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Season 1, Episode 3 - Recap

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t's as if you stepped into one of those annoying carpet/rug store ads when the show opens tonight. Hopefully the Rug Emporium will only be a regular feature of tonights ep. The boys are dressed in Wallabies tracksuits to celebrate John Howard's 10th anniversary in office. Craig takes a novel present to Mr Howard's home - a heart. A new idea for an advertisement to compete with the 'where the bloody hell are you'? Advertising campaign. Craig hits the streets with some new phrases to get some opinions. Mr Howard movie montage to celebrate 10 years in power - yes the big eyebrows are in there too. Racial tolerance as published in newspapers was put to the test in Mossman by Julian following their proclaimation about how culturally friendly they were - the proposal to build a large mosque in the area, with... well .... unsurprising results. Charles Firth checks out race relations in America by sussing out how it is that African-Americans are the 'coolest' and they explain how the rest of us can be as cool as them. Chaser team showing of the Commtemptous love. Craig and Julian discuss the news and hit a bit below the belt with comments about wheat deals and withdrawing, including a call to Trevor Flugge (former chairman of the AWB); a poll showed that the channel 9 logo wasn't a hit with viewers, David Beckham admits that he's a math idiot, Brokeback Mountain controversies lead the Chaser team to create their own 'Christain friendly' version. The Complete Walks of John Howard - 3 DVD set. The guys finish up with a talking Wendall who burps and the show finishes with more Brokeback goodness plus other regular segments listed below.

Segments from this week include: A Message from Osana Bin Laden, Pursuit Trivia, What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week? and Scenes From the Life of the Crazy Warehouse Clearance Guy.