The Booth at the End

Season 1

Season 1
Season 1 revolves around The Man meeting with a group of clients, and the fourth interweaving storylines where their lines touch.

Willem wants a centerfold as his girlfriend. He must choose a young girl and protect her for 10 weeks. What he doesn't know is that another of The Man's clients, James, must choose and kill a young girl so save his son from a painful death by cancer. When they each choose the same girl, they find themselves in conflict.

Sister Carmel has lost her ability to hear the voice of God. To regain it, The Man tells her that she must pregnant. Meanwhile, an artist asks for the ability to create a truly beautiful work of art, and The Man tells him that he must father a child.

Mrs. Tyler wishes to save her husband from Alzheimer's, but to do so she must blow up a coffee shop during the lunch hour.

Melody wants the money to save her father's restaurant. The Man tells her she must choose a shut-in and convince him to leave his apartment. However, she soon discovers that the man she chooses harbors a dark secret. She goes to... Detective Allen Grenier. Who has made a deal to have his son returned to him. He must first kill a man, only to discover that he made the wrong wish. to protect his son, Allen must protect a crooked cop. Grenier is too busy with his own problems to investigate Melody's claims.

Jenny wants to become truly beautiful, so The Man says she must rob enough banks to get exactly $101,043. She meets a man, Richard, and they become lovers... but Richard is Allen's son.
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Season: 1
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Name: Season 1
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Season 1 Cast
Xander BerkeleyplayedThe Man (3 eps)
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