtney | Nicolas Coster as John Dalem | Kenneth O'Brien as Racetrack Richard Rollin |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe Clarke (1) as Cop | Edward Marshall as Man - Clerk (as Ed Marshall) | Robert Hirschfeld as Spardlyn (Jack Spardlyn) | Larry Margo as Sgt. Macy | Micole Mercurio as Woman (as Micol)
Director: Rod Holcomb

9 :01x09 - This One's Gonna Kill Ya

Lionel reopens the old Sable Hills murder case of the 40s, and teams up with the retired police detective who handled the investigation. However, when people start shooting tommyguns at E.L. and Lionel, Lionel figures they're getting close to a solution.
Guest Stars: John Anderson as Vernon Laws | James Whitmore, Jr. as Sgt. Bogart | Fred Stuthman as Jigs Duran |
Co-Guest Stars: James R. Parkes as Jergens | Lynn Herring as Gail (Gail Strickland) | Patricia Gaul as Capt. Mathews (as Patty Gaul) | Bruce Tuthill as Desk Sergeant |
Uncredited: Stephen J. Cannell as Stephen J. Cannell, Author

10 :01x10 - Untitled

When E.L. discovers the cleaning lady is a Russian countess, he arranges her marriage to a Hollywood talent agent so the agent can get a title... and so E.L. can make a $25,000 finders fee. But he and Lionel get involved in assault and robbery when a Russian history professor sends his thugs to get a jeweled dagger from the Tsar.
Guest Stars: Rene Auberjonois as Marty Boxx | Mario Roccuzzo as Victor Gardenia | Lesley Woods (1) as Katie Roman/Romanoff | Claude Earl Jones as Prof. Harlan Davidson |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Gosa as Clyde French (as James Goza) | L. Harvey Gold as Howard Ray (as Harvey Gold) | Derek Murcott as Peter James | Michael Karm as Reporter #1 | Michelle Hart as Reporter #2
Director: Rod Holcomb

11 :01x11 - The Treasure of Sierra Madre Street

When an insane man appears to be a cold-blooded killer faking insanity, a judge hires the agency to find out the truth. However, the partners soon discover that the judge isn't a judge, and E.L. is locked up when he infiltrates the psychiatric hospital.
Guest Stars: Lynn Carlin as Alice Rynkoff | Michael C. Gwynne as Dean Culpits | Red West as TBD | Bart Burns as Art Sartain | Anthony James as Kamecki | Timothy Carey as Obituary Bob (as Timothy Agoglia Carey) |
Co-Guest Stars: David Chow as Chester | Don Pedro Colley as Psychiatric Tech | Bert Conway as Eisenstadt (Carl Eisenstadt) | Mady Maguire as Dorothy (Dorothy Walker) | Pamela Brüll as Michelle (Michelle Moran) | Theodore Lehmann as Clerk (as Ted Lehmann) | John Voldstad as Young Man | Kendall Carly Browne as Judge Ducharme (Judge Grace Ducharme, as Kendall Carly Brown) | James Whitworth as Wysocky (Fred Wysocky)
Director: Harry Winer

12 :01x12 - Diamonds Aren't Forever

Tenspeed tries to help Lionel impress his visiting parents by setting him up with a better car and a penthouse office. Unfortunately, the car is stolen and the office's last occupant was a diamond merchant who was murdered for an expensive gem that has gone missing.
Special Guest Stars: Dana Wynter as Harriet Whitney | Simone Griffeth as Bunny |
Guest Stars: John Hillerman as William Whitney | Camilla Sparv as Camilla Caras | Dick Yarmy as Brandowyn | Thaao Penghlis as Van Cott |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe Spano as Duff McCoy | Jack Garner as Gabor | Kurt Grayson as Schmidt | Dino Shorte as Officer | Jason Corbett as Officer Farrell | Dennis Spiegel as Officer Blake
Director: Chuck Bowman
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Crime | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 27, 1980
Ended: June 27, 1980
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