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Series 1

1 :01x01 - Home Alone

As Mike takes a holiday, a grenade exploding sneds Gina to the hospital leaving the children without an adult.
Guest Stars: Craig Conway as Bomb Squad Officer | Jacqueline Phillips as Mrs Dillon | Rueben Cunningha as Hazel
Director: Craig Lines
Writer: Elly Brewer

2 :01x02 - Liberty in the DG

Without an adult, their funds soon go leaving them with little money for food as Elektra tries to blackmail Faith.
Guest Stars: Sammy T. Dobson as Sarah | Tony Neilson as Manager
Director: Craig Lines
Writer: Emma Reeves

3 :01x03 - Baby

Lily isn't pleased when her dad's pregnant girlfriend moves in as she wants to return to the Dumping Ground.
Guest Stars: Ben Cartwright as Steve | Holly Quin Ankrah as Shannay
Director: Craig Lines

4 :01x04 - S.O.S.

Jody is back with her family but things don't appear to be as they seem as she appears to be locked in her room.
Guest Stars: David Avery as Kingsley | Victoria Alcock as Denise | James Bartlett as Luke | Neil Armstrong (2) as Rob
Director: Craig Lines

5 :01x05 - What Would Gus Want?

A couple are looking to adopt Gus but it is soon found they are lesbian's causing some dispute.
Guest Stars: Sara Stephens as Dawn | Beth Hall as Ronnie
Writer: Elly Brewer

6 :01x06 - The Real Faith Davis

As new girl Floss settles into the Dumping Ground, the police call wanting to speak with Faith.
Guest Stars: Katharine Monaghan as Social Worker | Ian Stewart Robinson as Police Officer

7 :01x07 - The Truth Is Out There

Frank's exam results are in and they aren't good so Frank decides to leave and work in a cafe.
Guest Stars: Adeleina Williams as Jade | Louise Jameson as Angel | Rueben Cunningha as Hazel
Writer: Emma Reeves

8 :01x08 - Dreamland

Rick's dad arrives at the Dumping Ground insisting that he’s above board now but things aren't as they seem.
Guest Stars: Chris Simmons (1) as Gerry | Carmen Munroe as Hattie | Adeleina Williams as Jade | Ryan Enever as Builder
Writer: Mark Burt

9 :01x09 - A Day in the Past

The Dumping Ground's annual trip takes them to an Edwardian estate where they experience it in different roles but not everyone is happy about their roles.
Guest Stars: Philip Harrison as George | Rachel Teate as Rachel
Director: Diana Patrick

10 :01x10 - Oh, Mo!

Mo arives at the Dumping Ground and everyone things him strange but Tee tries to help him be friends.
Director: Diana Patrick
Writer: Elly Brewer

11 :01x11 - Seriously Funny

One of Tyler's practical joke backfires resulting in serious damage leading him to have a think about himself.
Guest Stars: Ben Cartwright as Steve | Holly Quin Ankrah as Shannay
Director: Diana Patrick

12 :01x12 - Esme

Esme arrives at the Dumping Ground and tells tales of a glamorous life in Rio leaving Carmen wanting to go there.
Guest Stars: Sophie Skelton as Esme Vasquez-Jones | Selina Giles as Mrs. Vasquez-Jones
Director: Diana Patrick
Writer: Nimer Rashed

13 :01x13 - Scary Beasts

Mo has bought an egg which hatches into a snak whilst Razz, Faith’s missing brother turns up.
Guest Stars: Isaac Ssebandeke as Razz | Rob Haythorne as Solly | Rueben Cunningha as Hazel | Lee Lomas as Cass
Director: Diana Patrick

Series 2

Jody In Wonderland

Jody is asked to make a witness statement against her brother and struggles to cope with making a decision.
Guest Stars: Victoria Alcock as Denise | David Avery as Kingsley | James Bartlett as Luke |
Uncredited: Kay Purcell as Gina (archive footage)
Director: Nigel Douglas
Writer: Elly Brewer

15 :02x02 - Kick Off

Balley arrives at the dumping ground but is annoyed that Mike won't take him to football practise.
Guest Stars: Danny Ashok as Serjay | Gauri Vedhara as Doctor
Writer: Elly Brewer

16 :02x03 - Quitters

Balley's father takes him away as Faith struggles to cope after being hit by a car.
Guest Stars: Danny Ashok as Serjay | Mark Theodore as Jimmy | Finn Armstrong as Daryl | Jon Regan as Police Officer

17 :02x04 - The Dumping Ground Experience

Sasha arrives to make a video but Jody is annoyed that they are playing for the camera.
Guest Stars: Angela Griffin as Sasha

18 :02x05 - The Barbeque

Lily is moving down South with her family and best friend Carmen doesn't take it well.
Guest Stars: Asif Khan as Police Officer | Dale Meeks as Custody Sergeant
Writer: Debbie Oates

19 :02x06 - Finding Frank

Now living on his own away from the Dumping Ground, Frank is in need of help and money.
Guest Stars: George Sampson as Danny | Georgina Campbell as Jen | Alan Renwick as Shopkeeper | Akuc Bol as Kazima
Director: Nigel Douglas
Writer: Emma Reeves

20 :02x07 - Holding On

Tyler's mum arrives at the Dumping Ground but how will things go?
Guest Stars: Diveen Henry as Sally | Shareesa Valentine as Community Support Officer | Alan Billingham as Ice Cream Van Customer
Director: Nigel Douglas

21 :02x08 - Endurance

The children want to watch a talent show which is on at the same time as football and they can't decide what to watch.
Director: Nigel Douglas

22 :02x09 - I Have a Dream

As Faith and Rick argue, Bailey and Tee decide to have a writing competition.
Director: Diana Patrick
Writer: Julie Dixon

23 :02x10 - Sticks and Stones

Viv Anderson is watching a football match Balley is playing but the coach makes a racist comment.
Guest Stars: Darren Morfitt as Mr. Jenkins | Mackenzie Sol Williamson as Justin | Viv Anderson as Himself
Director: Diana Patrick
Writer: Mark Burt

24 :02x11 - GI Johnny

Johnny considers joining the army after saving a Sgt. Major from a mugger.
Guest Stars: Lu Corfield as Nicky Richardson | Chris Finch as Jack
Director: Diana Patrick

25 :02x12 - Be My Girl

Floss could get fostered as a couple looking to foster arrive.
Guest Stars: Michael Hodgson as Doug | Lucy Speed as Nerys | John Bowley as Neil | Claire Sundin as Jesse's Mum | Alex Humprey as Jesse
Director: Diana Patrick

26 :02x13 - Hope

Johnny and Tea's mother thinks she can just walk back into their lives but both have very different reactions to the whole situation.
Guest Stars: Sally Rogers as Lucy | Lucy Briggs as Hope
Director: Diana Patrick
Writer: Emma Reeves

27 :02x14 - Liam's Story

Liam returns to tell his story after leaving the Dumping Ground as he aspires to get into managing musicians.
Starring Roles: Richard Wisker as Liam |
Guest Stars: Jade Byrne as PA | Chris Finch as Jack
Director: Jermain Julien

28 :02x15 - Face the Music

When Frank goes up for a new job he comes face to face with a old friend.
Guest Stars: Richard Wisker as Liam | Gabrielle Glaister as Sian | Chris Finch as Jack | John Sumner as Manager
Director: Diana Patrick
Writer: Elly Brewer

Series 3

29 :03x01 - Party Games

When a couple arrive looking to foster a child, Carmen sets out to impress hoping to be fostered.
Guest Stars: Amer Nazir as Police Officer 1 | Stuart Manning as Matt Branston | Charlie Brooks as Stephanie Branston | Grant Burgin as Mr Gordon | Tonya French as Mrs Gordon | Kiki Brooks-Truman as Maude Gordon | Martina Laird as Mrs Underwood | Diveen Henry as Sally Lewis
Director: Roberto Bangura
Writer: Emma Reeves

30 :03x02 - Grand Theft DG

In the aftermath of the foster party, new resident Ryan proves himself to be a force to reckon with.
Guest Stars: Amer Nazir as Police Officer 1 | Grant Burgin as Mr Gordon | Tonya French as Mrs Gordon | Kiki Brooks-Truman as Maude Gordon | Diveen Henry as Sally Lewis
Director: Roberto Bangura
Writer: Emma Reeves

31 :03x03 - Stuck with You

As new residents Toni and Billie arrive at the Dumping Ground, Carmen and Jody find themselves handcuffed together by Floss.
Director: Roberto Bangura

32 :03x04 - Mischief

Bailey is left feeling guilty after the death of a homeless man so he takes his dog Mischief home with him.
Guest Stars: Dai Bradley as Mal | Avin Shah as Clive
Director: Roberto Bangura

33 :03x05 - Now You See Me

Meeting a friend of Kazima's, Tee finds herself amazed in the world of art as Tyler and Jody end up clashing.
Guest Stars: Simeon Zack as Roscoe Hayden | Christopher Connel as Security Guard
Director: Nigel Douglas
Writer: Jane Eden

34 :03x06 - It's Not About The Money

Tyler's attempt to get some money goes wrong involving Tee's homework as Harry prepares to leave.
Guest Stars: Sarah Lewis Obuba as Police Officer | Geff Francis as Dave | Ray Emmet Brown as Adam
Director: Roberto Bangura
Writer: Julie Dixon

35 :03x07 - Fake it to Make it

Carmen isn't too happy when she may need to wear glasses as Toni and Billie are hatching a plan of their own.
Guest Stars: Indra Ové as Sylvie | Dallas Campbell as Himself
Director: Nigel Douglas
Writer: Davey Jones

36 :03x08 - Breaking In

A trip to a theme park doesn't go as planned when there aren't enough tickets so Tee and Kazima volunteer to go to a holiday club.
Guest Stars: Natifa Mai as Maz | Frankie Wilson as Max
Director: Nigel Douglas
Writer: Jeff Povey

37 :03x09 - The Long Way Home

Ryan gets a text for help from Harry in his foster home as a secret from Kazima's past is revealed.
Guest Stars: Isabelle Burrows-Brown as Clare Aycliffe | Ray Emmet Brown as Adam Aycliffe
Director: Nigel Douglas
Writer: Matthew Leys

38 :03x10 - Dragon Slayer

Johnny is preparing to leave the Dumping Ground in order to join the army but the return of Keith, things don't go smoothly.
Guest Stars: Neil Morrissey as Keith | Sally Rogers as Lucy Taylor | Leah McCelland as Hope | Paige McCelland as Hope
Director: Nigel Douglas
Writer: Julie Dixon
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Children | Comedy | Family
Status: Returning Series
Network: Cbbc ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Fridays at 05:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 04, 2013
Episode Order: 20
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