The Adventures of the Little Prince

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 04/Jul/1978 Higher Than Eagles Fly!
02 01x02 11/Jul/1978 Shipwreck!
04 01x04 25/Jul/1978 Rob the Rainbow
05 01x05 01/Aug/1978 Inner light
06 01x06 08/Aug/1978 The stars still glimmer...
07 01x07 15/Aug/1978 Visit to Another Planet
08 01x08 22/Aug/1978 The Perfect Planet
09 01x09 29/Aug/1978 The Wolf Pack
10 01x10 05/Sep/1978 The Star Gazer
11 01x11 12/Sep/1978 The girl and the dandelion
12 01x12 19/Sep/1978 The Chimney Sweep
13 01x13 26/Sep/1978 The Greatest Gift
14 01x14 03/Oct/1978 Too Big for This World!
15 01x15 10/Oct/1978 The Winning Ride
16 01x16 17/Oct/1978 To Be a Man
17 01x17 24/Oct/1978 The Magic Case
19 01x19 07/Nov/1978 Hitch Onto Halley's Comet
20 01x20 14/Nov/1978 Star in the palm of your hand
22 01x22 28/Nov/1978 The Wishing Stone
23 01x23 05/Dec/1978 Grandpa Simon's gift
27 01x27 02/Jan/1979 Run! Locomotive
28 01x28 09/Jan/1979 Lullabye-grass of love
29 01x29 16/Jan/1979 When the aurora shines
30 01x30 23/Jan/1979 Adventure of the good ship Dream -First Half-
31 01x31 30/Jan/1979 Adventure of the good ship Dream -Second Half-
32 01x32 06/Feb/1979 I want to go home to my star
33 01x33 13/Feb/1979 Fly, comet ship!
34 01x34 20/Feb/1979 Village vanished to the lake bottom
35 01x35 27/Feb/1979 Bridge of friendship
36 01x36 06/Mar/1979 Sculptor of the forest
37 01x37 13/Mar/1979 Hero's hill
38 01x38 20/Mar/1979 Violin singing to the heart