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The Awesomes: No Mo' Sumo

Tim discovers that his parents are former criminal mercenaries. Prock and the Awesomes volunteer to help them create new identities so they can go back to their quiet lives in the suburbs.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x4
Airdate: Thursday August 15th, 2013

Guest Stars
Michael OMichael O'Gorman
voiced Tim's Dad (as Mike O'Gorman)
Nasim PedradNasim Pedrad
voiced Latonna
Cecily StrongCecily Strong
voiced Tim's Mom
Michael TorpeyMichael Torpey
voiced IT Dept Member 2
Main Cast
Ike BarinholtzIke Barinholtz
voiced Muscleman
Rashida JonesRashida Jones
voiced Hotwire
Taran KillamTaran Killam
voiced Frantic
Bobby LeeBobby Lee
voiced Tim / Sumo
Josh MeyersJosh Meyers
voiced Perfect Man
Seth MeyersSeth Meyers
voiced Prock
Paula PellPaula Pell
voiced Gadget Gal
Emily SpiveyEmily Spivey
voiced Concierge
Kenan ThompsonKenan Thompson
voiced Impresario
Bill HaderBill Hader
voiced Dr. Malocchio


Prock objects to Tim's parents' plan to take him home, but they insist that their decision is final. They point out that he's getting an A- and complain about his grades. However, they soon admit that they're worried that Tim isn't safe. When Prock points out that they let him join a superhero team, Tim's father admits that he didn't think that they would get into any fights after Mr. Awesome left. Muscleman and Prock both assure them that Tim and Sumo are incredible assets to the team...

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Episode Quotes
Gadget Gal: Boy, you Orientals are strict.
Everyone: Hey!
Gadget Gal: What? It's not like I called them cat-eaters.
Everyone: Hey!
Gadget Gal: Oh, they eat cats and I'm the monster.
Concierge: For what it's worth, she's not actually racist for her age.
Impresario: I'm pretty sure she is.
Concierge: Shhh.

Tim's Mom: Okay, yes, we did hurt a lot of people. Bad people.
Tim's Dad: Yes. Mostly bad people. And some people who, you know, just got in the way.
Tim's Mom: I guess you'd call them "innocent bystanders."
Tim's Dad: Yes. You could call them that.

Hotwire: Prock, should we arrest them? Or something?
Prock: For what? Lying to their son?
Impresario: My momma never lies to me. She tells me that I'm God's most beautiful creation. And she is right.
Frantic: My parents told me that when I was in my momma's belly, I ate my twin. They would tell me that a lot.

Prock: And by the way, right now you're plenty safe with us. I told Frantic to do recon.
Frantic: And I've been doing reckonin' every since. I reckon when this is over, weh should have catfish. I reckon we're in for a cold snap, and I reckon I should get some new headshots done because I'm about to be famous.
Prock: Wait, so you haven't been doing recon?
Frantic: I have not, because I do not know what that means.

Perfectman: I have no idea what the Awesomes are up to, or what you, Dr. Malocchio, are trying to pull. But I don't need ideas. I never have.

Muscleman: On the bright side...
Prock: Don't say German porn.
Muscleman: Well then the glass is half-empty.

Muscleman: No, you want your most powerful for this shiz. That means me. I'm not called Muscleman just because I'm a man. I'm also strong.

Gadget Gal: I'm loathe to use the "N" word...
Everyone: Don't!
Gadget Gal: I hate ninjas.
Everyone: Ohhh...

Muscleman: This is bad news.
Prock: Why? Your German pornography can't help us?
Muscleman: No. I left it in the car.

Cultural References
Prock: You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy then in... the suburbs.

Obi-Wan Kenobi says this line in Star War IV: A New Hope, referring to the Mos Eisley spaceport on Tattooine.

Muscleman: Like Jedi, but without all the merchandise.

Within the Star Wars mythology, Jedi Knights are defenders of justice who can tap an extra-corporeal power called The Force.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorMichael Shoemaker  |  Seth Meyers
Executive ProducerMichael Shoemaker  |  Seth Meyers  |  Andrew Singer  |  Brendan Countee  |  Charlotte Koh
Supervising ProducerMark McJimsey
Co-ProducerKaty Jenson
Consulting ProducerJudd Winick
Associate ProducerDavid SanAngelo  |  Emily Hymes  |  Sarah Immelt
EditorMark McJimsey  |  Kris Fitzgerald  |  Sean Coyle  |  Jo Ryan
MusicMichael Tavera
Script CoordinatorClarissa Follayttar  |  Mike Olsen
Assistant EditorBrian Hall (1)  |  Dan Earley
Re-Recording MixerMike Greenberg  |  Michael Kohler
Production SupervisorSeranie A. Manoogian
Storyboard ArtistNick DeMayo
Production ManagerBrandon Betts
Animation DirectorAaron Hawkins  |  Jason Schwartz
Main Title ThemeThe Hold Steady
Original Character DesignerAndrew Bialk
Animation ProducerCraig Hartin  |  Janielle Momary-Neely
Production AssociatePaige Garrison  |  Lauren Teasley  |  Martin W. Powell
Special ThanksBlossom Lefcourt  |  Jack Sullivan (1)  |  Andy Forssell
Background DesignerTimothy Barnes
Recording EngineerChris Cirino  |  Justin Ulbrich
Animation Executive ProducerMark McJimsey  |  Scott Greenberg  |  Joel Kuwahara
Sound DesignerHunter Curra  |  Michael Kohler
Audio AssistCooper Skinner
Animation Co-producerAshley Kohler
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