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Season 2

31 :02x01 - The Lie

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Guest Stars: June Allyson as Janet Ramsey | Mark Damon as Cliff White
Director: Paul Henreid

32 :02x02 - The Dance Man

A lonely woman in her mid-30's strikes up a friendship with her much younger dance instructor.
Guest Stars: Anne Baxter as Louise | Dean Stockwell as Johnny Perry | Maxine Stuart as Marion Carter | Dodie Heath as Naomi | Charles Victor as Frank Constantine | Robert Nash as Jacobs
Director: Arthur Hiller

33 :02x03 - Dark Fear

A businessman gets confronted by voodoo when he's transferred to the Caribbean.
Guest Stars: Joseph Cotten as Charles Lawrence | Dabbs Greer as Dr. Meeker | Juanita Moore as Rosanna | Ken Renard as Voodoo Man | Al Freeman, Jr. as Taxi Driver

34 :02x04 - The Test

During a robbery investigation, a jewelry company employee refuses to take a lie detector test.
Guest Stars: June Allyson as Ruth Taylor | Eduard Franz as Julies Silberg | Robert Knapp as Barney Taylor

35 :02x05 - Play Acting

A psychiatrist tries an unusual method of winning the confidence of a patient. The shrink helps him plot a crime.
Guest Stars: Steve Allen as Dr. Ben Ellison | Helen Brown as Mattie Tolman | Dennis Oliveri as Johnny Henning | Rhys Williams as Russell

36 :02x06 - The Women Who

An aspiring Senatorial candidate discovers that things aren't as easy as he thought before entering the race.
Guest Stars: June Allyson as Louise Robertson | Van Johnson as Joe Robertson | Charles Watts as Judge Tyler | H.M. Wynant as Jerry Matz | Don Rickles as Reporter | Cyril Delevanti as Old Man | John Alvin as Photographer | Peg La Centra as Newswoman

37 :02x07 - I Hit and Ran

After a business deal goes bad things get even worse for John Kramer. He hits a boy on a bicycle with his car and then flees the scene of the accident.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as John Kramer | Lucy Prentis as Edith Kramer | David White (1) as Ralph | Stephen Talbot as Ronnie Kramer | Ted de Corsia as Judson | Frank Gerstle as Police Officer

38 :02x08 - Love on Credit

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Guest Stars: James Best as Jovan Wilanskov | Carolyn Jones (1) as Lena Murchak | Jack Mullaney as Jerry

39 :02x09 - The Visitor

A scientist's neglected wife is confronted by a man who says he intends to kill hubby.
Guest Stars: Katharine Bard as Ann Kelner | Gene Lyons as Donald Kelner | Harry Townes as Rudolph Miller | Jess Kirkpatrick as Joe | Hollis Irving as Sally | Max Slaten as Charlie

40 :02x10 - A Thief or Two

A paroled ex-convict finds the straight and narrow road is a difficult path to steer.
Guest Stars: Lew Ayres as Howard Moon | Jeff Donnell as Millie Moon | Anne Helm as Linda Moon | David White (1) as Wells | Donald Buka as Wheeler | Douglas Dumbrille as Warden

41 :02x11 - Emergency

An intern clashes with his supervisor over an emergency case.
Guest Stars: Robert Vaughn as Dr. Collins | Claire Griswold as Ellen Harvell | Robert F. Simon as Dr. Phillip Harvell | James Komack as Dr. Franklin | Celia Lovsky as Nurse Schmidt | Christian Haren as Attendant

42 :02x12 - The Desperate Challenge

A schoolteacher receives a call from her father warning her to take the highway and get out of town. Those are the last words the old man ever speaks.
Guest Stars: June Allyson as Carol Evans | Russell Johnson as Tom Richards | John Lasell as Wilkins | Malcolm Atterbury as Stevens | Arthur Hanson as Mason | Theodore Newton as Evans

43 :02x13 - Silent Panic

The only witness to a murder is a deaf-mute who works as a mechanical man in a department store window.
Guest Stars: Harpo Marx as Dummy | Ernest Truex as Daniel | Bert Freed as Lieutenant | Bill Marx as Young Stranger | John Banner as Popper | Henry Beckman as Smith

44 :02x14 - End of a Mission

Two OSS officers are assigned to parachute into German occupied France and destroy a bridge of vital military importance to the Germans.
Guest Stars: Steve Forrest as Major Anderson | Richard Bakalyan as Lieutenant | Michel Petit as Claude | Lili Darvas as Grandmother | Gilchrist Stuart as Briefing Officer | Kurt Pex as Sentry

45 :02x15 - The Defense is Restless

Two engaged attorneys find themselves on opposite sides in a divorce case.
Guest Stars: June Allyson as Joanna Burnham | John Lasell as Stewart Church | Naomi Stevens as Edna Vogeler | Ned Glass as Harry | Roxanne Arlen as Bobbi | J. Pat O'Malley as Judge

46 :02x16 - The Guilty Heart

A man returns to a resort where he accidentally killed a friend during a childhood camping trip.
Guest Stars: James Franciscus as Tom Grover | Maxine Stuart as Agnes McCutcheon | Irene Hervey as Gladys | David Whorf as Boy | Paul Engle as Jack | Pat Pagett as Young Tom

47 :02x17 - An Affair in Athens

An American woman is hired as a secretary for a Greek importer and as a tutor for his son.
Guest Stars: June Allyson as Betty Allen | Michael Davis (2) as Theseus Kamares | Rene Korper as Alexis | Ruth Hussey as Maia | Larry Perron as Ponikas

48 :02x18 - School of the Soldier

During the Civil War, a European officer is given command of a company of misfits.
Guest Stars: Lee J. Cobb as Captain Gault | Dick York as Lt. Whitney | Lonny Chapman as Baker | Robert Easton as Private Webb | George Ives as Colonel | Stephen Joyce as Soldier

49 :02x19 - Without Fear

An Army officer's new wife gets caught up in a conflict between hubby and his son.
Guest Stars: June Allyson as Eleanor Baldwin | Edward Binns as Colonel Robert Baldwin | Dennis Oliveri as David Baldwin | Alan Reed, Jr. as Cadet Harry Baldwin

50 :02x20 - A Great Day for a Scoundrel

A college professor scheduled to receive an award is visited by a stranger who claims he's the real professor.
Guest Stars: John Abbott (1) as Professor Brent | Henry Beckman as Police Officer | George Breslin as Hank Bowers | Hans Conried as David Brent | K.T. Stevens as Lorraine Miller

51 :02x21 - The Old-Fashioned Way

On the eve of the birth of their first child, hubby and wifey have a disagreement about medical care.
Guest Stars: Charles Lane as Dr. Shelley | June Allyson as Elsa Wilson | Dick Shawn as Charlie Wilson | Rebecca Welles as Polly | Naomi Stevens as Mrs. Rose | John Newton as Albert | Barbara Collentine as Nurse | Jean Howell as Margie

52 :02x22 - The Moth

In France for a vacation, a woman begins having strange pangs of guilt while visiting an orphanage.
Guest Stars: June Allyson as Stephanie Cate | Janine Grandel as Sister Marie | Joe Maross as Howard Cate | Michel Petit as Phillippe

53 :02x23 - The Haven

An author receives a jolt when he learns that his son has been lost at sea.
Guest Stars: Ralph Bellamy as Willard Mitchell | Patricia Breslin as Anne Mitchell | John Carlyle as Matt Daly | Paul Fix as Dr. Abel

54 :02x24 - The Man Who Wanted Everything Perfect

A man refuses to take a step in his personal life without first consulting his computer.
Guest Stars: June Allyson as Ann Larson | Russell Nype as Andrew Harwell | Naura Hayden as Elsie | Eileen Ryan as Miss Spencer | Diana Spencer as Laura

55 :02x25 - The Secret Life of James Thurber

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Guest Stars: Orson Bean as John Monroe | Adolphe Menjou as Fitch | Sue Randall as Ellen Monroe

56 :02x26 - Our Man in Rome

An Italian businessman becomes more interested in the plight of a shoeshine boy than in recovering stolen securities.
Guest Stars: Rossano Brazzi as Count Vittorio | Eugenie Leontovich as Maria Louise | Jack Mullaney as Phillip Roberts | Barry Gordon as Pepe | Al Ruscio as Giuseppe | John Sebastian as Valenti | Leanna Luby as Marchessa | Tommy Andre as Pio

57 :02x27 - Death of the Temple Bay

A sea captain is alone on a sinking ship being battered by a hurricane.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bridges as Captain Anderson
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 21, 1959
Ended: June 05, 1961
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