Season 1

1 :01x01 - Weekend Trip

The antics of the Stone family is introduced as Donna tries to plan a weekend ski getaway, but her husband's on-call schedule makes the planning difficult.
Guest Stars: Howard Wendell as George Heiser | Louise Lewis as Mrs. Whitman | Hugh Corcoran as Eddie | Jackie Kelk as Dr. Boland | Alice Reinheart as Mrs. Barclay
Writer: Phil Leslie

2 :01x02 - Pardon My Gloves

When a kid at school makes fun of Donna for acting in the school play, Jeff defends her by getting into a fight and receives a black eye. Donna tries to teach him the finer points on how to box properly.
Guest Stars: Mary Shipp as Lydia Langley | Kim Charney as Chunky Langley
Director: Oscar Rudolph

3 :01x03 - The Hike

Donna, trying to prove that women are just as good as men, takes Jeff and his friends to the mountains for a camping trip by using her "girl scout mentality."
Guest Stars: Alan Aaronson as Boy #3 | Martin Smith (2) as Ranger | Stephen Pearson as Boy #2 | Ricky Klein (1) as Boy #1 | Scotty Morrow as Peewee
Director: Oscar Rudolph

4 :01x04 - Male Ego

Mary gives a speech about what mother's must sacrifice, which makes Alex feel unappreciated.
Guest Stars: Lawrence Dobkin as Dr. Winfield Graham | Alvy Moore as Hank | Sid Tomack as Mac | Jack Straw (2) as Salesman
Director: Oscar Rudolph

5 :01x05 - The Football Uniform

Jeff has to work in order to pay for a football jersey if he wants to appear in the team picture.
Guest Stars: Hugh Corcoran as Eddie | Robert McKenny as Tom Ellis
Director: Oscar Rudolph

6 :01x06 - The Foundling

A man abandons his child at the Stone's doorstep. Donna starts looking for who may have left the child, but begins to bond closely with the infant, while Jeff frets over having to have another sibling.
Guest Stars: Don Hildreth as Police Officer | Fintan Meyler as Kathleen | Paul Picerni as Milkman
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: John Whedon

7 :01x07 - Three Part Mother

Donna is completely overbooked and must find a way to be at three events at the same time.
Guest Stars: Ross Elliott as Woody Graham
Director: Oscar Rudolph

8 :01x08 - Change Partners and Dance

Mary hopes that the star of the basketball team, George, will ask her to the prom, but things get tricky when George falls for Donna instead.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as George Haskell | Dena Bliss as Betty

9 :01x09 - Dough Re-Mi

Both Donna and Jeff work on fund raisers -- Jeff works to raise money for a new football tackling dummy while Donna tries to get a concert pianist to play at a benefit.
Guest Stars: Roger Til as Anton Duval | Reba Waters as Antoinette Duval | Mary Shipp as Lydia Langley
Director: Oscar Rudolph

10 :01x10 - Guest in the House

One of Alex's former patients stays with the Stones.
Guest Stars: John Bryant as Major Barker | Stephen Courtleigh as Colonel Woodward | Charles Herbert as David Barker | John Reach as Police Officer
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: John Whedon

11 :01x11 - The Baby Contest

Alex is the judge at a beautiful baby contest.
Guest Stars: Ruth Terry as Ruth Sterling | Gerry Lock as Myra Robinson | Dorothy Morris as Shirley Watson | Anne Whitfield as Helen Cooper | Virginia Christine as Margaret Lang
Director: Oscar Rudolph

12 :01x12 - The Beaded Bag

Alex's comment on Donna's sneaky way she got him to buy her a beaded handbag for her birthday has her feeling insulted.
Guest Stars: Angela Greene as Patsy Cole | Rickie Sorensen as Bobby Cole | Mary Treen as Miss Winters | Robert Nash as Man
Director: Oscar Rudolph

13 :01x13 - The Busy Body

Donna's uncle comes for a visit and causes chaos around the Stone household.
Guest Stars: Rhys Williams as Uncle Fred | Irving Bacon as Mayor Webster | Ann Doran as Mrs. Adams
Director: Oscar Rudolph

14 :01x14 - A Very Merry Christmas

Donna is upset that the Christmas spirit has been lost to the mighty cash register, until she pays a visit to the hospital and discovers that the lonely janitor, Charlie, has been secretly playing Santa for the children's ward for over twenty years now.
Guest Stars: Butler Hixon as Dr. Florey | Buster Keaton as Charlie | Murray Alper as Joe
Director: Oscar Rudolph

15 :01x15 - Mary's Double Date

Mary has strung two possible dates out waiting for an answer to who she is going to go to the upcoming school junior prom with...but has she waited too long?
Guest Stars: Tom Brandt as Phil | Bobby Burgess as Ernie | Buzz Martin as Charlie
Director: Oscar Rudolph

16 :01x16 - Jeff's Double Life

Jeff goes to a pediatrician under an assumed name after he injures his arm while joyriding in a friends stolen car. this comes shortly after being scolded about keeping up a respectable appearance as a doctors child.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Freeman as Mrs. Wilgus | Peter Adams (2) as Dr. Barry
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: Bill Manhoff

17 :01x17 - Nothing But the Truth

A family friend in Military school, young David Barker, calls the Stone's and makes it known that his birthday is coming up. Donna decides to throw him a party, except it isn't really David's birthday at all.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Fields (1) as Snyder | Gregory Irvin as Mousie Myers | Charles Herbert as David Barker
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: John Whedon

18 :01x18 - It's the Principle of the Thing

Donna helps a proud man earn money by working at some odd jobs around the Stone's home. He needs the money to pay for Alex's service as a doctor for his ailing son, but refuses to take charity.
Guest Stars: Richard Deacon as Mr. Johnson | Hans Conried as Mr. Popkin | Robert Crawford, Jr. as Joey | David McMahon (1) as Cop
Director: Oscar Rudolph

19 :01x19 - Jeff vs. Mary

Donna must find a solution when Jeff is convinced that his parents love Mary more than they love him.
Guest Stars: Stephen Pearson as Zack | Jackie Kelk as Dr. Boland | Pat McCaffrie as Electrician
Director: Oscar Rudolph

20 :01x20 - Have Fun

When Mary returns home from a date in tears, Alex and Mary each tell a story from when they were dating.
Guest Stars: George Hamilton as Herbie Shields | Arthur Lovejoy as Headwaiter | Sherwood Price as Dr. Hooper
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: John Whedon

21 :01x21 - Donna Plays Cupid

Donna tries to get her friends Bo and Celia romantically involved with each other.
Guest Stars: Hal Baylor as Herbie Armbruster | Susan Dorn as Ceil Pennington | Jackie Kelk as Dr. Boland | Joanna Lee as Connie
Director: Oscar Rudolph

22 :01x22 - Love Thy Neighbor

Donna and Alex are throwing a 20th anniversary party for the Wilgus' unaware that Celia has left Wilbur.
Guest Stars: Howard McNear as Mr. Wilgus | Kathleen Freeman as Mrs. Wilgus | Maudie Prickett as Miss Sanders | Cosmo Sardo as Maitre d'
Director: Oscar Rudolph

23 :01x23 - The Report Card

Donna is disappointed when Jeff brings home his report card which is filled with low grades.
Guest Stars: Stephen Pearson as Zack | Harvey Grant as Philip | Ann Doran as Mrs. Adams
Director: Oscar Rudolph

24 :01x24 - Boys Will Be Boys

The Stone's allow David Barker to stay with them overnight after having been treated by Alex for rabies having said he was bit by the rat, unaware that "The Rat'' is the nickname of a kid at the Military academy.
Guest Stars: Carleton G. Young as Major Ryan | Darlene Fields as Moll | Ric Roman as Gangster | John Harmon (1) as Rat | Charles Herbert as David Barker
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: John Whedon

25 :01x25 - The Ideal Wife

Donna feels that people believe she is a genuinely nice person, causing her to purposely get upset with everyone for a day...but apologizes to them all the next day.
Guest Stars: Sid Tomack as Mac | Frances Robinson as Ellen Marcy | Don Havey as Dr. Harry Marcy | Gerry Lock as Kate Brock | Keith Richards (1) as Dr. Lester Brock
Director: Oscar Rudolph

26 :01x26 - Mary's Campaign

Mary is driving the family bananas in her attempt to win the school's vice presidential election.
Guest Stars: Gigi Perreau as Cathy Robinson | Jimmy Hawkins as George Haskell | Melinda Byron as Betsy Cartwright | Natalie Masters as Miss Aldridge
Director: Oscar Rudolph

27 :01x27 - The Flowered Print Dress

While at a dinner party, Donna notices a newlywed couple attentiveness towards each other and wants herself and Alex to do the same.
Guest Stars: Lillian Bronson as Mrs. Butler | Addison Richards as Dr. Butler | Olive Sturgess as Carol Berke | Keith Vincent as Jim Berke
Director: Oscar Rudolph

28 :01x28 - April Fool

Teen singing sensation Buzz Barry, is staying with the Stone's after he comes down with a case of the measles. Problem is, no one is allowed to let the secret out to their friends.
Guest Stars: Ted Knight as Phil Martin | Doreen Tracey as Flo | James Darren as Buzz Berry | Melinda Plowman as Sue | Jesse White as Vance | Nancy Randall as Alice
Director: Oscar Rudolph

29 :01x29 - The Parting of the Ways

When the Stone's attempt to help the Kepler's reconcile their marriage, the plan backfires and causes a further rift.
Guest Stars: Pat McCaffrie as Jack Keppler | Melinda Plowman as Babs Keppler | Mary Lawrence (1) as Myra Keppler
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: John Whedon

30 :01x30 - The Hero

Alex's former college roommate Biff Jameson, is coming for a visit. But as hard as they try, neither Donna or Alex can find out what he does for a living.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as George Haskell | Gordon Gebert as Stanley | Tom Palmer (1) as Harry | Ben Gage as Biff
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: John Whedon

31 :01x31 - Do You Trust Your Child?

Donna finds her foot in her mouth after giving parenting advice and then finding herself tested by the very words she spoke when its discovered that Mary's new boyfriend comes from a long line of eloper's.
Guest Stars: Florida Friebus as Helen Brooks | Richard Tyler as Leonard | Roberta Shore as Nancy
Director: Oscar Rudolph

32 :01x32 - Grateful Patient

Although Alex is a pediatrician, he rushes to help Mrs. Wilgus when she is accidentally hurt. Her husband insisting that Alex has saved his wife's life, decides he must do something to show his appreciation. In order to show thanks, he tells Alex that he has learned a large syndicate is about to buy a big empty lot for a department store. Wilgus persuades Alex that a small investment will net him a huge return.
Guest Stars: Howard McNear as Wilbur Wilgus | Kathleen Freeman as Mrs. Wilgus | Jack Straw (2) as Mr. Alexander
Director: Oscar Rudolph

33 :01x33 - The Testimonial

Donna learns that Dr. Jason the town's most beloved physician is planning to retire after forty years of practice. Donna becomes angry at the matter-of-fact way in which the townspeople take the doctor's retirement. She inspires the editor of the local paper to write a heartwarming editorial about the doctor, and tops this by getting the town council to sponsor a farewell dinner for him.
Guest Stars: Stephen Roberts as Mr. Herman | Harry Cheshire as Mayor | Olive Blakeney as Mrs. Jason | James Bell (2) as Dr. Jason
Director: Oscar Rudolph

34 :01x34 - Miss Lovelace Comes to Tea

Donna is keeping herself busy with the "Have a Heart Hilldale" campaign, causing the Stone's to hire a maid, Miss Lovelace.
Guest Stars: Estelle Winwood as Miss Lovelace | Elizabeth Talbot-Martin as Matron | Esther Dale as Mrs. Abrogast | Margaret Dumont as Mrs. Wetscott Trilling
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: Henry Sharp

35 :01x35 - Tomorrow Comes Too Soon

Donna has been hoping for a day alone with Alex for some time now, but when she realizes that the day maybe coming soon that the kids will be moving away, she finds that she may not be ready to let them leave.
Guest Stars: Gary Troy as Jim | Joan Tompkins as Patty | Harry Ellerbe as Phil
Director: Oscar Rudolph

36 :01x36 - Advice To Young Lovers

Mary receives advice on love and relationships.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as George Haskell /Herbie Shields | Melinda Plowman as Babs Keppler
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: John Whedon

37 :01x37 - Operation Deadbeat

Alex feels compelled to keep the families good name and collect money in which Jeff owes.
Guest Stars: Alan Reed as Mr. Finsterwald | Tony Miller (1) as Checker | William Keene as Mr. McDonnell | Perry Cook as Mr. Folger
Director: Oscar Rudolph

Season 2

38 :02x01 - That's Show Business

Mary helps a shy student, Kenny, overcome his stage fright by giving him a lucky penny. But Mary then finds herself worried when she is paired up with the shorter Kenny for a dance in the school play.
Guest Stars: Lee Aaker as Kenny | Herbert Lytton as Mr. Cooper
Director: Oscar Rudolph

39 :02x02 - Sleep No More My Lady

Alex gives an excited Donna a tranquilizer while on a flight to the convention where he is scheduled to give a speech. But now she is groggy and is in danger of embarrassing him for his big day.
Guest Stars: Richard Gaines as Dr. Elias Spaulding | Helen Bennett as Mrs. Spaulding | Jean Paul King as Dr. Brannan
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: Henry Sharp

40 :02x03 - A Penny Earned

Donna decides not to purchase a new dress for an upcoming wedding, believing it would be a unnecessary expense.
Guest Stars: Raymond Bailey as George Collier | Jacques Scott as Henri | Irene Hervey as Louise Collier | Christopher Essay as waiter | Mary Carver as Miss Robbins
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: Tom August

41 :02x04 - A Friend Indeed

Jeff's friend Doug tends to cause trouble when the two are at school, but Jeff lets it pass because he knows Doug only acts up because of the way his mother berates him at home. When Donna finds out the story, she invites Doug's mother to witness her "well-behaved" kids as they arrive home from school one day, to prove all kids are alike.
Guest Stars: Morris Lippert as Doug | Doreen Lang as Miss Ferguson | Ann Morriss as Fran
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: Tom August

42 :02x05 - The First Child

The Brandon's are parents for the first time and are constantly calling Alex in fear that their baby is sickly.
Guest Stars: Jack Bryan (1) as Manager | Dave Willock as Mr. Brandon | Alice Backes as Mrs. Brandon
Director: Oscar Rudolph

43 :02x06 - Going Steady

Mary convinces Jeff to attend the party of a girl from school so that she can meet the girl's brother.
Guest Stars: Sherry Alberoni as Meredith Penner
Director: Oscar Rudolph

44 :02x07 - The Neighborly Gesture

Alex feels jealous when Jeff starts gushing over the new man who moved in next door to them.
Guest Stars: Barbara Eiler as Eleanor Moody | Robert Nichols as Joe Moody
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: John Whedon

45 :02x08 - Nothing Like a Good Book

Donna tries to immerse the family into culture when she is goaded into joining a literary club while attending a party. Her first assignment is to report on the epic "War and Peace" by Tolstoy, and has only one week to prepare.
Guest Stars: Randy Preissman as Christopher Cruikshank | Fred Kruger as George Platt | Margie Liszt as Vera Platt | J. Edward McKinley as Dr. Peabody | Mary Shipp as Lydia Langley
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: John Whedon

46 :02x09 - Flowers For the Teacher

The boys at school believe their new teacher, Miss McGuinness is too strict for their taste, so Donna pays a visit to see what this is all about.
Guest Stars: Marion Ross as Miss McGuinness | Richard Tyler as Unknown | Scotty Morrow as Pee Wee
Director: Oscar Rudolph

47 :02x10 - All Mothers Worry

Phillip, a friend of Jeff wants to play football, but his mother is afraid her little boy will get hurt in the games.
Guest Stars: Bill Wade as Unknown | Les Richter as Unknown | Jon Arnett as Unknown | Don Burroughs as Unknown | Bob Kelley as Kel-Game Announcer | Coach Sid Gillman as Himself | Ann Doran as Margaret Dorsey | Harvey Grant as Philip Dorsey
Director: Oscar Rudolph

48 :02x11 - Jeff Joins a Club

Jeff wants to join a club but discovers he is being black balled because the group doesn't approve of one of his friends.
Guest Stars: Stephen Pearson as Zack | Randy Preissman as Robert | Scotty Morrow as Pee Wee | Tony Haig as Walter Pearson
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: Tom August

49 :02x12 - The Punishment

The Stone's must figure how to dole out punishment to the kids without making either of them looking like the bad guy.
Guest Stars: Lenore Kingston as Woman | Robert Ellis as Young Man
Director: Oscar Rudolph

50 :02x13 - A Difference of Opinion

An argument ensues between Alex and Donna when she accepts an invitation to a party for a couple in which neither like.
Guest Stars: Hal Smith as Rod | Ann Rutherford as Phyllis Baker | Alice Foote as Joan | Renny McEvoy as Fred | Holly Harris as Elsie | Chet Stratton as Harry Baker
Director: Ida Lupino

51 :02x14 - The Homecoming Dance

Donna and Alex agree to chaperon Mary's Homecoming dance, which her date is with a college man she has never met.
Guest Stars: Tommy Ivo as Herbie | Jay Strong as Stan | David de Haven as Dick | Suzi Carnell as Betty
Writer: John Whedon

52 :02x15 - The Lucky Girl

Donna wonders if a comment by her friends on how lucky she is to have married Alex, doesn't have a double meaning as if she wasn't good enough for him.
Guest Stars: Margie Liszt as Beauty Operator | Dorothy Kingston as Dorothy Elliott | Gerry Lock as Helen | Mona Knox as Jane Lawrence | Helen Conrad as Woman
Director: Oscar Rudolph

53 :02x16 - The Broken Spirit

Donna is under the impression that a talk from Alex has changed Jeff's disposition, unaware that he has a guilty conscious from being responsible for the injury to an elderly neighbor.
Guest Stars: Virginia Stefan as Nurse | Raymond Hatton as Mr. Barnhill | Ronald Anton as Timmy
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

54 :02x17 - The Secret

Donna and Alex are curious of why Mary has received a phone call and an engagement ring from Matt, a freshman at UCLA, yet hasn't informed anyone about what is going on.
Guest Stars: Tommy Ivo as Freddy | Roberta Shore as Carol | Michael Vandever as Matthew Morgan
Director: Norman Tokar

55 :02x18 - The New Mother

David Barker is disappointed after his father gets remarried, having hoped that this would mean he could leave military school and come back home.
Guest Stars: Ina Victor as Helen | Stephen Courtleigh as Col. Woodward | John Bryant as Major Barker | Gregory Irvin as Mousie
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: John Whedon

56 :02x19 - Just a Housewife

Donna takes a stand for all homemakers when she appears on the "Housewife Corner" show which is being broadcast from McClure's Market.
Guest Stars: Lindsay Workman as Jim | Constance Moore as Doris | Virginia Stefan as Nurse | Elaine Riley as Dorothy Berns | Jerry Hausner as Jerry Parker | Eileen Harley as Joan Standish
Director: Oscar Rudolph

57 :02x20 - The Free Soul

Jeff is intrigued with the idea of traveling around the world as his Uncle Dan does. But will Donna and Alex agree to let him go?
Guest Stars: Myron McCormick as Dan | Charles Wagenheim as Vendor | Aline Towne as Mrs. Sutton
Director: Norman Tokar

58 :02x21 - The First Quarrel

When a pair of friends have a marital spat, Donna steps in as a mediator.
Guest Stars: Duci de Kerekjarto as Violinist | Kevin Burke as Waiter | Keith Vincent as Jim | Olive Sturgess as Alice

59 :02x22 - A Place to Go

Donna helps organize a meeting place for the neighborhood children with the help of the other parents, after Jeff and his friends get in trouble for making a hang out from an abandoned building.
Guest Stars: Stafford Repp as Sgt. McDermott | Stephen Wootton as Wilbur | Howard Wendell as George Heiser | Lester Vail as Matthew Sarples | Ann Morriss as Eleanor Moody | Gerry Lock as Myra Keppler
Director: Norman Tokar
Writer: John Whedon

60 :02x23 - A Night to Howl

In hopes of changing their routine lives around, Donna and Alex decide to go out of town on a Monday night. Only trouble can come from this...
Guest Stars: Richard Reeves as Construction Worker | Tom McKee as Counterman | Don Orlando as Chef | Mario Siletti as Waiter
Director: Lawrence Dobkin
Writer: John Whedon

61 :02x24 - The Editorial

Jeff's first assignment as Editor of the school newspaper is to write a negative article about doing homework.
Guest Stars: Andy Kirk as Larry | Alma Platt as Mrs. Walter | Larry Hart as Rick | Michael Webber as Mike | Mary Lou Kenworthy as Patty
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

62 :02x25 - The Gentle Dew

Jeff and Mary's lax attitude towards schoolwork and their responsibilities at home causes Alex to lay down a new set of rules.
Guest Stars: Jan Stine as Roger | Aline Towne as Kay Wiley
Director: Norman Tokar
Writer: John Whedon

63 :02x26 - The Fatal Leap

Donna is not too pleased when Alex is invited to a bachelor party for his former wild college roommate.
Guest Stars: Roy Wright as Butcher | Sam Flint as Dr. Wiggins | Charles Davis (1) as Moose Edwards | Jack Albertson as Jack Richards | Florence MacMichael as Madeleine Richards
Writer: John Whedon

64 :02x27 - The Perfect Pitch

When Donna discovers that Jeff was born with perfect pitch, she signs him up for trumpet lessons, although he would rather be a member of the track team.
Guest Stars: Tony Haig as Greg | Jerry Lawrence as Larry Waggner | Franco Corsaro as Mr. Tocari
Director: Norman Tokar

65 :02x28 - Pickles for Charity

The Woman's Medical Auxiliary Dance was a smashing success, but cost more to put on than it took in at the ticket booth. So each of the auxiliary decide to make up the difference. Donna believes she can raise her share of the money by selling homemade pickles.
Guest Stars: Jean Cook as 1st Woman | William Newell as Mr. Ross | Jeanne Tatum as 2nd Woman | Helen Jay as 4th Woman | Fern Barry as 3rd Woman | Tiger Fafara as Charlie
Director: Norman Tokar

66 :02x29 - Mary's Growing Pain

Mary is smitten with a new intern at the hospital, Dr. Lee
Guest Stars: Jan Stine as Roger | Jack Hilton as Dr. Somers | Ann Seaton as Older Nurse | Abigail Shelton as Nurse
Director: Lawrence Dobkin
Writer: John Whedon

67 :02x30 - Alex Runs the House

Alex is left to run the household for the week when Donna joins Jeff at his grandparents farm.
Guest Stars: Renee Godfrey as Wilma
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

68 :02x31 - The Career Woman

An old schoolmate of Donna comes to the Stone's home to see what married life is like with a doctor, now that she is engaged to one herself.
Guest Stars: Richard Garland as David | Esther Williams as Molly
Director: Oscar Rudolph
Writer: John Whedon

69 :02x32 - Jeff, the Financial Genius

When it's discovered that Jeff owes everyone in the house money, Alex cuts off his allowance which causes him to make financial trades with his friends.
Guest Stars: Herb Vigran as Mr. Sprague | Mike Peters (1) as Alvin | Marjorie Winters as Mrs. Pruitt | Michael Montgomery as Zack
Director: Hy Averback
Writer: Henry Sharp

70 :02x33 - Mary's Crusade

Mary helps to transform her very plain friend, Ellen, into a glamorous lady, to help her get a date to the school dance.
Guest Stars: Don Edmonds as Mort | Michael Eden as Frank | Carole Wells as Melanie | Scooter Teague as Don | Barbara Luddy as Mrs. Schiller | Melinda Byron as Ellen
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

71 :02x34 - The First Time We Met

While Donna plays matchmaker to a new young doctor and a pretty nurse at the hospital, she and Alex both tell differing stories of how they first met.
Guest Stars: Bob Hastings as Dr. Hank Landers | Lindsay Workman as Dr. Kane | Kaye Elhardt as Pat Archer | Dorothy Kingston as Florence Kessler

72 :02x35 - The Gossip

Donna tells the town gossip about Kay Watson's pregnancy, which is a big mistake after discovering that she wanted to keep it a secret so she can keep working.
Guest Stars: Lindsay Workman as Jim | Maxine Cooper as Kay Wiley | Gil Frye as Ben Wiley | Sheila Bromley as Margaret Harrison | Almina Sessions as Elsie | Elisabeth Fraser as Emily

73 :02x36 - Love's Sweet Awakening

When Marys' old friend Petie returns home from military school, one look at a grown up Mary sparks a romantic interest in her old chum.
Guest Stars: Ralph Reed (1) as Petie | Carole Wells as Melanie | Jeanne Bates as Ruth Handler | Don Tobin as George Handler

74 :02x37 - The Wedding Present

Aunt Lettie's visit sparks desperation in Donna and Alex when they try to remember what she gave them as a wedding present.
Guest Stars: Harriet MacGibbon as Mrs. Manning | Tommy Farrell as Mr. Jason | Molly Dodd as Louise Barnett
Director: Hy Averback
Writer: Phil Sharp

75 :02x38 - Cool Cat

The family vote on whether Jeff can keep a stray cat that followed him home one day from school.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as Jerry Hager | Roy Wright as Mr. Schultz | Marjorie Winters as Ruth Morton

Season 3

76 :03x01 - Weekend

The Stones decide to head to a getaway place called Lakeview Lodge for the weekend but upon arrival discover that the place is a dump.
Guest Stars: Larry Merrill as Cliff | Parker Fennelly as Charlie Cooper | Mary Treen as Sonny Cooper | Ed Stoddard as Man | Lorraine Miller as Woman

77 :03x02 - The Mystery Woman

A woman says hello to Donna while she's eating lunch in a restaurant but Mrs. Stone has no idea who the greeter is and decides to discover her identity.
Guest Stars: Madge Blake as Woman #1 | Tommy Ivo as Herbie | Andrea King as Wanda Herman | Patti Brill as Hostess | Gloria Saunders as Woman #2
Director: Norman Tokar

78 :03x03 - Donna Decorates

Neighbor Dennis (the Menace) Mitchell offers to help Donna redecorate the Stone house and ends up making things even worse.
Guest Stars: Jay North as Dennis Mitchell | Joseph Kearns as Mr. Wilson

79 :03x04 - The Love Letter

After Jeff helps the Stones' Greek handyman write a love letter to his galpal, Donna mistakenly believes that her son is involved in a romance.
Guest Stars: Irene Vernon as Mrs. Brown | Jay Novello as Nick Melinas | Maurice Manson as Brown | Peter Helm as Danny | Nancy Ann De Carl as Peggy

80 :03x05 - How the Other Side Lives

After seeing the palatial residence of her pal Ginnie, Mary is ashamed of the Stones' living quarters.
Guest Stars: John Graham (1) as Currier | Reba Waters as Ginny Currier
Director: James Sheldon
Writer: John Whedon

81 :03x06 - Alex's Twin

Mary falls for a new boy at school because he reminds her of what she thinks her father might have been like as a teenager.
Guest Stars: Lindsay Workman as Dr. Higgins | Ray Baumann as Elroy | Cheerio Meredith as Miss Graham | Jack Albertson as Jack Richards
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

82 :03x07 - Worried Anyone?

Alex and Donna worry about Mary riding around in the jalopy of a pal that's made with parts taken from wrecked cars.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Robert N. Terry as Simpson

83 :03x08 - Higher Learning

After Jeff scores in the genius range on a standardized test, the school principal suggests that the Stones enroll their son in a school more suited to his mental capabilities but the idea doesn't go over well with Jeff.
Guest Stars: Lester Maxwell as Malcolm
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

84 :03x09 - Never Marry a Doctor

A neighbor thinks that the new handyman hired by the Stones is a thief.
Guest Stars: Pattie Chapman as Kathie | Maxine Stuart as Ellen Cruikshank | Eddie Firestone as Les
Writer: John Whedon

85 :03x10 - It Only Hurts When I Laugh

After Alex gets hospitalized, he becomes the difficult kind of patient he's always disliked.
Guest Stars: Lindsay Workman as Dr. Higgins | Carter DeHaven as Fred Miller | Helen Kleeb as Nurse Jane | Fern Barry as Nurse Ann | Marjorie Owen as Mrs. Adams | Timmy Cletro as Jimmy
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

86 :03x11 - The Model Daughter

Mary wins a scholarship to a modeling school and soon discovers that her expenses are mounting.
Guest Stars: Henry Beckman as Hal | Annelle Hayes as Taffyt Cinders

87 :03x12 - Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Mary can't make up her mind which boy to date so she goes on a date with two young men.
Guest Stars: Jan Stine as Roger | Dick Wilson (2) as Waiter | Robert Santon as Larry | Andrew Colmar as Young Man | Harvey Korman as Head Waiter | Adrienne Brett Evans as Girl
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

88 :03x13 - Donna Goes to a Reunion

While Donna's away at her college reunion, Jeff adopts a stray dog.
Guest Stars: Barbara Perry as Buffy | Fay Baker as Hope | Nesdon Booth as Fred
Writer: John Whedon

89 :03x14 - Someone is Watching

Jeff's pal Gordie fakes an injury to his leg and then pulls a Man Who Came to Dinner act so that he can stay with the Stones due to problems at home.
Guest Stars: Stephen Pearson as Eddie | Michael McGreevey as Gordie | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Mrs. Pratt
Writer: John Whedon

90 :03x15 - The Lean and Hungry Look

Donna and Alex go on a diet together while Mary pesters Jeff to repay money he borrowed from her so that she can purchase a new sweater.

91 :03x16 - Character Building

Donna clamps down and tries to get Mary and Jeff to finish what they started.
Guest Stars: Pat Close as Butch | Danny Sue Nolan as Mildred
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

92 :03x17 - World's Greatest Entertainer

Jeff hits a slump and to build up his spirits the rest of the family praises his mediocre imitations of movie stars. His head swelled, Jeff decides to enter the school talent show.
Guest Stars: Connie Sawyer as Mrs. Lubner
Director: Norman Tokar

93 :03x18 - Variations on a Theme

Mary begs Alex not to sell the seldom used family piano because she wants to date a boy who plays the instrument.
Guest Stars: John Indrisano as Rudy | Ludwig Stossel as Piano Tuner | Paul Sullivan as Fuzzy | Harvey Lembeck as Al | Reba Waters as Ginny
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: John Whedon

94 :03x19 - The Stones Go to Hollywood

Alex takes the family to Hollywood in order to attend a conference about a children's clinic. The family hopes to meet a few movie stars but it rains the entire time.
Guest Stars: George Sidney as Himself | Phil Arnold as Assistant Director | Midge Ware as Secretary
Director: Ted Haworth
Writer: Phil Sharp

95 :03x20 - Donna Directs a Play

It's Donna to the rescue when she steps into direct a play being put on by Mary's drama school.
Guest Stars: Jan Stine as Johnny | Eden Kessell as Tracy | Allen Emerson as Hardy | David Macklin as Doug

96 :03x21 - Trip to Nowhere

Since Alex is away at a conference, and Jeff wants to go camping, Donna decides to step into the breach.
Guest Stars: Larry Hart as Pete | Bill Baldwin as Pratt | Ricky Klein (1) as Gordie
Writer: John Whedon

97 :03x22 - The Geisha Girl

Donna tries to Americanize the Japanese wife of a new doctor in Hilldale.
Guest Stars: Miyoshi Umeki as Mrs. Stemple | Douglas Dick as Dr. Stemple | Arthur Hanson as Ben | Arline Towne as Kay | Rodney Bell as Ed | Sally Mansfield (1) as Beth | Theodore Lehmann as Waiter
Director: Norman Tokar

98 :03x23 - The Busy People

Donna signs Alex and herself up for painting lessons so that they can spend more time together.
Guest Stars: Lindsay Workman as Jim | Paul Barselou as Fred | Fred Kruger as Moresby | Alix Talton as Harriet

99 :03x24 - Tony Martin Visits

Donna encounters singer Tony Martin in traffic court when she decides to fight a parking ticket.
Guest Stars: Herb Vigran as Judge | Roger Mobley as Tony Jr. | Tony Martin as Himself | Owen Bush as Cop

100 :03x25 - Aunt Belle's Earrings

Alex's aunt arrives in Hilldale for a visit and resumes her romance with a former beau.
Guest Stars: Will Wright as Oliver Greavey | Gladys Hurlbut as Aunt Belle
Writer: Henry Sharp

101 :03x26 - Poodle Parlor

Donna and a galpal decide to open a poodle parlor where owners can bring their pooches to get groomed.
Guest Stars: Shirley Collins as Waitress | Frank Wilcox as George Heiser | Jack Albertson as Jack | Florence MacMichael as Madeline
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: John Whedon

102 :03x27 - Mary's Heart Throb

Mary tries to help the son of a family friend, who has dropped out of college, join the French Foreign Legion.
Guest Stars: Tommy Ivo as Herbie | Sara Seegar as Mrs. Damon | Wilton Graff as Damon | Claude Johnson as Rick Damon
Director: Norman Tokar
Writer: John Whedon

103 :03x28 - Donna's Helping Hand

When the head of the Board of Health retires, Donna tries to get Alex the position so that he can keep more regular hours.
Guest Stars: Robert Shayne as Dr. Flannigan | Jeanne Tatum as Woman | Stuart Nisbet as Reporter | Vladimir Sokoloff as Dr. Steinhaus | Frances Robinson as Myra
Director: Norman Tokar
Writer: John Whedon

104 :03x29 - The Merry Month of April

Alex decides to do his own income taxes and discovers that he owes money to the government because of Donna.
Guest Stars: Lindsay Workman as Dr. Brady | Ruth Storey as Nora | Francis DeSales as Harvey | Hanna Landy as Salesgirl | Franklin Pinky Parker as Judge | Sheila Rogers as Witness
Writer: John Whedon

105 :03x30 - Music Hath Charms

When a prized possession for Donna and Alex gets broken, the Stone children scramble to find replacements.
Guest Stars: Lindsay Workman as Dr. Jim Higgins | Jimmy Gaines as Jerry | Trudy Marshall as Mother | Peter Oliphant as Pete | Tony Haig as Eddie
Director: Norman Tokar
Writer: John Whedon

106 :03x31 - Let's Look at Love

Mary swears off boys when she discovers that two of them tossed a coin to see who would take her to the dance.
Guest Stars: Jan Stine as Roger | Ray Baumann as Jerry | Robert Singer (2) as Stanley

107 :03x32 - For Better or Worse

Alex wants to go fishing with the boys but must get Donna's permission first.
Guest Stars: Lindsay Workman as Jim | Reid Hammond as Ed | Dort Clark (1) as Joe | Frances Robinson as Myra
Director: Norman Tokar

108 :03x33 - Jeff, the Treasurer

After Jeff is elected class Treasurer, he manages to lose the class dues in the amount of $32.00. Can he find the money before the class picnic?
Guest Stars: Kevin O'Neal as Boy | Doodles Weaver as Perkins | Karen Green (1) as Amy | Anne Loos as Mrs. Haskell
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

109 :03x34 - The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

The school bully makes fun of Jeff for being in the choir so he begins lifting weights in order to buff up in case of a fight.
Guest Stars: Stephen Talbot as Lenny | Bobby Clark (1) as Gordie | Leonard Stone as Trestle | Vaughn Meadows as Jocko | Miriam Tucker as Teacher | Michael Hart (2) as Eddie
Writer: John Whedon

110 :03x35 - Military School

Mary balks when her beau wants his military school chum to attend the school dance with them but then she gets a look at the hunk in uniform.
Guest Stars: Tommy Ivo as Herbie | Chris Robinson (1) as Ken | Adrienne Ellis as Claudette
Writer: Henry Sharp

111 :03x36 - Mary's Driving Lesson

Mary's new beau agrees to teach her how to drive. Will their relationship survive?
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | James Arthur as Man | Sally Mansfield (1) as Joyce

112 :03x37 - The Mustache

Alex causes a stir amongst his family when he decides to grow mustache.
Guest Stars: Doodles Weaver as Paul
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: Phil Sharp

113 :03x38 - Mary's Little Lambs

Alex's Saturday mornings suffer when Mary and her beau Mark decide to open up a Saturday day care school to earn enough money to paint Mark's car.
Guest Stars: Karyn Kupcinet as Jeannie | Doug Lambert as Mark | Peter Oliphant as Johnny | Bobby Buntrock as Crying Child
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

Season 4

114 :04x01 - One Starry Night

Mary dates a boy who's actually a pop singer whom she dislikes.
Guest Stars: Johnny Darren as Joe Dennis | James Darren as Kip Dennis/Jim Brandt

115 :04x02 - A Rose is a Rose

Jeff might have to miss a father/son baseball game in order to redo a flunked English assignment.
Guest Stars: John Zaremba as Smith | Paul Engle as Spike

116 :04x03 - The Close Shave

After growing whiskers, Jeff decides that he needs to begin acting like a grown man so he insists upon taking a job to pay his way around the house.
Guest Stars: Hal Smith as Mr. Pearson | Stephen Wootton as Boy
Director: Norman Tokar
Writer: Sumner Long

117 :04x04 - Mouse at Play

On advice of a friend Donna decides to surprise Alex with a new hair color--platinum blonde.
Guest Stars: John Astin as Eric | Cloris Leachman as Iris
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: John Whedon

118 :04x05 - The Monster

A mysterious creature begins making noises at night outside the Stone house when Alex has gone out of town.
Guest Stars: Bert Remsen as Carlson
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: John Whedon

119 :04x06 - New Girl in Town

Jeff reluctantly agrees to date a new girl in town.
Guest Stars: Candy Moore as Angie | Walter Brooke as Daniel | Johnny Washbrook as Bill
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

120 :04x07 - One of Those Days

After a day where nothing goes right, Donna suggests that Alex take her on a picnic in the country.
Guest Stars: Doris Kemper as Ma | Arthur Hunnicutt as Old Man
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: John Whedon

121 :04x08 - All is Forgiven

After friends of theirs split up because of a foolish argument, Donna suggests that the childless couple adopt a baby.
Guest Stars: Patricia Barry as Millie | Nancy McCarthy as Mrs. Stedman | William Windom as Jack
Writer: John Whedon

122 :04x09 - The Electrical Storm

Jeff gets expelled from school over a silly prank he and some friends played and he won't be allowed back in unless he names his co-horts in the prank.
Guest Stars: Richard Deacon as Mr. Heflin | Florence Wyatt as Mrs. Yangley | Anne Sargent as Miss Tucker | Lee Aaker as Walter the Wizard
Director: Barry Shear
Writer: Andy White

123 :04x10 - The Paper Tycoon

Jeff starts a newspaper delivery service that soon proves to be more than he's capable of handling.
Guest Stars: Leslie Barringer as Timmy | Stephen Barringer as Craig | Skippy Shayne as Bill
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

124 :04x11 - Private Tutor

Mary tries wrangling an invitation to a dance from a new classmate who's also her French tutor as well as Jeff's competiton for odd jobs in the community.
Guest Stars: Peter Votrian as Joel
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Frank Fox

125 :04x12 - Alex, the Professor

Alex uses Jeff and Mary as his subjects when he decides to put some new child psychology theories to the test.
Guest Stars: Lindsay Workman as Dave | Dorothy Lovett as Alma

126 :04x13 - The Fabulous O'Hara

The grandfather of Alex's patient plans on paying his bill with winnings from a horse race.
Guest Stars: Bill Brundige as Announcer | Ricky Kelman as Butch | Cecil Kellaway as Algernon O'Hara
Director: Barry Shear

127 :04x14 - Way of a Woman

To cheer up Mary after her ski trip gets canceled, Donna suggests that Alex take her on a trip to Chicago.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Regina Groves as Babs | Reba Waters as Dorinne

128 :04x15 - A Very Bright Boy

Donna tries to find out why a bright boy's grades aren't so hot.
Guest Stars: Johnny Crawford as victor | Dori Simmons as Mrs. Warren

129 :04x16 - The Toughest Kid in School

A new boy at school tries to prove that he's the toughest hombre around.
Guest Stars: John Clifford as Barlow | Holly Harris as Mrs. Crawford | Paul Engle as Zack

130 :04x17 - Dr. Stone and His Horseless Carriage

Alex takes to driving around in an antique car he purchased thus making the Stones the laughing stock of the neighborhood.
Guest Stars: Oliver McGowan as Dr. Thorgesen | Gale Gordon as Webley

131 :04x18 - For Angie With Love

• No Summary (Add Here)

132 :04x19 - Aloha Kimi

Alex flies to Hawaii to treat the paralyzed daughter of a friend.
Guest Stars: James Douglas (1) as Dr. Phillips | Crahan Denton as Dr. Kendall | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Janet Palmer | Susan Gordon as Penny | Miyoshi Umeki as Kimi

133 :04x20 - Donna's Prima Donna

Mary quite contrarily decides to embark upon a singing career instead of attending college.
Guest Stars: Jean Gillespie as Caroline | Don Spruance as Haslip | James Stacy as Danny

134 :04x21 - Explorer's Ten

Jeff joins a science club and tries to help them raise enough money to purchase a telescope.
Guest Stars: Ken Niles as Earnshaw | Earle Hodgins as Coxey

135 :04x22 - The New Office

Alex decides to move his pediatric practice out of the Stone house and into an office building downtown.
Guest Stars: Victor French as Mike | Ty Perry as Milt Lewis | Jimmy Gaines as Harold | Arthur Hanson as Dr. Gardner | Dean Moray as Gerry | Alan Hewitt as Kirby
Director: Norman Tokar

136 :04x23 - The Golden Trap

With Alex and Donna away, Mary invites a friend over to the Stone house for a little get together that somehow turns into a huge party.
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Allan Hunt as Stan | Swoosie Kurtz as Mimi | Howard Redman as Richie | Regina Groves as Ann | Charla Doherty as Janice | Alan Carney as Pruitt | Johnny Washbrook as Bill
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: Paul West

137 :04x24 - Free Flight

An airline offers Donna a free trip after she complains about its service.
Guest Stars: William Lanteau as Publicity Director | Vinton Hayworth as President

138 :04x25 - The Wide Open Spaces

Donna and Alex become tempted to move to the country after spending a weekend with friends who did just that and now live on a farm.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as Jimmy | William Windom as David | Leslie Barringer as Les | Stephen Barringer as Steve | Patricia Breslin as Millie
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: Sumner Long

139 :04x26 - The Fireball

Jeff wins a part in the school play but has to deal with a temperamental leading lady.
Guest Stars: Candy Moore as Angie

140 :04x27 - Once Upon a Timepiece

The Stones try to track down the owner of a watch they purchased from a pawn shop.
Guest Stars: Crahan Denton as Babcock | Joseph Hamilton (1) as Logan

141 :04x28 - Hilldale 500

Despite Donna's protests and lack of funds, Jeff is determined to take up go-cart racing.
Guest Stars: Candy Moore as Angie | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Rodney Bell as Foss
Director: Barry Shear
Writer: John Whedon

142 :04x29 - Winner Takes All

Jeff's teammate on the baseball team has an overbearing father whom Alex decides to set straight.
Guest Stars: Arthur Reichie as Umpire | Allan Hunt as Moose | Ken Lynch as Edwards
Director: Norman Tokar
Writer: John Whedon

143 :04x30 - Skin Deep

After much cajoling, Alex agrees to let Mary go out on a blind date but she decides to cancel after seeing that the lad has big ears.
Guest Stars: Regina Groves as Ann | Peter Brooks as Gregory

144 :04x31 - The Fortune Teller

After playing the role of a fortune teller at a bazaar, some of Donna's predictions amazingly begin coming true.
Guest Stars: Dorothy Lovett as Edie

145 :04x32 - Man of Action

A boy wants to find a way to ditch his tag along little brother. The Stones lend a hand.
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Bobby Horan as Hobie

146 :04x33 - Donna Meets Roberta

The Stones meet a couple raising three children who are seemingly just like them--except that they frequently break into song.
Guest Stars: Jerry Lanning as Jerry | Gale Gordon as guest star | Robert Lansing as guest star | Roberta Sherwood as Roberta
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: Sumner Long

147 :04x34 - The Caravan

The Stones rent an RV for their vacation trip to a lake resort. Chaos ensues.

148 :04x35 - The Swingin' Set

Jeff and pal Smitty hastily try to arrange dates for their junior prom.
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Patricia Lyon as Jan | Mimsy Farmer as Laurie

149 :04x36 - On to Fairview

Employee Jeff comes up with a plan to advertise his employer's bicycle shop.
Guest Stars: June Bennett as Customer | Carter DeHaven as Marrian | Paul Tripp as Varney

150 :04x37 - The Man in the Mask

Sports editor Jeff tries to wrangle an interview with baseball all-star Don Drysdale for the school newspaper.
Guest Stars: Don Drysdale as Himself

151 :04x38 - The Father Image

Jeff and Mary both need help from Alex on urgent matters but he's pre-occupied with a critically ill patient.
Guest Stars: Nancy Farmer as Laurie

152 :04x39 - Dear Wife

Mary proclaims that she's in love after attending the wedding of a galpal and her parents are afraid that she plans to elope to Las Vegas.
Writer: Paul West

Season 5

153 :05x01 - Mister Nice Guy

Jeff is suddenly very nice to his mother, who (not having been born yesterday) immediately suspects an ulterior motive.
Guest Stars: Alan Carney as Pruitt
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: Paul West

154 :05x02 - Mrs. Stone and Doctor Hyde

Donna fills in for her husband's nurse, who is on vacation. She discovers that her husband is a different man at work...
Guest Stars: Dick Wilson (2) as Mr. Drucker | Marge Redmond as Alma | Renee Godfrey as Gloria | Sally Mansfield (1) as Alice | Annelle Hayes as Mrs. Bolton | Bobby Horan as Jimmy | Frances Rey as Mrs. Calder
Director: Gene Nelson

155 :05x03 - To Be a Boy

Jeff and his pal Smitty want to build a sailboat. To raise the money, they've decided to cease dating for a time. But Mary may derail this plan when she brings her friend Joanne home as part of her own plan: she wants her brother to ask Joanne to a dance.
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Brooke Bundy as Joanne | Cindy Carol as Caroline (as Carol Sydes)
Director: Gene Nelson
Writer: Paul West

156 :05x04 - Who Needs Glasses?

Jeff wants to look older so that he can regain the admiration of his girlfriend Angie, and hits on a plan: wear glasses. Now all he has to do is convince his parents and an eye doctor that he needs them!
Guest Stars: Candy Moore as Angie | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Harvey Korman as Dr. Allison
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: Sumner Long

157 :05x05 - Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Mary decides she needs to leave home to ease conflicts between herself and her family, so she moves into the college dormitory.
Guest Stars: Cheryl Holdridge as Pat Walker

158 :05x06 - My Dad

Dr. Stone tries to spend the day with Jeff at the Father and Son Golf Tournament, but emergency calls keep interrupting. Jeff still loves his father despite them, proving it with a song.
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Ray Montgomery as Mr. Smith | Dick Foster (1) as Boy | Ken Strange as Policeman
Director: Gene Nelson
Songs: Paul Petersen -- My Dad

159 :05x07 - Fine Feathers

Jeff discovers a lost bird and convinces himself it is a rare specimen. But after he sends the story around, he learns that the bird isn't all that rare.
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Don Baker as Boy | Tom Gilleran as Herb Nicholson | Beth Peters as Marge Bentley (as Bee Peters)
Director: Gene Nelson
Writer: Andy White

160 :05x08 - Rebel With a Cause

Advertiser Carter Melville recruits Donna for his research project about how long housewives spend completing chores, calling her a "typical housewife." Donna resents this and resolves to prove she's not typical.
Guest Stars: Harvey Korman as Carter Melville | Dick Wilson (2) as Mr. Carothers | Harold Gould as Carl | Helena Carroll as Jeanette | Bill Zuckert as Farnum
Director: Gene Nelson

161 :05x09 - Big Star

Mary knows her friend Clay has a talent for singing. But Clay is painfully shy, and that prevents him from doing anything with his gift. So Mary sets out to help him, enlisting her brother Jeff to plant a tape recorder where it will collect a sample of Clay's singing that she can give to people who will recognize his talent and help him explore it.
Guest Stars: Jerry Lanning as Clay Shannon | Arthur Malet as Professor Raskin | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Geri
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

162 :05x10 - Man to Man

Jeff and Smitty contrive to get Jeff's dad to take them camping. Alex thinks Jeff wants some father/son time, but Jeff has something different in mind - the site he picked is very near where his girlfriend has camped.
Guest Stars: Patricia Lyon as Maxine | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Susan White as Lorraine | Harry Korshak as Jerry | Nancy Spry as Caroline | Tony Owen Jr. as Rick
Writer: Paul West

163 :05x11 - The Baby Buggy

Donna believes obstetrician Harriet Robey, who has served the community for her entire professional life, has earned a testimonial and a car to go with it. She works hard to make sure the doctor receives her due.
Guest Stars: Fay Bainter as Dr. Harriet Robey | Richard Deacon as Moorehead | Hayden Rorke as McVey | Gerald Trump as Delivery Boy | George Dockstader as Policeman

164 :05x12 - The Makeover Man

Mary regards Steve Callahan as an ill-mannered lout whose skills have bought him forgiveness. So she sets out to correct what she sees as character flaws.
Guest Stars: James Stacy as Steve Callahan | Shary Marshall as Gloria | Bob Rogers (2) as Coach

165 :05x13 - The Winning Ticket

Jeff picks up a raffle ticket someone else dropped. It's the winning ticket, so he must now decide whether to keep the car, or return the ticket to the original owner.
Guest Stars: Tom Gleason as Announcer | Bill Visteen as Mr. Anderson | Jeff De Benning as Mr. Werner | Carolyn Morin as Woman | Edmund Williams as Insurance Agent

166 :05x14 - The Soft Touch

Jeff has generously loaned money to several friends, leaving him unable to afford an outing unless he can get them to repay him. That reminds Donna that her husband has several patients in arrears, so she asks him to ask them to pay up.

167 :05x15 - Jeff Stands Alone

Jeff and Smitty have a conversation with Al, a telephone lineman, who sells them on independence. Jeff decides to travel to another town without any money as an experiment in independence.
Guest Stars: James Stacy as Al | William Lanteau as Mr. Jepson | A.G. Vitanza as Hotel Clerk | Leslie Wales as April Poston | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Ted Berger as Tony

168 :05x16 - Just a Little Wedding

Mary's friend Marcia Haversham wants a small, simple wedding, but Marcia's mother Binnie has different plans. Mary tries to help them reach an agreement.
Guest Stars: Robert Hogan as Bob Parker | Binnie Barnes as Binnie Haversham | Carl Milletaire as Marcel | Brenda Scott as Marcia Haversham | Carolyn Morin as Woman at Airport

169 :05x17 - A Woman's Place

Jeff and Mary agree to take care of the house while Donna runs for town council. But then Alex dreams about what life would be like with Donna as Mayor or Governor, and decides he wants her back home.
Guest Stars: Joyce Aehle as Margaret | Rodney Bell as First Reporter | Edmund Williams as Second Reporter | Evan Thompson as Third Reporter
Director: Gene Nelson

170 :05x18 - The Chinese Horse

A mysterious woman wearing sunglasses presses a hundred dollars into Donna's hand and asks her to purchase a large Chinese horse statue at an auction of unclaimed freight. Donna purchases the statue, but the woman disappears, leaving the Stone family to wonder what's going on.
Guest Stars: Paul Winchell as Auctioneer | Karen Kadler as Gloria | Jerry Douglas as Officer Larson | Stephen Roberts as Rafferty | Joe Downing as Man
Director: Gene Nelson
Writer: Paul West

171 :05x19 - The New Look

After one of Mary's boyfriends calls her "wholesome" she's not sure whether to be insulted or complemented. Ultimately she decides to change her image, to become more mysterious and edgy in hopes she'll interest more boys.
Guest Stars: Yale Summers as Howard | Duke Howard as Bob | Karla Most as Dorine | Allan Hunt as Bill

172 :05x20 - A Way of Her Own

Trisha, an orphan, follows the Stones home from the park and declares that she is a member of their family. They try to find her real parents (not knowing they are dead) and eventually turn up her uncle, who sees how much Trisha loves being a member of a family, and how fond the Stones are of her. He arranges for them to adopt her, adding a new member to their family.
Guest Stars: Charles Carlson as Fred Hawley | Patty Petersen as Tricia
Writer: Paul West

173 :05x21 - Three is a Family

Mary must face the disappointing part of having a little sister: she must baby sit Tricia instead of going in a date.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as Jerry | Patty Petersen as Tricia
Writer: Paul West

174 :05x22 - Big Sixteen

Jeff gets into a huge fight with his girlfriend on his birthday - then rebounds to an older woman.
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Brooke Bundy as Joanne | Carol Weaver as Jeanette
Director: Gene Nelson

175 :05x23 - Pioneer Woman

As he leaves on a camping trip, bachelor Red offhandedly comments that modern life has made women soft. Irate, Donna collects Mary and the pair follow Red, Alex and Jeff into the wilderness to prove they can "rough it" as well as the men can.
Guest Stars: Hal K. Dawson as Mountaineer | Jim Davis (1) as Red | Tony Owen Jr. as Roger Griffin | Judith Hersey as Wendy Simms | Diana Bradshaw as Granddaughter
Director: Gene Nelson

176 :05x24 - The House on the Hill

Donna, on behalf of a charity, volunteers to visit an older lady who lives in an old Victorian mansion. The longer she stays, the creepier she finds the house.
Guest Stars: Joe Downing as Eric | Kathryn Givney as Mrs. Allison | Olive Dunbar as Pauline | Angela Greene as Grace | Dorothy Lovett as Edie | Thomas Anthony as Police Sergeant
Director: Gene Nelson

177 :05x25 - Where the Stones Are

Mary wants to spend Spring Break at Snug Harbor. Donna and Alex arrange to chaperon her secretly, by renting a fishing boat.
Guest Stars: Mikki Jamison as Bonnie | Patty Petersen as Tricia
Director: Gene Nelson

178 :05x26 - The Two Doctors Stone

Donna and Alex plan a weekend getaway, but Donna suspects Trisha will be sick because she's behaving the same way Jeff used to before he got sick - eating bananas. Dave Kelsey tries to convince her she's wrong, and it turns out he is: Jeff gets the fever; Tricia has a different reason for eating bananas...
Guest Stars: Patty Petersen as Tricia
Director: Barry Shear

179 :05x27 - Everywhere That Mary Goes

A boy at college has latched onto Mary, following her everywhere and "protecting" her from other boys. She decides to find him someone else on whom to lavish his attention.
Guest Stars: Buddy Hart as Robbie | Valora Noland as Vinnie Sayres | Skip Torgerson as Glenn | Jimmy Baird as Emory Peck | Ida Mae McKenzie as Lottie Bohmer | Steve Clinton as Clovis Bohmer | Hal Barringer as Orville Bohmer | Glenn Perry as Boy
Director: Gene Nelson
Writer: Paul West

180 :05x28 - The Handy Man

Charlie Brubaker is a handyman, but mostly what he loves doing is making kids laugh. Tricia likes him and invites him to fix small things around the house, but he causes more problems than he solves. Meanwhile, Fletcher the ice cream man actually doesn't like kids - but he's a very capable handyman. Donna suggests the men swap jobs so both will be happier.
Guest Stars: Eloise Hardt as Gloria Simms | Jeff De Benning as Mr. Fletcher | Doodles Weaver as Charlie | Patty Petersen as Tricia
Writer: Paul West

181 :05x29 - Friends and Neighbors

Alex's colleague Dave Kelsey, tormented by his in-laws, moves into the house next door to the Stones. His wife Midge knows nothing about running a house, so Donna helps her settle in.
Guest Stars: Bob Crane as Dr. Dave Kelsey | Ann McCrea as Midge Kelsey
Director: Barry Shear

182 :05x30 - Boys and Girls

Jeff is dating Joanne, and Mary is dating Scotty. But at a college dance, Jeff and Mary discover that Joanne and Scotty would rather date each other!
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Glenn Perry as Ted | Mimsy Farmer as Joanne Wells | Cheryl Miller (1) as Becky
Director: Gene Nelson

183 :05x31 - All Those Dreams

Jeff's excited to visit Chicago where he can see his pal, pitcher Don Drysdale, again. He hopes to score an interview with the athlete for the school paper, but he may be disappointed...
Guest Stars: Paul Winchell as Mr. Morton | Ginger Drysdale as Herself | Don Drysdale as Himself | Suzanne Price as Rosemary
Director: Gene Nelson

184 :05x32 - All Women Are Dangerous

Joyce and Sabrina compete to win Jeff's invitation to a big dance. It seems Sabrina has the edge, but each of them tries her best - and the only advice Jeff receives from his family is "flip a coin."
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Sherry Granato as Gwen | Lori Martin as Joyce | Janet Landgard as Sabrina

185 :05x33 - The Big Wheel

Jeff buys an old bus at auction and plans to turn it into a school bus, but when it breaks down no one can repair it. Mary fears the relic will ruin her party, but Donna decorates it and makes it part of the party!
Guest Stars: Glenn Perry as Bill | Scott Elliott as Man on Bus | Buddy Lewis as Manny | Yale Summers as Howard
Director: Barry Shear

186 :05x34 - Day of the Hero

Jeff asks Rosemary to the senior prom. Later, Smitty tells him he's been nominated for Senior Class President, and that attracts the attention of Dolores, who is prettier than Rosemary and want Jeff to take her, instead. What will Jeff do?
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Jill Jarmyn as Teacher | Mary Jane Saunders as Dolores | Sherry Granato as Rosemary

Season 6

187 :06x01 - The Playmate

Nancy's grandfather has spoiled her to the point that her parents finally forbid the old man from seeing her. He steps around that by sending Nancy gifts via her friend Tricia Stone, bring the Stones into the middle of it.
Guest Stars: Terri Bernstein as Nancy Burton | William Leslie as Dan | Stuart Erwin as Mr. Burton

188 :06x02 - Brighten the Corner

Tricia's artistic contribution to the Stone household doesn't bother Donna until she learns that her husband has invited dinner guests over.
Guest Stars: Oliver McGowan as Mr. Scobey

189 :06x03 - Whatever You Wish

Jeff saves a child's life, and the girl's wealthy mother offers him any reward of his choosing. Ah, temptation...
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Claudia Martin as Imogene Prescott | Whit Bissell as Mr. Herbert | Jean Engstrom as Ellen Farrell
Writer: Paul West

190 :06x04 - House Divided

Donna and Alex plan to spend a weekend in the mountains with their neighbors the Kelseys - and then reconsider.

191 :06x05 - The Boys in 309

With a lot of work Jeff finally convinces Donna to let him play for the high school football team - but she insists he not actually carry the ball!
Guest Stars: Glenn Perry as Mel | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Carl Milletaire as Dr. Simms | John Hiestand as Coach Parker

192 :06x06 - The Bigger They Are

The Stones discover someone they don't know surveying their back yard. It seems there is a new highway under plan, and it might pass through the Stones' homestead...
Guest Stars: Peter Leeds as Gaston | Jacques Aubuchon as Big Julie

193 :06x07 - It Grows on Trees

Jeff needs money to repay his parents for various harms he has inflicted on their home, so he starts a business selling trees. The Stone backyard soon becomes his stock yard - and then he can't sell the trees because a boy with a crush on Tricia carved hearts in all of them!
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Bobby Horan as Johnny

194 :06x08 - Mary Comes Home

Mary's unexpected return from college causes problems for the Stone household.

195 :06x09 - Post Time

Alex recieves a bill for $500 for uniforms for the school's marching band, and he wants to know what sort of promises Jeff made on his behalf...
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Kevin O'Neal as Wally | George Chandler as Uncle Charlie

196 :06x10 - Sweet Mystery of Wife

Alex receives a special delivery letter that he will not discuss. The more closed-mouthed he gets, the more curious Donna gets...

197 :06x11 - What Are Friends For?

Jeff learns the hard way that even the best of friends wear out if you use them, when he takes advantage of Smitty's good nature one time too many.
Guest Stars: Diane Brewster as Caroline | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Owen Pavitt as Dr. Carter | Terry Reno as Amy Carter
Director: Barry Shear

198 :06x12 - A Touch of Glamour

Donna models and expensive evening gown in a fashion show. Alex likes what he sees, and buys the the expensive dress.
Guest Stars: Myrna Dell as Saleswoman | Steven Geray as Herbert | Sheila James Kuehl as Model (as Sheila James)
Director: Barry Shear
Writer: Erna Lazarus

199 :06x13 - Air Date

Jeff's problem, once again, is money: he hasn't got enough to participate in a radio project. Then he receives a package containing exactly the required equipment, and after that a series of calls and radio contacts from a girl who won't identify herself.
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Leslie Wales as Ann | Tim Rooney as Zack | Peter Duryea as Delivery Man
Writer: Paul West

200 :06x14 - Moon-Shot

Mary returns for a visit, and arrives in time to help Jeff escape an embarrassing predicament involving "fund raising."
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | John Banner as Cruikshank

201 :06x15 - Nice Work

Jeff invites Janice to the Candlelight Ball, without the funds to pay for it!
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Fay Baker as Mrs. Winters | Annette Gorman as Janice

202 :06x16 - First Addition

Donna remembers the birth of her oldest child, Mary.
Guest Stars: Sam Jaffe as (unknown) | Walter Janowitz as (unknown)

203 :06x17 - The Combo

Jeff and his friends start a band - and no one seems to want to be around when they start playing...
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Kathy Bennett as Millie

204 :06x18 - Who's Rockin' the Partnership

Donna and Alex remember how summer jobs at a service station almost drove a permanent wedge between Alex and Smitty.
Guest Stars: Nesdon Booth as Truck Driver | Arthur Peterson as J.C. Moore | Darryl Richard as Smitty
Director: Barry Shear

205 :06x19 - Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Altar

Dave Kelsey and his wife Midge have different recollections of the blind date Donna arranged that started them down their road...
Guest Stars: Peggy Rea as Miss Vernon
Director: Barry Shear

206 :06x20 - Today I Am a Girl

Tricia gets kicked out of the fishing club because the boys decide that girls can't join - not even tomboys.
Guest Stars: Lindsay Workman as Dr. Evans
Director: Barry Shear
Writer: Phil Sharp

207 :06x21 - Will the Real Chicken Please Stand Up?

Donna and Midge face driving tests, and both of them are nervous about whether they'll pass.
Guest Stars: William Lanteau as Mr. Simmons

208 :06x22 - Guest in the Nursery

Dave Kelsey brings Tricia a tiny fawn. She becomes enchanted with the infant animal and wants to keep it but of course she cannot.
Director: Paul Nickell

209 :06x23 - Home Sweet Homemaker

Dave Kelsey makes one of the deadliest mistakes a man can: he compares his wife Midge's cooking unfavorably to Donna's.

210 :06x24 - Teamwork

Tricia and several of her friends go into business using teamwork to complete various chores, but they wind up causing Dave Kelsey more problems than they solve - until Tricia makes a clever substitution that deftly repairs the friction between Dave and his wife, earning her Dave's gratitude.
Guest Stars: Lindy Davis as Norman | Billy Booth as Petey | Peter Robbins as Peewee | Jody Davis as Mickey

211 :06x25 - Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be

Midge has racked up a $13 debt by borrowing money here and there from Donna, who now tries to figure out how to get her to repay it.
Director: Gene Nelson

212 :06x26 - Pandemonium

There's money to replace the washing machine, or to buy Alex a new set of golf clubs - but only one of these. Alex and Donna are each determined that their idea for the money is the right one.

213 :06x27 - A Day for Remembering

Jeff graduates from high school and Donna takes a trip down memory lane - specifically, through Jeff's past escapades.

214 :06x28 - One Little Word

Alex mumbles something in his sleep, and Donna can't understand it, which makes her curious. At first, even Alex doesn't know what he said. But when he realizes what it was, and won't tell Donna, her itch of curiosity gets even worse...

215 :06x29 - Love Letters Are for Burning

Nancy Patterson writes a book about her college flames. That could be bad news for Dave Kelsey, since he was one of them.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Crowley as Nancy Patterson

216 :06x30 - Four's a Crowd

The Stones and the Kelseys decide they've been seeing too much of each other.

217 :06x31 - My Son the Catcher

Jeff's baseball skills bring him to the attention of various college scouts. How will a kid barely out of high school handle that kind of attention?
Guest Stars: William Bramley (1) as Harvey Jay (as Bill Bramley) | Willie Mays as Himself | Leo Durocher as Himself | Don Drysdale as Himself | Michael Quinn as Robbie Tucker

218 :06x32 - The Pros and the Cons

Donna and Midge decide to take golf lessons so that they can spend more time with Alex and Dave. But they may just learn that hitting the ball is only part of the reason for golf...

Season 7

219 :07x01 - Operation Anniversary

Jeff has been saving up his allowance to buy a special gift for his parents anniversary, but is unaware that they have made plans to go back to the cottage they spent their honeymoon at.
Guest Stars: Eugene Borden as Headwaiter
Director: Fred De Cordova

220 :07x02 - Dad Drops By

Alex's "old ways" father is making a trip to visit his the Stone's, complete with his old jalopy and homemade blackstrap molasses.
Guest Stars: Carl Betz as Samuel J. Stone | Rodney Bell as Mr. Mason
Director: Gene Reynolds
Writer: Phil Sharp

221 :07x03 - Play Ball

A hospital charity baseball game finds Willie Mays, Leo Durocher and Don Drysdale playing for the team.
Guest Stars: Don Drysdale as Himself | Leo Durocher as Himself | Willie Mays as Himself

222 :07x04 - Who's Who on 202

A policeman mistakes Donna's broken down car as the vehicle in which an armed convict is hiding in.
Guest Stars: Richard Conte as Unknown

223 :07x05 - The Daughter Complex

Mary turns into an amateur psychologist when she comes home from college with an award and begins to analyze her family.
Guest Stars: Louis Quinn as Jerry | Shelley Fabares as Mary Stone

224 :07x06 - The Tycoons

David believes he will try his hand at the stock market after Alex has some success in his first venture.
Director: Barry Shear

225 :07x07 - Instant Family

A childless couple, Dave and Midge Kelsey, watch the kids while Donna and Alex go out of town.

226 :07x08 - Royal Flush

A pair of hobos poses as Russian royalty and receive a red carpet reception from the town.
Guest Stars: Sidney Clute as Truck Driver | Dick Wilson (2) as Hotel Manager | Jeanne Arnold as Mrs. Klein | Chanin Hale as Sylvia Parrish | Max 'slapsie Maxie' Rosenbloom as Max | Vito Scotti as Prince Ruby
Director: Gene Reynolds
Writer: Paul West

227 :07x09 - Circumstantial Evidence

Alex believes that Donna still has old pictures of her former boyfriends hidden somewhere in the house.

228 :07x10 - Anyone Can Drive?

Mary recalls a story of when her boyfriend attempted to teach her how to drive, as Jeff is attempting to do the same with his girlfriend.
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty

229 :07x11 - Surprise, Surprise

As Alex and Dave prepare for Midge's surprise birthday party, the girl's seem to be keeping one step ahead of them.
Guest Stars: Anne Newman-Mantee as Saleswoman

230 :07x12 - Quads of Trouble

Alex is put to the test when a taxi cab brings a pregnant woman to the Stone's home, who is expecting twins.
Guest Stars: Bing Russell as Bill Gayley | Sam Javis as Cab Driver | Dr. Edward R Annis as Himself | Sherwood Keith as Councilman Rogert | Bek Nelson as Mrs. Gayley
Director: Fred De Cordova

231 :07x13 - Donna's Bank Account

After having patted herself on her back by explaining to Alex how good she is at keeping track of her money, Donna discovers she has overdrawn the checking account.
Guest Stars: Bill Brundige as Policeman | Mimi Dillard as Ruth | Ben Astar as Mr. Harvey
Director: Barry Shear

232 :07x14 - It's All in the Cards

Midge believes she has a talent for predicting futures by looking at the cards, and Alex is starting to agree after a few of her predictions seem to be coming true.
Director: Barry Shear

233 :07x15 - Old Faithful

Mary discovers that one of her boyfriends is no longer available as she comes home from college.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Sandra Scott as Jackie Baron
Director: Fred De Cordova

234 :07x16 - Overture in A-Flat

Jeff and Smitty feel they are ready to live on their own and want to rent an apartment near the college.
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Brian Avery (2) as Mort | Solomon Sturges as Gordie | Gary Waynesmith as Willie | Lynn Raynor as Mack | Harry Korshak as Steve | Gene Blakely as Mr. Perkins

235 :07x17 - Thy Name is Woman

Midge is jealous when a man in a restaurant flirts with Donna and not her.
Guest Stars: Mona Kimberly as Waitress | Clarke Gordon as Chugalong
Director: Gene Nelson
Writer: Ben Starr

236 :07x18 - Joe College

Alex's grandfather decides to enroll in the same college as Jeff.
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Darryl Richard as Smitty | June Whitley Taylor as Woman Advisor | Gary Waynesmith as Willie | Lawrence Parke as Mr. Harwell | Leonard Stone as Harlan Carmody Jr.
Director: Alan Rafkin

237 :07x19 - Painter Go Home

The painter that Donna has hired seems to be doing everything but the work he was hired for.
Guest Stars: John Fiedler as Fred Johnson | Nora Marlowe as Mrs. Gooch
Writer: Paul West

238 :07x20 - Home Wreckonomics

A school home economics assignment has Jeff suggesting that Karen take charge of her home for a week.
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Anne Loos as Miss Powell
Director: Alan Rafkin

239 :07x21 - The Windfall

Jeff finds $500 inside a suitcase he bought at a public auction.
Guest Stars: Oliver McGowan as Carson | Justin Smith (1) as Evans | Darryl Richard as Smitty

240 :07x22 - Now You See It, Now You Don't

A shopping trip ends with the bumper disappearing from the family car for Midge.
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Buster Keaton as Mr. Turner
Director: Gene Nelson

241 :07x23 - The Gift Shop

Jeff discovers that life is not just routine after taking a part time job at an old fashioned gift shop.
Guest Stars: Gary Waynesmith as Willie | Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Nydia Westman as Mrs. Robbins | June C. Ellis as Emaline Rose | Peter Hobbs as Frank Robbins | Ellen Corby as Christine Moss
Director: Gene Nelson
Writer: Paul West

242 :07x24 - The Stamp Collector

Alex hides the fact that he is saving trading stamps so he can get a golf club he wants, since he teases Donna for saving them.
Guest Stars: Monroe Arnold as Delivery Man | Barbara Werle as Woman Customer | John Hiestand as Mr. Simpson | Irwin Charone as Male Clerk

243 :07x25 - Peacocks on the Roof

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Sherry O'Neil as Nora Willard | Forrest Lewis as Mr. Willard
Writer: Paul West

244 :07x26 - Guests, Guests, Who Wants Them? (a.k.a.) Guests, Guests, Who Needs Guests?

When Dave's attractive goddaughter comes for a visit at the Kelsey's, Jeff begins spending much of his time there.
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Marlo Thomas as Louise

245 :07x27 - The Unheroic Hero

Everyone believes Jeff's story that his friend Walter Gordon was responsible for saving a little girl's dog.
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Valora Noland as Wendy | Peter Helm as Walter Gordon | Gary Waynesmith as Reporter

246 :07x28 - The Mysterious Smile (a.k.a.) That Mysterious Smile

Jeff finds out that the invitation to a dance at the ski lodge has been received by the wrong girl, and must now figure how to get out of the miscue.
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Kim Darby as Katy Dalton | Barry Atwater as Mr. Dalton | Cheryl Miller (1) as Lisa Bridges

247 :07x29 - The Rolling Stones

A weekend of boating with the Stone's and Kelsey's ends up starting all kinds of unforeseen problems.
Guest Stars: Aron Kincaid as Charlie | Heidi Vaughn as Sally

248 :07x30 - Indoor Outing

Trisha's outbreak of measles will keep her from attending a family trip, so Donna plans an indoor outing.
Guest Stars: Jim Davis (1) as Red | James Stacy as Danny | Al Checco as Garage Man
Director: Fred De Cordova

Season 8

249 :08x01 - Pop Goes Theresa

Jeff is blamed when his date goes on a wild spree during a date with Theresa. She has lived a sheltered life with a strict father, and uses this date as a chance to live free.
Guest Stars: Gary Waynesmith as Blake | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Karl Lukas as Police Officer | Milton Frome as Desk Sargeant | Dan Dalton as Guitarist | Warren Stevens as Mr. Brad Marshall | Tisha Sterling as Teresa | Franco Corsaro as Murphy
Writer: Paul West

250 :08x02 - With This Ring

Donna is frantic over the loss of her wedding ring, a family heirloom from Alex's family.
Guest Stars: Jamie Farr as The Waiter | Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Kim Higgins as Cynthia Collins | Jean Vander Pyl as Mom Stone | Carl Betz as Samuel J. Stone | Jonathan Hole as Mr. Martindale
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

251 :08x03 - Boy Meets Girl Machine

Jeff isn't too enthusiastic over being named chairman of the college Freshman-Sophomore party, until he meets his female co-chairman.
Guest Stars: Gary Waynesmith as Willie | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Marianne Ittleson as Secretary | Robert Ellenstein as Dean Whittaker | Jimmy Baird as Joel | Murray MacLeod as Lanky Boy | Margaret Mitchell as Molly | Pamela McMyler as Melissa | Candy Moore as Bernice
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Writer: Paul West

252 :08x04 - Think Mink

Donna is unsure who won a prize at the Ladies' League Benefit luncheon, she or Midge?
Guest Stars: Dick Wilson (2) as Mr. Hodges | Virginia Vincent as Mrs. Bellflower | Kirk Alyn as Man | Peg Shirley as Millie | Molly Dodd as Mrs. Randall
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

253 :08x05 - Four on the Floor

Jeff really wants a used car he saw at a dealership, even though the dealer has cautioned him against buying the heap...which is older than Jeff.
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Laurence Haddon as Henshaw
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Writer: Paul West

254 :08x06 - Charge

The Stone's are unsure why the department store has deied them credit, listing them as a risk.
Guest Stars: Helen Clark as Miss Rogers | Dayna Ceder as Miss Carson | Arch Johnson as Mr. Nelson

255 :08x07 - Do Me a Favor, Don't Do Me Any Favors

Jeff and Alex are so moved by a retirement speech given by professor James Caldwell, that they initiate a drive to get him reinstated.
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Lloyd Corrigan as Prof. James Caldwell | Mary Treen as Mrs. Larson | Stephen Roberts as Dean Shelby
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

256 :08x08 - Author, Author

When Donna takes an aptitude test as requested by Jeff, she discovers a hidden talent for writing. Donna decides to write about her family, but her comments do not go over well with Alex or Jeff.

257 :08x09 - Trees

Donna is upset when the city decides a tree outside the Stone's home needs removing, a tree which Donna believes she is the owner of.
Guest Stars: Maxine Stuart as Helen Whitcomb | Karl Lukas as Mr.Swanson | Paulene Myers as Ethel Featherspoon | Anne Bellamy as Louise | Arline Towne as Helen | Penny Kunard as Julie | Paul Reed as Commissioner Trimmit

258 :08x10 - The Big League Shock

Jeff's good friend is joining him at college and brings with him some fine credentials and straight A grades. So why is he struggling to fit in?
Guest Stars: William Lanteau as Mr. Devlin | Charles Lane as Mr. Samson | Dennis Cross as Dr. Farrell | Mark Slade as Bill
Writer: Lew Shaw

259 :08x11 - The Gladiators

Alex's father and Midge's mother both show up for a visit at the same time.
Guest Stars: Lee Patrick as Maudie Baker
Director: Alan Rafkin
Writer: Paul West

260 :08x12 - Rally Around the Girls, Boys

Jeff and Scotty are surprised when their girlfriends compete against them at a sports-car rally.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Candy Moore as Bebe | Sandy Descher as Susanna | Dabney Coleman as Rally Master | Arthur Adams as Guard
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

261 :08x13 - Slipped Disc

Jeff turns the Stone's garage into a recording studio so they can record his band for a record.
Guest Stars: Gary Waynesmith as Willie | Lindsay Workman as Charlie Henderson | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Nancy Brown as Helen Henderson | Henry Hunter as Mr. Cardwell | Janis Hansen as Lucy Ann | Mark Sturges as Steve | Joe Price (1) as Proprietor of the Malt Shop | Harry Korshak as Chuck
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

262 :08x14 - Uncle Jeff Needs You

Jeff can land a job as a counselor at a Summer camp if he can recruit two kids as campers.
Guest Stars: Janet Landgard as Karen Holmby | Suzanne Fries as Leslie | DeForest Kelley as Mr. Williams | June Whitley Taylor as Mrs. Williams | Enid Jaynes as Miss Carson | Kevin Tate as Lennie | Dean Moray as Billy Williams | Eddie Rosson as Spike | Billy Corcoran as Greg Williams
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

263 :08x15 - Never Look a Gift House in the Mouth

Jeff and his fraternity brothers decide the will redecorate a cottage they are going to use for the summer.
Guest Stars: Gary Waynesmith as Willie | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Dorothy Evans
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

264 :08x16 - How to Handle a Woman

Jeff and Scotty offer Smitty some advice about women, convinced that he can't handle them on his own.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Hawkins as Scotty | Darryl Richard as Smitty | Linda Gaye Scott as Deborah | Candy Moore as Bebe | Chanin Hale as Myrtle | Catherine Ferrar as Susan

265 :08x17 - My Son, the Councilman

Jeff's friends circulate a petition to get him on the ballot for city councilman.
Guest Stars: Paulene Myers as Featherspoon | Kathy Fields as Mary | Buddy Lewis as Hank | Rickie Sorensen as Jack | John Qualen as Zeke | Paul Reed as Trimmit | Sheila James Kuehl as Gerelda
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

266 :08x18 - Do It Yourself Donna

Donna and Alex have been struggling to assemble a complicated stereo system for Jeff's birthday, unaware that he and Smitty have been working on repairing their errors.
Guest Stars: Darryl Richard as Smitty | Sandy Kenyon as Clerk | Bonnie Beecher as Julie
Director: Lee Philips
Writer: Lou Shaw

267 :08x19 - When I Was Your Age

Donna and Alex are frightened over the idea of Jeff and Bebe wanting to get married.
Guest Stars: John Stephenson as Ben Barnes | Candy Moore as Bebe | Hollis Irving as Harriet Barnes | Charles Alvin Bell as Clerk
Writer: Jack Raymond

268 :08x20 - Calling Willie Mays

The Stone's take a trip to San Fransisco where they meet Willie Mays in person.
Guest Stars: Edmon Ryan as Dr. Lionel Grayson | Amzie Strickland as Mrs.Sally Grayson | Smoki Whitfield as 1st Ticket Clerk | Nancy Spry as Vickie | Willie Mays as Himself | Baynes Barron as 2nd Ticket Clerk | Jimmy Cross (1) as Scalper
Director: Lawrence Dobkin

269 :08x21 - All This and Voltaire Too?

The owner of a French restaurant has agreed to teach Donna and Midge how to speak the language.
Guest Stars: Barbara Shelley as Paulette | Stanley Adams as Voltaire | Naomi Stevens as Madame Voltaire | Paul Steyer as Malcolm | Lynn Carey as Jeannine
Director: Erna Lazarus

270 :08x22 - The Return of Mark

Alex is upset when an old flame of Donna's, Mark Claridge, makes a donation to the hospital in which he must handle himself.
Guest Stars: Warren Stevens as Mark Claridge | June Chandler as Airline Girl
Director: Lee Philips

271 :08x23 - Is There a Small Hotel?

The Stone's wish they hadn't asked for advice of the best place to stay while on vacation after receiving different opinions from everyone they know.
Guest Stars: Arte Johnson as Crandall | William Lanteau as Mr. Phillips | Tim Odening as Bruce | Arthur Adams as Orderly | Melanie Alexander as Marna | Peter Leeds as Postman | Nora Marlowe as Mrs. Barton | Judson Pratt as Metcalfe | James Hong as Jim

272 :08x24 - No More Parties, Almost

Alex feels his strength and morales are decreasing since they began going from party to party each night.
Guest Stars: Gene Blakely as Mr. Kingsley | Alice Backes as Mrs. McCracken | Anne Bellamy as Mrs. Kingsley | Penny Kunard as Isobel | Kirk Alyn as Steve Slocum | Aline Towne as Nellie Slocum | Jeff Burton (1) as Mailman

273 :08x25 - So You Really Think You're Young at Heart

After failing a test which judges how youthful one is, Donna, Alex and Midge decide to recapture their youthful spirit.
Guest Stars: Paul Bryar as Huckster | Bobby Johnson as Attendant

274 :08x26 - What Price Home?

Amy and Bull Bullock will offer anything to buy back the Stone's home in which they had sold them many years ago.

275 :08x27 - By-Line - - Jeffrey Stone

When Leslie Gore makes a stop in town, Jeff and Smitty decide they will ask her to record one of their songs.
Writer: Jack Raymond
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1958
Ended: September 03, 1966
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