The Elephant Princess

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 13/Nov/2008 Coming Of Age
03 01x03 17/Nov/2008 Rabbit Season
04 01x04 18/Nov/2008 Kuru The Guru
05 01x05 19/Nov/2008 The Powerful Ballad
06 01x06 20/Nov/2008 Not Made In Japan
08 01x08 24/Nov/2008 Welcome To The Fairy Tale
09 01x09 25/Nov/2008 Warts & All
10 01x10 26/Nov/2008 The Butterfly Effect
11 01x11 27/Nov/2008 Butterfly Kiss
12 01x12 28/Nov/2008 Dancing Queen
13 01x13 01/Dec/2008 Destiny's Child
14 01x14 02/Dec/2008 Time After Time
15 01x15 03/Dec/2008 Happy Birthday Anala
16 01x16 04/Dec/2008 The Big Gig
17 01x17 05/Dec/2008 Masquerade Ball
18 01x18 08/Dec/2008 Almost Too Famous
19 01x19 09/Dec/2008 Princess Amanda
20 01x20 10/Dec/2008 Courtroom Jewel
22 01x22 12/Dec/2008 Revelation
23 01x23 15/Dec/2008 It's An Ordinary Life
24 01x24 16/Dec/2008 Unexpected Arrivals
26 01x26 18/Dec/2008 Normal Alex Wilson

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
29 02x03 03/May/2011 Bad Reputation
30 02x04 03/May/2011 Falling For The Enemy
32 02x06 04/May/2011 Double Trouble
35 02x09 06/May/2011 The Secret Admirer
37 02x11 09/May/2011 Welcome To My World
38 02x12 09/May/2011 Exposed
39 02x13 10/May/2011 Exiles
40 02x14 10/May/2011 Trouble Comes To Town
41 02x15 11/May/2011 Under New Management
42 02x16 11/May/2011 Dangerous Secrets
43 02x17 12/May/2011 Feud
44 02x18 12/May/2011 Reinforcements
45 02x19 13/May/2011 Unmasked
47 02x21 16/May/2011 Out Of Control
48 02x22 16/May/2011 Flare Up
49 02x23 17/May/2011 Cursed
50 02x24 17/May/2011 Hunted
51 02x25 18/May/2011 Between The Worlds
52 02x26 18/May/2011 Sacrifice

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