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The Adventures of Batman: The Crime Computer

The Penguin defeats the world's most impregnable bank vault – seven and a half feet thick concrete and an alarm turned off just 32 seconds a day while officials change the combination! Batman quickly marks this as The Penguin's work but concludes that he owes the precision timing to someone else. The question is, who? The Batcomputer cannot offer much help, which is not surprising considering the nature of The Penguin's ally: an eccentric professor and a computer he constructed that The Penguin has harnessed to create blueprints for unstoppable crimes! Batman hatches a plan to stop The Penguin's computer, but it correctly recognizes the trap, and feeds the Caped Crusader misinformation that leads him into a trap! How can Batman finally defeat a machine that can out think him?!?

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x9
Airdate: Saturday November 09th, 1968

Director: Hal Sutherland
Writer: Dennis Marks

Guest Stars
Casey KasemCasey Kasem
voiced Professor Billingsley
Casey KasemCasey Kasem
voiced Professor Billingsley
Episode Quotes
Professor Billingsley: Who's talking in here while I'm concentrating on my work?!?
Computer: He... is... the Penguin...
Professor Billingsley: Oh, yes, I remember you now. You've been testing some of my inventions!

Computer: Danger! Danger! You have been tricked... by a microcircuit punch card...
The Penguin: Excellent... excellent! Now, feed them information which will lead them to the sulfur pits, and... their doom!

Professor Billingsley: Release them in the marsh. Give them fifteen minutes head start. Then have your men hunt them down. The computer will tell you their every move! They don't stand a chance!

Episode Goofs
Batman identifies the individual driving the Batboat as Alfred, while within earshot of Professor Billingsley. That seems rather careless, given the importance of that clue to someone who wanted to learn his secret identity.

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