Nothing More, Nothing Less - Recap

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Jack meets with The Man and explains how he's placed guns all along the street so he can massacre twenty-two people. The Man realizes that Jack doesn't plan to live through it, and Jack figures that some people will come to stop him. He tells The Man that there is a man hunting him, an instrument of the Devil. When Jack asks The Man to help him, The Man says that he won't and Jack responds by saying he'll continue anyway. He describes how he can feel a spiritual heat on his back from his pursuer in their battle of good versus evil. When The Man asks if he's certain he's on the side of Good, Jack says that The Man made it all possible and The Man says that he's on his side.

Doris comes in later and The Man tells her that he followed Theresa when she went to pick up her nephew. She takes notes and he says that there's not much to talk about, but describes how he saw Theresa's nephew come out of the school and ran up to Theresa. Doris asks if she finished her task and The Man admits that he doesn't know, and she asks if he thinks he should. He doesn't think it's his place to consider, but Doris pushes for an answer and he still remains silent.

Later, Melody visits and asks The Man if she has to make a thing or something else, and he says that the task is open to interpretation. She says that she made Dillon share a secret with her and she shared her fears of being alive with him. Melody admits that a fire started growing and The Man asks if she's willing to give that up so that she can die. He reminds her that it's her choice and Melody says that she has to fix it and save the woman who died in her place. She wonders if she'll have the chance to say goodbye to her father Gerald, and The Man asks if she wants to say goodbye to Dillon. Melody says that she can't and The Man asks her how she wants to die.

The next day, Bobby comes in on his own and says that Conner is at home with his dad and asked him to come see The Man. Bobby explains that Conner walked Cheryl home and prayed for his father to come home, and he did. Conner is staying home with his father to make sure he won't leave, and The Man says that other things may happen, but the father won't leave. Bobby asks how he did it and The Man says that Conner is the one who made it happen. The boy asks why he does it and The Man admits that most people don't ask him... but he refuses to answer. Bobby asks if he can come back and ask for something else, and The Man says that he can. He asks if Bobby knows what he's going to ask for, and the boy says he's going to think about it. However, he thinks it would be good to ask The Man why he does it.

Henry sits down later and tells The Man that he killed someone, the believer in the park. He was sitting on the same bench and the believer was staring at the lunchtime crowd with the same look on his face. The believer, Jack, then stood up and told Henry that he knew why he was there but he was too late. Jack went for one of his hidden guns and Henry, realizing what he intended, ran at Jack as he aimed at a woman. They wrestled for the gun and it went off, killing Jack. Henry walked away through the crowd and disappeared, and the police found Jack's other weapons and the plans at his home. Now Henry doesn't know what they'll do to him, put him in jail or make him a hero. He tells The Man that he's not sure he wants an altered marriage and The Man asks him what he does want. Henry says that he just wants to live, and The Man tells him that can happen.

Cheryl reports in and thanks The Man for helping her. He tells her that she's fulfilled her task and asks what she told her husband, and Cheryl says that she couldn't take the stress about her daughter and fled temporarily. Her husband understood, much to her surprise, and now Cheryl can accept her mentally handicapped daughter. She wishes there were more joy for a moment and then says that acceptance is all she needs. The Man asks her if that's enough and Cheryl says that she spent three months with no one but a schizophrenic woman and she still isn't sure what is enough. But she knows she has to pay attention to what she does have. Cheryl thanks him and kisses him on the forehead. As she leaves, Doris watches from nearby.

Dillon comes back and says that he wants to cancel his deal. He figures that if he lives forever then he'll carry the marks that people put on them: good and bad. Dillon then tells The Man that Melody died in her sleep and no one knows why, and Dillon doesn't want to live forever with the mark that she left on him.

Theresa comes to the diner that night, smiling, and tells The Man that she has been with her last man. She says that she saw a man watching her as she picked up her son, who she claimed was her nephew, and he followed her to her home. Theresa tells The Man that her son is still happy and she saw the man outside, watching her. Once her son went to sleep, the man knocked at the door and Theresa answered it. He held her a long time—nothing more and nothing less. Theresa tells The Man that she's stopping because the man said that he commanded her that she's worth more and then left, disappearing into the darkness. She then went to look at her son and realized how amazing it is to know that she has love. Theresa wonders who does that and The Man says that perhaps she will the next time she sees someone who needs love. After taking his hand briefly, Theresa gets up and goes.

Doris comes over immediately and puts a doughnut down in front of The Man and then sits down. She asks if he found out what motivates them, and The Man says that he thinks he did. Doris asks and The Man explains that they set traps for themselves to get them through the day. She points out that he's in the same trap now and then asks him to make her a deal. The Man says that it isn't a good idea but Doris threatens to call all of his clients. He looks at her for a moment and then reaches for his ledger and asks what she wants. Doris says that she wants him to love her.