The Flash (1990)

The Flash (1990)

The Flash is a live action series based on popular DC comic superhero. Police scientist Barry Allen accidentally was struck by lightning and bathed in chemicals he worked with. As a result, he now possesses the power of super-speed. Together with his friend Dr. Cristina McGee, he creates a costume, and he becomes the super-hero Flash. Despite its high popularity, the series ran only for one season, and most of the villains were modernized versions of Flash's classic villains like Captain Cold, Mirror Master, The Trickster...

Episode Info

Final: 1x22 -- The Trial of the Trickster (May/18/1991)

The Trickster engineers an escape during his trial. When the Flash comes after him, the Trickster brainwashes him into becoming his partner in crime.
John Wesley ShippJohn Wesley Shipp
As Barry Allen/The Flash
Amanda PaysAmanda Pays
As Dr Christina McGee
Amanda PaysAmanda Pays
As Dr Christina McGee
Alex DesertAlex Desert
As Julio Mendez
Alex DesertAlex Desert
As Julio Mendez
Paula MarshallPaula Marshall
As Iris West (pilot only)
Paula MarshallPaula Marshall
As Iris West (pilot only)

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1x1: Pilot recap: In Central City, a mother calls her children in, warning that it's not safe. The citizens run away as a motorcycle gang, the Dark Riders, rides through the city, tossing explosives and spreading chaos and destruction wherever they go. When two police officers try to stop them near the Central City Armory, the bicyclists blow up their car... read more.

1x21: Alpha recap: A black-clad woman slips into a U.S. government facility, makes her way to a planning room, and moves in on the officer in charge. Meanwhile, Dr. Jason Rossick monitors her mental and physical readings as the woman aims a gun at the unsuspecting officer... and hesitates. Rossick's superior, Colonel Christine Powers, asks what the problem is and the scientist tells her that he can't tell yet. Powers contacts the killer, Alpha, directly by audio and tells her to pull the trigger. Alpha finally removes her hood and says that she can't, and then collapses... read more.

1x19: Done With Mirrors recap: At Star Labs West in Silicon Valley, industrial thieves Stasia Masters and Sam Scudder break into a containment vault and steal an experimental high-capacity battery. As they leave, Stasia tries to knock out Scudder, only to discover that he's left a hologram of himself. The real Scudder is behind her and admits that he expected a double-cross. However, Stasia has anticipated him and sprays him with knockout gas. She takes the battery, sets off the alarms, and departs... read more.

1x18: Twin Streaks recap: At a lab at the Intellagen Corporation, businessman Ted Whitcomb and scientist Jason Brassell are testing a runner on a treadmill. As they watch, their subject accelerates to superhuman speeds. Brassell tells their subject to go even faster and then dissolves into nothing. Whitcomb suggests that they shut down the project, warning that they're short of money and time, but Brassell insists on continuing. He insists that their subject was a clone that he grew from a genetic sample, and reminds his partner that what they're doing is illegal. Whitcomb insists on facing the fact that their process is flawed but Brassell refuses to quit when they're so close. He concludes that normal human tissue can't with strand the strain so they need to find a human who can withstand hyperspeed... and shows Whitcomb an article about the Flash... read more.

1x17: Captain Cold recap: Central City is suffering from a major heat wave with no relief in sight. At the St. Diogenes Social Club, several local mobsters have gathered: Johnny Choi, Nikolai Brown, Ray McGill, and Luis Vega. While they wait for a repairman to arrive and fix their air conditioner, they discuss what to do about newcomer Jimmy Swain, a mobster who plans to take over all of the underworld operations in the city. They agree to unite long enough to kill Swain. The repairman, an albino, arrives and they draw their guns, and cautiously let him in... read more.

Developer: Paul DeMeo, Danny Bilson (2)
Executive Producer: Danny Bilson (2), Paul DeMeo
Supervising Producer: Steve Hattman
Producer: Don Kurt, Craig Van Sickle, Steven Long Mitchell
Co-Producer: Michael Lacoe, David L. Beanes
Associate Producer: Frank Jimenez

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Recurring Guests

Biff Manard as Murphy (25 eps)
Vito D'Ambrosio as Bellows (25 eps)
Mike Genovese as Lt. Warren Garfield (24 eps)
Richard Belzer as Joe Kline (15 eps)
Dick Miller as Fosnight (10 eps)
Gloria Reuben as Sabrina (9 eps)
Justin Burnette as Shawn Allen (5 eps)
Priscilla Pointer as Nora Allen (4 eps)
Mark Hamill as The Trickster (3 eps)
John Toles-Bey as Father Michael (3 eps)

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Network: CBS ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Adventure, Super Heroes
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Thursdays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 1990
Ended: May 18, 1991
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