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The Rules of the Game - Recap

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At the diner, Conner and Bobby report to The Man that they've found a missing person to bring home: Cheryl. They saw her husband on TV asking for help and they went to his home. The husband was in shock and left the door open, and they saw his mentally handicapped daughter. They show him the posters they've made and The Man admits that it will count if they help bring Cheryl home.

Jack visits The Man to discuss his plans to slaughter twenty-two people. When he asks when Jack will go ahead with his plan, Jack asks if it will work and The Man assures him that it will. Jack says that he hopes that it will hurt and asks if he can be more specific about what happens if he dies in the attempt. The Man assures him that when he kills the twenty-second person then he will get what he wants, and Jack figures that he'll have to plan carefully so he survives. When The Man points out that he seems enthusiastic about the idea, Jack figures that it's worth it if he saves his nation and thanks The Man for giving him the opportunity.

When Melody comes back, she talks about her memories of being dead but The Man dismisses it as imagination. She thinks of rising up to the light and the man says that's something.

Maria tells The Man that she went to an open-casket funeral viewing and approached a teenage boy, the son of the woman who died. The boy stayed by the coffin, his eyes dry, and Maria went to pay respects to the dead. The teenager told Maria that she never knew his mother and Maria admitted that she didn't, but she told him that he father died and her sister is killing herself and her mother is in grief. The boy finally cried and hugged her, and The Man tells her that's one.

That night, Doris comes back and asks The Man if he's started. He says that he has and Doris starts taking notes. The Man explains that he's helping Cheryl to disappear for three weeks and that she's miserable after only a few days. She's living in an abandoned building guarded by a schizophrenic woman, and The Man is bringing her food. He tells Doris how Cheryl is frantic and admits that he tried to get her to listen, but he doesn't know if his words helped.

Conner comes back by himself and tells The Man that they found a homeless lady living in the doorway of an abandoned building while he was putting up flyers for Cheryl. The boy kept wondering if the woman was somebody's mother and admits that he misses his dad. Conner asks about The Man's father and he hesitantly admits that his father loved him in his way. The boy says that he's going to go visit the woman again because she seems lonely and he won't take Bobby with him.

Melody comes back and tells The Man about a neighbor man who has been helping her with her garden. She describes him as sad but sweet and The Man asks if she still wants what she wants. Melody says that she does and that she can't stop thinking about the woman who died in her place, and she doesn't know why she's there because The Man won't tell her.

Jack comes back and talks about what he thinks the people's faith will disappear once he's succeed. He figures that the world will go up in flames and describes how he thinks it will happen. His gunshot will start off more gunshots and soon all of the people he wants wiped off the planet will die and their faith with them. Jack figures that he knows who The Man really is and asks when he will shine forth in all of his glory as a messenger of God.

Theresa comes back and tells The Man that she has one man left. She admits that it's tricky because of her nephew and the fact he is filled with love, and she considers stopping. The Man tells her that it's pushing through the resistance at the end that makes the end the most difficult. Theresa doesn't like how it feels but she likes what it is giving her nephew.

Henry comes in later and tells The Man that he was out on a walk trying to find God. He assumes that it's possible since The Man gave him the task, and The Man admits that he's assuming that as well. Henry was sitting in a park watching people when a guy sat down next to him. That man was watching people as well, but Henry noticed that he had an intensity to him, as opposed to Henry, who considers him dull and confused. The man looked at Henry like they both shared a secret and Henry blurted out that he was looking for God. In response, the man told Henry that God is close at hand and asks if he's willing to surrender to God, and Henry told him that he wasn't. At that, the man kept staring at Henry as if figuring out what side he's on. Henry realized at that moment that the man is a true believer, and he decided to trick himself into believing into God even if He doesn't exist.

Dillon tells The Man that Melody came into his store looking for seeds for her flowers. He talks about how flowers grow from decay and spread pollen, and then wonders if he marked Melody. Dillon admits that he made a flower bed for her but The Man doesn't think that constitutes a mark. At that, Dillon admits that he told Melody about his dad and the funeral home, and that she made him talk about it by being patient. He acknowledges that Melody marked him and he marked her, and The Man tells him that he's right.

That night, Conner tells The Man that he went to see the homeless lady and sat with her. He doesn't know if she's really crazy, and points out that it doesn't make her less lonely. When Conner looked at the window above them, he saw someone inside. When he looked closer, the person pulled back and Conner ran inside. He found Cheryl, the woman from their flyers, and they looked at each other for a while. Then Cheryl asked him not to tell anyone she was there. He asked her why she left her girl and Cheryl explained that she was trying to accept her daughter as she is. Conner promised not to tell anyone as Cheryl let him bring her back. Then they talked about Conner's dad and Cheryl said that people try the best but sometimes their best is just terrible. When The Man points out that if Conner had told someone, he would have completed his task, Conner explains that Cheryl asked him to wait so he plans to wait. The Man suggests she might not keep her end of the bargain and Conner says that Cheryl told him that she wants to learn how to be a good mother and he couldn't stop her from that.

Maria comes back and tells The Man that she found a way to bring her mother happiness without making four more people cry. She told her mother a story about The Man and how he makes deals, but she made it a happy story. Maria told her about how she tried and failed to make people cry over and over. Her mother laughed and took Maria's hand and was happy. When Maria says that her mother thinks The Man might be the Devil, The Man says that he might well be. Maria takes his hand and tells him that she got what she wanted, and hopes that The Man gets what he wants. When he asks why she thinks he wants something, Maria says there's no other reason to come to the world and walks away, smiling.