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Season 8

101 :08x01 - Marvin's Mix-Up

A bandit known as the Highlander holds up a stagecoach on which Wild Bill, Jingles, and a mail order bride are traveling.
Guest Stars: Bud Osborne as Kansas Jack | Fred Sherman as Seth Goodwin | Robert "Buzz" Henry as Marvin Gillis | Forrest Stanley as Storekeeper | Donna Drew as Abigail Palmer | William Henry as Sam Coogan/The Highlander
Director: Louis King

102 :08x02 - Spurs for Johnny

Wild Bill and Jingles teach Western ways to an Eastern tenderfoot who has come West to live with his uncle.
Guest Stars: Gil Perkins as Alex Gurse | Harry Hickox as Matt Hendericks | Theodore Lehmann as Colton | Guy Teague as Dorman | Florence Lake as Clara Hendericks | Johnny Crawford as Johnny Hendericks
Director: Louis King

103 :08x03 - Monkeyshines

After his master is abducted by outlaws, a monkey helps Wild Bill and Jingles find him.
Guest Stars: Ken Mayer as Lon Sykes | Lela Bliss as Ellen Winters | Larry Chance as Joe Mason | Charles Schaeffer as 1st Henchman | Michael Vallon as Luigi Pastore
Director: Louis King

104 :08x04 - The Runaway Wizard

A 12 year old female genius is tricked into designing the perfect bank robbery for an outlaw.
Guest Stars: Pamela Beaird as Mary Lou Stanton | Paul Hahn as Stranger | William Newell as Dick Moore | Bill Hale as Hooker | George Ross (1) as Yancy | Monte Hale as Doyle Fletcher
Director: Louis King

105 :08x05 - Meteor Mesa

Outlaws are trying to scare Native Americans off their reservation by exploiting rumors that the land was once home of prehistoric monsters.
Guest Stars: Robert Swan as Bilker | Harry Antrim as Professor Morrow | Gil Frye as Chief Lone Eagle | Sam Flint as Doc Phillips | Bill Catching as Slattery
Director: Louis King

106 :08x06 - Town Without Law

Will Bill goes undercover as a saddle tramp in order to break up an outlaw gang who are the only residents of a town called Pitchfork.
Guest Stars: George Barrows as Bart | Stanley Adams as Tuck Lasher | John Truax as Kansas | Emmett Lynn as Cannonball | Jack V. Littlefield as Jud Mason | Carol Nugent as Sue Lightfoot
Director: Louis King

107 :08x07 - The Sheriff of Buckeye

Will Bill and Jingles are out to trap some crooks who are trying to cheat the state out of money that's intended for a new mountain road.
Guest Stars: Patrick Whyte as Mark Cullen | Baynes Barron as Jay Garth | Dorothy Neumann as Mrs. Kester | William Benedict as Clarence | Fred Kohler, Jr. as Luke | Robert Clarke (2) as Sheriff John Kester | Byron Foulger as Troy Elder
Director: Louis King

108 :08x08 - Clem's Reformation

Wild Bill and Jingles are aided by an ex-convict when they try to prevent the hijacking of a shipment of gold.
Guest Stars: Frank Scannell as Tom Brewster | Duane Grey as Wyman | Gay Goodwin as Hildy | Lonnie Thomas as Jimmy | William Justine as Hank | William Bryant as Clem Orton
Director: Louis King

109 :08x09 - Jingles on the Jailroad

Wild Bill gets Jingles to pose as a prisoner in order to find out any potential escape plans of another prisoner our hero is transporting to prison.
Guest Stars: Ben Welden as Barber | Leonard Penn as Dale | Robert Jordan (1) as Conductor | Roy Erwin as Fireman | Syd Saylor as Engineer | Bob Stratton as Sheriff | Richard Karlan as Ben Slade | Richard Farnsworth as Butler
Director: Louis King
Writer: Ray Buffum

110 :08x10 - The Daughter of Casey O'Grady

Wild Bill and Jingles try to save a retired Army sergeant who has been marked for death by a vengeful Cheyenne chief.
Guest Stars: Mike Lane (1) as Chief Red Cloud | Michael Forest as Strong Eagle | Frank Lackteen as Silver Horse | Jacquelyn Park as Naomi | Harry Tyler as Casey O'Grady
Director: Louis King

111 :08x11 - The Angel of Cedar Mountain

A bank robber fleeing from Wild Bill and Jingles forces an old woman to provide him with shelter.
Guest Stars: Chuck Courtney as Danny Malone | Chuck Callaway as Checks | Wayne Davidson as Brown | Rosetta Duncan as Ma Malone | Gregg Barton as Satin Saunders
Director: Louis King
Writer: Peter Dixon

112 :08x12 - The Good Indian

Wild Bill and Jingles come to the aid of a Native American wrongly accused of murder by a bigoted cavalry officer and a crooked scout.
Guest Stars: Joseph Vitale as Storm Wind | Dehl Berti as Silver Cloud | Lane Chandler as Sergeant | Rush Williams as Bart | Michael Carr as White Wolf | John Reach as Tom Grant | Charles J. Stewart as Captain Dan Bodie
Director: Louis King
Writer: Ray Buffum

113 :08x13 - The Counterfeit Ghost

Jingles and two others inherit a hotel that's reputedly haunted.
Guest Stars: Earle Hodgins as Tobias Riddle | Robert Nash as Sam Fullerton | William Keene as Matthew Elliott | Rusty Wescoatt as Sig | Iris Adrian as Ruby Paige
Director: Louis King
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: April 15, 1951
Ended: May 16, 1958
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