Season 5

A Very Brady Christmas

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The Brady Bunch Movie

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A Very Brady Sequel

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Growing Up Brady

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The Brady Bunch in the White House

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96 :05x01 - Adios, Johnny Bravo

A musical agent sees the Brady's audition for an amateur show, and she likes Greg's voice and wants to sign him, but not the rest of the kids. This allows Greg's ego to grow.
Guest Stars: Paul Cavonis as Buddy Berkman | Jeff Davis (2) as Hal Barton | Claudia Jennings as Tami Cutler
Writer: Joanna Lee
Songs: Brady Kids -- Good Time Music, Brady Kids -- You Need To Be In Love To Be In A Love Song

97 :05x02 - Mail Order Hero

Bobby lies to all his friends when he tells them a famous football player stopped by his house when he was in town, and the rest of the kids want to meet him.
Special Guest Stars: Joe Namath as Himself |
Guest Stars: Tim Herbert as Herb | Kerry MacLane as Eric | Larry Michaels as Burt | Eric Woods as Tom
Director: Bruce Bilson

98 :05x03 - Snow White and the Seven Bradys

Cindy's teacher is retiring, and all the Brady girls, even Carol had her for a teacher, and they want to give her a gift. Cindy suggests a play, and they decide on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Everyone wants to be Dopey, so they draw straws, problem is there is one dwarf left, and it's Dopey. Sam stops by, and agrees to play Dopey. Mike and Sam go to the store, only to find themselves stopped by the police. Will they ever get to perform the play?
Guest Stars: Frances Whitfield as Mrs. Whitfield | Elven Havard as Policeman | Allan Melvin as Sam
Director: Bruce Bilson
Writer: Ben Starr

99 :05x04 - Never Too Young

Bobby defends a girl named Millicent from a bunch of people laughing at her, and she kisses him. Bobby hates girls, and when he later finds out he has the mumps, he is worried he'll miss a party.
Guest Stars: Melissa Sue Anderson as Millicent

100 :05x05 - Peter and the Wolf

Greg has a date with a girl, and she is bringing along her cousin. Greg can't find anyone to double date with him, so he gets Peter to pose as a senior, and they both go on a date.
Guest Stars: Kathie Gibboney as Linda | Paul Fierro as Mr. Calderon | Alma Beltran as Mrs. Calderon | Bill Miller (3) as Len | Cindi Crosby (1) as Sandra
Writer: Tam Spiva

101 :05x06 - Getting Greg's Goat

Greg and his football teammates steal their rival's school mascot, and Greg is forced to keep it in his bedroom. The rest of the family hears him talking to the goat, and they believe he has a girl in his bedroom.
Guest Stars: Selma Archerd as PTA Lady #2 | Sandra Gould as Mrs. Gould | Margarita Cordova as P.T.A. Lady | George D. Wallace as Mr. Binkley
Director: Robert Reed

102 :05x07 - Marcia Gets Creamed

Marcia's boyfriend is complaining she never spends any time with him because she is always working, so she gets Peter to work for him, but finds out that her boyfriend really is a jerk.
Guest Stars: Michael Gray (1) as Jeff | Kimberly Beck as Girl | Henry Corden as Mr. Haskell

103 :05x08 - My Brother's Keeper

Bobby saves Peter's life, and Peter promises to be his slave for life. Peter does anything, so Bobby begins to take advantage of Peter, and use him for his own personal needs.
Director: Ross Bowman

104 :05x09 - Quarterback Sneak

Greg and Peter believe the rival quarterback Jerry Rogers didn't come over just to date Marcia, but to steal Greg's playbook. Peter and Greg create a fake playbook full of bad plays, and while spying on him, Peter confirms that Jerry steals it.
Guest Stars: Denny Miller as Tank Gates | Don Carter as Rich | Christopher Beaumont (1) as Jerry Rogers

105 :05x10 - Try, Try Again

Jan quits ballet, and joins tap dancing. Jan practices her tap dancing at home, and that starts to annoy the family. Jan still tried, until she was absolutely perfect.
Guest Stars: Darryl Seaman as Billy Naylor | Ruth Anson as Mrs. Ferguson | Judy Landon as Miss Clairette
Director: George Tyne

106 :05x11 - The Cincinnati Kids

The kids go along with Mike to King's Island Amusement Park, and they enjoy themselves, but when Mike looses the plans, they must stop all the fun, and search for them.
Guest Stars: Bob Hoffman as Attendant | Hilary Thompson as Marge

107 :05x12 - The Elopement

Marcia and Jan overhear Alice on the phone with Sam discussing an elopement, leading them to thinks that Sam and Alice are secretly getting married. Once word spreads to the whole family, everyone makes preparations for a surprise reception party, only to find out afterwards that it's Sam's cousin Clara that is getting married.
Guest Stars: Byron Webster as Minister | Bella Bruck as Gladys | Allan Melvin as Sam

108 :05x13 - Miss Popularity

Jan is nominated as the most popular girl in her grade, and Peter decides to be her campaign manager. Jan makes a lot of promises she can't keep, and ends up in a whole lot of trouble.
Guest Stars: Darryl Seaman as Herman | Jere Fields as Shirley
Director: Jack Donohue

109 :05x14 - Kelly's Kids

The Brady's get new neighbors, a couple who recently adopted a boy from an orphanage. The boy misses his two best friends, so the couple decides to adopt them too.
Special Guest Stars: Brooke Bundy as Kathy Kelly | Ken Berry as Jim Kelly |
Guest Stars: Molly Dodd as Mrs. Payne | Carey Wong as Steve | Todd Lookinland as Matt | Billy Attmore as Dwayne | Jackie Joseph as Mrs. Phillips

110 :05x15 - The Driver's Seat

Greg says men are better drivers than women, but Marcia says that isn't true. They both take the test, and Marcia does better on the written, but Greg does better during the driver course.
Guest Stars: Herb Vigran as Examiner
Director: Jack Arnold

111 :05x16 - Out of This World

Bobby and Peter meet General James McDivitt, an astronaut who saw a UFO while in space. After waking up in the middle of the night thinking that they heard and then saw a UFO, the boys decide to camp out in the backyard with Carol's camera to capture the evidence. When they get the proof they wanted, Mike calls in the Air Force for assistance and an easily explained situation gets out of hand.
Guest Stars: Frank Delfino as Herlo | James Flavin as Captain McCartney | Mario Machado as Jerry Bridges | Sadie Delfino as Shim | General James McDivitt (1) as Himself

112 :05x17 - Welcome Aboard

Carol's nephew, Oliver comes to live with them after his parents went to South America to study things. Oliver believes he is bad-luck, and shuns himself from the rest of the group. The bad-luck ends when they land a spot in a pie-throwing movie.
Guest Stars: Dick Winslow as Truck Driver #1 | Ralph Montgomery as Truck Driver #2 | Judd Laurance as Director | Snag Werris as Keystone Kop | John Nolan (1) as Mr. Douglas | Robbie Rist as Oliver

113 :05x18 - Two Petes in a Pod

Peter finds a kid that looks exactly like him at school, and when his plans to date a girl clash with his father's plan for Peter to date another girl, Peter asks the look-a-like, Arthur, if he could pretend to be him.
Guest Stars: Denise Nickerson as Pamela | Christopher Knight as Arthur Owens | Kathy O'Dare as Michelle | Robbie Rist as Oliver

114 :05x19 - Top Secret

A FBI agent checks Mike's security clearance, so Oliver and Bobby believe that Mike has secret plans. When Sam asks help with a secret project, the boys are convinced that Sam is a Russian spy.
Guest Stars: Don Fenwick as Fred Sanders | Lew Palter as Mr. Gronsky | Allan Melvin as Sam | Robbie Rist as Oliver
Director: Bernard Wiesen

115 :05x20 - The Snooperstar

Cindy thinks she is the next Shirley Temple, so she starts curling her hair, and acting like her. When a talent scout stops by, Cindy tries to impress her.
Guest Stars: Natalie Schafer as Penelope Fletcher | Robbie Rist as Oliver
Director: Bruce Bilson

116 :05x21 - The Hustler

When a mysterious pool table shows up at the house, nobody can figure out who it's from. Bobby starts getting good at it, becoming unbeatable.
Guest Stars: Charles J. Stewart as Joe Sinclair | Leonard Bremen as Truck Driver | Dorothy Shay as Frances Matthews | Grayce Spence as Muriel Sinclair | Susan Quick as Gloria Thompson | Jason Dunn as Hank Thompson | Jim Backus as Harry Matthews | Robbie Rist as Oliver

117 :05x22 - The Hair-Brained Scheme

Bobby is selling hair tonic, and Greg is graduating in a few days, so Greg asks if he can buy some. Greg decides to use it, but the problem is, it turns his into a shaggy strawberry-blonde mess.
Guest Stars: Bern Hoffman as Man #1 | John Wheeler as Man #2 | Hope Sherwood as Gretchen | Brandy Carson as Woman | Barbara Bernstein as Suzanne | Robbie Rist as Oliver
Director: Jack Arnold
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 1969
Ended: August 30, 1974
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