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Season 2

39 :02x01 - Epitaph for an Indian

Jim's Native American friend gets killed and when our hero goes to inform the man's father, he discovers the old man shot to death as well.
Guest Stars: Peggy McCay as Nekeeta | Henry Brandon as Quint Oxley | Peter Whitney as 1st Gunman | Lyn Osborn as 2nd Gunman
Director: Anton Leader
Writer: Sid Harris

40 :02x02 - Flowers for McDonough

Jim Bowie gets outfoxed in a real estate deal by a crafty Scotsman.
Guest Stars: Morris Ankrum as John McDonough | Lurene Tuttle as Mother Catherine | Peter Votrian as Martin Bordeaux | Oliver McGowan as Adolph Fontenot | Mabbs Merrill as Germaine | Paul Anthony Weber as Hotel Clerk | Napoleon Whiting as Francis
Writer: Gil Orlovitz

41 :02x03 - The Irishman

Bowie purchases the bond of an Irish indentured servant but the fellow tricks everyone into believing that he's the master and our hero is the servant.
Guest Stars: Sean McClory as Walter Halleron | Val Dufour as Jean Lafitte | Ben Welden as Father Bernard | Mayo Loiseaux as Mary Lou Williams | John Warburton as Hiker Williams | Lorna Thayer as Mrs. Williams | Charles Horvath as Jenkins | Eugene Borden as La Bouche | Pedro Regas as Pierre La Mure | John Albright as Waiter | Adrienne D'Ambrico as Madame La Bouche
Writer: Tom Reed

42 :02x04 - Counterfeit Dixie

Bowie recruits a pickpocket and a horse thief to help him break up a counterfeiting ring.
Guest Stars: Gordon Jones (1) as Pat Donovan | Nick Dennis as Pierre Lamond | Sid Cassel as Captain Ponet | Penny Santon as Madame Benoit | Ralph Clanton as Carlo Biretti | Nesdon Booth as La Boeuf | Ralph Smiley as Varonne | Richard Collier (1) as Butler | Hank Worden as Hawker | Jack Teslar as Merchant
Director: Anton Leader

43 :02x05 - Bullet Metal

Bowie wants to purchase a lead mine but the owner is a pacifist who won't sell to anyone who wants to use the mine ore to make ammunition.
Guest Stars: Walter Coy as Isaac Dickson | Madge Meredith as Sarah Dickson | Jimmy Fields (1) as Zenas Dickson | S. John Launer as Charles Jason | Saul Gorss as Martin Lebec | Roy Engel as Sheriff

44 :02x06 - Quarantine

Bowie risks his life to retrieve a stolen shipment of smallpox vaccine.
Guest Stars: Joyce Vanderveen as Marie de Gravien | Paul Playdon as Francois de Gravien | Frank Tweddell as Dr. Beranger | Jonathan Hole as Dr. Fry | James Fairfax as Three Fingers Johnson | Florence Marly as Giselle Fry | Ben Wright as Tremayne | Vicky Bakken as Mother | Scatman Crothers as Cicero
Director: Anton Leader
Writer: Endre Bohem

45 :02x07 - A Fortune for Madame

Bowie tries to help victims of a real estate scam retrieve their land.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Patterson as Madame de Vaux | Stacy Harris as Channing | Irene Seidner as Elvire | Marcel Rousseau as Achille | Cheerio Meredith as Celeste | Maya Van Horn as Madame Villepique | Marjorie Eaton as Madame Beaubron | Watson Downs as Charles Evremonde | Fay Baker as Charlotte de Vaux | Ellen Corby as Adorine | Anthony Eustrel as Samuel Jebb

46 :02x08 - House Divided

Bowie gets shot and must recover at the mansion of a wealthy family but one of the family members doesn't want him to pursue the person who shot him.
Guest Stars: Harry Harvey as Captain Brady | Helen Kleeb as Samantha Brady | Eilene Janssen as Celia Brady | Richard Hale as Captain Jeffers | Penny Santon as Lisa Jeffers | John Wilder as Dan Jeffers | Louis Mercier as Dr. Blanchette

47 :02x09 - The Whip

Bowie gets word of a scheme to misuse prison labor but gets trapped in a warehouse by baddies on his way to report the scheme.
Guest Stars: Dave Kashner as Commandante Esteban | Georgette Duval as Teresa Torres | Edwin Jerome as Don Hernando Torres | Robert Tafur as Don Jose Torres | Carlos Rivero as Manuel | Edward La Veque as General Esperanza | Julio Torres as Prison Guard
Director: Anton Leader

48 :02x10 - Pearls of Talimeco

Bowie and a Native American friend make up a wild story to get rid of a nosy reporter but it ends up backfiring on them.
Guest Stars: Fred Krone as Ollie | X Brands as Newt | Malcolm Atterbury as Charlie Ike Snavely | Ted de Corsia as Crow Chief | Regis Toomey as guest star | June Carter Cash as guest star

49 :02x11 - Charivari

Bowie is suspicious when an elderly friend dies on his wedding night.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Corrigan as Jean Martel | Amzie Strickland as Denise Martel | Jean Howell as Ellen Hill | Michael Pate as First Officer | Richard Avonde as Louis Colt | Jason Johnson as Lawyer | Frederick Draper as Wiley Baker | George Cisar as Smiling Sam
Director: Anton Leader

50 :02x12 - Hare and Tortoise

Bowie discovers a scheme by landowners to enrich themselves by getting the state capital to move there.
Guest Stars: Josanna Mariani as Claudette Roman | Myron Healey as Brian Turner | Addison Richards as Frasier London | William Allyn as Andre Roman | Peter Hansen (1) as Rezin Bowie | Eugene Jackson as Lucius | Gilbert Fullman as Governor Derbigny

51 :02x13 - The Bridegroom

To elude a gang of ruffians, Bowie poses as the prospective bridegroom for the daughter of a wealthy French family.
Guest Stars: Dee Humphrey as Allison Delacroix | Edwin Jerome as Maurice Delacroix | Alan Reed as Bill Sedley | Charles Meredith as Father Manet | Henry Kulky as Pericles | Hilda Plowright as Nonny | Beryl Machin as Marquis Bulot | David Constantine as Rene Bulot
Writer: Tom Reed

52 :02x14 - The Alligator

The clue to a murder plot is hidden in a little girl's alligator doll.
Guest Stars: Edward Ashley as Armand de Rivnac | Abraham Sofaer as Paul | Lawrence Dobkin as Captain Ponet | Oliver McGowan as Adolphe Fontenot | Kurt Katch as Gustav Hauser | Joseph Romantini as First Gentleman
Director: Anton Leader
Writer: Tom Reed

53 :02x15 - Country Girl

A seemingly innocent country gal dupes Bowie in order to get a relative out of jail.
Guest Stars: Christopher Essay as Croupier | June Carter Cash as Rachel | Miguel Ángel Landa as Carlos | Margo as Countess

54 :02x16 - Mexican Adventure

It's Bowie and Jean Lafitte to the rescue when the American ambassador to Mexico gets kidnapped.
Guest Stars: Peter Mamakos as Jean Lafitte | Whit Bissell as Joel Poinsette | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as General Santa Ana | Jorge Trevino as Gonzales | Tina Menard as Senora Gonzales | Elvera Corona as Lolita Martin | Fred Roberto as Priest | Raymond Sanchez as Pedro Gonzales
Writer: Albert Beich

55 :02x17 - Silk Purse

Bowie lends a hand to a father who just lost his daughter in a poker game.
Guest Stars: Peggy McCay as Malvina Creel | Chubby Johnson as Captain Bildag Creel | Gladys Hurlbut as Madame Michaud | Leonard Bell as Placide Presuette | Mike Steen as Matt Lasher

56 :02x18 - Choctaw Honor

Bowie goes up against a nasty robber.
Guest Stars: Bernie Gozier as Rider | Morey Amsterdam as Pinky | Robert Warwick as Chief Minko | Stewart Bradley as Whiskey Jack | Rose Marie as Honey Chile | Alex Stagg as Pat Crow | Everett DeBaum as Dealer | Roberto Contreras as Tukti's Brother | Paul E. Burns as Doctor
Director: Anton Leader

57 :02x19 - Close Shave

An assassin makes a mistake when he kills the wrong man. Now he's after his correct target--Jim Bowie.
Guest Stars: William Schallert as Justinian Tebbs | Charles Halton as Joseph | Charles Meredith as Father Manet | Percy Helton as Editor Asbury | Strother Martin as Leopold Vaupel | Vince Townsend as Claiborne | Torben Meyer as A. A. Peychard | Sid Cassel as Captain Ponet | Lyle Latell as Constable
Director: Anton Leader
Writer: Tom Reed

58 :02x20 - Pirate on Horseback

A series of crimes have been committed by a culprit who's masquerading as Jim Bowie.
Guest Stars: Donald Randolph as John Murrell | Lawrence Dobkin as Captain Ponet | Joyce Compton as Madame Madeline | Basil Howes as Judge Paget | Jean Heremans as Captain Roget | Gregg Barton as Ned Farley | Wally Rose as Don Hinsman | Bob Rose as Williams
Writer: Jess Carneol

59 :02x21 - Curfew Cannon

Jim and Rezin Bowie learn of a plan to rob a New Orleans bank and try to prevent it from coming to fruition.
Guest Stars: Peter Hansen (1) as Rezin Bowie | Lisa Montell as Lisette Rochambeau | Maurice Marsac as Maxim | Karl Swenson as Andre Rochambeau | Fay Roope as Etienne Rochambeau | Lyle Latell as Policeman
Director: Anton Leader

60 :02x22 - Home Sweet Home

Bowie steps in when hoods disrupt a concert by a well-known composer.
Guest Stars: William Schallert as Justinian Tebbs | Neil Hamilton (1) as Howard Payne | Kem Dibbs as Joe Heacock | Grant Richards as Grady Sturdevant | Phil Marco as Henri | Lomax Study as Hotel Clerk
Director: Anton Leader
Writer: Sid Harris

61 :02x23 - Deaf Smith

Bowie learns that outlaw want to kill him but his pal Deaf Smith refuses to give him any aid.
Guest Stars: Vic Perrin as Deaf Smith | Edgar Buchanan as Ringtail Jack | Paul Fierro as Pedro | Lewis Martin as Scholar | Doris Wiss as Guadalupe | Alexander Cruz as Ramon Smith | Joseph Cruz (2) as Jose Smith
Director: Anton Leader

62 :02x24 - Ursula

Running for office, Bowie falls for the daughter of his political opponent.
Guest Stars: Sidney Blackmer as Don Juan de Veramendi | Tita Aragon as Teresa de Veramendi | Eugenia Paul as Ursula de Veramendi | Nan Boardman as Dona Josefa | Eugene Iglesias as Esteban Calderon | Belle Mitchell as Tia Ana | Julio Torres as Felipe | Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez as Manuel | Fred Graham as Brown | Henry Rowland as Smith | Bernie Gozier as Secretary | Eddy Grove as Flores

63 :02x25 - Apache Silver

Bowie discovers information about the location of a lost silver mine.
Guest Stars: Sidney Blackmer as Don Juan de Veramendi | Richard Hale as Chief Xolic | George Keymas as Three Hands | Felix Locher as Don Ramon Gonzales | Mary Patton as Clara | Ricky Vera as Tomas | Kay Cole as Maria | Kate Drain Lawson as Squaw | Bernie Gozier as Secretary | Charles Heard as Narrator

64 :02x26 - A Grave for Jim Bowie

Bowie comes to the aid of Johnny Appleseed, whom outlaws think is carrying a cache of gold.
Guest Stars: Robert Ellenstein as Johnny Appleseed | Victor Sutherland as Colonel Whiting | Ralph Moody as Reverend Rudsill | Claude Akins as Micah Hart | Lyn Osborn as Wiley Hart
Director: Anton Leader

65 :02x27 - Up the Creek

Bowie tries to get even with some hillbillies who swindled him.
Guest Stars: Manning Ross as Abner Bowie | Olin Howland as Paw | Barbara Lawrence as Millie Mae | William Benedict as Luke | Robert Easton as Otie | Tom Mayton as Mizell | Pat Ferguson as Gayman | Sam Buffington as Sheriff | Ralph Neff as Waiter

66 :02x28 - The Lion's Cub

In order to cross the border from Louisiana into Tejas, Bowie poses as the valet of an Englishman.
Guest Stars: Robin Hughes as Vivian St. John | William Challee as Mark | Kay E. Kuter as Nolichucky | Forrest Lewis as Gunsmith | Lowell Gilmore as Geoffrey St. John | Jack Kenny (2) as Bartender
Writer: Tom Reed

67 :02x29 - Horse Thief

Bowie wonders if his old school chum has turned horse thief.
Guest Stars: Sidney Blackmer as Don Juan de Veramendi | Chuck Connors as Cephas K. Ham | Eugenia Paul as Ursula de Veramendi | Richard Hale as Chief Xolic | Belle Mitchell as Tia Ana | Mary Ellen Popel as Tazana | Paul Fierro as Cabrillo

68 :02x30 - Jim Bowie, Apache

Searching for a lost silver mine, Bowie encounters a band of Apaches.
Guest Stars: Chuck Connors as Cephas K. Ham | Richard Hale as Chief Xolic | George Keymas as Three Hands | Julian Rivero as Pancho

69 :02x31 - The Brothers

Bowie gets involved in a family quarrel amongst the socially prominent Davis family.
Guest Stars: Wilton Graff as Joe Davis | Charles MacArthur as Jefferson Davis | Forrest Lewis as Team | Roy Glenn as James Pemberton | Davis Roberts as Lawrence
Director: Arthur Ripley

70 :02x32 - Patron of the Arts

Bowie goes up against an art swindler.
Guest Stars: Carey Loftin as Moreau | Lois Corbett as Contessa Barzini | Dan Seymour as Julio | Richard Reeves as Stokes | Harry Bartell as John James Audubon | Louis Mercier as Alphonse Durand | Hans Conried as Cecil Algernon Justus
Writer: Albert Beich

71 :02x33 - Bad Medicine

At the request of President Jackson, Bowie goes to the aid of a young Native American.
Guest Stars: Doug McClure as Luke Toblee | Michael Cane as Concha | Trevor Bardette as Nitakechi | Brett Halsey as Dr. Gibson | Karyl Ann Traum as Sarah Toblee | Grandon Rhodes as General Eaton | Jose Sanchez as Native American Boy | Charles Stevens as Medicine Man | Edith Mills as Squaw
Writer: Sid Harris

72 :02x34 - A Night in Tennessee

Bowie and future Alamo sidekick Davy Crockett meet for the first time and find themselves on opposite sides of an election.
Guest Stars: George Dunn as Davy Crockett | Tom Brown (1) as Jeff Purky | Jason Johnson as Ralph Corlett | Joe Barry as Doug Dawson | Joseph Hamilton (1) as Clerk | Frank Marlowe as Bartender
Director: Anton Leader
Writer: Tom Reed

73 :02x35 - Bowie's Baby

An infant is the only survivor of a Native American raid. Bowie tries to find it a loving home.
Guest Stars: Hal Torey as Sheriff | Linda Watkins as Ellie Franklin | James Westerfield as McQueen | Lorna Thayer as Christine Trask | Hal K. Dawson as Hotel Clerk | Charles P. Thompson as Minister | Gail Ganley as Annie
Writer: Albert Beich

74 :02x36 - The Cave

Bowie's cousin is getting married but the bride-to-be turns up missing.
Guest Stars: Maureen Cassidy as Amy | John Compton as Sam | Ed Prentiss as Dr. Rufus Wiley | Ruby Goodwin as Rebekah | Karl Davis as Bald Man | James Forster as Old Timer | Peter Hornsby as Riverman

75 :02x37 - Man of the Streets

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Guest Stars: Romney Brent as Bernard de Marigny | Iphigenie Castiglioni as Anna de Marigny | Oliver McGowan as Adolphe Fontenot | Wendell Holmes as Seth Morton | James Logan (1) as Henry Squires | John Daly (6) as 1st Player | Ken Bennett as 2nd Player | Harold Dyrenforth as Marigny's Second | Gilchrist Stuart as Referee
Director: Anton Leader
Writer: Gil Orlovitz

76 :02x38 - The Puma

Bowie is unable to make a trip to Texas so he sends his friend instead--wearing his clothes and riding his horse.
Guest Stars: Joe Partridge as Jess Miller | Nacho Galindo as Puma | Donald Randolph as Colonel Mendoza | Martin Garralaga as Don Sebastian Gomez | Pamela Duncan as Florita | Salvador Baguez as One Eye | Michael Fox as Captain | Lawrence Dobkin as Captain Ponet | William Schallert as Justinian Tebbs | Roberto Contreras as Bandit | Alex Montoya as Turnkey | David Whorf as Lieutenant
Writer: Albert Beich
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 07, 1956
Ended: August 29, 1958
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