The Electric Company

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
521 05x01 20/Oct/1975 Show 1A
522 05x02 21/Oct/1975 Show 2A
523 05x03 22/Oct/1975 Show 3A
525 05x05 24/Oct/1975 Show 5A
527 05x07 28/Oct/1975 Show 7A
528 05x08 29/Oct/1975 Show 8A
529 05x09 30/Oct/1975 Show 9A
530 05x10 31/Oct/1975 Show 10A
531 05x11 03/Nov/1975 Show 11A
532 05x12 04/Nov/1975 Show 12A
533 05x13 05/Nov/1975 Show 13A
534 05x14 06/Nov/1975 Show 14A
535 05x15 07/Nov/1975 Show 15A
536 05x16 10/Nov/1975 Show 16A
537 05x17 11/Nov/1975 Show 17A
539 05x19 13/Nov/1975 Eyeball
540 05x20 14/Nov/1975 Show 20A
541 05x21 17/Nov/1975 Show 21A
542 05x22 18/Nov/1975 Show 22A
543 05x23 19/Nov/1975 Show 23A
544 05x24 20/Nov/1975 Show 24A
545 05x25 21/Nov/1975 Show 25A
546 05x26 24/Nov/1975 Show 26A
547 05x27 25/Nov/1975 Yankee Doodle
548 05x28 26/Nov/1975 Show 28A
549 05x29 27/Nov/1975 Show 29A
550 05x30 28/Nov/1975 Show 30A
552 05x32 02/Dec/1975 Show 32A
554 05x34 04/Dec/1975 Show 34A
555 05x35 05/Dec/1975 Knock Knock Rock
556 05x36 08/Dec/1975 Show 36A
557 05x37 09/Dec/1975 Show 37A
558 05x38 10/Dec/1975 Show 38A
559 05x39 11/Dec/1975 Show 39A
560 05x40 12/Dec/1975 Show 40A
561 05x41 15/Dec/1975 Show 41A
562 05x42 16/Dec/1975 Show 42A
564 05x44 18/Dec/1975 Show 44A
565 05x45 19/Dec/1975 Show 45A
566 05x46 22/Dec/1975 Show 46A
567 05x47 23/Dec/1975 Show 47A
569 05x49 25/Dec/1975 Show 49A
571 05x51 29/Dec/1975 Show 51A
572 05x52 30/Dec/1975 Show 52A
573 05x53 31/Dec/1975 Show 53A
574 05x54 01/Jan/1976 Show 54A
575 05x55 02/Jan/1976 Show 55A
576 05x56 05/Jan/1976 Show 56A
578 05x58 07/Jan/1976 Show 58A
579 05x59 08/Jan/1976 Show 59A
580 05x60 09/Jan/1976 Jelly Belly
582 05x62 13/Jan/1976 Show 62A
583 05x63 14/Jan/1976 Show 63A
584 05x64 15/Jan/1976 Show 64A
585 05x65 16/Jan/1976 Show 65A
587 05x67 20/Jan/1976 Show 67A
588 05x68 21/Jan/1976 Show 68A
589 05x69 22/Jan/1976 Show 69A
590 05x70 23/Jan/1976 Show 70A
591 05x71 26/Jan/1976 Show 71A
592 05x72 27/Jan/1976 Is It Love?
594 05x74 29/Jan/1976 Show 74A
595 05x75 30/Jan/1976 Show 75A
596 05x76 02/Feb/1976 Show 76A
597 05x77 03/Feb/1976 Light
598 05x78 04/Feb/1976 Show 78A
599 05x79 05/Feb/1976 Show 79A
600 05x80 06/Feb/1976 Creepy Creature
602 05x82 10/Feb/1976 Show 82A
603 05x83 11/Feb/1976 Show 83A
604 05x84 12/Feb/1976 Flower Power
605 05x85 13/Feb/1976 Show 85A
607 05x87 17/Feb/1976 Show 87A
608 05x88 18/Feb/1976 Show 88A
609 05x89 19/Feb/1976 Show 89A
610 05x90 20/Feb/1976 Show 90A
611 05x91 23/Feb/1976 I Am Batting
613 05x93 25/Feb/1976 Show 93A
614 05x94 26/Feb/1976 Show 94A
615 05x95 27/Feb/1976 Show 95A
616 05x96 01/Mar/1976 Show 96A
619 05x99 04/Mar/1976 Show 99A
621 05x101 08/Mar/1976 Show 101A
622 05x102 09/Mar/1976 Show 102A
623 05x103 10/Mar/1976 Show 103A
624 05x104 11/Mar/1976 Show 104A
625 05x105 12/Mar/1976 Mr. Vinton's Pants
626 05x106 15/Mar/1976 Show 106A
627 05x107 16/Mar/1976 Show 107A
628 05x108 17/Mar/1976 Show 108A
629 05x109 18/Mar/1976 Show 109A
630 05x110 19/Mar/1976 The Sports Monster Will Bowl
631 05x111 22/Mar/1976 Show 111A
632 05x112 23/Mar/1976 Show 112A
633 05x113 24/Mar/1976 Show 113A
634 05x114 25/Mar/1976 Show 114A
635 05x115 26/Mar/1976 Show 115A
636 05x116 29/Mar/1976 Show 116A
637 05x117 30/Mar/1976 Show 117A
640 05x120 02/Apr/1976 Show 120A
641 05x121 05/Apr/1976 Show 121A
643 05x123 07/Apr/1976 Show 123A
644 05x124 08/Apr/1976 Show 124A
645 05x125 09/Apr/1976 Show 125A
646 05x126 12/Apr/1976 Show 126A
647 05x127 13/Apr/1976 Show 127A
648 05x128 14/Apr/1976 Show 128A
649 05x129 15/Apr/1976 Show 129A
650 05x130 16/Apr/1976 Show 130A

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Network: PBS ( USA)
Type: Variety
Genres: Children, Educational
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 25, 1971
Ended: April 15, 1977
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