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The Booth at the End: Start. See What Happens

The Man meets with new clients and existing ones. Sister Carmel wishes to hear God, Willem wants a centerfold, and Melody wants beauty. Meanwhile, Jenny, James, and Mrs. Tyler contemplate what they have to do to get their greatest wish, while Detective Allen learns that there is no deceiving The Man.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Airdate: Monday July 11th, 2011

Guest Stars
Matt BorenMatt Boren
As Willem
Sarah ClarkeSarah Clarke
As Sister Carmel
Jack ConleyJack Conley
As Allen (Detective Allen Grenier)
Jennifer Del RosarioJennifer Del Rosario
As Melody
Kate MaberlyKate Maberly
As Jenny
Norma MichaelsNorma Michaels
As Mrs. Tyler
Matt NolanMatt Nolan
As James
Main Cast
Xander BerkeleyXander Berkeley
As The Man


At a quiet non-descript diner, Cadillac Jacks, The Man sits at a booth at the end of the aisle. The Man is going through his ledger when a man in a suit, James, comes in and sits down at the booth. When The Man points out that James is late, the newcomer admits that he wasn’t sure if he was coming. He says that he’s picked a girl and The Man asks for details, but James says he doesn’t want to. The Man persists and James says that the girl was four. He continues giving details, describing what the girl was wearing. The Man writes in his ledger and asks why James chose the girl, but James will only say that she’s a child and that he figured she hasn’t lived that long so her parents wouldn’t miss her that much. He says that he followed the girl and her parents home, his hand shaking, and gives The Man the address that he requested. James admits that he’s been having second thoughts and his son’s cancer is in remission. The Man says that it’s good news and assures him that he doesn’t have to. However, when James asks if his son will live if he does what is asked of him, The Man says that’s the deal...

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Episode Quotes
James: I don't know if I can do this.
The Man: Look, you don't have to. Remember that, James.
James: Hospital said that my son's cancer is in remission. Hospital said that.
The Man: Well, that's good news.
James: So if I do this thing, my son will live?
The Man: That's the deal, James.

Jenny: I heard you can... do things.
The Man: I create opportunities for people to do things.
Jenny: You make things happen, like magic.
The Man: What do you want, Jenny?
Jenny: I want to be prettier.
The Man: Prettier? How would you know when you're pretty enough?
Jenny: I would know.
The Man: So you want to know when you're pretty enough?
Jenny: No, I want to be prettier.
The Man: So you want to become prettier until you know you're pretty enough?
Jenny: Yes.
The Man: That can happen.

The Man: You're going to have to rob a bank.
Jenny: What? I have no idea how to rob a bank. How am I supposed to rob a bank?
The Man: Maybe that's the first thing you'll do, is figure out how.

The Man: I need you to rob... $101,043.
Jenny: You want $101,043?
The Man: No, I want to hear about how you robbed $101,043.

Willem: John, the guy that I met. I never saw a guy happier. Well-dressed, two broads on his arms. Said it was all you.
The Man: It's not. It's you.
Willem: Still, whatever, I... I don't know that I believe you.
The Man: That's understandable. But not my problem.

The Man: You found the material you need?
Mrs. Tyler: You know, you can find almost anything--how to do anything--on the Internet.
The Man: I've heard that.

Mrs. Tyler: Do you make everyone that comes to you hurt someone?
The Man: No. Only some.

The Man: Do you like to lie, Detective?
Allen: I did it. What you said you wanted, all right?
The Man: Not what I wanted.
Allen: You said you wanted...
The Man: No. I said, "If you did the task, you would get what you wanted."

Sister Carmel: I need to know one thing.
The Man: All right.
Sister Carmel: How can I know you're not the Devil?
The Man: You can't.

Sister Carmel: I used to feel God's presence everywhere. I heard Him. He was... not a voice but a comfort. Now... now I don't.

James: A plastic bag, over her head. What do you think, will that work?
The Man: What do you think, that’s what I care about.
James: I think I want my son to live.

Jenny: I have no idea how to rob a bank.
The Man: No one knew how to walk when they were first born. You’re like a baby bank robber, learning to take your first step.

Jenny: If I get caught, I’m telling them you made me do it.
The Man: No, you won’t.
Jenny: Yes, I will.
The Man: I promise you. You won’t.

Jenny: Where do I buy a gun?
The Man: Not my job to help.
Jenny: Do you really think I can pull off the bank robbery?
The Man: Jenny, by and large I think people can do far more then they ever imagined.

Willem: Is somebody after her?
The Man: Excuse me?
Willem: You asked me to protect her. Is somebody after her?
The Man: It’s not my place to say.
Willem: Well, whose place is it?
The Man: Yours, Willem. It’s your place to continue... or not.

The Man: Your husband’s Alzheimer’s might continue to grow worse. Or not. Might get better.
Mrs. Tyler: No one said he might get better. He can’t get better. There’s no recovery from Alzheimer’s.
The Man: No one said you can sustain a fall from an airplane, but people have.

James: I don’t want my children to think I’m a bad man so I have to do this carefully so I don’t get caught. Look, is this the kind of thing that you want to hear when you said I should tell you the details?
The Man: It’s the most important part, James. A person’s thoughts.

Cultural References
Jenny: There was a TV show. America’s Most Wanted.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerSteve Cohen (1)  |  Noel Bright  |  Lou Fusaro  |  John H. Radulovic
ProducerRichard Choi  |  Josh Rimes  |  Jessica Landaw  |  Christi Allen
Co-ProducerAsa Holley
Associate ProducerRodrigo X. Gonzalez
Production DesignerChristi Allen
EditorRichard Choi  |  Jessica Landaw  |  David Dawes
CastingCourtney Bright  |  Nicole Daniels
Unit Production ManagerJohn H. Radulovic
First Assistant DirectorPeter Vaughan (2)
Second Assistant DirectorPeter D. Johnson
Music EditorC.G. Ryche
Music SupervisorAndrew Gowan
Costume DesignerLilia Zurick
Transportation CoordinatorDan Grindoz
Production AssistantJeff Paal  |  Stuart Davis  |  Carolyn Bowes  |  Jenni Powell  |  Andrew Seely  |  Jay Lambert (2)
Script SupervisorSuzanne Surtees
GafferOlli Fitzgerald
Director of PhotographyMariana Sanchez De Antunano
Art DirectorMark Iveldson
Sound EditorC.G. Ryche
Production AccountantDonna Stern
"A" Camera OperatorMariana Sanchez De Antunano
Original MusicTree Adams
HairSarah Maxwell (2)
Makeup ArtistSarah Maxwell (2)
Post CoordinatorC.C. Pearce
Best Boy GripMark Goebel  |  Otto Betancourt
"B" Camera OperatorJared Abrams
CostumeCari Avila
Best Boy ElectricNoah Flippo
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