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Season 2

31 :02x01 - Special Assignment

The story is not, but it's a good device to include seven top stars—Barbara Stanwyck. Mickey Rooney, June Allyson, Jackie Cooper, Edgar Bergen, Lloyd Nolan and Dick Powell— for an auspicious premiere. Powell plays an attorney, ordered by a dying millionaire to decide which of his "friends," played by the other six stars, deserve to share his fortune.
Guest Stars: Barbara Stanwyck as Irene Phillips | June Allyson as Jeri Brenr | Jackie Cooper as Judd Rogers | Lloyd Nolan as Vernon Clay | Edgar Bergen as Eugene Swanson | Mickey Rooney as Putt-Putt Higgins | Bobby Johnson as Butler
Director: Don Taylor (1)

32 :02x02 - Tomorrow the Man

The outsider is young Peter Lazer who excellently portrays a young Jewish boy living with his older brother after his mother's death. He has a rebellious attitude and breaks entirely with his brother, blaming him for his mother's death, and asking if he can live with his sister. Unfortunately, his sister's husband vetoes the idea
Guest Stars: Eli Wallach as Unknown | Peter Lazer as Unknown | Susan Kohner as Unknown | Larry Blyden as Unknown | Kim Hunter as Unknown
Director: Don Medford
Writer: Bob Barbash

33 :02x03 - Run Till It's Dark

Fabian and Tuesday Weld star in "Run Till It's Dark." A farmboy tries lo halt a thrill-crazy girl's drive toward self-destruction.
Guest Stars: Paul Newlan as Truck Driver | Fabian as Farmboy | Tuesday Weld as unknown

34 :02x04 - The Doomsday Boys

This one is for viewers who don't get enough illness on
the shows that specialize in disease. Dick Powell plays one of three convicts who volunteer for a potentially
fatal hepatitis experiment. Peter Falk plays the prison
Guest Stars: June Allyson as Guest Hostess | Dick Powell as Convict | Peter Falk as Doctor

35 :02x05 - The Sea Witch

Carolyn Jones puts her acquired medical knowledge to good stead. In this episode, she saves a heart attack victim's life and then finds out her patient is the one witness able to clear her of a murder charge.
Guest Stars: Carolyn Jones (1) as Doctor
Director: John Peyser

36 :02x06 - The Great Anatole

This one is all Curt Jurgens, and he gives a wonderful performance as a master magician in a somewhat transparent thriller hoked up by some chatter about nuclear fission. Dana Wynter, ordinarily a very fine actress, is on hand, but she's strictly around for decorative purposes here.
Guest Stars: Curd Jürgens as The Great Anatole | Dana Wynter as Mrs. Anatole
Director: Buzz Kulik

37 :02x07 - The Honorable Albert Higgins

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Guest Stars: Tom Ewell as Unknown | Barbara Rush as Unknown | Vito Scotti as Unknown
Director: Don Taylor (1)

38 :02x08 - Days of Glory

Story of a Latin dictator who finds his life in danger when he falls in love and begins to speak on such things as justice and free elections in "Day of Glory".
Guest Stars: Suzanne Pleshette as Marta | June Allyson as Guest Hostess | Charles Boyer as The dictator
Director: Marc Daniels

39 :02x09 - In Search of a Son

Drama about a father whose apparently calm reaction to his wife's death results in the loss of his son's affection.
Guest Stars: Yvonne Craig as Mary Langdon
Director: Buzz Kulik

40 :02x10 - Borderline

John Payne and Hazel Court star in this drama about a drifter who is torn between the demands of his reform-minded girl friend and his happy-go-lucky and often illegal life in Mexico.
Guest Stars: John Payne (2) as Unknown | Hazel Court as Unknown | Michael Davis (2) as Mike Muñoz
Director: Charles Haas

41 :02x11 - Pericles on 31st Street

Theodore Bikel is so good as an itinerant peddlar, he overcomes a faltering script and some obvious budget production values. He plays a man who refuses to be intimidated, and who rallies a neighborhood which has been in the clutches of an avaricious alderman into standing up for their rights.
Guest Stars: Theodore Bikel as Nicholas Simonakis
Director: Sam Peckinpah

43 :02x13 - Crazy Sunday

A young Hollywood writer becomes romantically involved with his boss' wife.
Guest Stars: Dana Andrews (2) as unknown | Barry Sullivan as unknown | Rip Torn as unknown | Vera Miles as unknown
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Story: F. Scott Fitzgerald | Teleplay: James Poe

44 :02x14 - The Big Day

A man prepares to celebrate his 25 years with one firm -- but is fired.
Guest Stars: Robert Morley as unknown | Joan Blondell as unknown
Director: Robert Florey
Writer: Max Ehrlich

45 :02x15 - Project X

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Guest Stars: Michael Rennie as General Conrad Munday | Gregory Peck as Himself
Director: Walter Doniger

46 :02x16 - The Losers

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Guest Stars: Russ Brown as Isaiah | Rosemary Clooney as Melissa
Director: Sam Peckinpah

47 :02x17 - Everybody Loves Sweeney

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Director: Don Medford
Writer: Bill Manhoff

48 :02x18 - The Rage of Silence

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50 :02x20 - Luxury Liner

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51 :02x21 - Apples Don't Fall Far

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Guest Stars: James E. Depriest as Pratt
Director: Joseph Lejtes
Writer: Lester Pine

52 :02x22 - Tissue of Hate

For the second straight week, there's a prison background to THE DICK POWELL SHOW. This time, Henry Fonda is a plastic surgeon who gets roped into helping rehabilitate prisoners by fixing up their faces. His big challenge is Polly Bergen, who comes equipped for this show with fearful scars on the left side of her lovely face. They have scarred her soul, of course, as well as her face. The problem is for the two main figures to help each other—he with her deformity, she with his aloofness. Gloria Vanderbilt is Fonda's girl friend.

Dr. Victor Fallon's talents as a plastic surgeon are spent catering to the whims of society ladies and movie stars. Dr Bert Jacobson, an old classmate of Fallon's, draws his patients from another social level.
Jacobson is conducting experiments at a women's prison to see if correcting facial deformities can speed up the rehabilitation of the inmates—and he'd like Fallon's help.
Marc Daniels directed from a script by Tony Barrett. Dean Martin is host for the hour film.
Guest Stars: Gloria Vanderbilt as Connie Carmichael | Henry Fonda as Doctor Victor Fallon | Polly Bergen as Paula Miles | John Larkin as Dr. Eli Bell | Eduard Franz as Dr. Bert Jacobson | Elisabeth Fraser as Annie | Liam Sullivan as Dr. Kurtz | Booth Colman as Warden
Director: Marc Daniels
Writer: Tony Barrett

53 :02x23 - Thunder In A Forgotten Town

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Guest Stars: Jackie Coogan as Shopkeeper | Robert Emhardt as Ad Wiley | Jackie Cooper as John Reardon | Joey Bishop as Walter

54 :02x24 - Colossus

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Guest Stars: William Shatner as Eric Tegman
Director: Don Medford

55 :02x25 - Charlie's Duet

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Guest Stars: James Gregory as Gambler | Jim Backus as Monte | Anthony Franciosa as Charlie Harris

56 :02x26 - The Third Side of a Coin

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Guest Stars: June Allyson as Rosalind Cramer
Director: Marc Daniels

57 :02x27 - Epilogue

Lee Marvin and Ricardo Montalban star as a defense attorney and his wartime buddy turned psychotic killer.
Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban as Stephen Baird | Lee Marvin as Finn | Claude Akins as Lieutenant | Patricia Breslin as Susan | Robert Crawford, Jr. as Ted
Writer: Bruce Geller

58 :02x28 - The Last of the Big Spenders

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Guest Stars: Jackie Cooper as Himself (Host)
Director: Robert Gist

59 :02x29 - The Old Man and the City

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Guest Stars: June Allyson as Guest Hostess
Director: William Graham
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 1961
Ended: September 17, 1963
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