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The Flash: Twin Streaks

A scientist manages to clone the Flash, creating a childlike duplicate with all of Barry's powers... and none of his conscience.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x18
Production Number: 187115
Airdate: Saturday April 13th, 1991

Guest Stars
Mike GenoveseMike Genovese
As Lt. Warren Garfield
Charley LangCharley Lang
As Ted Whitcomb
Lenny Von DohlenLenny Von Dohlen
As Jason Brassell
Main Cast
John Wesley ShippJohn Wesley Shipp
As Barry Allen/The Flash
Amanda PaysAmanda Pays
As Dr Christina McGee
Alex DesertAlex Desert
As Julio Mendez


At a lab at the Intellagen Corporation, businessman Ted Whitcomb and scientist Jason Brassell are testing a runner on a treadmill. As they watch, their subject accelerates to superhuman speeds. Brassell tells their subject to go even faster and then dissolves into nothing. Whitcomb suggests that they shut down the project, warning that they're short of money and time, but Brassell insists on continuing. He insists that their subject was a clone that he grew from a genetic sample, and reminds his partner that what they're doing is illegal. Whitcomb insists on facing the fact that their process is flawed but Brassell refuses to quit when they're so close. He concludes that normal human tissue can't with strand the strain so they need to find a human who can withstand hyperspeed... and shows Whitcomb an article about the Flash...

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Episode Quotes
Tina: Fifteen sightings of The Flash in the past five days.
Barry: Yeah and ask these people if they were glad I was there.
Tina: I'm sure they were, Barry, but at what cost to you?

Jason Brassell: Just imagine what a foreign country would pay for--for an army of these. We're talking soldiers, intelligence agents, assassins... a race of warriors.
Ted Whitcomb: That is not what this project is about. Now you said we were going to create a force of good in the world.
Jason Brassell: Wrong. I said it would make us rich. And it will. Any nation on the map would pay millions for just one of these.

Barry: I can handle it, I'm not like other men. You of all people should know that. I can do things others can't.
Tina: Barry, listen to yourself. Do you think you're God? What, you're immortal?

Lt. Warren Garfield: What's eating him, McGee?
Tina: Look, please excuse him, Lieutenant. He's under extreme stress.
Lt. Warren Garfield: Aren't we all?
Tina: I'm treating him for it. He'll be himself very soon, I promise you.
Lt. Warren Garfield: Wish I had a pretty doctor to treat my stress.

Barry: Okay, okay, so I was a little out of line. All right, way out of line. But he started it.
Tina: Petulance. I love that in a man.

Pollux: Where am I from? Who were my parents? I've read about this. But I have no memory of growing up.
Jason Brassell: You're who and what you are right now. That's all you need to know.
Pollux: Yeah, but there's more. I mean, there has to be. Am I good? Am I bad?
Jason Brassell: Well, aren't we getting philosophical in our old age? Just shut up and go back to your books.

Pollux: I want to find out who I am. You tell me.
Jason Brassell: All right, I will. You're nothing. Absolutely nothing. A random accumulation of molecules grown in a lab. An experiment. A lab animal who at the moment is getting on my nerves. Now let go of my arm.

Barry: Tina, I watched myself die. It really brought home what you've tried to make me understand. That I am only a man. And like all of us, I'm on a journey of a birth, a life, and a passing. Does that make any sense?
Tina: Nothing you've ever said has been clearer or more true.
Barry: And I know that you've only tried to make me be careful with the life that I have.
Tina: That's right, Barry. Guard it well. For with you and the powers you have, oh what a life you'll lead.

Cultural References
Barry: It's a real Frankenstein story.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein is the creator of a Monster which turns against him, in Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus (1818).

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperDanny Bilson (2)  |  Paul DeMeo
Executive ProducerPaul DeMeo  |  Danny Bilson (2)
Supervising ProducerDon Kurt
ProducerGail Morgan Hickman
Co-ProducerDavid L. Beanes  |  Michael Lacoe
Associate ProducerFrank Jimenez
CastingApril Webster
Unit Production ManagerDavid L. Beanes
First Assistant DirectorDavid D'Ovidio
Second Assistant DirectorDaniel R. Suhart
MusicShirley Walker
Music EditorThomas Milano
Costume DesignerLe Dawson  |  Robert Short (2)
HairstylistLana Sharpe
Camera OperatorDavid Boyd
Set DecoratorRobinson Royce
Property MasterCraig Binkley
Production Sound MixerJames LaRue
Script SupervisorGillian Murphy
Director of PhotographyJohn C. Newby
Stunt CoordinatorFred Lerner
Art DirectorRichard Fernandez
Costume SupervisorPerri Kimono
Visual Effects CoordinatorPhilip Barberio
Main Title ThemeDanny Elfman
Visual Effects SupervisorRobert Bailey (2)  |  David Stipes
Transportation CaptainRobert Benjamin
Film EditorBill Zabala
Visual Effects EditorPeter W. Moyer
Executive Story ConsultantHoward Chaykin  |  John Francis Moore
Special Effects CoordinatorWilliam H. Schirmer
Make-up SupervisorBill Myer
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