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The Adventures of Batman: The Jigsaw Jeopardy

The Gotham Museum rejects The Riddler's creation, a painting of the kooky criminals. Angry, the prince of puzzles breaks into Gotham Museum but does not steal anything... in fact, he leaves something: a clue. Batman and Robin decipher the clue, but their stakeout goes wrong and Robin ends up in the Riddler's clutches! The Riddler plans to turn Robin into a giant jigsaw, and drop Batman through a paper floor into a vat of acid! But the Dynamic Duo escape this trap as the Riddler flees to resume his original plan: to blow up the art museum! And when the duo get there, they discover the conundrum criminal has still more fiendish traps for them!

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x16
Airdate: Saturday December 28th, 1968

Director: Hal Sutherland
Writer: Oscar Bensol

Guest Stars
Ted KnightTed Knight
voiced The Riddler
Olan SouleOlan Soule
voiced Crossword
Episode Quotes
The Riddler: What do you call a Russian fish?
(The henchman shrugs; he has no idea.)
The Riddler: A red herring!

Batman: The sight of police will scare off the conundrum criminal. Let Robin and me stake ourselves out in the museum... alone.
Commissioner Gordon: Well... yes.

The Riddler: Now, when the Dynamic Bore... opens the door... and steps on that floor... he... will be no more! (laughs insanely)

Batman: (reading a clue: “What happens when the prince makes photo enlargements?” ) Prince means the Prince of Puzzlers, of course! But what happens when he makes photo enlargements?
Robin: He blows up pictures! The art museum!!
Batman: Yes. We've got to beat him there!

Crossword: Gee, Riddler... What do we need eggs for?
The Riddler: Riddle me this! What happens when you fill an empty eggshell... with nitro?
(Crossword shrugs his shoulders.)
The Riddler: It becomes... an egg... splosive!

Robin: What is it that seems to run on forever until it comes to a period?
The Riddler: (dismayed) A long... sentence...

Cultural References
The Riddler refers to a red herring. This is a clue intended to misdirect the reader or viewer of a mystery story. The layered nature of The Riddler's brain means that the obvious interpretation of his clues is usually a red herring intended to misdirect Batman. More on the term can be found in the Cultural References of this episode.

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