Season 8

249 :08x01 - Pop Goes Theresa

Jeff is blamed when his date goes on a wild spree during a date with Theresa. She has lived a sheltered life with a strict father, and uses this date as a chance to live free.
Guest Stars: Gary Waynesmith as Blake | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Karl Lukas as Police Officer | Milton Frome as Desk Sargeant | Dan Dalton as Guitarist | Warren Stevens as Mr. Brad Marshall | Tisha Sterling as Teresa | Franco Corsaro as Murphy
Writer: Paul West

250 :08x02 - With This Ring

Donna is frantic over the loss of her wedding ring, a family heirloom from Alex's family.
Guest Stars: Jamie Farr as The Waiter | Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Kim Higgins as Cynthia Collins | Jean Vander Pyl as Mom Stone | Carl Betz as Samuel J. Stone | Jonathan Hole as Mr. Martindale
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

251 :08x03 - Boy Meets Girl Machine

Jeff isn't too enthusiastic over being named chairman of the college Freshman-Sophomore party, until he meets his female co-chairman.
Guest Stars: Gary Waynesmith as Willie | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Marianne Ittleson as Secretary | Robert Ellenstein as Dean Whittaker | Jimmy Baird as Joel | Murray MacLeod as Lanky Boy | Margaret Mitchell as Molly | Pamela McMyler as Melissa | Candy Moore as Bernice
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Writer: Paul West

252 :08x04 - Think Mink

Donna is unsure who won a prize at the Ladies' League Benefit luncheon, she or Midge?
Guest Stars: Dick Wilson (2) as Mr. Hodges | Virginia Vincent as Mrs. Bellflower | Kirk Alyn as Man | Peg Shirley as Millie | Molly Dodd as Mrs. Randall
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

253 :08x05 - Four on the Floor

Jeff really wants a used car he saw at a dealership, even though the dealer has cautioned him against buying the heap...which is older than Jeff.
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Laurence Haddon as Henshaw
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Writer: Paul West

254 :08x06 - Charge

The Stone's are unsure why the department store has deied them credit, listing them as a risk.
Guest Stars: Helen Clark as Miss Rogers | Dayna Ceder as Miss Carson | Arch Johnson as Mr. Nelson

255 :08x07 - Do Me a Favor, Don't Do Me Any Favors

Jeff and Alex are so moved by a retirement speech given by professor James Caldwell, that they initiate a drive to get him reinstated.
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Lloyd Corrigan as Prof. James Caldwell | Mary Treen as Mrs. Larson | Stephen Roberts as Dean Shelby
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

256 :08x08 - Author, Author

When Donna takes an aptitude test as requested by Jeff, she discovers a hidden talent for writing. Donna decides to write about her family, but her comments do not go over well with Alex or Jeff.

257 :08x09 - Trees

Donna is upset when the city decides a tree outside the Stone's home needs removing, a tree which Donna believes she is the owner of.
Guest Stars: Maxine Stuart as Helen Whitcomb | Karl Lukas as Mr.Swanson | Paulene Myers as Ethel Featherspoon | Anne Bellamy as Louise | Arline Towne as Helen | Penny Kunard as Julie | Paul Reed as Commissioner Trimmit

258 :08x10 - The Big League Shock

Jeff's good friend is joining him at college and brings with him some fine credentials and straight A grades. So why is he struggling to fit in?
Guest Stars: William Lanteau as Mr. Devlin | Charles Lane as Mr. Samson | Dennis Cross as Dr. Farrell | Mark Slade as Bill
Writer: Lew Shaw

259 :08x11 - The Gladiators

Alex's father and Midge's mother both show up for a visit at the same time.
Guest Stars: Lee Patrick as Maudie Baker
Director: Alan Rafkin
Writer: Paul West

260 :08x12 - Rally Around the Girls, Boys

Jeff and Scotty are surprised when their girlfriends compete against them at a sports-car rally.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Candy Moore as Bebe | Sandy Descher as Susanna | Dabney Coleman as Rally Master | Arthur Adams as Guard
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

261 :08x13 - Slipped Disc

Jeff turns the Stone's garage into a recording studio so they can record his band for a record.
Guest Stars: Gary Waynesmith as Willie | Lindsay Workman as Charlie Henderson | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Nancy Brown as Helen Henderson | Henry Hunter as Mr. Cardwell | Janis Hansen as Lucy Ann | Mark Sturges as Steve | Joe Price (1) as Proprietor of the Malt Shop | Harry Korshak as Chuck
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

262 :08x14 - Uncle Jeff Needs You

Jeff can land a job as a counselor at a Summer camp if he can recruit two kids as campers.
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Suzanne Fries as Leslie | DeForest Kelley as Mr. Williams | June Whitley Taylor as Mrs. Williams | Enid Jaynes as Miss Carson | Kevin Tate as Lennie | Dean Moray as Billy Williams | Eddie Rosson as Spike | Billy Corcoran as Greg Williams
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

263 :08x15 - Never Look a Gift House in the Mouth

Jeff and his fraternity brothers decide the will redecorate a cottage they are going to use for the summer.
Guest Stars: Gary Waynesmith as Willie | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Dorothy Evans
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

264 :08x16 - How to Handle a Woman

Jeff and Scotty offer Smitty some advice about women, convinced that he can't handle them on his own.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Linda Gaye Scott as Deborah | Candy Moore as Bebe | Chanin Hale as Myrtle | Catherine Ferrar as Susan

265 :08x17 - My Son, the Councilman

Jeff's friends circulate a petition to get him on the ballot for city councilman.
Guest Stars: Paulene Myers as Featherspoon | Kathy Fields as Mary | Buddy Lewis as Hank | Rickie Sorensen as Jack | John Qualen as Zeke | Paul Reed as Trimmit | Sheila James Kuehl as Gerelda
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

266 :08x18 - Do It Yourself Donna

Donna and Alex have been struggling to assemble a complicated stereo system for Jeff's birthday, unaware that he and Smitty have been working on repairing their errors.
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Sandy Kenyon as Clerk | Bonnie Beecher as Julie
Director: Lee Philips
Writer: Lou Shaw

267 :08x19 - When I Was Your Age

Donna and Alex are frightened over the idea of Jeff and Bebe wanting to get married.
Guest Stars: John Stephenson as Ben Barnes | Candy Moore as Bebe | Hollis Irving as Harriet Barnes | Charles Alvin Bell as Clerk
Writer: Jack Raymond

268 :08x20 - Calling Willie Mays

The Stone's take a trip to San Fransisco where they meet Willie Mays in person.
Guest Stars: Edmon Ryan as Dr. Lionel Grayson | Amzie Strickland as Mrs.Sally Grayson | Smoki Whitfield as 1st Ticket Clerk | Nancy Spry as Vickie | Willie Mays as Himself | Baynes Barron as 2nd Ticket Clerk | Jimmy Cross (1) as Scalper
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

269 :08x21 - All This and Voltaire Too?

The owner of a French restaurant has agreed to teach Donna and Midge how to speak the language.
Guest Stars: Barbara Shelley as Paulette | Stanley Adams as Voltaire | Naomi Stevens as Madame Voltaire | Paul Steyer as Malcolm | Lynn Carey as Jeannine
Director: Erna Lazarus

270 :08x22 - The Return of Mark

Alex is upset when an old flame of Donna's, Mark Claridge, makes a donation to the hospital in which he must handle himself.
Guest Stars: Warren Stevens as Mark Claridge | June Chandler as Airline Girl
Director: Lee Philips

271 :08x23 - Is There a Small Hotel?

The Stone's wish they hadn't asked for advice of the best place to stay while on vacation after receiving different opinions from everyone they know.
Guest Stars: Arte Johnson as Crandall | William Lanteau as Mr. Phillips | Tim Odening as Bruce | Arthur Adams as Orderly | Melanie Alexander as Marna | Peter Leeds as Postman | Nora Marlowe as Mrs. Barton | Judson Pratt as Metcalfe | James Hong as Jim

272 :08x24 - No More Parties, Almost

Alex feels his strength and morales are decreasing since they began going from party to party each night.
Guest Stars: Gene Blakely as Mr. Kingsley | Alice Backes as Mrs. McCracken | Anne Bellamy as Mrs. Kingsley | Penny Kunard as Isobel | Kirk Alyn as Steve Slocum | Aline Towne as Nellie Slocum | Jeff Burton (1) as Mailman

273 :08x25 - So You Really Think You're Young at Heart

After failing a test which judges how youthful one is, Donna, Alex and Midge decide to recapture their youthful spirit.
Guest Stars: Paul Bryar as Huckster | Bobby Johnson as Attendant

274 :08x26 - What Price Home?

Amy and Bull Bullock will offer anything to buy back the Stone's home in which they had sold them many years ago.

275 :08x27 - By-Line - - Jeffrey Stone

When Leslie Gore makes a stop in town, Jeff and Smitty decide they will ask her to record one of their songs.
Writer: Jack Raymond
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1958
Ended: September 03, 1966
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