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Season 5

127 :05x01 - Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth

Alan Brady is upset now that Laura has let out his secret on a nation wide TV game show, that Alan wears a toupee.
Guest Stars: Carl Reiner as Alan Brady
Director: Jerry Paris

128 :05x02 - A Farewell to Writing

Rob plans to spend his vacation time writing a novel, but gets a case of writer's block.

129 :05x03 - Uhny Uftz

Rob believes he has seen a flying saucer while alone in his office and thinks he has tracked it down, just above his office.
Guest Stars: Madge Blake as lady

130 :05x04 - The Ugliest Dog in the World

Rob is left in charge of an ugly dog which he is suppose to write a skit for. But after the bit is left out of the show, Rob is left with the dog to bring home with him.

131 :05x05 - No Rice at My Wedding

Rob tells the story of a time when he and Laura were dating and how he almost lost her in a raffle to a man named Clark Rice.
Guest Stars: Allan Melvin as Sam Pomerantz | Van Williams as Clark Rice

132 :05x06 - Draw Me a Pear

Laura asks Rob to join her in an art class and then becomes jealous when the female teacher shows him extra attention.
Guest Stars: Jackie Joseph as Missy

133 :05x07 - The Great Petrie Fortune

Rob goes on a treasure hunt after finding an old home movie in which his uncle Hezekiah mentions that there may be a family fortune hidden somewhere.
Guest Stars: Herb Vigran as Alfred Reinback

134 :05x08 - Odd But True

Rob is offered $500 from a newspaper after Ritchie discovers that his freckles create the shape of the Liberty Bell.
Guest Stars: Hope Summers as lady with dog

135 :05x09 - Viva Petrie

The Petrie's maid Maria, suggests that bullfighter Manuel Luis Rodriguez, ask Rob for a job as a handyman. But it quick to see that Manuel hasn't a clue of how to do the job.

136 :05x10 - Go Tell the Birds and Bees

The Petrie's are called into the school psychologist's office after Ritchie tells some wild stories of the birds and the bees.

137 :05x11 - Body and Sol

Rob recalls his glory days as the middle weight boxing champion in the Army camp.

138 :05x12 - See Rob Write -- Write, Rob, Write

Laura is inspired to write a children's story to go with the pictures she sees at the Butcher Shop. But after Rob questions her about being able to finish what she started, the gauntlet has been thrown down in a challenge to see who can write the better story.

139 :05x13 - You're Under Arrest

Rob heads off to a drive in movie after having an argument with Laura, and then is arrested for assaulting an old woman.
Guest Stars: Ann Morgan Guilbert as Millie Helper | Phillip Pine as Norton | Sandy Kenyon as Cox | Lee Krieger as Bartender | Bella Bruck as Mrs. Fieldhouse | Ed McCready as Policeman | Johnny Silver as Taxey
Director: Jerry Paris

140 :05x14 - Fifty-Two, Forty-Five or Work

As the Alan Brady Show is set to go on hiatus, Rob recalls the time when he was out of work, with no home and Laura was pregnant with Ritchie.
Guest Stars: Richard Deacon as Mel Cooley | Reta Shaw as Miss McCracken | James Frawley as Joe Galardi | Jerry Hausner as Herbie | Alfred Ward as Johnson | John C. Chulay as Truck Driver | Dabbs Greer as Mr. Brumley
Director: Jerry Paris

141 :05x15 - Who Stole My Watch?

Rob's accusations against all his friends after his new expensive watch disappears, has them all angered and offended.

142 :05x16 - I Do Not Choose to Run (Part 1 of 2)

Rob is asked to run for city council after making a speech at a council meeting, but is unsure of whether he wants the job.
Guest Stars: Arte Johnson as Bill Schermerhorn

143 :05x17 - The Making of a Councilman (Part 2 of 2)

Rob wants to back out of the race for city council after meeting his opponent in which he believes is better suited for the job.
Guest Stars: Arthur Adams as Herb | Wally Cox as Lincoln Goodheart | Richard Deacon as Melvin "Mel" Cooley | Marilyn Hare as Third Lady | Holly Harris as Second Lady | Jim Henaghan as Booth | Margaret Muse as Mrs. Birdwell | Remo Pisani as Duke | Kay Stewart as First Lady | Lorna Thayer as Samantha | George Tyne as Doug | Leah Waggner as Martha Goodheart
Director: Jerry Paris

144 :05x18 - The Curse of the Petrie People

Rob gives Laura a family heirloom which tells the Petrie family history, but destroys it after it drops into a garbage disposal. Now she needs to repair it before Rob's mother comes for a visit.

145 :05x19 - The Bottom of Mel Cooley's Heart

Mel takes Rob's advice and stands up to Alan Brady after he is chastised for not telling Alan about a change in the script. But the meeting does not go so well when Mel gets fired.

146 :05x20 - Remember the Alimony

Rob and Laura recall the time they spent in Mexico and how they almost filed for a $10 divorce.
Guest Stars: Don Diamond as Gonzales

147 :05x21 - Dear Sally Rogers

While on the The Stevie Parsons Show, Sally mentions that she is looking for a husband, unaware of the flood of responses she would receive.

148 :05x22 - Buddy Sorrell, Man and Boy

Sally and Rob are in search of what secret Buddy is hiding. They come to the conclusion that he is either having an affair or seeing a psychiatrist. Fact is he has been preparing for his Bar Mitzvah he never had as a boy.

149 :05x23 - Bad Reception in Albany

Rob and Laura head to Albany to attend a wedding. Alan had asked Rob to watch a fashion show to get an idea for a sketch, causing him to scurry to find a television set in time to see the show. A mix up has Rob rushing to the church and dressed in a fur collared tuxedo.
Director: Jerry Paris

150 :05x24 - Talk to the Snail

Rob applies for a job working with a annoying ventriloquist and his puppet of a obnoxious snail, after discovering that Alan plans on cutting down his writing staff.
Guest Stars: Carl Reiner as Alan Brady
Director: Jerry Paris

151 :05x25 - A Day in the Life of Alan Brady

When Rob and Laura set up an anniversary party for Jerry and Millie, it unwittingly turns into a Alan Brady documentary.
Guest Stars: Carl Reiner as Alan Brady | Richard Deacon as Melvin Cooley | Lou Wills as Hi | Kim Ford as girl | John C. Chulay as cameraman | Joyce Jameson as Blanche | Eddie Paskey as Background Guest
Director: Jerry Paris

152 :05x26 - Obnoxious, Offensive, Egomaniac, Etc.

A script containing insults towards Alan Brady accidentally gets delivered to his office. The gang decide they must break in and get the script back before Alan sees it and they are fired. Once inside they are informed that the script has been sent to Alan's home.
Guest Stars: Richard Deacon as Melvin Cooley | Forrest Lewis as Mac | Carl Reiner as Alan Brady
Director: Jerry Paris

153 :05x27 - The Man from My Uncle

The government wants to use the Petrie's home as a surveillance outpost to spy on their neighbor's home.
Director: Jerry Paris

154 :05x28 - You Ought to Be in Pictures

Rob becomes the world's worst actor when he is given a role in a low budget movie, featuring an Italian bombshell actress.
Guest Stars: Richard Deacon as Melvin Cooley | Frank Adamo as headwaiter | Michael Constantine as Leslie Merkle | Jayne Massey as Lucianna Mazetta
Director: Jerry Paris
Writer: Jack Winter

155 :05x29 - Love Thy Other Neighbor

Millie becomes insanely jealous when the Petrie's spend time with their new neighbors, the Stagg's.
Guest Stars: Carl Reiner as Alan Brady | Richard Deacon as Melvin Cooley | Jerry Paris as Jerry Helper | Sue Taylor as Mary Jane Stagg | Joby Baker as Fred Stagg
Director: Jerry Paris

156 :05x30 - Long Night's Journey into Day

Rob an Jerry decide to go on a fishing trip, leaving Laura and Millie alone in their homes. Being Laura's first night by herself, she begins to hear all sorts of noises and calls Millie over to spend the evening.
Guest Stars: Ogden Talbot as Artie | Jerry Paris as Jerry Helper | Ann Morgan Guilbert as Millie Helper
Director: Jerry Paris

157 :05x31 - The Gunslinger

As Rob is put to sleep while Jerry removes his tooth, he begins to dream about his family and friends all living in the days of the wild west.
Guest Stars: Carl Reiner as Alan Brady | Jerry Paris as Jerry Helper | Allan Melvin as Gun Drummer
Director: Jerry Paris

158 :05x32 - The Last Chapter

Rob recalls the events from his life as he wrote in his autobiography, causing Alan Brady to purchase the rights to use as a premise for a TV series.
Guest Stars: Carl Reiner as Alan Brady | Richard Deacon as Mel Cooley | Jerry Paris as Jerry Helper | Ann Morgan Guilbert as Millie Helper | Dabbs Greer as Chaplain | Herbie Faye as Vendor | Frank Adamo as Delivery Boy | Tiny Brauer as Cabbie | Greg Morris as Mr. Peters | Mimi Dillard as Mrs. Peters

The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 1961
Ended: September 07, 1966
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