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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

In the premiere of this comedy, two divorced men who live in the same apartment building as their lawyer (Kristen Johnston), who also happens to be their landlord, are introduced to their new roommate—and her latest client—whether they want one or not.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Edi Patterson as Sandy | Beth Lacke as Jill | Golden Brooks as Bree Miller |
Co-Guest Stars: Rebecca Rhae Larsen as Alicia
Director: Andy Cadiff
Writer: Mark Reisman

2 :01x02 - A Little Romance

Phil uses Hollys assistant to help him land a star jockey as a client, but hes got his eyes on a bigger prize. Haskell talks Stuart into selling sentimental mementos from his marriage but Stuart has trouble letting go.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: James Madio as Robbie Gordon |
Co-Guest Stars: Jesus Ruiz as Maitre D'
Director: Andy Cadiff
Writer: Ian Gurvitz

3 :01x03 - Working Girl

Holly plays matchmaker for Stuart, but the result isn't exactly a success; Haskell fabricates a fabulous online profile of himself to show his ex-wife what she's missing.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Paula Marshall as Katy
Director: Andy Cadiff

4 :01x04 - Lutz and the Real Girl

Haskell's online girlfriend pays a surprise visit, but she's also in for a shock since he used Phil's picture as his own. Meanwhile, Holly learns a lesson about appearances after finding a homeless man in the laundry room.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Melanie Deanne Moore as Rebecca (as Melanie Paxson) | Victor Webster as Bob |
Co-Guest Stars: Enya Flack as Wendy
Director: Andy Cadiff

5 :01x05 - An Inconvenient Tooth

Phil mixes his pleasure with Stuart's business when he sleeps with Stuart's dental assistant. Meanwhile, Eden shows Holly—or at least her borrowed clothes—how to have a good time.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Kali Rocha as Deanna | Kevin Daniels as Bouncer
Director: Andy Cadiff
Writer: Mark Reisman

6 :01x06 - A Very Wrong Engagement

Holly gets a visit from her mother (Judith Light), who is unaware that her daughter is no longer engaged, but that doesn't stop them from shopping for wedding dresses.

Source: TV Land
Special Guest Stars: Judith Light as Marjorie |
Co-Guest Stars: Laura McLauchlin as Colleen (as Laura McLaughlin)
Director: Andy Cadiff

7 :01x07 - Lost in Translation

Stuart acts an interpreter for Phil when he meets a lingerie model who doesn't speak English. Meanwhile, Holly needs Eden's help after she makes a bad first impression with a neighbor; and Haskell invests in a coffin.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Ana Alexander as Tatiana | Robert Mailhouse as Jason |
Co-Guest Stars: Kim Poirier as Tracey | Annie Korzen as Mrs. Snyder
Director: Andy Cadiff
Writer: Ian Gurvitz

8 :01x08 - My Dinner With Phil

Stuart invites Phil to dine at his favorite restaurant for the last time before it closes, but they run into Phil's ex-wife, who just happens to be engaged. Meanwhile, Holly is confused by an attractive coworker's actions; and Haskell launches an online traffic school.

Source: TV Land
Special Guest Stars: Diedrich Bader as Paul |
Guest Stars: Janina Gavankar as Kerry |
Co-Guest Stars: Mirron E. Willis as Dr. Ted Edwards | Todd Robert Anderson as Man | Christopher Darga as Salvatore
Director: Andy Cadiff
Writer: Sue Tenney

9 :01x09 - When Holly Broke Kevin

Holly dates a basketball star who is also Phil's client; Stuart is lured into the world of sports betting by Haskell.

Source: TV Land
Special Guest Stars: Amar'e Stoudemire as Kevin |
Co-Guest Stars: Vane Millon as Female Paramedic
Director: Andy Cadiff

10 :01x10 - The Ex Always Rings Twice

When Holly has to face her cheating ex fiance for the first time since they broke up, she enlists the guys' help to prove to him he lost the best thing he ever had.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Ken Marino as Brad | John Ross Bowie as Jeff | Mieko Hillman as Michelle |
Co-Guest Stars: Brian Turk as Security Guard
Director: Andy Cadiff
Writer: Sue Tenney

Season 2

11 :02x01 - Analyze Them

When the guys can't resolve their differences, Holly sends the three of them to couples' therapy.

Source: TVGuide
Guest Stars: Kathleen Rose Perkins as Dr. Carol Thomas |
Co-Guest Stars: Hayley Marie Norman as Amy
Director: Andy Cadiff

12 :02x02 - What Women Want

The gang's chemistry is upset when Holly learns more about Stuart than she could have imagined.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Jolie Jenkins as Susan
Director: Andy Cadiff
Writer: Mark Reisman

13 :02x03 - Cool Hand Lutz

Holly takes Haskell on a practice date, and finds herself blown away by Haskell's hidden talents. Stuart embarrasses Phil when he tries way too hard to fit in with Phil's friends.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Kent Faulcon as Chris | Brooklyn McLinn as Walter |
Co-Guest Stars: Marcuis Harris as Guy #1 | Jarrod Crawford as Guy #2 | Kurt Long as Waiter
Writer: Ian Gurvitz

14 :02x04 - Baby Mama

Holly tries to get to the bottom of a big secret between Eden and her boss. Stuart is about to be reunited with his beloved dog until Phil loses him.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: James Morrison (1) as Mr. Hubner |
Co-Guest Stars: Erin Matthews as Mrs. Hubner | Renee Puente as Bianca
Director: Andy Cadiff

15 :02x05 - Lethal Weapons

Phil's quest to land a new client puts the boys in a strip club, and Stuart in the hospital. Hollys new magic bra works wonders.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Dean Cudworth as Edward | Craig Gellis as Tommy |
Co-Guest Stars: Keith Valcourt as Man
Director: Andy Cadiff

16 :02x06 - Shall We Dance?

Stuart tries to impress his ex at a ballroom-dancing competition, but Holly's attempt to help him does more harm than good. Meanwhile, Phil meets a woman who's a lot like him.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Garcelle Beauvais as Kendra | Janet Varney as Lorna | Maksim Chmerkovskiy as Don | David Burke (1) as Jerry |
Co-Guest Stars: Ava Gaudet as Karen

17 :02x07 - Three Men and a Maybe

The guys aid Holly's search for suitable sperm donors when she fears her time for having a baby is running out.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: James Morrison (1) as Jonathan Hubner | Currie Graham as Brett | Shad Gaspard as Warren | Tara Karsian as Mildred |
Co-Guest Stars: Erin Matthews as Joan Hubner | Branton Box as Kent | Josh Heine as Handsome Guy
Director: Andy Cadiff

18 :02x08 - How Holly Got Her Groove Back

Holly's crush on a coworker has her wondering how he feels about her; Stuart hires a maid when he's tired of doing all the cleaning by himself, but the act makes a mess of Haskell's life.

Source: TV Land
Special Guest Stars: Diedrich Bader as Paul |
Guest Stars: Paula Jai Parker as Amelia |
Co-Guest Stars: Jennifer Slimko as Sandra
Director: Andy Cadiff
Writer: Ian Gurvitz

19 :02x09 - The Party

Holly's new boyfriend, Paul, invites the guys to an amazing party, but Stuart begins to wonder how close Paul remains with his ex-wife.

Source: TV Land
Special Guest Stars: Diedrich Bader as Paul | Michael Voltaggio as Himself (Special Appearance by) |
Guest Stars: Alysia Reiner as Cindy |
Co-Guest Stars: Saleisha Stowers as Supermodel (as Sal Stowers)
Director: Andy Cadiff

20 :02x10 - Sister Act

Holly's plans go awry when she tries to impress her infallible sister by inventing a new identity; the guys find a lot to like about Stuart's cooking.

Source: TV Land
Special Guest Stars: Judith Light as Marjorie | Dot Jones as Woman #3 (Special Appearance by) |
Guest Stars: Amanda Detmer as Jill |
Co-Guest Stars: Celeste Thorson as Stacey | Tia Robinson as Woman #1 | Amrapali Ambegaokar as Woman #2
Director: Andy Cadiff

21 :02x11 - He's Gotta Have It

One of Phil's clients, tennis star Chuck Feeney, hides from the paparazzi by staying with the guys, who begin to wonder about his reputation as a ladies' man. Meanwhile, Eden's pregnancy creates a TLC competition between Holly and Haskell.

Source: TV Land
Special Guest Stars: Zach Braff as Chuck Feeney |
Guest Stars: Valerie Mahaffey as Anne (Lamaze Instructor) |
Co-Guest Stars: Erika Othen as Woman
Director: Andy Cadiff

22 :02x12 - Pirates of the Care of Eden

The gang crashes a party on Phil's boss's yacht; a very pregnant Eden goes into labor.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Todd Stashwick as Grant |
Co-Guest Stars: Vic Chao as Paramedic
Director: Andy Cadiff

Season 3

23 :03x01 - Toy Story

When the guys accidentally break Holly's vibrator, they scramble to fix it before she finds out so it doesn't ruin their friendship.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Leslie Jordan as Percy | Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Hot Female Employee |
Co-Guest Stars: Alain Pierre as Employee #1 | Kirk Mason as Employee #2
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Mark Reisman

24 :03x02 - The Holly's Buddies Story

Holly's boyfriend Paul orders the guys to not hang out with her when he's around. When Holly discovers what Paul did, she's forced to choose between poker night and date night.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Diedrich Bader as Paul
Director: Jeff Melman

25 :03x03 - Trading Places

Holly and Haskell compete for the affections of a woman who they both want to be a girlfriend. Stuart dates a sensitive woman and Phil dates a physical one when they discover that first impressions aren't always right.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Missi Pyle as Sabrina | Stacey Dash as Dana | Anita Barone as Julia
Director: Andy Cadiff

26 :03x04 - Zero Dark Forties

When Holly despairs about dating again, the guys secretly create an online dating profile for her and discover what dating is like from a woman's perspective.

Source: TVLand
Guest Stars: Grant Show as Alex | Estelle Harris as Mother |
Co-Guest Stars: Kevin T. McCarthy as Sheldon | Garrett Nichols as Blake | Christian Anderson (2) as Creepy Guy with Box | Pilar Holland as Hot Woman
Director: Andy Cadiff
Writer: Ian Gurvitz

27 :03x05 - Defending Your Wife

As Haskell, Holly and the boys celebrate the "End Of His Alimony Payments" because his ex-wife is remarrying, he gets a call from a hospital telling him that she has been in a car accident. When he gets there he finds that she has amnesia and still thinks they are happily married. Because she is loving and nice to Haskell, he takes her home and try’s to rekindle the old feelings he use to have. But things don’t go so smooth for him and the boys aren’t happy with crashing at Holly’s place.
Guest Stars: Lisa Ann Walter as Margo | Ajay Mehta as Doctor
Director: Jeff Melman

28 :03x06 - Take This Job and Shove It

When Phil and Holly make a pact to ask their bosses for raises, Phil gets fired. Holly tries to help Phil get his job back. Stuart's integrity is tested when he dates a British woman with repulsive teeth.

Source: tvLand
Guest Stars: Todd Stashwick as Grant | Fred Dryer as Mr. Collins | Cat Deeley as Charlotte |
Co-Guest Stars: Drew Pillsbury as Ted
Director: Andy Cadiff

29 :03x07 - Pretty Women

When Holly and Eden date two charming French men who shower them with gifts and glamorous living, they wonder if their dream dates are too good to be true. Phil and Haskell train Stuart on how to confront a bully at the bar.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Zack Ward as Bradley |
Co-Guest Stars: Leo Degart as Tristan | Ash Williams as Jean Luc | Jonathan Kells Phillips as Clayton | Don Jeanes as Bartender | Alex Mauriello as Woman | Sonalii Castillo as Woman #1 | Patricia Li Bryan as Woman #2 | Claudia Graf as Woman #3
Director: Andy Cadiff
Writer: Mark Reisman

30 :03x08 - Prelude to a Kiss

Phil opens his own agency and enlists Eden as his temporary assistant to help sign his first client. Meanwhile, Holly hires Haskell as her temporary assistant. Stuart pursues the Yelper who smeared his practice's perfect rating.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Gillies as Tracy |
Co-Guest Stars: Jacqueline King (3) as Ariana | Drew Wicks as Henry
Director: Andy Cadiff
Writer: Ian Gurvitz

31 :03x09 - The Hand That Robs The Cradle

Holly dates a much younger man and Eden questions his motives. Phil and Eden secretly become friends with benefits. Stuart convinces Haskell to pursue a woman he's admired from afar and ends up accidentally stealing her cat.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Tyler Posey as Eric |
Co-Guest Stars: Corie Vickers as Jenny | John Gowans as Charlie | Stephanie Czajkowski as Molly
Director: Andy Cadiff

32 :03x10 - My Ex-Boyfriend's Wedding

Holly attends her ex-boyfriend Paul's wedding and throws it into chaos. At the wedding Phil and Eden realize they're developing feelings for each other. Haskell sets his sights on the most desperate woman at the wedding.

Source: TV Land
Special Guest Stars: Nicole Sullivan as Melanie |
Guest Stars: Diedrich Bader as Paul | Jud Tylor as Lauren |
Co-Guest Stars: Chasty Ballesteros as Samantha | Jared Ward as Brett | James Wong (3) as Photographer
Director: Andy Cadiff

33 :03x11 - True Lies

Eden shares a secret about herself and Phil with Holly, who in turn tells Stuart and Haskell.

Source: TV Land
Director: Terry Hughes
Writer: Mark Reisman

34 :03x12 - How the Grinch Spent Xmas

Holly makes Christmas plans for the gang after convincing them to spend the holiday together, but ditches them after she meets a handsome stranger.

Source: TV Land
Guest Stars: Ben Lawson as Derek |
Co-Guest Stars: Harrison White as Immigration Official | David Crane (3) as Man
Director: Terry Hughes

35 :03x13 - Nothing in Common

Stuart's sister visits with surprising news about her marriage; Phil and Eden consider spicing up their relationship.

Source: TV Land
Special Guest Stars: Leah Remini as Nicki |
Guest Stars: Crystle Stewart as Donna |
Co-Guest Stars: Billy Malone as Tommy | Bruno Amato as Frank | Danielle Kennedy as Waitress
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Mark Reisman

36 :03x14 - Bachelor Party

Phil and Eden's relationship is strained when he is named one of the top ten bachelors in New York City and has to pretend to be single. Stuart dates the twin sister of his evil ex, Sabrina.

Source: TVLand
Guest Stars: Missi Pyle as Julie / Sabrina | Cynthia Kaye McWilliams as Leila | Chris McKenna (2) as Ed Stevens |
Co-Guest Stars: Jessica Runck as Ashley | Erica Shaffer as Ann Marie | Selah Victor as Woman at Party | Gerrit Hagen as Steve
Director: Terry Hughes
Writer: Steve Joe

37 :03x15 - Starting Over

Nicki returns to the city to start her new life, but her move proves to be a distraction for Stuart at work and a disruption of Phil's personal life. Meanwhile, Haskell and Eden attend an all-nude production of "Twelve Angry Men."

Source: TVland
Special Guest Stars: Leah Remini as Nicki |
Guest Stars: Joyful Drake as Carol | Brandon Routh as Steve |
Co-Guest Stars: Louisa Abernathy as Nana | Anthony Holiday as James | Andre Robinson as Austin
Director: Shelley Jensen
Writer: Ian Gurvitz

38 :03x16 - Friends Without Benefits

Haskell hatches a plan to win over Nicki. Stuart and Phil visit Stuart's old home one last time before it is sold.

Source: TVLand
Special Guest Stars: Leah Remini as Nicki |
Guest Stars: Michael Marc Friedman as Pete | Janet Varney as Lorna | John Ross Bowie as Jeff |
Co-Guest Stars: Sean Douglas as Doug | Paul Nobrega as Man
Director: Shelley Jensen

39 :03x17 - Nun Like It Hot

Phil unknowingly sleeps with a nun and must keep Nicki from finding out. Haskell and Eden take care of a fussy Holly after she suffers an injury.

Source: TVland
Special Guest Stars: Leah Remini as Nicki |
Guest Stars: Ayda Field as Vanessa
Director: Jeff Melman

40 :03x18 - When Haskell Met Sammy

Holly gets Haskell a date with a gay man; Stuart helps Phil confront his fear of funerals.

Source: TVland
Special Guest Stars: Leah Remini as Nicki |
Guest Stars: Roger Bart as Sam | Ed Quinn as Matt |
Co-Guest Stars: Dee Dee Rescher as Mel | Frantz Turner as Minister | Karlton Johnson as Daryl Johnson | Gillian Iliana Waters as Cheerleader #1 | Rayna Tharani as Cheerleader #2
Director: Jeff Melman

41 :03x19 - My Fair Stuart

Stuart asks Nicki to dinner at an important event; Phil and Haskell mull getting vasectomies together.

Source: TVland
Special Guest Stars: Leah Remini as Nicki |
Guest Stars: Tony Dovolani as Ralph | Ivar Brogger as Dr. Grayson | J.J. Totah as Cooper |
Co-Guest Stars: Heather Ayers as Tanner Davidson | Paul Ganus as Dr. Porter Davidson | Jordana Capra as Miriam Grayson
Director: Jeff Melman

42 :03x20 - The Old Man and the Holly

In the Season 3 finale, Holly dates an older man, but soon learns his home is an assisted-living facility; and Nicki has a proposition for Phil.

Source: TVland
Special Guest Stars: Leah Remini as Nicki | Michael Nouri as James Malcolm | Elmarie Wendel as Ruthie | Marion Ross as Pearl |
Co-Guest Stars: Tiffany Jeneen as Nurse
Director: Rob Schiller

Season 4

43 :04x01 - The Devil Wears Hanes

Holly attempts to become a matchmaker after Haskell declares his love for Nicki. Stuart arranges for Phil to meet his crush.

44 :04x02 - The Wedding Unplanner

Holly represents Nicki as she seeks a divorce, but her history manages to get in the way. Phil attempts to prove he is not getting old.

45 :04x03 - Love and Death

Holly looks for a boyfriend at a grief support group. Stuart and Haskell help Phil get ready for a talk show appearance after he suddenly develops a lisp.
Guest Stars: Michael Trucco as TBA | David Noroña as TBA | Vernee Watson-Johnson as TBA

46 :04x04 - An Officer and a Dental Man

Haskell begins dating a beautiful woman, that Phil is convinced is actually a man. Phil manages to convince Holly to dress up in drag to try and see if Haskell's date shows any interest. Stuart feels guilty for sleeping with a woman who believes he is a war hero.
Guest Stars: Nikki DeLoach as TBA

47 :04x05 - Oh Brother Here Art Thou

Holly mentors a teen, who likes Eden's job more then Eden does. Haskell's estranged brother turns up.
Guest Stars: Cameron Mathison as Rob | Coco Jones as TBA

48 :04x06 - Dawn of the Dad

Holly decides to throw a birthday party for Stuart and Nicky in hopes of impressing a new man in town.

49 :04x07 - Catch It 'Cause You Can

Haskell plans to attend a big event honoring him for his past bowling glory, but is quarantined with Phil and Stuart. Holly secretly rewrites Eden's college paper and almost destroys her dream.

Source: TVland
Guest Stars: Keesha Sharp as Dee Dee | Rohan Nichol as Professor Straf | Justin Smith (2) as Guy
Director: Andy Cadiff

50 :04x08 - Requiem for a Dream

The gang attends a charity silent auction. Haskell wins a police ride-along. Phil wins dinner with his favorite sitcom TV Mom. Stuart and Holly are forced to share a cooking lesson with a celebrity chef.

Source: tvland

51 :04x09 - Get Her to the Greek

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52 :04x10 - Holly Franklin Goes to Washington

Holly's new boyfriend, Congressman Charles Hayward, is introduced to everybody.

53 :04x11 - A Bride Too Far

After a scandalous picture of Holly ends up in the newspaper, her engagement is left on the line.

54 :04x12 - The Wedding

It is the day of Holly's wedding and business partners Haskell and Nicki manage to strike it rich.

55 :04x13 - Him

After being given a voice-activated operating system as a gift, Holly soon becomes overly attached to it.

56 :04x14 - Finding Mr. Wrong

Fed up with all of the drama involved with dating, Holly decides to pursue men she is not really interested in.

57 :04x15 - Good Will Hinting

Stuart to join his cappella group. Holly looks for revenge.

58 :04x16 - The Forty Year Old Her-Gin

Stuart's sister returns from holiday in Europe with a female lover, which gives Holly inspiration to begin dating women.

59 :04x17 - Haskell Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Haskell moves out following a fight with Phil and Stuart. Holly then forces them to bring him back.

60 :04x18 - Knotting Phil

Phil goes out with an actress following a stint on a movie set. Holly has to fire somebody for the first time.

61 :04x19 - 10 Things They Hate About You

Phil makes a mess of his date with a movie star causing Holly to bail him out. Stuart and Haskell battle it out to try and get the most Twitter followers.

62 :04x20 - Gone Girls

Holly and Nicki decide to have a girls' night out, but they end up fighting over the same man.

63 :04x21 - What Dreams May Come

Holly manages to accidentally make Stuart change careers. Haskell attempts to get his ex-wife Margo to marry her fiancé, which would allow him to stop paying alimony.

64 :04x22 - Along Came Holly

Margo selects a wedding venue after Stuart and Holly are able to convince her to have it at their restaurant. Haskell attempts to stop her though.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family
Status: Canceled
Network: TVland ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 11:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 30, 2011
Ended: September 16, 2015
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