A New Reality - Recap

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Dillon visits The Man and goes over what he has to do so that he can live forever. The Man reminds Dillon that he has to tell him why he wants to live forever and he explains that he has a crappy life and wants a better one. When The Man starts by asking him why he wants to be invulnerable, Dillon says that he doesn't want to decay and that everyone is just meat. The Man asks him how he knows that's all he is and Dillon claims that he just pays attention. When The Man says that there's more, Dillon admits that his dad used to write him when he was in the service. Dillon hesitates but finally says that his father is dead and the last time he saw him was when he was buried with a closed-casket funeral. He broke into the funeral home but the coffin was bolted, so he found the tools to break it open. Dillon then asks what he has to do and The Man tells him that he has to mark three people. When Dillon says that he doesn't know what that means, The Man tells him that he'll find out.

Conner and Bobby come in and The Man tells them that they have to find someone who is missing and bring them home. Bobby suggests they find Conner's dad, saying he ran across him a few weeks ago, but Conner refuses. When they wonder how they find someone who is missing, The Man says that it's up to them. Bobby thinks it's stupid but Conner suggests they check some websites. He confirms with The Man that if they succeed then his father will come home, and quit drinking, and be happy. They start arguing and The Man tells them to get started, and reminds them that they have to come back and tell him how it's going.

When Theresa comes to the booth, The Man asks about her son, pointing out that she never mentioned she had a child. Theresa explains that her "son" is actually her sister's. His father died and he has anger issues, and sometimes they need Theresa to come calm him. She admits that she doesn't know how to calm him down. The Man asks her how many men she's approached and Theresa says that she's only approached one because she is working most of the time. She describes how she went to the theater and put her hand on his, and he pulled his away. Then he tried to see Theresa's face and asked if he knew her, but Theresa slid her hand up his thigh. He tensed up, got up, and walked away. Theresa hopes that her next fifteen attempts go better and walks away.

As part of his attempt to be married to another woman, Henry tells The Man that he has realized that he just can't imagine spending another day with his wife when he could be with the person he should be with. The Man points out that he wants to change reality and asks what went wrong with reality. Henry claims that Heather never loved him but The Man pursues the matter and asks why Henry wants to have been married to Katie without actually living two decades with her. Henry finally tells The Man that he doesn't want to risk having the chance to screw it up. Once he confirms that Henry wants a happy marriage, The Man checks his ledger and tells Henry that he has to become a servant of a higher power. Henry says that he stands on his own two feet and The Man asks why he's there.

Maria returns and admits that it wasn't easy to make five people cry. She tried with a child first and went to a zoo to steal balloons. When she took a boy's balloon, she discovered he had the string tied around his wrist. The boy kicked her in the shin and Maria was forced to run off, and she knocked a girl's ice cream out of her hand. However, she instinctively told the girl not to cry and bought her another cone. The Man points out that she might not be suited to the task and Maria admits that it didn't go well.

When Jack comes back, he shows The Man what he stole and tells him that the building that he doesn't want built has had a delayed construction permit. He wonders if it's because of what he's doing and The Man says that things start to happen when people do the deeds. Jack wonders if it will stop if he doesn't complete his task and The Man says that sometimes things happen on their own. However, he assures Jack that the building will never be built if Jack completes all of his tasks. After a moment, Jack asks what happens if he wants moreā€”if he can stop their entire religion, wiping it out. The Man is taken aback for once, but admits that it's conceivable.

Melody approaches The Man later and asks what happened to her when she was dead. The Man says that it isn't possible for her to have been dead. He reminds her of how she tried to drag out the shut-in, Ron the Serial Killer, and he knocked her out. The police arrested Ron and Melody woke up at the hospital, alive and well. Melody demands to know who died in her place, saying she can remember being buried, but The Man says that nobody died in her place and she can't remember it because it didn't happen to her. She's realized that her father Gerald did something to bring her back and asks what, but The Man says that Gerald didn't do anything for him. Melody says that a 17-year-old girl, Sarah, died in her place when she wasn't supposed to, and asks to make a deal. The Man warns her against it, telling her to think about it.

Later, Cheryl comes back and tells The Man that she found a homeless woman to torture. The Man asks Cheryl what she sees when she looks at the woman, and his client says, "fragility." However, Cheryl admits that she can't go ahead with it. She worries that her victim would have no one to tell but Cheryl would know. The Man asks what her daughter's name is, pointing out that Cheryl never told him. Rather than answer, Cheryl asks if she can choose a new desire and get a different task. The Man says that she can and Cheryl asks to accept her daughter as she is rather than fixing her. He checks his ledger and tells her that she has to abandon her family for three weeks without warning. Eager not to hurt anyone, Cheryl gratefully accepts.

Doris comes in later and sits down at The Man's table. He wonders why he recognizes her from somewhere before the last diner and doesn't believe her denial. The Man nervously asks if she told "them" about him and Doris insists that she's just there to talk. He doesn't believe her and says that he knows who she is. Doris considers and then asks him how hard it was for him to obtain his ledger. The Man asks if she's asking for Them or for herself, and Doris says that he's changing and she wants to know what that change is. He offers to tell her but says that she'll have to do something for him. Doris agrees and The Man asks her to make a deal for him. He slides the ledger across the table to her as she realizes that he wants her to use it on him.