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The Adventures of Batman: It Takes Two to Make a Team

A luxury liner pulls into Gotham Harbor. Its safe holds a Peruvian treasure map the Joker means to have! Batman intercepts the theft but The Joker escapes. A week later, The Penguin takes a turn at the same map, but Batman and Robin thwart his theft, as well. Still later, with the map safely ensconced in a bank vault, the Riddler makes a play for it, only to be stopped by Batman, Robin, and Batgirl! The three villains realize the Dynamic Duo's strength is teamwork, and decide that if they can disrupt that teamwork, they can defeat Batman for good! To do this, they hatch a plan to make Robin jealous of Batgirl. Then the capture Robin when he falls for their plan and tries to redeem himself in Batman's esteem! But Batman rescues his young partner from hungry crocodiles. And he has a plan to defeat these villains the same way they tried to defeat him!

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x17
Airdate: Saturday January 04th, 1969

Director: Hal Sutherland
Writer: Dennis Marks

Guest Stars
Ted KnightTed Knight
voiced The Penguin / The Riddler
Larry StorchLarry Storch
voiced The Joker
Episode Quotes
The Joker: No safe is safe when I'm around! (He opens the door. Batman is in the safe.)
Batman: Except this one!

Dick Grayson: (repeating a riddle read to him over the phone) What's worth two in the bush? Don't worry, Commissioner! I... uh... we'll solve it. (He hangs up.) Now's my chance to show Batgirl and Batman! I'll get those three villains all by myself!

The Riddler: What's worth... two in the bush? A bird in the hand... is right! And the bird in our hands... is Robin! (laughs insanely)

The Riddler: Now... we can steal... the Peruvian treasure map!
The Penguin: Yeah – this half of the Dynamic Duo will still be here when we get back!
The Joker: That is... if he doesn't (laughs maniacally) drop in on the crocodiles!

Cultural References
The Ed Soloman Show, which will host Batman's “number one crime-fighting partner Batgirl” in this episode refers to the real-life variety series The Ed Sullivan Show which first aired in 1948 and reached the pinnacle of its popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. Around the time this episode was penned, an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show was synonymous with success. It is famous for, among other things, giving The Beatles their first American exposure in 1963.

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