How You Do It is Up to You - Recap

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Jenny returns to see The Man and says that she met a guy, Richard, while she was casing banks to rob, and figures it has to do with what she’s doing. She admits that Richard is a bit rough and she met him when she took her car to a garage for repairs. They went out for coffee, and now she wants to know if she can take a partner. The Man jots down her thoughts and tells her that how she robs the banks is up to.

The next day, Mrs. Tyler tells The Man that she set the bomb off in the coffee shop. She asks if her husband is cured and can come home now, but The Man knows that she’s lying. Mrs. Tyler apologizes and admits that she can’t do it because she’s not selfish enough. The Man thanks her, tells her that it’s been a pleasure, and shakes her hand.

Later, Allen returns and tells The Man that the kid he’s looking for is his son. Allen is the only one who has ID’d him. Now he wants to make a deal to find his son before the kid kills a cop or gets killed himself. The detective wants to make a new deal to catch his son. The Man agrees, takes out his ledger, and tells Allen he must find a corrupt detective in his department and cover up for him. However, the dirty cop can’t know that Allen is doing it. In return, Allen gets his son and no one finds out about their relationship. Allen wonders how The Man knows there is a corrupt detective in his department, but The Man ignores his question.

The next day, Melody comes in and says that she’s talked more to the shut-in and brings him meals. The shut-in shows her the photos he’s collected and tells her stories about them, but she’s not sure if they’re true. The Man is interested to learn that they’re getting closer and Melody admits that she still doesn’t know how she will complete her task and get him out of the house. She figures that he might walk out on his own, but says that she’ll drag him out of she has to.

Sister Carmel visits The Man next and tells him that she’s there to tell him that it’s not for her. She’s been lying to get out of the convent and worries that even if she finds a man, she’s just using him for what she wants. Sister Carmel wonders who has a child to fill the gap that God doesn’t fill, and The Man says more people than she might expect. Despite that, she refuses.

Willem comes in to tell The Man what he’s been doing, and how he noticed a man watching Elizabeth, the girl he’s been tasked to watch. When the watcher revved his car up when Elizabeth’s father was walking her down the street, Willem ran forward and pushed them out of the way, saving their lives. The police came but didn’t find the would-be killer, and the father hired Willem to do his lawn. Willem was surprised because nobody has been that nice to him before. He wonders what happens when the ten weeks that he’s been tasked to protect Elizabeth are over, and The Man simply says that Willem gets what he wants. When Willem wonders about Elizabeth, The Man says that she goes on with her life and that there are lots of people out there that want to hurt little girls.

During a quiet time when he has no clients, The Man is looking out the window next to his booth when Doris the waitress sits down with him at the end of her shift. She wants to say hi and see if he has a moment to talk. The Man explains that people usually come to him because there is something they want, and Doris says all she wants is to talk to him and have him talk back. He thinks people are more complicated and Doris suggests that maybe she’s simple. She hesitates and The Man points out that she wanted to talk, and Doris introduces herself again. He doesn’t give her name and she’s happy that he knows when to shut up about himself. The Man says that he’s more interested in other people and Doris asks if there is someone missing in his life. At that, The Man says that he has to get back to work and Doris takes the hint and walks away.

James returns later and tells The Man that he tried to kill Elizabeth, but he messed up and now the police are coming after him. He hesitates and The Man reminds him that he has to keep his deal. James says that he hesitated until he remembered he had to kill Elizabeth to save his son. Then a man came out of nowhere and pushed them out of the way. He hid the car in the river and walked home, unsure what he would tell his wife, and realizing it wouldn’t be like that when he became a father.

Jenny comes to see The Man and tells her that she’s been hanging out with Richard. She found out that he has lots of cash hidden in his trunk and realized that he’s a bank robber. Jenny talked to him and Richard explained that they could get guns from his family house, because his father is a detective. They broke in but Richard’s father caught them. He begged Richard to stop what he was doing and blamed Jenny, and then struggled with his son. Richard trained a gun on his father and told Jenny to get the other guns, and they ran out with anyone shooting. Then they went back to Jenny’s place and made love, and it made her feel beautiful. The Man asks what she wants right that moment and Jenny says that she never wants Richard to let her go. He tells her that she can change what she wants if she wants a new task, but Jenny figures that even The Man can’t give her that.

Mrs. Tyler returns and tells The Man that she saw a photo of her husband at home, before the dementia set in. It was after that that her husband begged her never to let him go. She tells The Man that she changed her mind and put the bomb in the coffee shop, one piece at a time, inside the bathroom ceiling. Mrs. Tyler received a hospital call after she finished assembling the bomb, saying that her husband Charles remembered her. The Man says that it happened because she’s closer to doing her task, and he admits that sometimes people die so someone can get what they want.

The Man meets with Melody later and she says that Ron got mad at her when she was cleaning up his place. When she approached a bedroom door, Ron got scary and said there was something private there. He tried to apologize later but she knows that he’s different. Melody asks The Man if anyone ever changed and became different, and he admits that someone has.

Later, Willem tells the Man that Elizabeth’s family invited him to dinner. The Man points out that he seems interested in family, but Willem says that he’s simply providing the details that he wants. He assures The Man that he’s going to keep Elizabeth safe, and that he saw the centerfold he wants at the club. She didn’t recognize him, and The Man says that if Willem keeps Elizabeth safe for a few more weeks than the centerfold will be his. Willem wonders if Elizabeth is in danger because he’s watching her, and The Man says that he doesn’t believe so. When Willem says that he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her, The Man says that’s up to him.

The Man is alone at his table later that night when Doris comes over and provides hot water for his tea. She sits down and asks how it’s going, and The Man simply looks at her. Doris asks what his name is and gets no answer, and she asks what he wants. The Man still doesn’t say anything and she figures that he wants to talk about the things that he can’t talk about. Doris’ boss calls her away and The Man writes nervously in his ledger.