Series 1

1 :01x01 - Mr. Rolls and Mr. Royce

The premiere episode details the founding of the famed automobile manufacturing firm Rolls-Royce.
Guest Stars: Michael Jayston as Frederick Henry Royce | Robert Powell as Charles Stewart Rolls | Eve Pearce as Mrs. Royce | Mary Hignett as Lady Langattock | John Franklyn-Robbins as Ernest Claremont | Bernie Cookson as Claude Johnson | Tim Hardy as Eric Platford | Denis Gilmore as Ginger | Rosalind Lloyd as Violet Punt | Jay Neill as Porter | Ann Martin (2) as Singer | Ken Halliwell as Workman
Director: Gerald Blake

2 :01x02 - Horatio Bottomley

The life and times of financier, huckster, and swindler Horatio Bottomley are dramatized in this episode.
Guest Stars: Timothy West as Horatio Bottomley | Henry Woolf as Tommy Cox | Mitzi Rogers as Peggy Primrose | John Normington as Julius Elias | John Welsh (2) as Justice Hawkins | June Brown as Eliza Bottomley | Basil Clarke as W. J. B. Oldhams | Michael Gover as Reuben Bigland | Norman Claridge as Sir Charles Russell | Robert Hartley as Frank Russell | Antony Webb as Willie Latinga | Christopher Banks (2) as Justice Salter | Michael Barrington as Melvyn Hayes | Frederick Hall as Travers Humphreys | Fred McNaughton as Jury Foreman | John Gatrell as O'Hagan | Guy Graham as Shareholder | Terry Francis (2) as Cashier | Reg Matthews as Greaney | Johnny Clayton (1) as Hess | Peter Jolley as Audience Member | Simon Conrad as Boy from Oldhams
Director: Alan Clark

3 :01x03 - E. Nesbitt

This episode deals with the story of Edith Nesbit, an author of children's books who was also a social and political activist who co-founded the Fabian Society, the precurser of Great Britain's Labour Party.
Guest Stars: Judy Parfitt as Edith Nesbit | James Villiers as Hubert Bland | Jane Lapotaire as Alice Houston | Michael Menaugh as Paul Bland | Jenifer Armitage as Iris Bland | Simon Turner as Fabian Bland | Christopher Vale as John Bland | Rosalyn Landor as Rosamund Bland | Brigid Erin Bates as Mary
Writer: Ken Taylor

4 :01x04 - Conan Doyle

The story of Arthur Conan Doyle, the author who created Sherlock Holmes.
Guest Stars: John Nettleton as Alfred Ward | Nigel Davenport as Arthur Conan Doyle | Maria Aitken as Jean | Alison Leggatt as Ma'am | Preston Lockwood as R. D. Yelverton | Bernard Brown (1) as Captain George Anson | James Mellor as Inspector Campbell | Renu Setna as Shapurji Edalji | Sam Dastor as George Edalji | Joan Matheson as Mrs. Edalji | Nick Hobbs as Rayden Sharp | Emrys Leyshon as Home Office Spokesman | Bill Stewart (1) as Will Greatorex | John Quayle as Captain Innes Doyle | Wilfred Carter as Reform Club Member | David Ashford as Reform Club Member | Peter Laird as Reform Club Member
Director: Brian Farnham
Writer: Jeremy Paul

5 :01x05 - Baden-Powell

The story of Robert Baden-Powell, a British general who became a national hero for his victories in the Boer War and later went onto found the Scouting movement.
Guest Stars: Ron Moody as Robert Baden-Powell | Gwen Ffrangcon Davies as Mrs. Baden-Powell | Keith Barron as Angus Hamilton | Kathleen Byron as Agnes Baden-Powell | John Westbrook as Allenby | Stephan Chase as Kearey | John Sharp (1) as Pearson | Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Byng | Laurence Hardy as Speed | Derek Newark as Meadows | Stephen Bone as Patrol Leader | Roger Hammond as Dinner Speaker | Jasper Jacobs (1) as Young Baden-Powell
Director: Robert Knights
Writer: John Prebble

6 :01x06 - The Reluctant Juggler

This episode focuses on the music hall and the entertainers there who had an impact on Edwardian life.
Guest Stars: Georgia Brown as Marie Lloyd | Jack Douglas as Alfred | Fulton Mackay as Ross | George Sewell as Gus Elen | Peter Pratt as Charlie Coburn | Gerald Moon as George Formby | Jo Kendall as Vesta Victoria | Charles Lamb as Billy | Robin Parkinson as Roberts | Harry Burgess Wall as Taft | Danny Schiller as Coon Singer | Pat Gorman as Chucker-Out | James Appleby as Sailor | Peter Honri as Drunk | John Hearth as Drunk
Director: Brian Farnham
Writer: Alan Plater

7 :01x07 - Daisy

Daisy Greville, the socialite mistress of Edward VII, who later became a confirmed Socialist, dictates the memoirs of her life.
Guest Stars: Virginia McKenna as Daisy Greville | Thorley Walters as Edward VII | John Bennett as Frank Harris | Mollie Maureen as Queen Victoria | Vernon Dobtcheff as Benjamin Disraeli | Myles Hoyle (1) as Lord Charles Beresford | Karin MacCarthy as Lady Beresford | Llewellyn Rees as Marquis of Salisbury | C. Kenneth Bardo as Archbishop of Canterbury | Bettine LeBeau as Maid | Frank Middlemass as George Lewis | Frederick Treves as George Keppel | Patricia Nelligan as Alice Keppel | Marguerite Young as Nancy Gelpin | Colin Baker as Joseph Laycock | Frank Gatliff as Viscount Esher | Neville Barber as Robert Blatchford | Philip Garston-Jones as Joseph Arch | Angus MacKay as Earl of Albemarle | Philippa Markham as Marquessa of Downshire | Trader Faulkner as Arthur DuCros | Charles Lloyd Pack as Lord Stamfordham | Philip Anthony as Charles Russell | Edward Harvey (2) as Justice Low | Simon Carter as Shop Manager | Elizabeth Revill as Shop Assistant
Writer: David Turner

8 :01x08 - Lloyd George

The rise of famed British politician David Lloyd George is dramatized in the concluding episode of the series.
Guest Stars: Anthony Hopkins as David Lloyd George | Annette Crosbie as Margaret Lloyd George | Thorley Walters as Edward VII | David Troughton as Richard Lloyd George | John Wentworth as Prime Minister | Janet Lee Price as Sarah Jones | Joanna David as Mair Lloyd George | Charles Kinross as Sir George Askwith | Brian Hayes (1) as Lord Stolbridge | Geoffrey Lewis (2) as Lord Allerton | John Breslin as Willie Clark | Robert Sansom (1) as Richard Bell | Arthur Blake as Dr. Pollard | Garfield Morgan as Edward Emblem | Norman Scace as Sydney Buxton | Jacqueline Pearce as Countess Halecka | Maurice Quick as Naval Captain
Director: John Davies (1)