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Season 6

131 :06x01 - A Quiet Sunday Morning

Cisco and Pancho go after three robbers, one of whom is a teenager, who killed a sheriff during their getaway.
Guest Stars: Elsie Baker as June Sims | Charles Cason as Rancher | Richard Castle as Kenny Marsh | Margie Moran as Mrs. Sims | Frank Richards as Grant
Director: Leslie Goodwins

132 :06x02 - Arroyo Millionaire's Castle

On the trail of an outlaw who killed a prospector, Pancho and Cisco encounter an eccentric millionaire who lives in a desert castle.
Guest Stars: Gene Covelli as Steve | Wayne Mallory as Carl White | Mort Mills as Sheriff Tom Roscoe | Britt Wood as Grampus White
Director: Lambert Hillyer
Writer: Barry Cohon

133 :06x03 - Witness

Cisco comes to the aid of a robbery witness who happens to be the niece of the chief bandit.
Guest Stars: Tristram Coffin as Chet Morton | Terry Frost as Dorf | Melinda Plowman as Carol Cartwright | Russell Whitney as Mr. Cartwright

134 :06x04 - Choctaw Justice

Cisco must clear a Native American of a murder charge.
Guest Stars: James Anderson (1) as Curly | Margaret Cahill as Molly | Paul Fierro as Fred Tofo | Will Pullen (2) as Charlie Ponca | Chief Yowlachie as Native American Judge

135 :06x05 - New York's Finest

Cisco and Pancho come to the aid of a New York police officer who has come west in search of the killer of his former commander. Using a clever ruse, they are able to expose the killer.
Guest Stars: Tristram Coffin as Saunders | Terry Frost as Morgan | Charles Maxwell as Jeff Adams | Anna Navarro as Ruth Mallory
Director: Leslie Goodwins
Writer: John Kraft

136 :06x06 - Cisco and the Tappers

Cisco and Pancho help a pair of lawmen capture a band of outlaws who tap into telegraph wires to learn of upcoming gold shipments.
Guest Stars: Bill Catching as Whitey | Wayne Mallory as Harry | Mort Mills as Bart Stevens | Britt Wood as Sheriff
Director: Lambert Hillyer

137 :06x07 - Young Blood

Cisco tries to keep a youth from taking up with a gang of outlaws.
Guest Stars: Elsie Baker as Mrs. Parry | Richard Castle as Dan | Tim Johnson (2) as Ray | Gerald Olken as Buck

138 :06x08 - School Marm

It's Cisco and Pancho to the rescue when a pretty school teacher is kidnapped.
Guest Stars: Joel Ashley as Mr. Bond | Sydney Mason as Abner Graig | Ken Miller (3) as Jay Jones | Marshall Reed (1) as Dick | Elaine Riley as Irene Moore

139 :06x09 - Bounty Men

Cisco and Pancho trail a wanted killer to an Army recruiting station and encounter a corrupt military doctor who enlists wanted men into the service under aliases.
Guest Stars: Earle Hodgins as Dr. Owen Desmond | Zon Murray as Ron Copeland / Norman Castle | Frosty Royce as Pat Pierce | Mickey Simpson as Wade / Sergeant Quinn
Director: Leslie Goodwins
Writer: Ande Lamb

140 :06x10 - Quick on the Trigger

Cisco comes to the aid of an expectant father who's suffering from financial woes.
Guest Stars: John Compton as Barnes | Sue England as Laura Wilcox | Peter Mamakos as Sheriff Carter | Robin Short as Joe Wilcox

141 :06x11 - Gold, Death and Dynamite

A stageline owner, plagued by robberies, substitutes dynamite for gold in his next shipment.
Guest Stars: Joel Ashley as Clem | Steven Clark (3) as Mel Baldwin | Sydney Mason as Sheriff | Marshall Reed (1) as Dobie | Elaine Riley as Millie Stone
Director: Lambert Hillyer

142 :06x12 - Jumping Beans

Cisco and Pancho use Mexican jumping beans to help them apprehend three escaped convicts.
Guest Stars: Earle Hodgins as Lang | Zon Murray as Bailey | Frosty Royce as Brewster | Mickey Simpson as Judd | Robert Strong as Menkin
Director: Leslie Goodwins
Writer: Jack Rock

143 :06x13 - Ambush

Three outlaws who are after Cisco's hide kidnap Pancho and use him as bait to lure our hero into a fatal trap.
Guest Stars: James Anderson (1) as Iceberg Ike | Joe Dominguez as Uncle Alberto | Paul Fierro as Ricardo Gomez | Anna Navarro as Elena | Will Pullen (2) as Cheyenne Jones
Director: Lambert Hillyer

144 :06x14 - Six Gun Cupids

Cisco and Pancho try to help a pair of star-crossed lovers find happiness despite strenuous opposition from the man's wealthy mother.
Guest Stars: John Compton as Emery | Paula Houston as Isabel Landry | Jackie Loughery as Ellen Marland | Peter Mamakos as Leach | Robin Short as Ted Landry
Director: Lambert Hillyer

145 :06x15 - Strangers

When their horses are stolen in an ambush, Pancho and Cisco try to purchase fresh mounts but it appears that everyone in the area doesn't want to sell to our heroes.
Guest Stars: John Cliff as Matt Pearson | John Halloran as Brace Haskell | Pierce Lyden as Carl Barton | Don Gardner as Jerry Haskell
Director: Lambert Hillyer

146 :06x16 - The Joker

Cisco and Pancho go after a con man who keeps selling a ranch he doesn't own.
Guest Stars: John Beradino as Crane | Terry Frost as Porter | Joyce Jameson as Jill Stewart | Lee Morgan as Muscles
Director: Leslie Goodwins

147 :06x17 - Man with the Reputation

A newspaper editor wrongly accuses Cisco and Pancho of taking bribes from the criminal element in a town.
Guest Stars: Lane Bradford as John Mason | Steven Clark (3) as Branch Kennedy | Paul Hahn as Trent Wilson | Marilyn Saris as Juanita Harris | Joel Smith (1) as Constable Slate
Director: Lambert Hillyer
Writer: Ande Lamb

148 :06x18 - The Epidemic

This time Cisco and Pancho pursue a group of scumbags who are holding a bottle of smallpox vaccine for ransom.
Guest Stars: John B. Duncan as Mail Rider | Ward James as Ward | Jack V. Littlefield as Trim | George Meader as Doc | Leo Needham as Mackey
Director: Leslie Goodwins

149 :06x19 - Mr. X

Cisco tries to rescue a mine owner who's trapped in a collapsed tunnel only to be trapped there himself when the apparent accident turns out to be deliberate.
Guest Stars: Pierce Lyden as Dana | Gene Roth as Tom Blake | Diana Welles as Alice Blake | Don Gardner as Johnny Clark
Director: Leslie Goodwins

150 :06x20 - Roundup

A damsel needs the help of Pancho and Cisco when she comes West to take possession of a ranch she just inherited.
Guest Stars: John Beradino as Rick Johnson | Terry Frost as Ned | Joyce Jameson as Arizona Williams | Lee Morgan as Grubstake
Director: Leslie Goodwins

151 :06x21 - He Couldn't Quit

Cisco and Pancho get involved with three individuals: a gypsy palm reader, a seemingly respectable businessman, and an outlaw seeking his share of the loot from a prior robbery.
Guest Stars: William Fawcett as Hunt | Charles Maxwell as Sheriff Paul Jackson | Lillian Molieri as Gypsy | James Seay as Roy Dillon
Director: Leslie Goodwins
Writer: Ande Lamb

152 :06x22 - Kilts and Sombreros

Cisco and Pancho try to help a Scotsman get his job with Wells Fargo back after he's ambushed by bandits.
Guest Stars: Lane Bradford as Outlaw Leader | Barry Froner as Billy Walker | Sydney Mason as Sheriff | Ian Murray as MacDougall | Joel Smith (1) as Henchman
Director: Lambert Hillyer

153 :06x23 - West of the Law

Cisco and Pancho come to the defense of a young man who's been accused of stealiing the jewelry of an opera singer.
Guest Stars: John B. Duncan as Mickey Doan | Ward James as Durango | Fay Morley as Maria Fontaine | Leo Needham as Camden
Director: Leslie Goodwins

154 :06x24 - Dangerous Shoemaker

Cisco and Pancho become entangled in a shoemaker's blackmail plot when Pancho stops off to get his boots repaired.
Guest Stars: Bruce Payne (2) as Tom Jordan | Keith Richards (1) as Simon Telford | Sandy Sanders as Duke Martin | Glenn Strange as Blake
Director: Lambert Hillyer

155 :06x25 - The Magician of Jamesville

Cisco uses a boomerang from a magician's kit to expose a crooked politician and apprehend a mysterious killer who uses a blowgun as his weapon of death.
Guest Stars: William Fawcett as Joe / Grandpa | Earle Hodgins as Orlando | Charles Maxwell as Mayor Brandon | Bert Rumsey as Sheriff | James Seay as Hardy
Director: Leslie Goodwins
Writer: Larry Lund

156 :06x26 - Tangled Trails

When an old friend of our heroes disappears along with a shipment of money, Cisco and Pancho set out to clear his name.
Guest Stars: Ann Duncan as Trudy Banning | Don Mathers as Williams | Lee Morgan as Henry Banning | William Vaughn as Outlaw Leader | Max Wagner as Nevada
Director: Leslie Goodwins
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 05, 1950
Ended: March 22, 1956
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