Season 2

9 :02x01 - It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City

Racial violence divides students and faculty and leaves Danzig the victim of a shooting by a black honors student.
Guest Stars: Ji-Tu Cumbuka as The Drink Guy | Anna Maria Horsford as Mrs. Devlin | Phill Lewis as Schuyler Tate | Jenny Gago as Mrs. Molina | Christopher M. Brown as Tony | Betty Karlen as Mrs. Biederman | Lawrence Parks as Doyle | Thelma E. Smith as Elyse | Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Bobby
Director: Donald Reiker

10 :02x02 - The Long Grey Line

The threat of a strike looms over the school, while Harry grapples with the threat of losing his kids to his ex-wife.
Guest Stars: Thomas Ryan as Jay | Cal Gibson as Counterman | Joseph Romeo as Parent #4 | Melinda Peterson as Albritton | Teddi Sherman as Woman | Betty Karlen as Mrs. Biederman | Dalton Cathey as Parent #2 | John Paul Gamoke as Unknown | Michelle Buffone as Parent #3 | Chelsea Field as Chris Barnes
Director: Win Phelps

11 :02x03 - Truancy Blues

Danzig uses his leverage to suspend welfare checks to families with truant students; a night of baby-sitting Harry's kids brings Sara back to reality.
Guest Stars: Tracey Walter as Mr. Woshinsky | Vincent Schiavelli as Mr. O'Connor | Marianne Muellerleile as Margo Bleiweiss | Tom LaGrua as Parent #2 | Kenneth Tigar as Board Member | Stan Ivar as Jeffrey | Cecile Callan as Suzanne | Ellen Crawford as Mrs. Feeney | Paul Stout as Dead Kid | Chelsea Field as Chris Barnes | Adam Carl as Snyder | Janet Carroll as Mrs. Danzig | Charles Bouvier as Unknown
Director: Paul Lynch
Writer: Stephen Katz

12 :02x04 - Behind Closed Doors

Danzig tries to help a homeless student; Sara goes over Harry's head to get approval for a field trip; and a teen-age temptress offers Snyder a rare opportunity.
Guest Stars: Chelsea Field as Chris Barnes | Kip King as Uncle Louie | Bruce French as Priest | Jennifer Parsons as Monica Sharf | Victor Campos as Mr. Avila | Stan Ivar as Jeffrey | Jordan Charney as Ted Sharf | Penelope Sudrow as Jessie | Tammy Townsend as Aimee | Olivia d'Abo as Terri Avila | Adam Carl as Snyder | Kevin Telles as Eddie Leone
Director: Win Phelps

13 :02x05 - Career Day

A former student tries to get even with Felspar for not teaching him how to read; a cocky artist's critical comments crush a student's passion for painting; and a very pregnant Mrs. Danzig (Janet Carroll) winds up in the nurse's office.
Guest Stars: Leo Rossi as Tauber | Kip Gilman as Jordan Bean | Stan Ivar as Jeffrey | Janet Carroll as Mrs. Danzig
Director: Win Phelps

14 :02x06 - Ties That Bind

Callahan helps a student with a drug problem; scholarship students face an uncertain future, as does Sara; Felspar takes over at the Danzigs' after his wife leaves him.
Guest Stars: Tracey Walter as Mr. Woshinsky | Marlyn Mason as Lorraine Newhouse | Phill Lewis as Mickey Wheeler | Annie Abbott as Mrs. Spellman | Grace Zabriskie as Mrs. Barris | Dennis Patrick as Harry Newhouse | Pamela Adlon as Lisa | Ed Quinlan as Lawyer | Anthony Peck as Mr. Barris | Liane Curtis as Joannie

15 :02x07 - The Gospel Truth

A science teacher airs his views on creationism; Callahan regrets suggesting that Matthew date other women; Felspar's marital woes lead him to a massage parlor and a breakdown.
Guest Stars: Tracey Walter as Mr. Woshinsky | Joon B. Kim (1) as Ahn Loo | David Kagen as Mrs. McKay's Lawyer | Annie Abbott as Mrs. Spellman | Benito Martinez as Fernandez (Rodriguez's Friend) | Aileen Fitzpatrick as Woman | Frank Collison as Plasterer | Georgi Irene as Snyder's Girl | Brian Fong as Mr. Loo | Richard Beymer as Locke | Eliza Pryor as Sharon | Adam Carl as Snyder
Director: James Quinn (2)

16 :02x08 - If All the World's a Stage, Where's My Dressing Room

A depressed girl is helped by Danzig when he learns she's homeless.
Director: Victor Lobl

17 :02x09 - When I Paint My Masterpiece

A young man's artwork draws admiration from Callahan and criticism from his father; Danzig mourns his sudden loss; a sexy student targets Matthew as her next victim.
Guest Stars: Gabriel Jarret as Aaron Isaacson | James Sloyan as Martin Isaacson | Katie Barberi as Maria
Director: Mike Vejar

18 :02x10 - Crossroads

Harry has to intervene in the wedding plans of a young student couple. Gang members convince Snyder that they're all the family he needs; Danzig copes with loneliness; and Callahan regrets doing business with a friend.
Guest Stars: Richard Grieco as Vince | Tammy Lauren as Linda | Beau Dremann as Ray | Tom Fridley as Angel

19 :02x11 - On the Land, on the Sea, and in the Halls

A student's plan to join the Marines triggers painful memories for Sara; and a formidable superintendent makes a pass at Felspar.
Guest Stars: Joon B. Kim (1) as Ahn Loo | Billy Jayne as Brad | Kim Myers as Lori | Leigh J. McCloskey as Richard | Susan Kellermann as Rose
Director: Mimi Leder

20 :02x12 - A Day in the Life

Late paychecks and the threat of gang violence have the faculty on edge; Sara refuses to visit her estranged father in the hospital; Felspar abruptly ends a new relationship.
Guest Stars: Louis Guss as Lustgarten | Helen Verbit as Louise
Director: Win Phelps

21 :02x13 - Unnatural Selection

Asbestos contamination threatens to close the school; Sara hopes to save her relationship with Harry by moving into her own apartment; Matthew gets the position he wants, but is heartsick over the reason why.
Guest Stars: Louis Guss as Lustgarten | Robert Beltran as Mike