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It's Not Supposed to Be Easy - Recap

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Bobby and Conner come back and tell The Man that things aren't going well. Most of the missing cases they've found involved kids that have been abducted by a parent in a divorce. The Man asks Conner what it's like to know there are parents that want their children that much. Conner hesitates and then insists that his dad would be there if he did, and The Man asks if he put up a fight when his mother kicked his father out. When the boy asks why his father didn't put up a fight, The Man says that he doesn't know but that it interests him that it's what Conner wants when his father won't do what it takes to come back.

A bruised Dillon comes in and tells The Man that he fought a guy and broke his nose, and asks if that's the "mark" he's supposed to give to three people. The Man tells him that it isn't and says that it wasn't worth noting as he checks his ledger. Dillon again wonders what marking means but The Man says that he just read it and asks why. Dillon thinks it is. Dillon figures it's some kind of wound or mutilation and explains that he figures it means he's supposed to hurt three people in a way that lasts until they're dead. The Man asks if it should have counted and Dillon figures that it will last until he's death. However, The Man tells him that he didn't fulfill it and asks Dillon to figure out what would be.

Later, Cheryl comes in and asks what The Man means when he told her that she has to disappear for three weeks. He confirms that she can't leave any kind of credit trail, and Cheryl figures she can take enough cash to tide her over. When Cheryl points out that they'll try to find her and her husband will panic, The Man asks what. Cheryl figures that her husband will figure she abandoned him and their daughter, and The Man asks why that. She figures that some woman would leave if they were in her situation and never return, but insists that she wouldn't. Once The Man assures her that she'll be able to accept her daughter as she is if she fulfills her task, Cheryl tries to come up with a story to account for why she disappeared and then reappeared. The Man asks if she needs a story for herself or her family and Cheryl insists that she's not a bad person. When Cheryl asks him if he has anything bad in his life, The Man tells her that unconditional love is a terrible burden and he doesn't have it in his life.

Jack returns and asks what he has to do to cleanse the world of a religion and all of the people who follow it. The Man checks his ledger and tells him that he has to commit a public act of slaughter in broad daylight, leaving twenty-two dead with witnesses. When Jack wonders what he means, The Man says that the details are up to him. Jack wonders what happens if someone stops him and The Man warns him that he won't get what he wants. When Jack asks if it can be the people he wants to remove, The Man says that it can but that if they're worshiping it wouldn't be broad daylight.

Theresa comes in and tells The Man that she's on his fifth man. She smiled at him in a mirror at a bar, sat down with him, and started talking. Theresa admits that she's getting better and the man was eager. The Man asks for details and Theresa says that she thinks it's like washing her hands: something she does because she has to, not because she wants to. When The Man asks if she's considered what she'll look like when she has what she wants, to be loved, Theresa doesn't have an answer and he suggests that she start thinking about it.

When Henry comes in, he tells The Man that the God thing isn't working out. He doesn't believe in God but has been praying, and nothing has happened. Henry asks for something else but The Man says that he just needs to believe in a higher power. His client objects, saying that if he was God's then he would do any crazy thing that God asked. The Man asks what God might ask him to do and Henry suggests that he might ask him to stay in his marriage. When The Man asks if that would be worth doing, Henry says that he doesn't want to be told things that he doesn’t to hear and The Man realizes why he's not finding God.

Maria visits The Man and wants to talk about making someone cry. She asks if she can make someone smile instead, but The Man says that it doesn't matter. Maria insists that being happy is important but The Man says that sadness is also a part of life. Despite that, Maria points out that her mother is losing her life to unhappiness and despair. The Man says that he's just going by the rules and if she doesn't like them then she should quit.

When Doris comes back, she takes the ledger and The Man tells her to start by asking. She asks what he wants and The Man says that he used to want to know his clients' morality. Now he wants to understand their motivation and feel it. Doris wonders what happens to him if he does and he admits that he doesn't know, and she says that he shouldn't do it. She believes she knows why he's doing it but The Man says that she doesn't. After a moment he's not so sure but tells her to open the ledger. When Doris does so, she tells him that he has to find someone to help. The Man says that he doesn't get involved but Doris tells him that's the task.

Melody returns to make her deal, insisting that she's not supposed to be there. She wants things to go back to the way they are, with her dead and the woman who died in her place alive. Melody demands that he open the ledger and The Man reluctantly does so. He then tells Melody that she must make something worth living for. Melody wonders if she might change her mind and The Man tells her that's always a risk.

Later, The Man asks Cheryl how she plans to disappear for three weeks. She plans to leave her car behind but then realizes that they'll worry more. Cheryl continues and figures she'll go to the apartment where the homeless lady she initially chose to torture lives. The Man asks her how she's going to get food without a car and Cheryl admits that she hasn’t thought it out. He offers to help bring her what she needs and Cheryl wonders why, pointing out that he doesn't seem like the type to help. The Man asks if she would like him to help and Cheryl says she would.

When Dillon comes back, he explains that he tried to think what would be enough damage to be a mark. He figures that a screwdriver would do it and describes how he would plunge it into someone's arm and surprise them, and make them think twice of walking down a street. The Man asks if someone marked Dillon like that and he says someone has, and The Man then notes that he's making progress figuring out what his mark is so he can stay as he is forever.

Theresa returns and tells The Man that her nephew's anger issues are starting to fade and she likes it. She thinks that her nephew is loving her, which is what she wanted, and The Man says that often when someone starts to do the task, what they want begins to manifest. Theresa points out that she wanted to be loved by a man and The Man says that it could happen, but that she wasn't specific despite his warning. Crying, Theresa starts to go get her nephew but then asks if her nephew's anger could come back and his love for her would fade. The Man admits that it's possible but he doesn't know, and that his love could be calming him down.