Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather

Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather

Hogfather is a two part mini-series based on the infamous Terry Pratchet's Discworld series of novels. Discworld is a world very different then ours; it is flat. It is a disk that is supported on the backs of four elephants that stand on the shell of a giant turtle swimming through space. Despite the huge difference however Discworld has many similarities to our own world. They have Toothfairies, Boogiemen and even their very own version of Saint Nicolas named Hogsfather.

The Auditors, a group of all-seeing public servants, has seen belief as something non-existent and therefore must be removed from creation. They hire the Assassin's guild to kill the Hogfather on the eve of Hogswatch. The assassin's guild tap the very creepy Teatime (Teh-ah-tah-meh) to do the deed. DEATH (think the personification of the Grim Reaper) knows how bad this would be for reality and takes the place of the Hogfather, delivering presents to all the good little boys and girls to foster belief while trusting in his half-mortal granddaughter Susan to discover the plot to kill the Hogfather before dawn on Hogswatch day. For if she doesn't succeed, the sun will not rise, and the universe will simply cease to be.

Episode Info

Final: 1x02 -- Part 2 (Dec/18/2006)

Michelle DockeryMichelle Dockery
As Susan Sto Helit (Susan Sto Helit)
David JasonDavid Jason
As Albert
Ian RichardsonIan Richardson
voiced Death
Marnix Van Den BroekeMarnix Van Den Broeke
As Death (Death)
Marc Warren (2)Marc Warren (2)
As Jonathan Teatime
Joss AcklandJoss Ackland
As Mustrum Ridcully
David WarnerDavid Warner
As Lord Downey
Neil PearsonNeil Pearson
voiced The Raven
Nigel PlanerNigel Planer
As Mr Sideney
Peter GuinnessPeter Guinness
As Medium Dave

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Absolutely Hysterical and Amazingly InsightfulRating: 1 likes, 0 dislikes

Terry Pratchett has always been extremely good for a laugh, taking pot shots at fairy stories and society in general. The credits even begin with a quote from a 'leading philosopher' "Stuff happens, what the hell!" Read more

Review posted on Tuesday, April 22nd 2008 at 3:32 am

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Creator: Terry Pratchett
Storyboard Artist: Stephen Player
Series Director: Vadim Jean

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