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The Facts of Life

Jenna McMahon     Creator 
Dick Clair     Creator 
Ben Starr     Developer 
Howard Leeds     Developer 
Jerry Mayer (1)     Developer 
Jack Elinson     Executive Producer (1980-1983, 1985-1986) 
Jerry Mayer (1)     Executive Producer (1981-1985) 
Linda Marsh     Executive Producer (1983-1984) 
Margie Peters     Executive Producer (1983-1984) 
Deidre Fay     Executive Producer (1984-1985) 
Stuart Wolpert     Executive Producer (1984-1985) 
Irma Kalish     Executive Producer (1986-1988) 
Jerry Mayer (1)     Producer (1979-1981) 
Margie Peters     Producer (1981-1983) 
Linda Marsh     Producer (1981-1983) 
Kimberly Hill     Producer (1984-1985) 
David Lerner     Producer (1985) 
Bruce Ferber     Producer (1985) 
Bob Young (1)     Producer (1985-1986) 
Bob Myer     Producer (1985-1986) 
Paul Haggis     Producer (1985-1986) 
Ron Bloomberg     Producer (1986) 
Phil Doran     Producer (1986-1987) 
Douglas Arango     Producer (1986-1987) 
Ross Brown     Producer (1987-1988) 
John Maxwell Anderson     Associate Producer (1979) 
Rita Dillon     Associate Producer (1979-1985) 
Sue Nevens     Associate Producer (1980) 
Eve Brandstein     Casting (1979-1983) 
Robin Stoltz     Casting (1983-1985) 
Marc Hirschfeld     Casting (1983-1988) 
Debra Rubinstein     Casting (1984-1985) 
Meg Liberman     Casting (1985-1988) 
Irene Cagen     Casting (1987-1988) 
Ray Colcord     Music (1985-1988) 
JoAnn Stafford-Chaney     Hairstylist 
Nina Kent     Make-up 
Chris Brice     Make-up (1980-1984) 
Stephanie Cozart Burton     Make-up (1983-1987) 
Lorraine Polak     Make-up (1987-1988) 
Scott Heineman     Set Decorator (1982-1986) 
Tom Cost     Set Decorator (1984) 
George Sayeg     Property Master (1981-1982) 
Robert Devicariis     Property Master (1982-1988) 
Jon Spector     Production Coordinator (1983-1986) 
Barbara Brace     Production Coordinator (1987-1988) 
Tamara Johnson     Re-Recording Mixer (1985-1987) 
Marti D. Humphrey     Re-Recording Mixer (1987-1988) 
John C. Zak     Director of Photography (1983-1985) 
Richard Hissong     Director of Photography (1984-1985) 
Mark J. Levin     Director of Photography (1988) 
Kimberly Hill     Story Editor (1983-1984) 
Michael Maurer     Story Editor (1985-1987) 
Michael Poryes     Story Editor (1986-1988) 
Martha Williamson     Story Editor (1986-1988) 
Ross Brown     Story Editor (1987) 
Alan Horn     Production Supervisor (1979-1981) 
Al Burton     Production Supervisor (1981-1983) 
Glenn Padnick     Production Supervisor (1983-1986) 
Fran McConnell     Production Supervisor (1986-1988) 
Chuck Murawski     Art Director (1979-1984) 
Dahl Delu     Art Director (1981-1985) 
Scott Heineman     Art Director (1984-1988) 
Mike Weinberger     Creative Consultant (1980) 
Jack Elinson     Creative Consultant (1983) 
Asaad Kelada     Creative Consultant (1984-1985) 
Deidre Fay     Creative Consultant (1986) 
Stuart Wolpert     Creative Consultant (1986) 
Matt Geller     Program Consultant (1987) 
Racelle Friedman     Program Consultant (1987) 
Kathy Lette     Program Consultant (1987-1988) 
Judi Elterman     Associate Director (1980-1985) 
Selig Frank     Associate Director (1982) 
Marian Deaton     Associate Director (1984-1988) 
Andy Borowitz     Executive Story Editor (1983-1984) 
Bob Bendetson     Executive Story Editor (1985) 
Howard Bendetson     Executive Story Editor (1985) 
R.J. Colleary     Executive Story Editor (1987-1988) 
Alan Thicke     Main Title Theme Written By 
Gloria Loring     Main Title Theme Written By 
Al Burton     Main Title Theme Written By 
Donald A. Morgan     Lighting Director 
Mark Buxbaum     Lighting Director 
Ken Stump     Executive In Charge Of Production (1983-1988) 
Stephen Kolzak     Executive In Charge Of Casting (1984-1987) 
Tim Flack     Executive In Charge Of Casting (1987-1988) 
Gloria Vinson     Production Associate (1979) 
Christina Gunderson     Production Associate (1984-1988) 
Tyna Huebner     Unit Manager (1979) 
Jim Terry     Unit Manager (1980-1981) 
Myra Kumagae     Unit Manager (1980-1981) 
John McElveney     Unit Manager (1987) 
Gail Honigberg     Executive Story Consultant (1984-1985) 
Stu Goldman     Stage Manager (1979) 
Chis Halle     Stage Manager (1979-1980) 
Richard Draney     Stage Manager (1980-1982) 
Gene Abravaya     Stage Manager (1980-1984) 
Lisa Benscheidt     Stage Manager (1981-1982) 
Cj Rapp Pittman     Stage Manager (1982-1988) 
Jonathan Weiss     Stage Manager (1984-1985) 
Steve Burgess     Stage Manager (1984-1985) 
Chris Klausen     Stage Manager (1986-1988) 
Danny Simon     Executive Script Consultant (1979) 
Warren S. Murray     Executive Script Consultant (1980) 
Paul Haggis     Executive Script Consultant (1984-1985) 
Barry Vigon     Executive Script Consultant (1986) 
Mark Tuttle     Executive Script Consultant (1987-1988) 
Ron Worrell     Audio (1979) 
Bob Houston     Audio (1980-1982) 
Norm Schwartz     Audio (1982-1983) 
Russ Gary     Audio (1983) 
Richard Wachter     Audio (1983-1985) 
Art Morgenstern     Audio (1985-1986) 
Jon Hoag     Audio (1987-1988) 
John Westbrook (2)     Technical Director (1979) 
Robert A. Bowen     Technical Director (1981-1982) 
Chris Donovan     Technical Director (1982-1985) 
Noel Newman     Technical Director (1985-1988) 
Gerry Bucci     Technical Director (1987-1988) 
Tom Klemesrud     Videotape Editor 
Barry Cohen     Videotape Editor 
Bill Petty     Videotape Editor 
Kelly Sandefur     Videotape Editor 
John Doutt     Videotape Editor 
Ken Denisoff     Videotape Editor (1985-1988) 
Al Burton     Production Consultant (1979-1981) 
Glenn Padnick     Production Consultant (1981-1984) 
Fran McConnell     Production Consultant (1984-1986) 
Ellen Endo-dizon     Production Consultant (1984-1986) 
Deborah Curtan     Production Consultant (1986-1988) 
Jeanie Bradley     Production Consultant (1987-1988) 
Scot Hunter     Technical Manager (1985-1986) 
Horace Scott     Technical Manager (1987-1988) 
Jane Murray     Casting Executive (1979-1982) 
Margery Epstein     Costumes (1979-1980) 
Lee Smith (2)     Costumes (1980-1981) 
Lynette Bernay     Costumes (1981-1982) 
Gina Trikonis     Costumes (1983-1985) 
Diana Eden     Costumes (1985-1988) 
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 24, 1979
Ended: September 10, 1988
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